SolarPanels Project Crowdfunded Rural Farmers!


SolarPanels project crowdfunded for coffee farmers!

StartJoin – ‘Support Solar Panels’  project!

Our Journey!

Take yourself back a few decades, a couple generations, to a time where land was nurtured, respected and used for livelihoods. Realistically, it may not have been Utopia, but local farms had more biodiversity and agrodiversity (varieties of plant and wildlife) and general more respect for the land.  Currently farms in rural communities are faced with many challenges, such as more extreme climate fluctuations, more competitive prices and markets, being taking advantage from larger corporations, and lack of technical training and resources for advancement, just to name a few.

Most successful rural farmers are needing to adapt. Many farmers, like our farm, have decided to cut out the middle man, and continue to fight to sustain their land and farm by taking more of the responsibility into our own hands by demanding better prices for produce based on a high quality seal, maintaining very minimal waste, selling directly to the buyers, and handling our own packaging and branding ourselves. This is additionally helping our farm get properly recognized for our standards, both in labor force and environment, not to mention our continuous efforts to advance and adapt our farm to the changing environment.

One example of our efforts to advance while maintaining a successful and sustainable organic farm and business is by raising funds to incorporate solar panels on the land. For generations the farm, which is located on a volcano in El Salvador, has successfully carried out a working farm without electricity, which uses main resources like manual power which provides jobs to the community, natural rainwater collected by large pools and distributed manually via pumps, which all helps us continue to sustain very minimal waste both financially and environmentally (strictly mainly organic waste vrs. harmful waste).

Thanks to a fun and exciting crowd funding adventure on StartJoin, our farm has begun raising funds for crowdfunding2our ‘Support Solar Panels’ project. We will continue to adapt and communicate our journey and allow people that believe in our story to help contribute to the future and lead by example for future generations to come.

Creator of project : Twitter

Project :



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Farm Hack: Open Source Community For Resilient Agriculture

Designers, architects and engineers effectively give away their ideas to people who are interested in taking the idea or concept further through a universal redistribution via a free license. Below are a few examples of some of the Open Source tools already providing people with ideas and solutions.

Farm Hack is an example of an open source tool that is enabling innovation in the farming community. Farm Hack provides photos, blueprints and information for those in the farming sector that wish to develop a more resilient way of farming. Everything from an encyclopedia of farm knowledge, water wheel transplanters, chicken coops, germination chambers, drip line installation tools, remote compost monitors, water pumps, mobile distilleries and pedal powered harvesters can be found on the web with how’s to for each tool.[2] Another open source site Precious Plastics offers people access to ideas on how to recycle plastics by turning them into useful products via means of extrusion, shredding and intrusion.

Open Source Recycling Plastics The Precious Plastics Way

With the amount of plastics that go to landfill the plastics team suggests that plastic can easily be recycled using their open source tools under relatively low temperatures and pressures.[3] The open food movement has also been supported by open source with projects like the Australian-based Open Food Network, a free and open source project aimed at supporting diverse food enterprises and making it easy to access local sustainable food. The Open Source food network has been developed to accumulate and protect open source knowledge, code, applications and platforms for fair and sustainable food systems.[4] This essentially decentralised model of production and distribution has applications across a whole range of industries giving entrepreneurial people the ability to take on and expand on current ideas that are not subject to copyright laws. Open source can be found in almost every industry from electronics, medicine, science and engineering, fashion, computer software and digital content. Exciting times ahead.

Article by Andrew Martin editor of onenesspublishing  and author of  One ~ A Survival Guide for the Future…







Vía Collective-Evolution


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People Living Without Making Trash!

People living without making trash, including homes and restaurants is the stunning reminder that all our dreams are possible!
Keep sharing your dreams, your passion, and your experiences, for this is world changing creativity. ~Ron


This Restaurant Hasn’t Produced Trash In Over 2 Years

First a statistic, the average restaurant produces about 100,000 lbs of garbage per year. That is 273 lbs a day on average! This garbage can range from paper, plastics, metals, packaging and so on. Most restaurants are using ridiculous amounts of products and or packaging that could easily be cut down with a little bit of thought and effort. One of our main issues is that we don’t think of these things because we usually are just repeating someone else’s model, hence why we are about to destroy our entire world. It seems all we care about is success and money. So much so that we’d rather have money than a planet, yet without the planet we can’t have money… go figure.The good news is, people are changing and the consciousness on this planet is shifting! More and more people are starting to look at things in a new light and are dropping the old destructive habits. Of course big businesses do get in on it from time to time as they attempt to market all their “green” strategies and products, but most of this is just so they can sell more of whatever they produce. The real passion lies in people like Justin Vrany who runs a restaurant called Sandwich Me In which to date has produced ZERO waste.

That’s right, his Chicago restaurant is profitable all while producing no waste and having a blast while doing it. As he explains in the video below,  most restaurants are producing about 8 gallons of garbage an hour, where as it took his restaurant 2 year to produce the same amount. Then he had an artist come pick it up to make a sculpture bringing his waste back down to zero.

How expensive is the food to be able to do this? All of his sandwiches are under $10 and they come with a side dish. On top of that, the meat and produce is all raised and grown locally. So while slightly more than what you’d pay at McDonald’s for their toxic and environment destroying food, you can go to Sandwich Me In and get something that’s both healthy and eco-friendly! Check out his story below.



She Hasn’t Made Any Trash In 2 Years. This Is What Her Life Is Like

23 Nov 2014 via: Collective Evolution
What if you could live without producing any trash? Would you do it? At first you might think this is impossible or very hard, and it may very well be depending on your life situation. But one inspiring girl is not only doing this, but sharing how we can all try doing the same thing as well.

Eliminating Trash

Not long ago we covered a story about a restaurant who hadn’t produced garbage in over 2 years. It was amazing to not only see how possible it was but that they were able to do it and still run their business with success.

But how could we do that on an individual level and could it be done easily without giving up much of what we love and modern amenities? I came across Lauren Singer’s story and was very inspired by what she had to share. She has gone 2 years without producing any garbage and her story isn’t what you’d expect.

The inspiration came from taking Environmental Studies at NYU. She was passionate about protesting against big oil and wanted to do what she could to help impact our environment in a positive way. While at first you might think she’s probably a “hippie” or  “treehugger” who doesn’t live a normal life, when you pay attention to her story you not only find that this isn’t the case, but also that given her experience, we could all be doing this too. All it would take is a little discipline and habit changing.

Her passion for the environment was challenged greatly one day when she realized upon opening her fridge that almost every item was wrapped or stored in some sort of disposable package. Here she was, the “green” girl, being, as she called herself, a hypocrite because she was choosing to live her life in a way that wasn’t green or sustainable. So she decided to eliminate plastic from her life.

Below she shares how she went from being an average consumer to eliminating trash from her life. Use this as inspiration and see if you can begin doing the same. She outlines many details of what she did. See if you can implement this in your own life, I myself am going to start putting a plan together to make less of an impact as well.

Her Journey To Zero Waste

“How did I go from zero plastic to zero waste?

First, I stopped buying packaged products and began bringing my own bags and jars to fill with bulk products at the supermarket. I stopped buying new clothing, and shopped only secondhand. I continued making all of my own personal care and cleaning products. I downsized significantly by selling, donating, or giving away superfluous things in my life, such as all but one of my six identical spatulas, 10 pairs of jeans that I hadn’t worn since high school, and a trillion decorative items that had no significance to me at all.

Most importantly, I started planning potentially wasteful situations; I began saying “NO” to things like straws in my cocktails at a bars, to plastic or paper bags at stores, and to receipts.

Of course, this transition didn’t happen overnight.

This process took more than a year and required a lot of effort. The most difficult part was taking a hard look at myself, the environmental studies major, the shining beacon of sustainability, and realizing that I didn’t live in a way that aligned with my values.

I realized that while I sincerely cared about a lot of things, I wasn’t embodying my philosophies. Once I accepted that, I allowed myself to change and since then my life has been better every day. Here are just a few of the ways life has improved since I went trash free:

1. I save money.

I now make a grocery list when I go shopping, which means being prepared and not grabbing expensive items impulsively. Additionally, buying food in bulk means not paying a premium for packaging. When it comes to my wardrobe, I don’t purchase new clothing; I shop secondhand and get my clothes at a heavily discounted price.

2. I eat better.

Since I purchase unpackaged foods, my unhealthy choices are really limited. Instead, I eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, bulk whole grains and legumes, as well as a lot of seasonal, local food, since farmers markets offer amazing unpackaged produce.

3. I’m happier.

Before I adopted my zero-waste lifestyle, I would find myself scrambling to the supermarket before it closed, because I didn’t shop properly, ordering in takeout because I didn’t have food, always going to the pharmacy to get this scrub and that cream, and cleaning constantly because I had so much stuff.

Now, my typical week involves one trip to the store to buy all of the ingredients I need. This trip isn’t just for food, but also for cleaning and beauty products, since all of the things I use now can be made with simple, everyday ingredients. Not only is it easier and stress free, it’s healthier (no toxic chemicals!).

I never anticipated that actively choosing not to produce waste would turn into my having a higher quality of life. I thought it would just mean not taking out the trash. But what was at first a lifestyle decision became a blog, Trash is for Tossers, which became a catalyst for chatting with interesting, like-minded people, and making friends.

Now it’s blossomed into my quitting my great post-grad job as Sustainability Manager for the NYC Department of Environmental Protection to start my own zero-waste company, The Simply Co., where I hand-make and sell the products that I learned to produce over the past two years.

I didn’t start living this lifestyle to make a statement — I began living this way because living a zero-waste life is, to me, the absolutely best way I know how to live a life that aligns with everything I believe in.”

Pass this inspiration on to others who you think could benefit from her tips and story.


Vía Collective-Evolution



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News Flash: Corrupt Banking Investigations, and PM David Cameron’s World Economy Warning

1financial terrorism
Regulated abusers is what governments and banks have become.
Food, electricity, housing, taxes and the cost of living has risen dramatically!
No nation or city is immune.
A protection racket for the elite banks in the money cartel that create the national currencies and fund the governments.
Compounding the horrors of this scheme they tax the ignorant citizens to pay for the interest on the loans from the banks and also to act as a “sink” that removes excess currency in the system and thereby reducing the risk of hyperinflation.
Banks and governments have  replaced gangsters and mafias.
Reports below are the most recent news releases, but the information is already old for repeat offenders.
Year after year reports about the criminal activities and abuses by governments and banks are shared, reporting the looming banking crisis, revealing the bad policies written, reporting the international monetary system of fraud and yet institutions continue to operate with impunity.
Neighbors, Friends & Families
The positive result I can identify is that a growing and determined segment of the population have stopped supporting those criminal institutions, and have begun to implement alternatives.
Noncompliance, distrust in institutions, alternative currencies, food gardens and other solution oriented activities are increasing.
The effective tools remaining for the People are not organized protests, referendums or petitions, but rather self sufficiency, boycotts and workers strikes to starve the beast… ~Ron

U.S. banks in the physical commodities space manipulated prices and added to consumer bills,

a Senate investigation has found.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan stockpiled aluminium, oil, jet fuel and other commodities in order to inflate market prices, a huge report following two years of investigating found.
These banks – and one other unnamed financial institution – allocated insufficient capital and insurance to cover extreme losses, the report found. The shortfalls ranged from $1bn to $15bn.

The Federal Reserve was criticised for not clamping down hard enough on the risk-taking that is so prominent in the physical commodities space.
[...] A previous Reuters investigation outlined how those in the metals business – including banks, warehousing firms and traders – had artificially bloated prices by ensuring slow delivery times. Among those subsequently subpoenaed by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) were Glencore and Goldman Sachs.
A Goldman Sachs subsidiary allegedly shuffled aluminium stocks around its warehouses each day, lengthening storage times and bloating rental costs, which pushed up the metal’s market price and produced bigger profits.
Goldman said the ploy was not against any laws or regulations set by the LME which regulates the market.

In November last year, JPMorgan was warned by the US Federal Reserve about its metals warehousing arm.

Read More:

Fed vows review of regulatory gaps for bank commodity arms

By Michael Flaherty
Nov 21 (Reuters) – A top Federal Reserve official on Friday pledged to a Senate investigative subcommittee that the U.S. central bank would broaden its review of gaps in its regulation of the physical commodity operations of U.S. banks.

In response to questioning at a hearing on Friday, Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo said the bank would look into filling those holes; that was in addition to a vow in his written testimony to produce new rule proposals on banks’ commodity holdings by the first quarter of 2015.
“It may be worthwhile taking a look at those merchant banking guidelines for all activities, not just commodities,” Tarullo said in response to a question from subcommittee Chairman Carl Levin about a bank’s ability to manage conflicts of interest while owning and trading the same commodity.

Tarullo, the Fed’s point person for bank regulation, sat on the final panel of a two-day hearing called by the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

Read more: Reuters

David Cameron and his Conservative Political Party, facing mounting criticism and a maligned economy, are losing ground as the elections nears.
Last week, Chancellor George Osborne said Britain is not ‘immune’ to a global economic slowdown while David Cameron said red warning lights’ were ‘flashing on the dashboard of the global economy’.

‘You have to make a realistic assessment of the global economy today.
‘We’ve discovered that Japan has gone into recession, Europe remains very weak, and although the British economy is performing well we’re not immune to these things happening in the world.

‘Today you tell us there are red lights flashing in the global economy. I think that is what is known as getting your excuses in early.
‘You used to tell us that the problems in the British economy were all to do with the British government and nothing to do with international factors.
‘Now, you want to tell us that on your watch they’re all to do with international factors and nothing to do with the British government.
‘You have gone from saying everything is fixed thanks to you, to everything is not fixed but is nothing to do with you.
‘All along you should have been listening to the British people who see deep problems in an economy not working for them. Isn’t it time you stopped blaming everybody else for an economy that’s great for a few people at the top but isn’t delivering for most working people?’ -Labour leader Ed Miliband

Solutions: Boycotts and Buycotts

From The Corbett Report Archives

CLICK HERE to download an mp3 version of the above video: Solutions: B & B

From The Greatest Truth Never Told



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The End of the Kali Yuga in 2025?

Exit the kali yuga

Exit the kali yuga

A few thoughts and internet synchronicities tickled my interest today for the future year 2025; less than 11 years away.
Before you continue reading the information shared below, please consider what matters most at this moment, and all moments are “this moment” is the accurate observation; I place no burden on what calendar or cosmic cycle we are using but rather how good a living being we are, how much joy we share with others, and how we can help each other… knowledge, wisdom, and skills can assist in joyful creative living experience.
Forecasting the seasons or the weather is a useful skill and knowledge for harvesting food, preparing clothing for cold or rain; and in this vein I am interested in observing patterns in nature to discern cosmic cycles.

Many people claim that 2025 is the ascension from the Kali Yuga into the Dwapara (aka “Dvapara”) Yuga, while others claim this phase of the Zodiac Age of Pisces is in the Dwapara Yuga. Thus debate and uncertainty exist among some researchers.
We expect a resolution or a revelation soon.
Can we also expect some important geological, atmospheric, or social changes?…

*I wondered why policy makers were dating the 2025 year as important project deadlines:
Copenhagen’s Ambitious Push To Be Carbon Neutral by 2025

*Then I thought about geopolitics, the international monetary policy crisis, and the Armstrong Economic model with his forecasts based on π (Pi):

Institutional Control

Russian Pravda is reporting that the Soviet Union will be resurrected by 2025. The truth about this, unfortunately, Europe is collapsing because of the socialism and the destruction of any future for the youth. Pravda this time is actually not spitting out wild propaganda. Russia will rise and become a very formidable power even on the economic front. They will be to Europe what the Germans were to Rome. -Armstrongeconomics

*A Year earlier (23 Nov 2013) Martin was writing that the cycles forecasts a high in gold with the demise of the “Western Political Systems”:

[...] “Add another 309 years and you get the birth of the Euro, and the start of this cycle for that was the 19 year low also in gold. This cycle was another reason we called for the all time low in gold would be 1999 and the birth of a new cycle, which should culminate by 2025 in the significant demise of Western political systems.” -armstrongeconomics

For those who are unfamiliar with Martin’s interpretation of cyclic waves do not misinterpret the above to mean good times and higher returns of investment markets until devastation in 2025. No, there are more waves and cycles interacting…
I do not comprehend his model, thus I will not attempt to explain it.
Martin does state:
“There are two flight-to-quality [capital flows]: 1. …domestic cyclical flow back and forth between the PUBLIC and the PRIVATE sectors.
2. …international capital flows. Capital flees economic and geopolitical turmoil.

… [capital] poured into Mortgages for the next 4.3 years and that bubble burst in 2007. It then flew into gold and that peaked in 2011. Then it moved back to the Dow and is shifting away from government bonds. That should peak in 4.3 years or 2015.75. The capital flows change direction every 4.3 years.
…focal point will be 31.4 years into it or 2017.05 (January). That should be the most they can postpone the start of this Sovereign Debt Crisis with the maximum culmination being 2025 and the optimal being 2020.” -armstrongeconomics 8/27/2013

*Look at the economic confidence chart with the downturns after 2015.75; 2024.35; and 2032.95
Here are more tidbits from Martin:
“the crisis years are 1932 – 1963 – 1995 – 2026 based upon the Pi cycle. There is also the Monetary Crisis Cycle that I will deal with in the report.”

*Cycles are a way of expressing an accurate observation of nature, even if perception is limited.
The wish is for greater awareness and increased perceptiveness as skills and comprehension grows.
The seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are cyclic, as are nights and days are also shorter cycles.
I imagine as we near the year 2025 more accurate astronomical observations and decipherment of ancient text and hieroglyphics will reveal greater insights into the cosmic cycles, of which we are part of here on Earth.
I interpret ancient texts as stories of past experiences, and their observations may have been valid and valuable for their living comfort and survival. That does not necessarily mean the same experiences will be accurate observations and remain as valuable for us today. The cosmos may have changed, planets may have grown, new planets may have been born, and many other possible changes may effect our experiences in the current era. Having said that, pattern recognition should reward us with some predictable future events and thus comprehending ancient stories of the Great Ages is beneficial for us indeed.
As a refresher to the ancient research of cosmic cycles please enjoy reading:

The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unraveling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle

By Bibhu Dev Misra

Bibhu Dev Misra

About the author: Bibhu Dev Misra is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Management and has been working as an Information Technology consultant for more than 14 years. He is also an independent researcher and writer on topics related to ancient civilizations, myths, symbols, science and religion. His research has taken him to many places of historical interest across the globe. His articles have appeared in different journals, magazines, and websites including the New Dawn, Science to Sage, Comsomath, Graham Hancock Forum, Esamskriti, Viewzone and others. He can be contacted at and via his personal blog:

More articles by Bibhu Dev Misra:
A Day and Night of Brahma: The Evidence from Fossil Records
The Opet Festival of Ancient Egypt: Has it been derived from the Jagannatha Rathyatra of Puri, India?
Evolution by Catastrophe: Does it indicate Intelligent Design?
Petra, Jordan – Is it an ancient Shiva Temple complex?
The journey of Jagannath from India to Egypt

Part 1: Unraveling the Yuga Cycle Timeline

The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yuga; the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the cycle. The Indian epic The Mahabharata describes the Kali Yuga as the period when the “World Soul” is Black in hue; only one quarter of virtue remains, which slowly dwindles to zero at the end of the Kali Yuga. Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception.

The Kali Yuga (Iron Age) was preceded by three others Yugas: Satya or Krita Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age) and the Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age). In the Mahabharata, Hanuman gives the following description of the Yuga Cycle to the Pandava prince Bhima:

“The Krita Yuga was so named because there was but one religion, and all men were saintly: therefore they were not required to perform religious ceremonies… Men neither bought nor sold; there were no poor and no rich; there was no need to labour, because all that men required was obtained by the power of will…The Krita Yuga was without disease; there was no lessening with the years; there was no hatred, or vanity, or evil thought whatsoever; no sorrow, no fear. All mankind could attain to supreme blessedness. The universal soul was White… the identification of self with the universal soul was the whole religion of the Perfect Age. In the Treta Yuga sacrifices began, and the World Soul became Red; virtue lessened a quarter. Mankind sought truth and performed religious ceremonies; they obtained what they desired by giving and by doing. In the Dwapara Yuga the aspect of the World Soul was Yellow: religion lessened one-half. The Veda was divided into four parts, and although some had knowledge of the four Vedas, others knew but three or one. Mind lessened, Truth declined, and there came desire and diseases and calamities; because of these men had to undergo penances. It was a decadent Age by reason of the prevalence of sin.”[1]

And now we are living in the dark times of the Kali Yuga, when goodness and virtue has all but disappeared from the world. But when did the Kali Yuga begin? And when does it end? In spite of the elaborate theological framework which describes the characteristics of this age, the start and end dates of the Kali Yuga remain shrouded in mystery. The popularly accepted date for the beginning of the Kali Yuga is 3102 BC, thirty-five years after the conclusion of the great battle of the Mahabharata. This is remarkably close to the proposed beginning of the current “Great Cycle” of the Mayan Long Count Calendar in 3114 BC. It is of interest to note that in both of these cases the beginning dates of the respective cycles were calculated retrospectively. The Mayans had recomputed their ancient calendars sometime between 400 BC to 50 CE, at the ceremonial center of Izapa in Mexico, and fixed the starting date of the current Great Cycle of their Long Count Calendar. And in India, sometime around 500 CE, a major review of the Indian calendric systems had taken place. It was during this time that the renowned astronomer Aryabhatta had identified the beginning date of the Kali Yuga as 3102 BC. Why was it suddenly necessary for two ancient civilizations to re-calculate dates that should have been an integral part of their calendric systems? How did such important time-markers slip out of their collective memory? We will revisit these questions later.

It is generally believed that Aryabhatta had calculated the start date of the Kali Yuga on the basis of the information in the Sanskrit astronomical treatise, the Surya Siddhanta, according to which the five “geocentric planets” (i.e. the planets visible to the naked eye) – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – were aligned to 0° of Aries (near the star zeta Piscium) at the beginning of the Kali Yuga. He, thus, arrived at the date of 17/18 February, 3102 BC as the starting point of the Kali Yuga. However, modern simulations carried out by Richard Thompson show that on 17/18 February, 3102 BC, the five geocentric planets occupied an arc of roughly 42° in the sky and were scattered over three zodiacal signs – Aries, Pisces and Aquarius. This cannot be considered as a conjunction by any means. Far more spectacular ‘alignment’ of planets has occurred in the preceding and succeeding centuries. In other words, the conjunction of geocentric planets at 0° of Aries that was supposedly targeted by Aryabhatta did not take place in 3102 BC.

Does this mean Aryabhatta made an error in his back calculations? Not really. For, the Surya Siddhanta does not ever specify that such an alignment of planets took place at the beginning of the Kali Yuga. On the contrary, the Surya Siddhanta explicitly states that this conjunction of planets at 0° of Aries takes place at the end of the Golden Age (Satya / Krita Yuga). The text states: “Now, at the end of the Golden Age (Krita Yuga), all the planets, by their mean motion – excepting however their nodes and apsides – are in conjunction in the first of Aries”[2] Unfortunately, however, this simple statement was misrepresented by some of the early commentators, in their eagerness to find an astronomical rationale for the 3102 BC date, and it has subsequently been promulgated as a fact.

Read More:

*Below is an alternative view of the cosmic cycle calendar dates by authors Selbie and Steinmetz, of which I am not convinced. Yet, I share their presentation with the wish for your discernment and further research to enlighten us all. I am convinced we will solve this problem with the calendar dating methodology.

Posted 18 Jul 2011
“Millions are wondering what the future holds for mankind, and if we are soon due for a world-changing global shift.”


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Betrayed Trust is to be expected

Today predatory sociopaths are rewarded as executives and officers at institutions.
Thus, no institution is worthy of your trust and you should view them all with distrust and be fully prepared to hold the people in institutions personally accountable for their harmful activities in governments, in banks, and in other institutions.
See: WHY (some) Psychopaths Make Great CEOs – Forbes
And see: Organisational sociopaths: rarely challenged, often promoted.
With that healthy level of distrust in mind we examine “Biohacking“.

Biohacking is a fairly new practice that could lead to major changes in our life. You could it call citizen or do-it-your-self biology. It takes place in small labs — mostly non-university — where all sorts of people get together to explore biology. That could mean figuring out how the DNA in plants affects their growth, or how to manipulate genes from another source to make a plant glow in the dark. It often is aimed at producing a product, like the chairs and building blocks that artist Philip Ross makes by feeding mushrooms a meal of sawdust or peanut shavings. It is experimenting on the cheap, usually without the benefit of a fancy university laboratory, and it often involves DNA and genes. If you don’t know enough biology to take part at first, you learn it along the way. By Spencer Michels Sept 23, 2014

Your health, your habits, your opinions, and your thoughts:
what could be more personal than these?
But what if your thoughts are not your own?
What if your health and opinions were manipulated by others?

For decades many researchers have shared the diabolical agendas of the eugenics and transhumanists club members while the poor unaware techno-fans blindly trust corporate tech applications for profit.

I am a technology enthusiast from childhood, a gadgeteer, a tinkerer, a DIY’er, a fan of invention and creativity, yet I strongly distrust institutions with their control meme and profit agenda.
The current established system mandates that the money masters buy-out or strangle funds to smart inventors’ patents, and innovative entrepreneurs’ market leading businesses that threaten their institutional survival or control (that is what happened to Electronic Arts, VGA-Animation Software, Hotmail, Visio, Entropic, Travelscape, Omnibrowse ISPs, and many other computer/software/service companies), entrepreneurs had a very limited choice of selling out or be strangled out of business by the money masters who literally print national currencies and control international markets and commerce.
Today, in the USA, more businesses are going out of business than are being created!

Getting back on topic, research reveals “chemtrails” as part of the hidden geoengineering policies by government agencies and research laboratories.
The basic core of biohacking has to do with increased human performance, great so far.
But, inject the profit or national security motives and get:

  • P.R. slick promo marketing:
    Better Humans!
    Biohackers Want to Make Your Life Better!
    Parents peace of mind knowing where their child is with internal tracking devices!
  • Corporate & government (national interest and security) secrecy
  • Regulated Abuses, restrictions and barriers to entry
  • No-bid contracts with government funds and revolving door employment
  • Legions of super-soldiers, and cyborg warriors
  • ubiquitous cyber-spy-ware, micro tracking, mind altering devices that supersedes privacy, free will, personal sovereignty and freedom.
  • Infant implants, obedient school students and citizens
  • A dystopia future

Imagine nano-kill-switch, manipulative data mining devices everywhere that alter behaviour, genetics, tracks everyone and ability to kill a specific individual target at the push of a button.
Far more effective than current drone wars, and assassinations.
Couple that ubiquitous biohacking, bio-implants, microchip nano-tech with digital currency (electronic money) and the ruling elite’s corporate empire could have 100% policy compliance with the total world governance (NWO) they covet so much.
Here are the latest (Fall 2014) P.R. promotions:

The Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking

Plus, the top 7 Biohacks from the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference
Warning: This is going to be interactive.

Your Challenge

To read this article FAST.
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Sure, Nightmare Wicked Obedience to the ruling oligarchs.

Posted 14 Dec 2009
The Human Microchipping Agenda: A Presentation By Greg Nikolettos Part 2 of 10
Derren Brown: Mind Control


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Many Earth SatellitesAbolish Slavery

The most negative influence on Earth today is the concept of authority.
In legal jargon this is the State (governments, municipalities, courts, and militaries),  in spiritual jargon it is the church or religion, in engineering it is authoritative science foundations, in commerce and finance it is corporate (central banks/G-SIFI/too-big-to-fail)…
In street jargon authority is known as the establishment, institutional slavery, debt slavery, government slavery; and abolishing slavery must be accomplished for the People on Earth to be free.

People will be free when they exercise their personal sovereignty, thus no one will claim authority over any other.

Globalization, Secret Trade Agreements, International Monetary System, G20, Central & Shadow Banking are all a (Slavery System) result of policy makers bypassing Peoples Free Will to enforce policies and fund hidden interests.
The behind closed doors policy creation and enforcement marginalizes and worse, it farms and domesticates free peoples into Taxpaying, servile citizens and a human resource commodity!
When you take a few minutes to seriously ponder the research that reveals decades of increasing impoverishment while simultaneously trillions of dollars are being controlled by an elite class; then you may feel as I do, when I say:
What is the undisclosed and hidden capital flow in the hundreds of Trillions of dollars being spent on?
Below is PhD. Joseph P. Farrell’s “high octane” speculation on what the funding (Shadow Banking) could possibly mean in a more clandestine way… ~Ron

Shadow Banking Assets Increase By $5 Trillion To Record $75 Trillion, 120% Of Global GDP

This extremely important article was shared with me by a regular reader here, Mr. K.L., and it’s one of those articles that went immediately into my “finals” pile for my weekly blogging, it’s that important:

Shadow Banking Assets Increase By $5 Trillion To Record $75 Trillion, 120% Of Global GDP

I draw your attention to the first two paragraphs:

“Call it Monitoring Universe of Non-Bank Financial Intermediation (MUNFI), Other Financial Intermediaries (OFI), non-bank financial intermediation or, easiest of all, by its widely accepted name, Shadow banking. Whatever you want to call it, the latest just released estimate by the Financial Stability Board of how many assets current exist outside of the regular banking system (and are thus in the shadows) around the globe should explain why these day the one thing central bankers are most worried about is the uncontrolled proliferation of shadow assets (technically it is liabilities, but that is a different discussion). The reason: according to the broadest measure of shadow banking, it grew by $5 trillion in 2013 to reach $75 trillion. This represents some 25% of total financial assets and when expressed in terms of global GDP, it amounts some 120% of global GDP.

“We are not exactly sure which is scarier: that total financial assets amount to about 500% of world GDP or that about $75 trillion in financial leverage is just sitting there, completely unregulated and designed with one purpose in mind: to make billionaires into trillionaires (with taxpayers footing the bill of their failure).”

Note that Zero Hedge’s analysis here is somewhat conventional: the purpose of all this vast leverage and liquidity in the system is to make “billionaires into trillionaires (with taxpayers footing the bill of their failure).”

But is that really all, or even the major part of the picture? I am bold to suggest that it isn’t: the numbers simply don’t add up: there are too few “trillionaires” (indeed, none at all), so something else is going on. Indeed, it is precisely because of the vast numbers of liquidity and leverage sloshing around in the system that conventionally minded analysts have been predicting a collapse “any day now”, in the form of hyper-inflation and dollar-dumping, and a collapse of the US sovereign securities market. But as I pointed out a week ago in my blog Against Economic-Financial Chicken Littles, we’ve been hearing the stories of hyper-inflation and collapse since the Reagan era, if not before.

Now, as I noted, last week, I’m no financial expert, nor any other kind of expert, but it seems to me, that the analysts are right, on the face of it, and barring other factors: all the QE that has been going on should have shown up as extreme if not hyper-inflation, and that should have forced the value of the dollar down. But neither has happened. So something is wrong with the model: money (think of it as electric current) is being put in at one end, and yet, all that juice is not emerging at the load end. Following out analogy, this would mean that our circuit diagram is not complete; there is another load end in the circuit that is not shown.

Last week I suggested that at least part of this circuit diagram not showing up on our schematics was the hidden system of finance and the black budget. But would even this account for the vast sums of money? Would all the stealthy aircraft, reverse engineered UFOs, secret Lockheed fusion reactors, and so on, account for just the vast leverage noted in the Zero Hedge article? I suggest not (and let’s remember, we’re not even approaching any discussion of the amount of derivatives  – in the quadrillions of dollars – in the system). So the bottom line question is this: if all the derivatives in the system are in the quadrillions of dollars, not to mention the trillions of dollars suggested in the Zero Hedge article, and if these amounts are greatly in excess of the total GDP of planet Earth, then what is propping up the system? On any conventional model, it should have collapsed by now, and hence, like Sherlock Holmes, once we have eliminated the probable, we must begin to consider the impossible.

And like it or not – here comes the way-out-on-the-end-of-the-twig-speculation of the day – that means that there is another basis, a hidden basis, of the world economy that is not on this world at all. That money may be flowing off world, either in trade, or in tribute, but it is flowing somewhere, because like electricity, it has to have a load end, and if the load end were here, it would have shown up already in the form of the predicted collapse and hyper-inflation. On that score, the conventional analysts are correct. My only quibble with them is, that if the conventional model is correct, it is not about prediction; rather, it should have happened long ago, and we’d be analyzing it as history. The fact that it hasn’t, means to my non-expert’s mind, that the model is fundamentally flawed, and in a major, fundamental way.

Now you can all laugh and throw your rotten tomatoes at me, and frankly, I wouldn’t blame you nor be upset if you did.


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RT 11-18-14… “Okinawans sick and tired of US military presence”

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

us_military_airfield_okinawa_rt_141118Found this on a FaceBook news feed, and it certainly resonates with what many in the Kingdom of Hawai’i have felt, and known, for over 120 years. It also gives a glimpse into how much (not all) of the military “takes care” of the land on which its bases are located (this does not refer to many in the US military who DO care).

It also is very important for island nations like the Kingdom of Hawai’i, as each example of island locals standing up for their sovereignty, as Okinawans have done, is felt on every single US-CORP-occupied Pacific island.

“The Japanese prefecture of Okinawa has elected a new governor Takeshi Onaga who is strongly opposed to the US military being on the island. Okinawa has been home to the American military since 1945, with around 26,000 troops there at the moment. There is a widespread local hostility to the…

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Global political Elite Criminals, Secrecy, and Paedophilia

Gordon Brown was duped into backing an event where a paedophile group secretly planned to launch its vile campaign

Posted 18 Nov 2014

British paedophile scandal: ‘I saw Tory MP kill boy at sex party’

November 17, 2014

London: A Conservative MP murdered a young boy during a depraved sex party in the 1980s, an alleged victim of the Westminster paedophile scandal  claims.
The 12-year-old boy, who was being abused by a group of men, was strangled by the politician at a townhouse in front of other victims, it was alleged.

On another occasion, a young boy, who was around 10 years old, was deliberately run down and killed by a car driven by one of his abusers, the “victim” claimed.

Read More:


Censored evidence of Vancouver-based child trafficking-murder ring now available

ITCCS News Break: November 18, 2014

vancouver clubChild Trafficking Center: The Vancouver Club
 Vancouver: The breaking interview with Kevin Annett that names those involved in a Vancouver based child trafficking-murder cult is now on line, after being removed from youtube. Evidence suggests a direct link between the Vancouver “Twelve Mile Club” and the Vatican’s Ninth Circle ritual sacrificial cult. Please share widely.

Kevin Annett: Canada PM Harper Cabinet Minister Denis Lebel in Ninth Circle child sacrifice in Rome

Notorious paedophile gang ‘could have covered up 17 child murders and be linked to VIP guest house’

  • Roger Stoodley helped expose 1980s child abuse ring led by Sidney Cooke
  • Detectives solved three boys’ murders but believed there were 20 victims
  • He said investigation could help probe involving the Elm Guest House
  • VIP house is at centre of inquiry into alleged Westminster paedophile ring 
  • Comes as family of murdered Vishal Mehrotra called on Met Police to see whether two groups are connected
Read more:




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Obamacare & Obamanation Political Corruption

Posted 7 Nov 2014

Posted 12 Nov 2014

MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber’s gaffes could derail Obamacare

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber — the MIT brainiac caught on video admitting the law’s “lack of transparency” was meant to dupe a gullible American public — could end up becoming Obamacare’s demolition man, with congressional Republicans threatening to hold hearings and experts saying his bombshell comments could impact the Supreme Court case challenging the Affordable Care Act.

“They can subpoena him and call him to testify about the way he used federal money because he got an awful lot of it,” said Dennis Hale, a Boston College political science professor, referring to reports yesterday that Gruber received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants to help states implement Obamacare. “If he shows up to testify, it’s going to be pretty ugly.”

“This is the gift that keeps on giving,” Hale said. “If you’re selling a product that people don’t want to buy and then tell them they’re stupid because they don’t want to buy it, you get into trouble.”

Posted 17 Nov 2014


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Iceland’s Leadership Shocks Wall Street and Other Financial Centers; Again

The former chief executive of Landsbanki of Iceland, Sigurjon Arnason, was sentenced to prison on Wednesday, the third of the top executives of the country’s three largest banks that the government has successfully prosecuted and jailed for misconduct during the financial crisis.

Wall Street Stunned As Iceland Dares To Jail Banker Involved In 2008 Crash

The impossible is possible. Never say never.
Wall Street bankers are staring agog at headlines coming from Europe where, in Iceland, the former chief executive of one of the largest banks in the country which was involved in crashing the economy in 2008 has been sentenced to jail time. As Valuewalk reports, in receiving a one year prison sentence, Sigurjon Arnason officially became the first bank executive to be convicted of manipulating the bank’s stock price and deceiving investors, creditors and the authorities between Sept. 29 and Oct. 3, 2008, as the bank’s fortunes unwound, crashing the economy with it. It appears he was as shocked by the verdict as Wall Street-ers are, “this sentence is a big surprise to me as I did nothing wrong.” It was likely all for the people’s own good…



Via ValueWalk,

Some thought it would never happen. But in Iceland, the former chief executive of one of the largest banks in the country which was involved in crashing the economy in 2008 has been sentenced to jail time.


Iceland banker the first to manipulate bank’s stock price


In receiving a one year prison sentence, Sigurjon Arnason officially became the first bank executive to be convicted of manipulating the bank’s stock price and deceiving investors, creditors and the authorities between Sept. 29 and Oct. 3, 2008, as the bank’s fortunes unwound, crashing the economy with it.  Landsbanki was one of three banks that had tallied nearly $75 billion in debt before the final curtain was drawn.


What, me guilty? was the bank executive’s response upon learning of his fate. “This sentence is a big surprise to me as I did not nothing wrong,” Arnason was quoted as saying in a Reuters article after he learned of his punishment.  Amason had not decided if he was going to appeal the decision to the supreme court, as the appeal process might take longer than his sentence.


Other Iceland bank executives also convicted


The Reykjavik District Court had lopped off nine months of Arnason’s sentence, saying they were suspended.  Other bank executives involved in the situation were convicted: Ivar Gudjonsson, the former director of proprietary trading at the bank, along with Julius Heidarsson, a former broker at the bank. They each received nine-month sentences and six of those nine months were immediately suspended by the court.


All pleaded innocent to the charges, as the the fallout from the 2008 crisis continues to this day in the north Atlantic island and around the world.  As a sign of thawing in the crisis, Reuters reported that earlier in the week Landsbanki, the successor to the failed Landsbankinn, agreed to extend a deadline to restructure bonds to the end of the year. If a bond restructuring agreement is reached, it could help the government lift capital controls which were imposed due to the crisis.



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Goldman Sachs Can No Longer Hide Their Control of Government

As govts and banks
After the 2008 Financial Crisis “TARP” bankster bail outs was legislated, against the wishes of the People, it became evident for all who were willing to face the truth, that the banks control government.
Strings Attached
The popularity of “End The Fed” grew internationally, as rampant corruption became evident in the mortgage securities fraud, banking liar loans, LIBOR rigging, FOREX rigging, and other banking scams…
The research and investigations to discover who owns the FED became popular for conspiracy researchers and aware media. The same major banks keep showing up in financial investigations, and many whistleblowers provided the evidence that those same mega banks indeed are criminal institutions with drug money laundering, market manipulations, and controlling governments.
Among the Financial Terrorists and major international banks Goldman Sachs stand out with their special relationship to the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve System. ~Ron
Click to Enlarge

The NY Fed’s Attempt To Explain That It Is Not A Subsidiary Of Goldman Sachs

Via: Zero Hedge
The most shocking, if already completely buried, news of the day was that – in yet another confirmation that Goldman Sachs is in charge of the New York Fed – a NY Fed staffer was colluding and leaking confidential, material information to a 29-year-old Goldman vice president, himself a former Federal Reserve employee. This only happened because on the day Carmen Segarra disclosed her 47 hours of “secret Goldman tapes” on This American Life, Goldman executives asked the former Fed staffer where he had gotten what appeared to be confidential information from. To nobody’s surprise the answer was: The New York Fed.

So as the latter, also known as the biggest hedge fund of the western world with $2.7 trillion in AUM, is scrambling to once again prove it is shocked, shocked, that it has become merely the latest subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, Inc., it released the following statement explaining what “really” happened.

From the NY Fed:

As soon as we learned that Goldman Sachs suspected one of its employees may have inappropriately obtained confidential supervisory information, we alerted law enforcement authorities.  We have been working with law enforcement authorities since then. Because any public statement about the investigation could be prejudicial to a potential future criminal case, we are unable to comment on the specific facts that are under investigation.


As a general matter, we have detailed rules and controls protecting confidential information.  All employees with access to confidential supervisory information need to agree to safeguard that information appropriately, and not to disclose it without the necessary approval.  Employees receive training relating to the handling and protection of confidential supervisory information and other information security matters.   Employees are informed that a violation of these restrictions could lead to criminal prosecution.


Employees also receive ongoing ethics training and are required to do an annual certification that they understand and will adhere to the Bank’s Code of Conduct.  In addition, we use off-boarding procedures to confirm with departing employees that no confidential information may be taken.  With respect to all New York Fed staff, departing Officers may have no official contact with the Federal Reserve System for a period of one year.  In addition, all departing New York Fed employees may not have substantive business contacts with the New York Fed relating to any particular matter that he or she had worked on when employed by the New York Fed.  Further, with respect to employees departing from the financial institution supervision group, if the departing employee had served as a senior supervisory officer or central point of contact at a large and complex banking organization, that employee may not receive compensation from the supervised organization as an employee, officer, director or consultant for a period of one year.  Finally, the New York Fed has in place technology to help identify and prevent the forwarding of confidential information in violation of our rules. 

So did this technology fail? Or is Goldman simply one of the exempted parties?

The New York Fed understands that it is entrusted with the most sensitive information relating to the financial sector.  If such information is disclosed, it could be market moving or it might interfere with an important governmental program.  For these reasons, we have many different controls to safeguard such information, and a record of zero tolerance for those who do not adhere to them.  Of course, we also know that we are not perfect, that information today is more difficult to safeguard, and we are resolute to learn from our experiences.

At this point one can only laugh as the entire corrupt system careens to its inevitable reset.


A Quick Look At Goldman’s Takeover Of The US Judicial System: NY Fed Edition

Via: Zero Hedge
Moments ago, in the aftermath of the latest scandal involving Goldman’s Rohit Bansal scandal getting material information from a NY Fed employee, finally admitted that the original Carmen Segarra “whistleblower” allegations, namely that there was a material weakness (as in it is non-existent) when it comes to the NY Fed’s supervision of TBTF banks, by which we mean Goldman Sachs here, were founded and valid when at 4pm on the dot the NY Fed released this:

The Federal Reserve Board on Thursday announced two separate reviews that are underway at the Federal Reserve System to ensure that the examinations of large banking organizations are consistent, sound, and supported by all relevant information.

At the request of the Board, its Inspector General is examining two aspects of the Federal Reserve System’s examination program for large banking organizations:

  • Whether there are adequate methods for decision-makers at the relevant Reserve Banks and at the Board to obtain all necessary information to make supervisory assessments and determinations;
  • And whether channels exist for decision-makers to be aware of divergent views among an examination team regarding material issues.

Additionally, the Board is conducting its own review of the supervision of the largest, most systemically important financial institutions in the United States. This review will focus on:

  • Whether the decision-makers at the Board receive the information needed to ensure consistent and sound supervisory decisions regarding the supervision of the largest, most complex banking organizations;
  • And whether adequate methods are in place for those decision-makers to be aware of material matters that required reconciliation of divergent views related to supervision of those firms.

Attachment (PDF)

Which is great news for Carmen Segarra, and we are very happy to see that over a year after her original allegations of Goldman takeover at the most important central bank branch, they have been proven right and the Inspector General wil have to take a few million in bribes from Goldman to find there is absolutely nothing wrong at the New York Federal Reserve Bank of Goldman Sachs.

Still, we have to point out a small but shocking footnote.

Recall what happened this spring when Segarra’s whistleblower suit was still warm in the corridors of the US “justice” system:

U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams in Manhattan ruled that the failure by the former examiner, Carmen Segarra, to connect her disclosure of Goldman’s alleged violations to her May 2012 firing was “fatal” to her whistleblower lawsuit. Abrams also said Segarra could not file an amended lawsuit.


“Congress sought to protect employees of banking agencies … who adequately allege that they have suffered retaliation for providing information regarding a possible violation of a ‘law or regulation,’” the judge wrote. “Plaintiff has not done so.” Segarra’s findings that Goldman’s conflict-of-interest practices may have violated merely an “advisory letter” that did not carry the force of law did not entitle her to whistleblower protection under the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, Abrams said.

And then this shocker: the judge on the case was conflicted, and had a close relationship to Goldman which was represented by her husband also a lawyer, clearly was “irrelevant”:

In her ruling on Wednesday, Abrams also rejected a move by Stengle for greater disclosure by the judge about her husband’s relationship with Goldman Sachs. Abrams disclosed on April 3 that she had just learned that her husband, Greg Andres, a partner at Davis Polk & Wardwell, was representing Goldman in an advisory capacity.


Stengle said at the time she would not seek Abrams’ recusal, the judge said, and went ahead the next day with scheduled oral arguments on the defendants’ bid to dismiss the case.


But on April 11, Stengle made a written request for a “more complete disclosure” of Andres’ relationship with Goldman, and Abrams’ own working relationship with another defense lawyer.


Abrams said that was too late, given that Segarra by then would have had a chance to “sample the temper of the court” and perhaps anticipate she would lose unless Abrams recused herself. “The timing of plaintiff’s requests suggests that she is engaging in precisely the type of ‘judge-shopping’ the 2nd Circuit has cautioned against,” Abrams wrote, referring to the federal appeals court in New York. “Such an attempt to engage in judicial game-playing strikes at the core of our legal system.”

A legal system which precluded the plaintiff’s right to a fair ruling, one which the NY Fed just did on her behalf, because clearly the “judge” on the case was a person who was conflicted in her bias and her allegiance to a firm that was paying her husband’s bills.

Who is Ronnie Abrams:

In 2008, Abrams returned to Davis Polk as Special Counsel for Pro Bono. She had previously worked at the firm from 1994 to 1998. While at Davis Polk, Ms. Abrams served as Counsel to the New York State Justice Task Force, a task force created by New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman to examine the causes of wrongful convictions and make recommendations for changes to safeguard against such convictions in the future.

Clearly the last thing she wanted is for someone to “wrongfully convict” the Ny Fed. And just whom do we have to thank for Judge Ronnie Abrams?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand recommended Abrams to fill a judicial vacancy on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. On July 28, 2011, President Barack Obama formally nominated Abrams to the Southern District of New York. She replaced Judge Lewis A. Kaplan who took senior status in 2011. The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on her nomination on October 4, 2011 and reported her nomination to the floor on November 3, 2011.

Who are Kristen Gillibrand’s biggest campaign donors?

So Davis Polk (where Abrams worked) at #2, and Goldman (which certainly wanted to avoid discovery in the Segarra lawsuit) at #4?

One really just can’t make this up. Perhaps the Fed inspector general, when he is done “fixing” the corruption at the NY Fed will be so kind to take a look at the Goldman takeover of the US judicial system next.

One also has to either laugh or weep when reading this, because the above once again confirms what we said a year ago when we said that “the judicial branch is also under the control of the two abovementioned entities“, namely the NY Fed and Goldman.

And the saddest thing: it cost the banks (and their lawyer lackeys) under a million to buy America’s judicial system off: American justice is not only for sale, it goes at firesale prices!



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