I made my first comments on WordPress today!
I was responding to the tight comments by “Ja mata” on
Naruto chapter 442 (“I Are Awesomness” weblog) I hope people don’t get too riled up with emotions.
Ja mata has very colorful language and I got caught up in the rhythms too.
Being funny often can be mis-interpreted and lead to anger.
Please if any readers see my text, understand that I do not intend to be offensive!

Before you jump through the roof and stoke the hot flames take a few long, slow breaths
and remember: Ronmamita wish you

LOVE & Peace
AMOR y Paz

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  1. ronmamita says:

    Another night to ponder in anticipation what will Masashi Kishimoto publish in chapter 443…

    Perhaps Team guy will… what can they do? Team guy (my fingers are twitching to alter spellings; I’m resisting humor or offensive remarks, LOL) are weak.

    Perhaps Tsunade will… What can the Hokage do? She is old and weak. But she can use forbidden jutsu to revive Kakashi. that would be a lame repeat of the Sand village and Gaara…
    Ok, Tsunade could be confronted by Danzo and the black ops coup d’etat. This actually sounds interesting!
    Ring my bell; I like it! But this is Japanese culture and is this ikely to happen? This is my blog and I can hope for added excitement and complexity.

    Ok no schizoid references to me having a conversation with myself. I’m bored and this is mental masterbation, oops I mean to say this is mental excercise, LOL.
    I do feel relief and a strange satisfaction… “wot evar”.
    Maybe I should pickup the habit of smoking? A cigarette would be appropriate…


  2. ronmamita says:

    Instead of simple lewdness lets try some romance…

    What about the other females in Naruto’s life?
    I’ve mentioned Hokage Tsunade, how about I examine Sakura and Hinata. I am hesitant to even begin this thread because I am overdosed on the Narutards’ love triangle comments about these two ladies having a romance with Naruto.
    Therefore I’m more interested in the possible supporting role they could play in securing Konoha.
    Who else could Sakura heal? I really do not know. Kakashi is beyond her level? Maybe Sakura can heal Pa-Frog? Would it not be juicier if Hinata thanks Sakura for healing her and puts her life on the line, AGAIN, to support her man? Would not this be the perfect lesson to Sakura of what true love is? Heehee…
    Show your FIRE lady Hinata, or would that be her “will of fire” Konoha style? Yepper, I like this idea. Hinata demonstrates new maturity and leadership full of confidence and bravery. She commands others to form a backup squad to be ready to support Naruto if he needs it. Obviously the experienced and powerful mister Nagato-Pain could have traps, and tricks to escape in this kind of emergency where his team is being destroyed by the one man army, Naruto! Someone needs to begin a backup plan and put in place squads to insure that Nagato does not escape; let it be Hinata! Everyone sing along with me “Stand by me…” I enjoy that song, LOL. I can feel the renewal of energy and amplified POWER from the support of Hinata and the villagers; GO NARUTO!
    “We believe in you!” Hinata: “I believe in you, and I won’t allow anything to stop you, ‘Believe it’!”
    Ok, shy and timid lady Hinata may not co-op Naruto’s boisterous bellows; but it felt good to think it. Come on you can laugh, even just a little bit, lol.


  3. ronmamita says:

    Is chapter 443 out yet? Are we there yet…
    No? Okay, let me explore some more chapter verses.
    Most of us “Narutards” want to see an end to Pain and schizoid Nagato. But I am so sure that Masashi Kishimoto will torture me some more by not putting an end to the pain & misery that is Nagato; at leaast not in this chapter 443.
    This means that the Nagato appearance will have to be brief. What can we expect in only a brief appearance?
    A lovers quarrel between Nagato & Lady Konan?
    A meeting with Madara?
    Honestly, I do not care and I want a special two chapter single issue! Let us read chapter chapter 444 already!

    Masashi Kishimoto says no, not enough profit in that.

    Maybe Masashi Kishimoto will leave the Konoha ruins and jump to another location…
    Can we ask: Oh where, oh where is Sasuke… ok another mispelled name (I know you can spell Sasuke name correcly it rhymes with “yuck” and is something he does so well) LOL
    I am going to sing with “Killer Bee” at least he knows how to enjoy himself. A Rhyming rap-song about the “Schizo Mr. Nagato”; time to end the pain.


  4. ronmamita says:

    No confirmed spoiler found yet!
    This is so disappointing.
    If anyNaruto ch 443 readers find good pics and “CONFIRMED” spoiler please drop a comment here, thank you.


  5. ronmamita says:

    I could not find “Killer
    Bee” but I had a few conversations with Naruto fans.
    This curbed my Naruto hunger for today; I hope.

    I am including some of my thoughts I shared with them:
    2 ppl talked:
    1. *why did Kishimoto introduce the Pein destroys Konoha ARC with a convo detailing the plan to infiltrate Konoha’s security?
    2. *Nagato is the leader of Akatsuki; looks as if he will die, will there be a need to continue to try to get all 9 Jinchuriken; Doesn’t Madara only want to destroy Konoha (not a care about the demons)?

    My reply was:
    1. you found a kishi-gaff.
    Nagato would not have a need to make a conversation with all 7 members before tripping the Konoha alarm.
    Kishimoto needed a way to inform the readers that a team of 7 will infiltrate the security of Konoha!
    Konoha will think only one intruder exist and there will be confusion and diversion.
    The writer still held the reader in ignorance that there really is a team of 8 members when you discover Nagato!

    2. Madara is the true leader (he leads from behind the curtain).
    Madara allows Nagato to believe whatever he wants, as long as Nagato destroys all obstacles. Eventually Madara will get (or try to get) Nagato’s eyes. The Rinnegan power would supplement his Mangekyou. Madara wants those beamers!

    My theory (since I learned of Nagato)
    is that Nagato is insane; yep a schizoid; a crazy loon!

    The whole multiple personality thing; talking to himself
    in complete conversations; the need to believe they are alive (they are all dead corpses, except for Konan)
    Wouldnt it be a RIOT if
    Konan was dead too; simply a corpse like all the rest.
    What a twist that would be! She wears a lot of black and the cloths covers most of her body… Makes me wonder… hmm?

    Nagato can always blame it all on Konoha, or the wars or
    anything except himself.
    Maybe it is those cursed eyes.
    The Rinnegan Curse!
    Yeah, thats it the curse of the eye


    Getting back to your point; the jinchus are a power the reader has not been fully informed about. Let us wait for more details and secrets to unfold. I think Madara has a sinister reason for harnessing all the chakra of all 9 demons.


  6. ronmamita says:

    What a lame “Confirmed” Spoiler and poor pics too!
    I am getting weak vibe for chapter 443.
    I’m going to say it now rather than wait:
    Is that loud and clear?

    In one of my comments on another blog I typed:
    “Oh no I can feel a BIG let down coming in chapter 443, please say it is not so!
    Naruto stabs himself AGAIN!!! Just to confirm the location Nagato???
    Maybe it is the onset of masochism.
    Truth be told I have been harping on a big let down for a while now because I’m begging for relief of Pain(Nagato)
    yet knowing Kishimoto will drag this out for more chapters.

    But c’mon; stab himself again with the Pain Rod???”

    Whats the status of Danzo’s plot to unseat Hokage Tsunade?

    Whats the activities of the Raikage and his nins sent to chat with Tsunade?

    What new song and dance has the 8 tail Rapper “Killer Bee” created;
    you feeling me? Move this plot forward and get rid of the Pain!
    My pun is intentional; I am fed up with the time drag of Nagato.

    Just in case you have not seen the spoiler yet here is a copy:
    Translation by: Yasha @ Naruto Fan

    “Pain is defeated by Rasengan.
    Naruto pulls out a black rod from Pain and stabs himself with it.
    He locates Nagato’s whereabouts.
    Naruto’s flashback.
    About happiness and peace.

    Hinata is gradually recovering under Sakura’s treatment.
    Team Gai and Sakura hear from Katsuyu that Naruto had finally beaten Pain.

    Neji says he wants to go after Naruto.
    Katsuyu tries to stop him but to no avail.

    Shikaku arrives and sees Naruto.
    Naruto tells him he is going to Pain’s real body alone.
    Ino’s dad tries to stop him.
    Shikaku thinks about his conversation with Shikamaru and decides to entrust it totally to Naruto.

    The papers wrapping around the tree open up.

    Nagato: Go, Konan.
    Konan: Nagato

    Naruto: The one at the back is your real body!?
    Nagato: Peace will arrive soon

    The thoughts of Naruto and Nagato.

    The End.”


  7. broken1i says:

    Wow you have a lot going on here. I’d admire your ability to write up a lot of this stuff. Great analysis and the humor is there. Chapter 444 is coming up so I’m curious if the 4th will reappear hence the “444”. He made his first appearance in “440”. Just something to think about. You should def visit our site more often. We’re new and are trying to build a fanbase. 😛


  8. ronmamita says:

    Did I predict Nagato’s appearance would be very brief?

    Nagato’s appearance was so brief he almost did not show up in chapter 443!
    I counted 4 frames with Nagato; barely enough to make a single page.

    For the reader the “REAL” meeting may finally arrive in chapter 444.

    I nailed this prediction!


  9. ronmamita says:

    Thank you for the kind comments!

    Sure, I will spread the word about your blog; I don’t promote my sites. I simply find that having my own sites allows me to flesh out ideas with out concern about text space limitations.

    One site thought I was trying to promote myself simply because I mentioned my web address. I will be visiting your site and hopefully many others too.

    Keep writing and creating fun.
    Wish you much success!


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