STOP the institutional criminals

Corporate-governments are criminal institutions.
The illusion that governments are not a corporation and the false belief that government will protect the public good needs to be removed.

WAKE UP and increase your AWARENESS.



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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One comment on “STOP the institutional criminals
  1. ronmamita says:

    The dominoes are falling (have you noticed and are you aware?) but the corporate controlled media isn’t revealing this reality.

    The biggest dominoe is far down the chain and it will take the gathering momentum and increased force to topple that institution of illusory wealth, fraud, power and authority.

    Consider the mafia crime syndicate controlling militaries of satellites, airforce, navy, armies and marines.

    BUT it doesn’t stop there!

    This mafia also controls the global power (Central) banks that in turn control or exert muscle on smaller local banks.

    BUT wait, it still doesn’t stop there!

    This mafia also controls the major governments of the world that in turn legalize or legitamize the wars of the world.

    This mafia’s biggest weapon is violence where torture, imprisonment and terror instills panic, fear, hopelessness and vunerability.

    This GREAT weapon is so awesome that it requires time to use it. The mafia machine has to convince a huge number of people that this is needed for “Homeland Security”. The mafia has to plan a strategy for commands to be obeyed and no deviance from the PLAN. Time is also required to fillout the appropriate forms and paper to finance this campaign. Time is also required to transport key personnel to key locations along with deadly toys, aka weapons and advanced instruments.

    Thus a race is on…

    A race between reaching the tipping point of human awareness and counsciousness by the people of the world versus the time required for the mafia to implement its agenda and war/martial law campaign.

    Have you noticed and are you aware?

    This financial system is a criminal racket, a kind of ponzi scheme of collusion in a game of MONOPOLY similar to parker brothers boardgame. The bank has authority to print any amount of paper money it requires…

    Have you noticed The banks false claims?

    The Federal Reserve System, the Central Bank of the USA, claimed to exist because government wanted to have the private sector the ability to stabilize the financial markets for the good of the public. That claim has been proven false many times since 1913.

    The FED claimed to be a self regulated body. Have you noticed the falseness of this claim?

    Here is another dominoe falling that some are begining to notice; it isn’t the 1% but the .01% that are pulling the strings…

    Insiders thought they were above the contagion and the poor suckers who are merely account holders and merely prey for their wealth hunting adroitness.

    They will find that they are not protected behind a safe barrior from the house of cards pyramid scheme. In fact the very top of the heirarchy, the .0001% is not immune.

    Because it is FICTIONAL wealth.

    It is not the wealth you can eat for healthy life.

    It is not the kind of wealth you can breath for healthy life.

    It is not the kind of wealth you can nurture and love for healthy life.

    It is a UNHEALTHY ILLUSORY wealth that destroys by greed and predatory sociopathic behaviour.

    * Have you noticed and are you AWARE

    the falling dominoes are accellerating…

    The institutions claimed it was the fault of deadbeats that lied and were too poor to afford their home loans.


    The institutions claimed it was a liquidity crisis, solution was to inject money and call it TARP or Banker Bailout plan.


    The institutions claimed solvency problem.


    Institutions begin to call it a systemic problem and only a global solution can be only presented by the global banking community.



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