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Official ZippCast Update (7-16-14)

[Chris Harris is the Co-Founder and COO of ZippCast] and have been working on the site for about 4 years now. Sadly, we have had some time periods of down-time but hopefully we are back to stay! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via Personal Message or by commenting on my channel:

About Me:
I am currently attending ETSU obtaining my Computer Science degree. I love computer programming but since I have been introduced to web development, I have decided to devote more time to that. ZippCast is a project that I am so passionate about and will continue to work on it until the users we have just stop uploading!

*[ZippCast had a wonderful launch, and momentum a few years ago, during the mass exodus from youtube, soon after Google started making changes, but sadly ZippCast crashed.
It is not clear if it was attacked but the interruptions in service interrupted that amazing rise as the major competitor to youtube.
I am pleased to see them re-launching the effort. ~Ron]

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Global Trend: Stop Israel’s Genocidal War

Thousands of People joined a peaceful protest in London England to end the Israeli war in Gaza. Amazingly it was a flash call that in only 5 days notice the People responded in Massive numbers. The awareness is spreading globally that Israel is the 4th largest exporter of arms in the world, and have been a terrorist state occupying disputed Lands, and expanding illegal settlements into Gaza since the formation of the state of Israel.
In the recent United Nations Vote the U.S. stood humiliated as the lone “NO” vote to investigate Israel’s war activities. ~Ron

Humiliating Isolation For The U.S. government

British MP Stands up for #Gaza 100,000 show up

Posted 26 Jul 2014


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Meet Theranos, Inc. – The Blood Testing Company with Henry Kissinger and a Cadre of Military and Political “Elite” on its Board


“The secret that hundreds of employees are now refining involves devices that automate and miniaturize more than 1,000 laboratory tests, from routine blood work to advanced genetic analyses. Theranos’s processes are faster, cheaper and more accurate than the conventional methods and require only microscopic blood volumes, not vial after vial of the stuff.”

Henry Kissinger leads a shady cast of all politicians and military men on Theranos’ board. 
Which is where this whole thing becomes very creepy, very quickly. 
You can accuse Henry Kissinger of many things, but being a humanitarian isn’t one of them.
Furthermore, you’d think there’d be more healthcare professionals or businesspeople on the board, but it’s almost all military men and politicians.

I have no idea what these military men and war criminals are up to, but it probably isn’t good.
When there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there’s a lot of smoke here.

Submitted by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg

Kissinger deserves vigorous prosecution for war crimes, for crimes against humanity, and for offenses against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap, and torture.

A good liar must have a good memory: Kissinger is a stupendous liar with a remarkable memory.

- Christopher Hitchens in The Trial of Henry Kissinger

I first heard of Theranos, Inc. in the fall of 2013, when the Wall Street Journal published a piece titled, Elizabeth Holmes: The Breakthrough of Instant Diagnosis. However, it wasn’t just me. It was the first time pretty much anyone on earth had heard of the company, because despite having been founded a decade earlier in 2003, it maintained a level of secrecy more characteristic of classified military operations.
What is Henry Kissinger and Gang Up To Now?

  • Henry Kissinger
  • Richard Kovacevich- who served as the Chief Executive Officer of Wells Fargo & Company from 1998–2007 and Chairman of the Board from 2001-2009.
  • William Perry- Former Secretary of Defense
  • Riley P. Bechtel -Chairman of the Board and a Director of Bechtel Group, Inc
  • Bill Frist- Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader
  • Samuel Nunn- Served as a United States Senator from Georgia for twenty-four years and as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee

Read more:

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NSA, DOJ, and other government agencies Protection Racket Pockets Huge Fines

The story goes like this:
Smart and Crafty professional sociopaths form cartels, business agreements, exclusive social clubs and their network of members steer the course of his-story.
Over time, the sociopaths create, control and manipulate all major institutions.
This became known as the “New World Order”.

Government agencies brag that they are in court representing the consumers and the people by levying record amount of fines.
However, the money never trickles back into the pockets of the consumer or the People.
The agencies do exactly what with all that money?
Where is the Money?

Another part of the, racketeering-spying-sociopathic-institutional-crime, story is that the surveillance industry is threatening to collapse the real industries in the U.S.; namely the tech corporations such as Microsoft, IBM/AMD and others.

Will Boycotts Collapse The NSA & Surveillance State?
The international community are boycotting the “Made In America” defective Trojan horse, backdoor, virus infected electronic devices.
What is next, false Labels to hide the fact that it is an American owned corp product?
We expect the false labels hiding the true identity of American producers to become Huge news.
We can suggest some good, false label, names:

  • Hu Yu Hai Ding Incorporated
  • No Bai Dam Ting
  • Yu So Dum

Forensic scientist identifies suspicious ‘back doors’ running on every iOS device

Jonathan Zdziarski
Jonathan Zdziarski

Summary: During his talk at HOPE/X Jonathan Zdziarski detailed several undocumented services (with names like ‘lockdownd,’ ‘pcapd,’ ‘mobile.file_relay,’ and ‘house_arrest’) that run in the background on over 600 million iOS devices.

Forensic scientist and author Jonathan Zdziarski has posted the slides (PDF) from his talk at the Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE/X) conference in New York called Identifying Backdoors, Attack Points, and Surveillance Mechanisms in iOS Devices.

The HOPE conference started in 1994 and bills itself as “one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world.”

Zdziarski, better known as the hacker “NerveGas” in the iPhone development community, worked as dev-team member on many of the early iOS jailbreaks and is the author of five iOS-related O’Reilly books including “Hacking and Securing iOS Applications.”

In December 2013, an NSA program dubbed DROPOUTJEEP was reveled by security researcher Jacob Appelbaum that reportedly gave the agency almost complete access to the iPhone.

Read More:

Bus-ThankYouSnowdenEdward Snowden addressed the hacking conference in NYC known as HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) to focus development of easy-to-use technologies to subvert government surveillance programs around the globe. He is advocating technology that would allow people to communicate anonymously and encrypt their messages. You can bet the NSA would love to have him assassinated for they cannot grasp that what they have done is to turn the USA into the evil empire in the minds of non-Americans. This is precisely why Athens fell because they became arrogant and authoritative toward their allies. Just reverse the role. How would the Americans react if all of their personal phone calls, emails, and Google searches were being collected by Russia and the US was powerless to stop it. What goes around – comes around.

Will Technology Collapse because of NSA?


China has raided the offices of Microsoft escalating the ban on Windows 8 even further. At what point will the technology companies stand-up and demand the NSA has its wings clipped? People can claim this is just political blow-back from China, but sorry, even NASA dumped Windows 8 simply stating it is not secure. The NSA has done far more damage to the image of the United States than any other incident in history and that damage threatens to create one of the biggest economic decline in modern history. If Congress does NOT hold hearings and seriously enacts legislation if not criminally prosecute those who devised such programs, the technology industry will have one of the greatest falls we have ever seen 2016-2020,


NSA Kids Share Your Nude Pics

Posted 24 Jul 2014
Young NSA employees consider your private, sexually-explicit pictures as just a benefit of a surveillance job.

Germans Dump Verizon

Posted 27 Jul 2014

USA Ranks 36th in Freedom

Posted 3 Jul 2014
Gallup recently polled 120,000 people in 120 nations on how free they felt their country was. The U.S., for the first time, did not even rank in the top quartile.

Expect the creative people to develop anti-surveillance technologies and alternatives…

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Why GMO Pushers are Suddenly Panicked

Originally posted on :

gmo-tomatoGMO pushers horrified at idea of being held responsible for their role in farmer suicides, crop failures and environmental devastation

NaturalNews The single greatest fear of GMO pushers has just been revealed. In the days after I wrote my now-famous article comparing GMO advocates to Nazi collaborators, the blogosphere erupted with a heated discussion of Monsanto, journalism, the scientific dictatorship of the Nazi empire and the parallels with modern-day GMO pushers.

This story thrust the topic of GMOs back into the minds of millions of people, which was of course the whole point. It also helped introduced terms into the minds of the public like “Monsanto collaborators” and “agricultural holocaust.” Critics of the article only helped this effort by pointing to it and bringing more traffic to Natural News, causing our email subscriber list to rapidly explode over the last few days. Read more

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Hawai’i: Changing Currents Flowing

For over a decade (on various internet platforms) we have been sharing a wealth of informative efforts and collaborative global dialogue that seeks remedy to this current model and meme of control, authority and bondage.
One of our mottos was “Take them to Court”.
Not to any governments’ court of justice, but rather to a People’s “Court of Record”, seeking Grand Jury remedy with disclosure; also known as EQUITY.
9-11 was and still is a fulcrum that is connected to Crimes against Humanity.
Lawful complaints seeking to remedy harm will lead to uncovering facts, perpetrators, and remedy.
We do not endorse institutional control, and having said that we know some people who do and will endorse institutions. Some of the people that organize institutions have good and honorable intentions that in this era of global transition will assist in collapsing the current matrix of control.
With the above concepts in the global dialogue we find the efforts by the Kingdom of Hawai’i a important development to share.
Many thanks to KP, and others who share. ~Ron

Ali’i Mana’o Nui Lanny Sinkin, 7-23-14… “Letter to OHA regarding Pūwalu”

lanny_sinkin_alii_manao_nui_shield_1This letter from Ali’i Mana’o Nui (Chief with great wisdom) Lanny Sinkin to OHA regarding a Pūwalu (coming together) “to discuss the diverse processes toward nation building”. Here are highlights.

“OHA did not invite the Ali’i Nui Mo’i [Edmund K. Silva, Jr.] to the gathering. Why not?… Is the failure to invite the Ali’i Nui Mo’i predicated on his being highly critical of OHA and calling for the Trustees to resign?

“Given that thousands of people now believe that the Ali’i Nui Mo’i is the one who can restore the nation, how does OHA take it upon itself to ignore him and fail to invite him to the gathering.

“Of course, the true nature of the gathering is the real problem. A State of Hawaii agency is trying to take control of the discussion on restoration of the nation to serve the interests of the occupying power by pursuing destruction of the Kingdom. Not inviting the Ali’i Nui Mo’i is simply part of that overall betrayal of the Kingdom. We understand that you have no legitimate foundation, so you build your house on sand.”

Listen to: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Review The Facts and Stories of the Hawai’i State
Message from Ali’i Nui Mo’i, Edmund K. Silva, Jr., of the Kingdom of Hawai’i
Will the structure of languages and contracts change with global equity and remedy?

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Some Brave Israeli Citizens and Jews Speakout against Zionist Government

Neta Golan

A Six-Step Program to Prosecute the Zionists Who Support Genocide and Political Corruption

By Jonas E. Alexis

Neta Golan, a spokeswoman for the Israeli group “Jews against Genocide,” made a powerful point that bears repeating here:

“We, as concerned Israeli citizens, need to tell the world that military cooperation and diplomatic and trade ties with Israel must stop immediately until they [Israel] respect international law.”

In the similar vein, Israeli peace activist and writer Miko Peled, who grew up in a Zionist family, added:

“I call on people of conscience… around the world to support the Palestinian struggle and unite to call for an end to the apartheid regime in Palestine.”[1]

Peled moved on to say that Israel’s “horrendous crimes” against the Palestinians can no longer be ignored.

“Israel is getting billions of dollars from America [and] it is doing business with the entire western world, mostly in the defense industry. Western powers are supporting what Israel does…

“We don’t see sanctions or Israeli ambassadors being sent back to Tel Aviv, but quite the opposite. These need to be done immediately, without conditions.”

YouTube – Veterans Today -

Medical doctor Gabor Mate has recently written in the Toronto Star:

“As a Jewish youngster growing up in Budapest, an infant survivor of the Nazi genocide, I was for years haunted by a question resounding in my brain with such force that sometimes my head would spin: ‘How was it possible? How could the world have let such horrors happen?

“It was a naïve question, that of a child. I know better now: such is reality. Whether in Vietnam or Rwanda or Syria, humanity stands by either complicitly or unconsciously or helplessly, as it always does.

“In Gaza today we find ways of justifying the bombing of hospitals, the annihilation of families at dinner, the killing of pre-adolescents playing soccer on a beach.

Gabor Mate

“In Israel-Palestine the powerful party has succeeded in painting itself as the victim, while the ones being killed and maimed become the perpetrators.

“In Israel-Palestine the powerful party has succeeded in painting itself as the victim, while the ones being killed and maimed become the perpetrators. ‘They don’t care about life,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, abetted by the Obamas and Harpers of this world, ‘we do.’

“Netanyahu, you who with surgical precision slaughter innocents, the young and the old, you who have cruelly blockaded Gaza for years, starving it of necessities, you who deprive Palestinians of more and more of their land, their water, their crops, their trees — you care about life?

“There is no understanding Gaza out of context — Hamas rockets or unjustifiable terrorist attacks on civilians — and that context is the longest ongoing ethnic cleansing operation in the recent and present centuries, the ongoing attempt to destroy Palestinian nationhood.”[2]

How does Netanyahu respond? Well, he made a statement last Sunday saying that those children have been indirect victims of the war, since Hamas have been using human shields. But Netanyahu knows very well that there is no evidence for this mumbo jumbo:

“On the day that Al-Farouq was attacked, the Israeli military also carried out a missile strike on a home for the handicapped in Beit Lahiya, killing two disabled residents and injuring four others.

“A neighbour claimed that a member of the Islamic Jihad group and his wife had also lived in the building; but he could provide no names or dates for this.

“Jamilla Alaiwa, a 59 year old social worker who founded the home 24 years ago told me that this was categorically untrue. ‘If the Israelis have proof of this let them make it public. There was no one from Islamic Jihad or Hamas living there. We are not involved in politics.’

“The Israeli military stated they were investigating what happened; their conclusions have not reached Gaza. Were they, perhaps, fed false information?
Read More:



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