1 UFO Over Earth Corp
Many thanks to Joseph Farrel for sharing this. Once again the People on Earth are given another glimpse of the globalist plans, but this time it reaches to other worlds. But never the less, is without the consent of the People on Earth. ~Ron
22 July 2014

While all the geopolitical-financial shenanigans have been going on “down below” here on planet Earth, Congress has its eye on the future of finance and outer space, for a bill has been introduced in Congress recognizing private property rights on asteroids:

Asteroid Mining Bill Introduced In Congress To Protect Private Property Rights

There’s a hugely significant statement with hugely significant implications in this short article:

“The crucial part of the short piece of legislation states that the resources mined from an asteroid would be the property of the entity undertaking the operation. This language gets around the provision of the Outer Space Treaty that says states are forbidden to establish national sovereignty over celestial bodies, which would be a prerequisite to the United States allowing a private entity to own an asteroid. It rather grants mineral rights to the asteroid, something the treaty does not mention. There is no enforcement mechanism in the event of a dispute with another country, however.”

For those who’ve been following my analysis, I’ve been arguing that (1) a secret system of finance was put into place after World War Two, utilizing Axis loot (and hence the cooperation of the post-war Axis elite), (2) this was directly managed by the intelligence-finance-military-industrial complex, or, to put it more bluntly, the intelligence community was put directly into the international finance business, and (3) this whole scheme was done for the purpose of a long-term secret research project designed to develop exotic space capabilities and emulate UFO performance.

Such a scheme, as I’ve been arguing, implied as a necessary component of such a secret financial architecture the following things: (1) the participation of some prime banks or at least key individuals within them in key management and accounting/investment positions, and (2) the ability to manipulate markets (eventually through penetrated technological means, high frequency trading being perhaps one manifestation of this requirement). As a result of these requirements, and particularly of the first, some “gain” had to be present for said financial institutions to participate, and this, I have argued, was the secretive “collateralization” of whatever might be found in space, either in terms of any resources or in terms of any recovered artifacts or technologies discovered. This, for those who have followed my analysis of the bearer bonds scandals, and in particular the first one, the “Japanese Bearer bond scandal”, was in my opinion the meaning of the scandals, and the message in particular of the first one, with its evidently hoaxed “Kennedy Billion Dollar bearer bond” with its suggestive allusion to space activities on the reverse side of the “bond.”

Within this context, it appears that Congress might be posed to make it “official,” and that carries with it some huge implications, for by “recognizing” mineral rights of private companies purchasing such things on, say, an asteroid or other planet such as the Moon or Mars, then this ipso facto extends – in a very imperial fashion – the standards of American jurisprudence and law to outer space. And as the article also avers, it creates the potentiality for conflicts over those resources. The model that we are watching emerge is the creation of all the fundamentals to create space-based versions of the “East Indies companies” that so dramatically drove European expansion and imperialism from the 1600s to the early 1900s. One may think in terms of the “American Asteroid Indies Company” or the “Franco-German Planetary Mining Consortium” and so on.

In short, what this bill is also really about is the eventual weaponization of space(which I personally believe has already been long underway).

It remains to be seen how the rest of the space-faring powers will deal with it, but if recent announcements are any indicator, they already know the nature of the imperial game that is now emerging in space.



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Israel: International Anger Mounts

Irish politician pulls down Israeli flag at children's sailing event

The “most moral army in the world” from “the only democracy in the Middle East” has attacked hospitals, a home for the disabled, a geriatric hospice, demolished five mosques, razed entire neighbourhoods, erased entire families – the youngest – so far – just three days old if you do not count the unborn, as in the case of twenty nine year old Samar Al Hallaq (1) killed with her two sons, aged four and five, other members of her family and carrying her third child. Her husband was critically injured.

Yet again a war is declared against children and the young. Forty three percent of Gaza’s population is aged 0-14 and just under twenty one percent, 15-24. (Index Mundi, 2013.) Thus sixty four percent, 0-24.

As Israel trades on eternal victim status whilst murdering neighbouring, fellow Semites with seeming legal impunity, stealing land, obliterating homes, nullifying history preceding even the coming of Christ in the land of his birth, the UN bleats weakly, as ever, of “concern” and “regret” some countries have had enough.

Ecuador has recalled their Ambassador from Israel, Chile has suspended their free trade agreement negotiations. Bolivia’s President Evo Morales and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro have called the assault on Gaza genocide and “extermination”, with Maduro demanding that the UN address the: “systematic violation of the Human Rights of the Palestinian population in Gaza by the State of Israel and adopt the necessary measures to halt those violations.” (2.) Venezuela severed all relations with Israel after its last massacre, “Cast Lead” over Christmas and New Year 2008-2009.

As Prime Minister David Cameron calls the onslaught on the 1.7 million people of Gaza in their forty mile long ghetto “not disproportionate”, President Maduro stated: “It is clear you cannot morally compare occupied and massacred Palestine with the occupying state, Israel, which also possesses military superiority and acts on the margins of international law.”

Meanwhile, amid massive protests in South Africa, the African National Congress in Parliament (who suffered their own long years of apartheid) is calling for the Israeli Ambassador to leave with “immediate effect” and for the South African Ambassador to Tel Aviv to be immediately recalled.

The ANC Chief Whip, Steone Sizane, MP., in a blistering address said: “The office of the UN Secretary
General issues statements which have no effect. The UN Security Council
must stand up and act to support vulnerable Palestinian people at the 
time when they need their protection.

“The situation involving Palestine
 and Israel is an undeclared war, in which the aggressor, Israel, has 
destroyed the Palestinian economy, robbed people of their land,
unilaterally changed borders, and unilaterally built a wall of exclusion
to keep Palestinians out of their land. When it feels provoked, it 
unleashes the most sophisticated military hardware on a defenceless 
people. Palestinians have been reduced to cheap labour for the Israel

“This relentless destruction of the Palestinian territory and 
its people by Israel must be stopped. The international community needs
 to act in unison on this matter.”

Mr Sizane’s call is backed by a host of political and civil bodies including faith groups, the Young Communist League, the National Association of Democratic Lawyers, seventy two leading South African Jews and many others. (3)

In Europe, the Norwegian government is resisting pressure to expel the Israeli Ambassador from pro-Palestinian and human rights organizations with the leader of the Joint Committee for Palestine (Fellesutvalget for Palestina, FuP), Anna Lund Bjørnsen telling Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK): “Norway can not uncritically maintain close diplomatic relations with a state that does not show respect for human life, international treaties or UN conventions.”
Read Full Report:



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Is the U.S. Targeting Allies That Are Too Cozy With Russia?

Reports about the U.S. government punishing France (BNP Paribas), and now  Germany (Deutsche Bundesbank) has many of us asking is this retaliation for being too cozy with the Russians? ~Ron

Morning Agenda: Deutsche Bank Rebuked

by SYDNEY EMBER Posted 23 Jul 2014

Deutsche Bank’s primary regulator in the United States is said to have found serious problems with the bank’s financial reporting procedures and oversight, Matthew Goldstein writes in DealBook. Jordan Thomas, a lawyer who represents a former Deutsche Bank risk analyst who filed a whistle-blower claim against the bank, said that the regulator, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, sent a letter in December to officials at the German bank notifying them of the findings of its review. American depositary receipts of Deutsche Bank fell nearly 3 percent in late trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Shares lost about 0.6 percent in early trading in Frankfurt on Wednesday.

Mr. Thomas said he had seen a copy of the letter, and it directed Deutsche to fix problems in its financial reporting procedures ‒ problems the letter said had existed for several years. The letter coincided with a push by United States regulators for banks, especially ones based overseas, to be held to the same capital requirements as American banks. Deutsche Bank, one of Europe’s largest banks, was a forceful opponent of the Fed’s push to force foreign banks to comply with the same capital requirements as domestic banks.

Mr. Thomas said the New York Fed’s findings were consistent with complaints raised by his client, Eric Ben-Artzi, in a whistle-blower action filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2011. Mr. Ben-Artzi, a former quantitative risk analyst, told the agency he had evidence that Deutsche Bank had hidden billions of dollars in losses to avoid a potential bailout during the financial crisis. The complaint by Mr. Ben-Artzi and a similar one raised by another former Deutsche Bank employee, Matthew Simpson, are the focus of an investigation by the S.E.C. that is believed to still be active.

Read more:

Barclays PLC and Deutsche Bank AG Hit With Yet More Bad News

By Rupert Hargreaves

It seems as if the whole world is turning against Barclays (LSE: BARC) (NYSE: BCS.US) right now. After coming under attack for misleading investors about its dark pool trading venue, Barclays is now under investigation for helping hedge funds avoid billions in US government taxes.
Complex products Barclays

It was revealed yesterday that Barclays and the bank’s European peer, Deutsche Bank, had been helping hedge funds avoid US taxes. These revelations were made in a report published by the Senate permanent subcommittee, about investigations conducted by the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

According to the report, the two banks were using a method called “basket options” to hide the trading activities of hedge funds. Simply put, these options allowed hedge funds to hide their trading profits in each banks own accounts. Hedge funds then collected a lump sum payout at the end of the year.

As a result, hedge fund profits collected from these basket options were taxed as long term capital gains, rather than short term trading profits, which are taxed at a higher rate.

Between 1998 and 2013, both Barclays and Deutsche are estimated to have sold 199 of these basket options, encompassing more than $100bn in trades.
Unclear repercussions

Read More:



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Sweden Refuses Israeli President’s Plane Entry Into its Airspace


Thank you for sharing…

Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:

Shimon PeresThanks, Patrick!

Although this happened two months ago, I think the players have pretty much laid their cards out on the table. There’s nowhere to go from here, and the cabal has to fold—flat broke. They’re going to find this sort of reception is the norm, rather than the exception.  ~ BP

May 14, 2014

Swedish authorities refused on Sunday to allow the plane of Israeli President Shimon Peres to cross into its airspace en route to Norway, causing him to arrive late to his official reception.

When Stockholm refused the plane permission to cross, the pilots were forced into a holding pattern over the Baltic Sea for 20 minutes until they were rerouted via Denmark’s airspace.

Peres’s office blamed Stockholm, while the Israeli Foreign Ministry pointed the finger at the President’s Office and the private airline company responsible for arranging the trip.

Israel’s Haartez newspaper reported the ministry saying…

View original 69 more words

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Federal Reserve: Sorry, but you have been Uninvited

Feeling unwelcomed, or is something BIG and secretive happening inside the Federal Reserve?
The financial media are pouring it on and splashing it in a sensational fashion that the FED has Snubbed Wall Street Elite, such as: the chief U.S. economists of the biggest American banks, Vincent Reinhart of Morgan Stanley (MS), Jan Hatzius of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), and Bank of America Corp.’s Ethan Harris. Onetime conference regulars, including Mickey Levy of Blenheim Capital Management LLC and Meredith Whitney of Kenbelle Capital LP
Keep watching the central banks and their activities… ~Ron

Mount Moran is seen through a window at the Jackson Hole economic symposium

Wall Street Cut From Guest List for Jackson Hole Fed Meeting

Source: By Simon Kennedy Jul 22, 2014
This year’s three-day conference in the shadow of the Teton Mountains begins on Aug. 21 with the topic of “Re-evaluating Labor Market Dynamics.”

“The primary audience for the Jackson Hole economic symposium has always been central bankers,” said Diane Raley, a spokeswoman for the Kansas City Fed, who didn’t comment specifically on this year’s guest list. –

Attending the conference is “a huge ego booster and regarded as a very prestigious thing to be invited to,” he said. “Nobody understands the invitation process — it’s traditionally opaque.”



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ALERT: FAA banned U.S. Flights to and from Israel for at least 24 hours

In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration, a U.S. government agency, said its prohibition applied only to U.S. air carriers, and that “updated instructions” would be issued “as soon as conditions permit.” Delta, US Airways and United Airlines had earlier halted flights to and from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

Read More:

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An Insult To Monkeys

Obedience Training

Loyalty & Obedience
The People living within the borders of nation states and claiming citizenship should also feel insulted when parliaments or congresses and government officials convene to legislate or proclaim some new “Law” in a faux mandate from the people.
They never asked for your opinion nor shared the debate and informational facts with you.
1CHattel human farm



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Union: MAS flight crew now fear flying after #MH17 disaster


Working hazard too great and career change is a real option.
Simultaneously, new workers with less training will increase future airline risks…
Airline industry already suffering reduced passenger citing protests to privacy invasion and cancer causing energy scans by TSA state sponsored terror prior to each flight.

Originally posted on Amanah Satu - Malaysia:

YAHOO | The Malay Mail Online

SEPANG, July 19 ― Some flight attendants are now terrified of taking to the skies after Flight MH17 was shot down, the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) said today.


Nufam President, Ismail Nasaruddin speaks to reporters during a press conference …

Nufam president Ismail Nasaruddin also said crew members were demoralised, pointing out that the crash of the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) jetliner occurred just four months after Flight MH370 disappeared in March.

“We’ve received reports of crew members being unable to fly for reasons of being affected,” Ismail told a press conference here.

“We must find the truth to this act of mass murder,” he said, adding that he did not have the number of flight attendants who are now afraid of flying.

Flight MH17 is believed to have been struck on Thursday by a missile in a region in eastern Ukraine…

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