Hello world!

I am eagerly awaiting the release of Naruto chapter 443!

Hopefully chapter 443 will solve the mystery of the shadow bubble (see photo below)

Is this Zetsu spying; why is this important?

Is this Zetsu spying; why is this important?

I think the Masashi Kishimoto team of writers intentionally dropped the readers an important hint that Zetsu will appear in chapter 443. Possibly to reveal the dangerously low level of chakra remaining in Nagato. The questions I have are:
Will zetsu be the first inside Nagato’s hideout?
Will Madara rush to the scene to collect Nagato’s eyes?

I am afraid that none of these questions will be answered in chapter 443; Masashi Kishimoto has been drawing out this battle way too long!
For months I have predicted the below:

Zetsu may reach Nagato’s hidden lair first and remain in hiding.
Naruto should burst on the scene to point out that Tobi is manipulating Nagato for a fool.
Naruto will promise Nagato he will find a way for world peace; “Believe it!”!
Nagato will die (not by Naruto), possibly at the hands of Madara?

HOW many more weeks must we wait to read the conclusion and answer the above questions?


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6 comments on “Hello world!
  1. ronmamita says:

    Yep, how much (or more likely “how little”) will be revealed in ch 443?
    The fact that the plot has stopped for 22 weeks adds to the frustration. A fight (likely to be a few hours of a single day) that is taking a half year to share with the reader is an agonizing exercize.

    Someone in the neighboring blogs replied to my query that the above shadow bubble is pointing to Yahiko’s leg…
    Well, it could be a mistake in reproduction of the art, however I doubt this. The surprize emotive would not make sense in that context. But japan is a different culture and perhaps this is yet another failure in translation. We certainly have experienced many misinterpretations before…

    If this battle with Nagato is not concluded and drags on for more chapters (Oh the pain and agony! Please stop the Pain!). A great reward to the readers could be the survival of more of Nagato’s-Pain’s victims (Pa frog & Kakashi). A small cure to balance the great Pain? Anyway this is to hope and wishes…


  2. ronmamita says:

    I made a weak comment (in neighboring blog) that the other half of the demon fox’s chakra could be sealed in Kushina (Naruto’s Mom). I don’t support this (in fact I do not know where or how the fox chakra is; Kishimoto seem to be making it up as he goes forward – so anything is possible) but so very little is known about Naruto’s mom that I used this weak comment for a reason to learn more about her; please, Kishimoto, re-introduce her to Naruto fans. At some point her mystery must be revealed…


  3. ronmamita says:

    I have been waiting too long and lost my eagerness for chapter 443.
    Even before the release of chapter 443 i request Kishimoto bring on chapter 444 already. The whole Nagato thread has dragged on too long.


  4. ronmamita says:

    Chapter 443 was simply an intro for the meeting that will happen in chapter 444.
    What did we learn in ch 443?
    I learned that the Kishi team of writers don’t realize they have bored and frustrated many readers by delaying this meeting way too long; ok, I am teasing them about this but it is true…

    The Kishi team of writers want readers to begin to accept the change that is happening. The kids are adults now and poised to take leadership for a new era. More importantly the key is Naruto discovering what will bring peace to the world.

    So we readers have to endure more…

    If you want to know what is happening with Danzo’s plot to dethrone Tsunade;
    If you want to know what Sasuke is doing;
    If you want to know what the rap-singer Killer Bee is doing singing enka then you must endure…

    For added drama can you hear the saying:
    “Wait for it”
    Next chapter?
    “Wait for it”
    “Wait for it”
    I’m bored.
    “Wait for it”
    I ache!
    “Wait for it”
    I am very old now.
    “Wait for it”
    I may die soon; my new era has arrived.
    “Wait for it”



  5. ronmamita says:

    Maybe some Zetsu and Madara soon?
    That shadow bubble on the ground is still nagging me.

    Zetsu, certainly is spying this battle (I think), especially after the failure of Sasuke with “Killer Bee”.
    Is it not likely that Madara wants Nagato’s eyes for Rinnegan?


  6. ronmamita says:

    If Naruto had his father’s ability to materialize instatnly and be at Nagato’s wheel chair instantly. Chapter 443 could have had this meeting with Nagato.
    Instead, you must wait until the next chapter is published.


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