Or another government Bank Bailout?
Or another global war, WW3?

These events may be declared by the government and the question is

Government calls for emergency military to transfer to Pakistan, Uganda or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or elsewhere.
If you are in uniform you have choice to cancel military orders and face charges in a tribunal, effectively adopting a non-compliance contractual disagreement.

An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.

If you are a civilian the government asks you to join their military or work in their military war industry with paid benefits at a time of increasing poverty; again you have a choice and can unite with a non-compliance community and grow community food with services and products, thus effectively ignoring the government with non-compliance.

Realize that governments, militaries and central banks behind closed doors and out of the public eye are in years of planning sessions to finance, diagram military tactics and write up legislation before the war is announced to the public.
State secrets and national interests are declared.
The public are ALWAYS the LAST to be INFORMED.
Those institutions (legislatures, militaries, and banks) take your acquiescence and agreement for granted. they do not consult the public, and they do not allow the public to vote for the war, nor for the financing of the war, nor for the objectives of the war.
Let that sink in.

You are expected to be obedient and follow orders (they may substitute other words, but see the Orwellian newspeak for what it is) and corporate controlled media repeat the mantra be loyal and be patriotic citizens.
Words such as subjugated slaves, subjects, servants, debt-bondage, will not be included.

Consider that you do have choices.
Consider that governments and all institutions make mistakes and sometime they make fatal mistakes.
Consider opting out, consider saying no, consider saying “Not in my name and not with my consent”.

Rogue governments act without consent of the people. Stop the war and bring troops home.

Others are talking about these probabilities and it is now time for you to talk about government use of force and violence. What will you do?


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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  1. ronmamita says:

    Men and women in uniform have important decisions to make and they may be life or death decisions.
    Be aware that governments are sometimes wrong and corrupt.
    Be aware that governments sometime issue unlawful orders.
    Be aware that you do have a choice, even if it is difficult.

    Senate bill repeals Constitutional protections, why?


  2. ronmamita says:

    Foreclosure Fraud and your home; keep this information at the ready.


  3. ronmamita says:

    Student debt and college tuition-finance bubble will burst.
    Another economic storm…


  4. ronmamita says:
    6 Things That Occupy Wall Street Has Already Accomplished
    J.G. Vibes
    Activist Post

    Just 2 months into the Wall Street protests bureaucrats nationwide have already began to crack down and demand an end to the occupation. Little do they know, this is only the beginning. The establishment didn’t bat an eye when we demanded an end to their many occupations across the world, so now it’s time for us to pay them the same respect that they gave to us.

    Regardless of which form the movement takes from here, there are already several victories that have already been won for the “99%”. A successful revolution doesn’t seek to create more laws and government action, but is aimed at creating a shift in the public consciousness that will hopefully render the status quo obsolete. Occupy Wall Street has opened the door to that shift; a door that could very soon become a floodgate if those of us who have been focusing on these issues for years are able to step up our game and rise to the challenge.

    1. NOW YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE – Although the movement against big banks and government corruption has been steadily growing for a number of years, many people who have found themselves in this struggle still felt incredibly isolated from the rest of society. Now, with hundreds and thousands of like-minded people getting together in various cities across the world, activists are beginning to realize that they are not alone. There are now events in thousands of different cities, where you can go to meet other people who are concerned about the future and want to change the status quo. The Internet has exploded with activist information and those of us who were once looked upon as a “fringe community” are now becoming a strong force in the political landscape.

    2. THE ACTIVIST COMMUNITY IS RE-ENERGIZED – Since there are so many different issues that are being championed by this movement, a lot of activists are still on the fence when it comes to Occupy Wall Street. However, even those who may not entirely agree with some of the ideas coming out of the Occupy camps are still stepping up their own efforts and getting more serious with their activism. This is similar to the situation that one witnesses when they show up to a nightclub too early. They will typically find an empty dance floor, with a bunch of nervous wallflowers waiting for someone to make the first move. Once someone is brave enough to make that first move, the dance floor erupts within minutes because everyone then becomes less self-conscious. This is exactly the kind of energy that activists worldwide are starting to experience — now that the first move has been made its time for the wallflowers to dance!

    3. IT’S COOL TO PROTEST AGAIN – For some reason there has been a huge social stigma attached to civil disobedience for a number of decades. Since the late ’60s and early ’70s the visible activist presence had diminished considerably . . . until now. Polls nationwide are showing that more and more people are showing support for Occupy Wall Street and are sympathetic to the anger that the protesters are experiencing. This is actually a huge victory, considering the fact that most of the protests that have taken place in the past few decades were vilified by the media and public alike. Now we are starting to see a fracture between the media and the American public, which is illuminating just how out of touch the mainstream media is.

    4. MAINSTREAM MEDIA CORRUPTION HAS BEEN EXPOSED LIKE NEVER BEFORE – The coverage (or lack of coverage early on) that the mainstream media has been giving to the OWS movement has majorly backfired and has exposed the dying institution for the fraud that it is. Many of your average hard-working Americans who spend most of their lives just trying to make ends meet have long relied on the evening news to let them know what’s going on around the world. When thousands of people were camped outside of Wall Street for months and half of the country still didn’t know about it, it raised some new concerns in the hearts of those who still trusted the word of the mainstream media. The fact that the pundits on the news only say what their paid to say, and what they are allowed to say, has been proven on a daily basis since these protests started.

    5. THE NEW AMERICAN POLICE STATE IS EXPOSED – For the most part, these protests have been entirely peaceful. The majority of the violence that we have seen has actually been unprovoked police assaults on innocent protesters. Thanks to advanced technology, images of peaceful protesters being maced and roughed up by police went viral on the Internet and showed the world how police brutality works in America. As the independent media began to investigate the details, it was uncovered that J.P Morgan chase alone “donated” 4.6 million dollars to the NYPD. When we follow the money it is plain to see that the police officers aren’t here to protect us, but here to protect the highest bidder. This has been going on for some time, but luckily we now have cold hard proof and documented evidence of the corruption that exists between the financial sector and law enforcement.

    6. WE ARE FINALLY STARTING TO LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN – After watching Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama systematically destroy our economy and take away our freedoms over the course of various Democratic and Republican presidential terms it has become apparent to the American people that they really have no say in their political system. Americans now realize that going to the polls at election time is going to do absolutely nothing to change the foreign or domestic policies in this country. These policies are dictated entirely by big banks, multinational corporations and international think tanks that operate through Wall Street and the financial district in London known as “the city”. The worst of these organizations — the Federal Reserve, committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the world’s dominant banks — are not being specifically called out enough yet, but you can rest assured that they are starting to get extremely nervous. If we can keep up the pressure and continue to educate those around us about the intricacies of this struggle, then we have the potential to create an unprecedented change for the better.


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