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The Meeting

The Meeting

Today is the day chapter 443 comes out; but because the thought of it being a rotten egg and stinking up my mood and joy, I have decided to move on to chapter 444 (even if Masashi Kishimoto stubbornly remains glued to pain-Nagato!) and address more fun issues. Leaving my Pain and sorrows behind with Nagato, lol.

I don’t want to repeat myself so allow me to only say that I hope Masashi Kishimoto will begin to address the activities of the Raikage; Killer Bee; and Danzo (ok,  you can add Sasuke if you want…)

Being happy and sharing it are true gifts; and that leads me to think about what gift could Itachi possibly have given Naruto?
Itachi was concerned about Sasuke and Naruto’s brotherly love for Sasuke (sure Masashi Kishimoto could throw a curve and focus on Itachi’s concerns of Madara; but this is less obvious, does not tie in with the moment or events, and is more complex…) therefore Itachi would give Naruto a power to battle Sasuke. A obvious gift would have been the Susanou but Itachi could not have given Susanou to Naruto because after giving a gift to Naruto and leaving,  Itachi later uses Susanou in the battle with Sasuke! Of course Masashi Kishimoto makes mistakes (as all humans do) and may write that the Itachi gift to Naruto was Susanou (then create a lame excuse of dimensional shift and transfer that was completed upon Itach’s death… complete balderdash BS) but these are comics and writers frequently cover their mistakes with nonsense for amazing new events. So keep your attention on this event and remember what you read here. Yeah this could happen but it is lame. Remember you heard it here first.

If I was part of the Masashi Kishimoto writing team I would suggest a coherent rational gift such as Minato’s dimensional travel ability. The only problem with this gift is that I would write it as a gift from Minato during the Naruto battle with Yahiko-Pain. A romantic fatherly last gift to his son Naruto. This leaves us with no gift from Itachi! So, what do writers do when there is nothing to give?
We create something!
Itachi could have gifted to Naruto an unknown ability! This awesome new ability could be anything!
WOW! Isn’t it fun to use your imagination?
Let us use our imaginations now… what kind of ability would you create for Naruto; that works against Amaterasu maybe?
Try it now; use your imagination, it is so much fun!
I will not list mine, because it will only influence you and besides there is nothing to substantiate these abilities.
So it is simple fun and a GREAT diversion from the Pain guy we have been reading about for 23 weeks now.

Here is an extra treat; ENJOY!


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  1. ronmamita says:

    {Please note the above blog entry was POSTED PRIOR TO THE NARUTO CHAPTER 443 RELEASE. I understood a real meeting would be stalled again.}

    I’m happy and free; Wheee!
    Flying among the clouds…

    Free from the Pain-Nagato guy; Yea!

    Speaking of the clouds… The Raikage and Kumogakure village live in the clouds too.
    C’mon, I’ll take you there!

    The Raikage is weeping in sorrow as he listens to one of his younger brother’s rap-song recordings. The Raikage stands up and exits his brother’s house…
    Meanwhile in an unknown location the young and powerful Killer Bee is dancing and singing with the Enka!


  2. ronmamita says:

    A reminder to those who have forgotten:
    Minato, “the yellow flash”, had an ability to travel instantly. This dimensional travel allowed him to defeat his enemies and when Naruto met him and discovered minato is his father, it is possible Minato gifted this ability to Naruto.

    It is possible…


  3. ronmamita says:

    An unknown ability gifted to Naruto.
    Naruto has difficulties with long range fighters and may have to battle mangekyou sharingan mind control, fire/amameratsu, and lightening.

    Naruto’s new ability is a mental ability that senses violence and can mentally transport the violent person to tranquille, peaceful understanding…


    Yes, Naruto is now Hokage, married to Hinata and the world is at peace.


  4. ronmamita says:

    Sadness at Iareawesomness blog today.
    Looks like ibi moderated my comments because it had this link and she thought it was self promotion?

    Oh well, a simple explanation would have been helpful; because I was not promoting.

    Anyway, back to Naruto!

    Seems that some fans are confused by the ending to 443.
    Naruto enters in Sage mode (“SM”) but when did he go sage?
    Simple answer and I don’t think it was intended to cause any confusion, but rather for dramatic effect. A dramatic entrance to the paper tree hideout of NAGATO!
    That is an eyecatcher to perk your interest for chapter 444.

    Some fans want to know HOW did he do it, was it while running or while being still, or some other way?

    *See chapters 418 (he learns to enter “SM” with stillness) and practices throwing the “FRS” while in “SM”;
    chapter 427 he tries to enter “SM” while running and gets the idea of using clones;
    and ch 433 shows how to enter “SM” during battle
    Naruto changed to Sage mode (“SM”) out of frame.

    What Naruto did is out of frame,
    and he did 1 of 2 things:
    1. Stopped for a second and entered “SM” or
    2. While running released a clone
    He has no clones that the reader is aware of so I think he did step (1) stopped for a moment and gathered sage energy. then we see him enter the paper treehouse

    Don’t make this a confused issue because it is not.
    Seems that the Kishi-team of writers did not expect this confusion on the part of fans.
    I, too, am surprised this is a question on the minds of some fans.


  5. ronmamita says:

    Now we wait on the upcoming chapter 444.
    Naruto is at the paper tree and walks into the entrance;
    Looks at Konan and Nagato.
    Naruto asks: “Are you the real one?!”

    Nagato replies: “So peace has arrived eh?”

    Finally a meeting, it only took 24 weeks!!!

    I have posted my guesses of what may happen when Naruto meets Nagato many weeks ago on youtube, and at this time I have nothing to add to them or change so I will patiently wait for chapter 444. I think I have most of my guesses here too so enjoy reading and commenting.



  6. ronmamita says:

    I left a comment to a blogger today.
    He/she predicts that danzo had planned to come in at last the moment to rescue the village and blame Tsunade. Then dethrone her.

    I agree

    I said:
    I wished I had found your blog earlier, as in last year.
    This Nagato destroys Konoha ARC has been too long, 24 weeks, and I would have enjoyed sharing ideas 🙂

    My take on Danzo’s coup d’état is that he never wanted Nagato to capture the 9 tails demon fox. Maybe Danzo really is one of the Madara’s disguises or simply a co-conspirator it does not matter much because it amounts to the same thing. This means that Madara has some knowledge and influence with Danzo and Konoha!


    My really wild speculation is that Madara wants Nagato’s eyes, the Rinnegan and had hoped Nagato would be too weak to survive his counter attack. Defeat Nagato and put the stooge Danzo in as Hokage!

    Keep writing!
    I enjoy your thoughts.


  7. ronmamita says:

    Because the Kishimoto team of writers have frozen the plot on a battle with Nagato for 24 weeks the same questions still applies:

    Will Zetsu and Madara show up?

    Will we see the activities of Danzo and Tsunade?

    Will we see the status of the dead (Kakashi & Pa-Frog)?

    Will we see the activities of the Raikage and his nins?

    Will we see the activities of Killer Bee and Sasuke?

    If we do not get any of the above then we will get a lot of talking from Naruto and Nagato. Naruto is still in the dark when it comes to plots. He is unaware of Madara (he is only aware of Tobi). Talking would be great for his new awareness and also could be a time for Nagato to return to some sanity and realise that pain is not the answer.

    Obviously Nagato will regret all the pain he imposed before he dies (most likely sacrifice himself) to save Naruto or Konan.

    Jeepers! This feels like the 100th time I have said this, but only now are we approaching a chapter that will reveal the end of the Pain-Nagato; something that should have happened 10 chapters earlier.

    Maybe chapter 446 will be the relief chapter for me?
    *NOTICE the chapter mentioned? That is not a typo. Chapter 443 is current and this points to how much out of whack this Nagato Time stop has thrown into the Naruto series. I never felt this way before… in all earlier battles (Kabuza; Touneyment; Gaara; Orochimaru; etc…) the time was accepted but now (24 weeks to explain a less than one day battle) has destroyed my patience for Nagato. My mind has already critiqued all the possibilities of a Nagato conclusion and is left with impatience to see it concluded already.
    Oh; well! I hope I vent all my frustrations here and not allow it to spill over to other fans.
    Most of us want to see more Naruto Chapters, correct?


  8. The self fananimation is amazing. I`ve never heard of it. haha.
    But its really interesting. ^___^
    I watched it, and stared at it for 3 minutes.

    Between fan animations and AMVS, I guess I like amvs better. lol. Mostly because I enjoy listening to music, and people sharing their thoughts through pictures, animations and music. : )

    Thanks for sharing ♥
    Pce to you too. :*


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