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YES, there are some bad, wealthy people with great authority but civilization mirror reveals our image is also in that mirror

YES, there are some bad, wealthy people with great authority but civilization mirror reveals our image is also in that mirror

The Riddle Of The MIRROR: life is not as it appears.

A man drowned while fighting his reflection in the water…
Do you see the desire to be correct and knowledgeable as authority over others?
Do you see the desire to be strong as authority over the weak?

Trying to change the reflection while the source does not change will fail.

Trying to change the world while not changing yourself will fail.

Effective change comes from within.

AWARENESS is spreading, express your innate creativity

AWARENESS is spreading, express your innate creativity



To see yourself as you truly are turn away from the mirror and look within…

Replace (* it all) with LOVE sharing creativity, now FOCUS.

REMOVE cause of the problem:

[David Icke “There are 2 ways to solve a problem. You can find a solution or you can remove the cause. The world is drowning in supposed solutions but the problems remain, as they must do as the cause is still there. Unless the broken leg is fixed, the pain will keep returning no matter how many pills you take…We need to deal with the cause and when this is removed the problem must, by definition, disappear, too. We got into this mess by the manipulated ignorance of the reality we are experiencing…”

p. 602 of “Human Race Get Off Your Knees”

The vicious cycle of “problem- reaction- solution” and the way out: deal with the cause of the initial problem. The one thing that the establishment NEVER, EVER wants to talk about. The one thing they will scream bloody murder if you have the audacity to even suggest it.


Because it goes to the HEART of their whole scam. It threatens to destroy their house of cards. It is the REAL way out as opposed to their bogus “solutions” which are, of course, DESIGNED to make things worse.

House of Cards went Global

House of Cards went Global


Problem Reaction Solution is a death spiral. Think about it. Each “solution” to their manipulated problem leads to a bigger problem which they can then offer a new “solution” which will make things worse. Ideally, from their point of view, this goes on until society becomes a hell beyond hell.

What “Problem Reaction Solution” REALLY is is “(Manufactured) Problem – (Manipulated, Exaggerated) Reaction – (Bogus, designed to fail, establishment benefiting) Solution/ Worse Problem” this leads to a another even more manipulated reaction and another even worse, more bogus “solution”, etc.]

-Remove human obedience, slave mentality, fear…

-Remove your support.


People still ask “What can we do?”
The answers are within each of us, look within.
Nature is nurturing.
Nature is creative.
Nature is self-organizing.
We can align with nature and resonate with nurturing, creative, self-organizing energies.

STOP obeying destructive statutes and orders to kill and torture from officials.
STOP obeying insane wealthy sociopaths.
STOP obeying pedophile priests.
STOP blindly obeying and marching to stately orders.

START asking questions, the answers will be revealed.
START increasing your awareness, and see what previously you could not.
START expressing your innate creativity, know that LOVE is a creative energy.
START sharing and enjoying the act of sharing.
START LOVING and it will replace fearing and hating.

Self-Govern, Freedom is worth it.

Self-Govern, Freedom is worth it.

and see parts of yourself in others…
BE at Peace.

~ it is a never-ending step forward ~
“WE are the change we have been searching for”


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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