Why I am in SOLIDARITY with #occupywallstreet


Occupation of Wall Street is an EXPANSION of the global movement that was already underway…
Politicians and all government employees it is time you serve and protect the people. This public unrest is not going away.
A public call, for an end to this failed financial system, is being loudly spoken by the people.

Government can’t serve two masters.
Currently government claim to serve the people but actually obey the global bankers.
Global financial debt-bondage is not “ROCKET SCIENCE” and people “GET IT”.
Protests will not end until people are safe and free; this is not going away and if we see clearly we will see a new revolution is underway on a global scale.

Our common experience under the Banker’s rule:








I Need to say more.
Turn off the TV and stop listening to the propaganda.
On nature’s scale Earth has creative abundance and diversity.
Contrary to the false claims of profit driven corporate-governments earth can support all the life on the planet. However this current system of class stratification of wealth and centralization of political/military power has a unbalanced, unfair distribution of goods and services. In fact it is predatory as we see a mafia type mentality in control.
I do not see the protests achieving the global peace and prosperity sought.
However, I do see the protests uncovering the veil of deceit, conspiracy, illusion, deception and lies used to keep the public blindly and faithfully supporting a corrupt and fraudulent system.
That corrupt system of tyrannical control will reveal its uglyness in violence and a disregard of the requests by the peaceful protesters.
Lifting the veil and looking behind the curtain is a great service the protesters bring to the sleeping masses.
I ask all government officials and employees to reframe from using violence on peaceful protesters.
I ask all protesters to learn about the criminality of the institutions with authority. People need to know the corporate-governments are corrupt to the point that we can not trust them because they have betrayed the public trust.
The people need to enter into their own agreements they themselves have a hand in crafting. Corporate-government legislation is intentionally complicated to obfuscate the truth and is a deceptive practice.
You are not a party to it and thus you are not BOUND to it.

Find the answer to this question:
Who owns it? Who owns the governments, who owns the streets, who owns the courts, who owns your freedom and liberties?
Is the owner the corporation or you as the people?
If the people are not owned by corporate-government then this is the time to stop petitioning (begging and pleading) to the institutions that are abusing you.
Start implementing alternatives and solutions, you have all the creative power and authority to succeed.

Consider opting out of the current paradigm of debt-bondage and central authority of power.
Consider individual liberty, community farming, local currencies, people’s grand juries, open source technology, cashless-bartering and alternative energy.
The power is in the hands of the people, they have but only to exercise it.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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4 comments on “Why I am in SOLIDARITY with #occupywallstreet
  1. ronmamita says:

    I have been browsing the various web messages and communiques and there are so many clash of dialogue that it has me sad for some people.

    Liberal & conservatives; Democrats & Republicans; irate truthers from many countries ranting on the newly arriving occupiers (Where were you after 9-11, after IRAQ!)…
    I should have expected this, I know some people have lost sight of the possible while focused on their desires. Some people will always look toward authority to help them, others will look toward tradition (as in the Republic form of govt and the sanctity of the Constitution)… and at the base of all this is FEAR & ANGER.
    Sling derogatory words “MOB”, “HIPPY”, and anarchist and this is what I am witnessing. However, I remind myself It will be ok because things will change one way or the other… A thought about mob-rule and anarchy: both these phrase instils fear and anger as if a large group of people making a decision is worse than a small group making one or even worse no one making a decision! This emotional view has no awareness of the self-organizing phenomena of nature. There are many observed and well documented cases of this phenomena in the absense of instructions, rules and governing bodies.

    Do I expect the governments to become more violent against the protesters, yes I do.
    Sure they plan to disrupt communications (electronic devices), use sound cannons and detention camps; but it will not work.
    People at home will be shocked into action, those are our peaceful sons, daughters and friends.
    People may choose to debt boycott and stop paying their mortgages, credit cards and car loans. The banks may lock their doors when the run on the bank begins.
    You see the governments have plans that need to be milked a little longer before the bank-run begins, but often plans don’t happen as planned.

    OK, the govt attempts to mandate a new currency, if the people don’t accept it as value then it tanks, and hopefully there are some countries that will resist the G8 or money cartel. so this plan never gains momentum.

    The perspective I want to share is one of determination and support. Never give up.
    Look within and find your own answers, we don’t have the same desires but we can help each other peacefully. You get what you create and I get what I create as long as it does no harm then we are good. I don’t force you to agree to me and neither should anyone force me to agree with them; let us have freedom and peace. Self-govern requires this viewpoint and spirituality requires it, and justice requires it.
    Change is occuring rapidly and how it will unfold is uncertain but join it and help shape it because debt-bondage and wars must end.


  2. ronmamita says:

    Denninger, One of the founders of the Tea Party said:
    “Stay on message, which is that the corruption is not a singular event,” Denninger urged. “You can’t focus in one place. You have to get the money out of politics, which is very difficult to do, but at the same time you can’t silence people’s voice.”



  3. Kassie Kujak says:

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  4. ronmamita says:

    How Occupy L.A. May Get the City to Go After Banks
    OCT 24, 2011 By Jens Erik Gould / Los Angeles
    “First introduced more than two years ago, the proposal had lost steam until the zeal of Occupy Los Angeles gave it momentum, according to its sponsor, councilman Richard Alarcon. “We felt the resolution kind of captured the spirit of the entire movement,” Alarcon says. “We were sort of kindred spirits.” If implemented, the initiative would set up a report-card system to rate banks and deny them business if they score too low. Banks’ scores would be determined by factors such as the number of home-loan modifications they give to homeowners to prevent foreclosures, how much lending they do to small businesses and whether the institutions have committed fraudulent activity. And there is reason to suspect fraud. In 2008, the city of Los Angeles filed a lawsuit against 35 financial institutions alleging wrongdoing like rigging bidding processes to manage city debt. The suit has yet to be settled as the city waits for state and federal investigations to conclude amid similar accusations in other cities. “If we find that companies are bid rigging and defrauding the city’s taxpayers out of money with their actions, then why should we do business with them?” Alarcon says.”

    Read more: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2097543,00.html#ixzz1bjlQlkQ7


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