Time is Now

The Time is Now
“Throughout space there is energy… it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel-work of nature.” – Nikola Tesla

Tesla said

We are at a nexus and realize everything is connected.
The Time is Now.

To manifest our intent for positive change and create peace and prosperity.
To engineer devices powered by free energy and harvest nature’s abundant energy for everyone.
To recognize the inherent and systemic flaws in a debt based and fractional reserve system of finance and banking. Transforming global trade and commerce is integral to this emerging Age of global Peace and Prosperity.
To question authority (as the institutions use fear in deceptive campaigns for war to protect their system of control).
The Will of the People must prevail to usher in a creative Age for Global Peace and Prosperity.

1 freedom FrederickDouglass
Artists, Writers, Researchers, Economists, Engineers, Inventors, Farmers, Healers, Cooks, and people in all endeavors can participate.
The time is now.


See details for this Focused Plasma Fusion approach, by PhD. Eric Lerner, at the bottom of this report-page.


On February 28, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Mike Upstone as part of the Free Energy Now series.


NEW Science:

Aetherometry, or the science of Massfree Energy, is the beginning of an interdisciplinary scientific and technological breakthrough. It has already laid the foundations for a new energy-based understanding of physical and biophysical systems, and created an encompassing experimental platform permitting multiple research forays into a variety of related disciplines. This constitutes a productive analytical and experimental mix that is rich in practical applications. The technological embodiments of Aetherometry are therefore quite varied. They encompass new Power-Generation or Alternative Energy Systems, Lift and Transportation systems, Biophysical Meters and Biological Radiation Detectors, Clinical Products, and Analytical Instrumentation.



All the Alternative Energy Systems developed by the Correas – first at Labofex and then at ABRI (Aurora Biophysics Research Institute) – share a common philosophy that is best described as the conjugation of two simple strategies:

(1) independence from the energy grid and the utility infrastructures; and

(2) autonomy of power generation.

Sometimes, as in the HYBORAC technology below, even conversion to electricity is not a necessary step (eg for a compressor or a heat pump).

There are four major technology-development efforts detailed below:

  1. Tapping ‘Vacuum-energy’ in pulsed plasma discharges. This was a technology first developped at the now defunct Labofex Co. dedicated to pure and applied research in plasma physics. Current development has been mostly subsidiary to the Aether/Orgone Motor/Converter System technology (#4 below).
  2. Tapping nuclear fusion energy in low-temperature reactions. Currently a focus of the theoretical and engineering design efforts at ABRI.
  3. The HYBORAC technology which taps and directly integrates solar, atmospheric and geothermal sources. Due to its simplicity, scaleability and advanced stage of development, this is the current ABRI priority in engineering and technological development.
  4. The Aether/Orgone Motor/Converter. Currently the subject of further 3rd generation development at the ABRI, with patents issued in 2006 and 2007. This is the power-generation technology of the future.”



The International Open Source Free Energy Research Forum

free energy  will change the world – free energy will stop all environmental pollution




“The STATEMENT ON TRANSFORMING FINANCE BASED ON ETHICS AND LIFE’S PRINCIPLES begins with the biological truth that the human species is interdependent with all other life forms on Planet Earth.  A joint collobration with Biomimicry 3.8, the statement shows how human societies, cultures, values and belief systems are informed by and modeled on the Life’s Principles, which are strategies universal to all organisms.  Ethical markets and finance, along with Life’s Principles and biomimicry, should provide the basis for all production and exchange of goods, community structures and services.  This includes the design of monetary systems, investments, banking, financing,  bartering, reciprocal exchange, payments, crowdfunding, compensation and unpaid gifting, sharing, cooperatives, reproduction of future, generations, provision of public goods, infrastructure, collective health, education and life-supporting services.”

Click to access transforming-finance-report.pdf


Here are some unverified claims that we can research.

Search –
Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff
“Hydrogen Boron Dense Plasma Fusion”
Eric Lerner
Plasma Core (device “cost less than $70,000 to build”)
Lawrenceville Plasma Physics in New Jersey

“Images over the past two months from the Focus Fusion-1 dense plasma focus are combined here to show the general process of pinch and plasmoid formation under the current intermediate operating conditions. Does the resulting sequence show promise for unlimited clean energy? Stay tuned! FYI, there is a camera that would take a similar movie by capturing 12 frames from a single shot, rather than single frames from several shots as seen here. That camera costs $500,000……”

What is the dense plasma focus (DPF), and how does it work to achieve nuclear fusion?


Lawrenceville Plasma Physics was founded in 1974 in Lawrenceville, NJ, by Eric Lerner. LPP was incorporated in 2003 and built its lab in Middlesex, NJ, in 2009. Our primary research device, “Focus Fusion-1” became operational in Oct. 2009, and continues to make progress toward our goal of clean fusion energy.

128 Lincoln Blvd.
Middlesex, NJ 08846-1022

Phone: (732) 356-5900
Fax: (732) 377-0381

Published on Oct 26, 2012

LPP’s chief scientist Eric Lerner explains who is who in the world of fusion energy research and what’s the latest in the research and development world of plasma physics and nuclear fusion. This video documents the LPP’s presentation given at an event organized by the Center for the Economic & Environmental Partnership, Inc. and hosted at Ernst & Young location at Times Square in NYC on October 12 2012. Tighten your seat belts for this exciting overview of current technologies and a promise of the cheap, free, safe and clean energy awaiting for us in a near future.
To access a full transcript for this video go to http://lawrencevilleplasmaphysics.com/images/Presentation%20Script%20101212.pdf


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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