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that the governments and their controlled corporate media are falsely reporting that the financial crisis is over.

that governments’ and Central Banks’ have stubbornly pursued policies and activities that guarantees a greater global financial crisis.

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Peel and remove the Blind Spot

Peel and remove the Blind Spot

Community Currencies

Money is like an iron ring we’ve put through our noses. We’ve forgotten that we designed it, and it’s now leading us around. I think it’s time to figure out where we want to go — in my opinion toward sustainability and community — and then design a money system that gets us there.
The origin of the word “community” comes from the Latin munus, which means the gift, and cum, which means together, among each other. So community literally means to give among each other. Therefore I define my community as a group of people who welcome and honor my gifts, and from whom I can reasonably expect to receive gifts in return.

–Bernard Lietaer in Beyond Greed & Scarcity


Bernard Lietaer: Money diversity

Uploaded on Nov 16, 2011

Bernard Lietaer argues that the monoculture of money is what creates economic instability, leading to liquidity crises. He calls for a greater diversity of alternative currencies, citing innovative and enormously successful initiatives like the Lithuanian Doraland Economy, the Torekes in Belgium and Switzerland’s famous alternative currency, the WIR.



The EyeOpener- Self-Issued Credit: A Monetary Solution

Tuesday, 18. December 2012

“As the global economy continues to slow down, the world is being asked to focus on issues of so-called “sovereign debt,” “austerity,” “fiscal responsibility,” “belt tightening” and other such euphemisms for the grim reality that the public is now being asked to pony up the dough for the trillions that have been handed over to the banisters in the past few years. What the constant focus on these issues effectively hides, however, is that underlying the economic woes that are the symptom of the disease is the disease itself: the monetary system.”

Ithaca Hours: Local Currency

Ithaca Hours is a local currency system that promotes local economic strength and community self-reliance in ways which will support economic and social justice, ecology, community participation and human aspirations in and around Ithaca, New York.


Local Currencies – Replacing Scarcity with Trust

Uploaded on Feb 8, 2007

Peak Moment 49: Francis Ayley established over a dozen local currencies in the UK before moving to the U.S. He contrasts our standard, scarcity- and debt-based money system with local currencies in which “there’s always as much as you need.” Local currencies like his Fourth Corner Exchange issue money when members trade goods and services. Communities with local currencies will be less affected when recession or depression hits the mainstream economy.


Being the Change: Francis Ayley Interview Fourth Corner Exchange

Uploaded on Nov 4, 2011

Francis Ayley is the founder of the local business which is an alternative currency system that can be used to replace the current “funny money” the US dollar and other national currencies.
Video produced and edited by Revolutionary Productions, James Bauckman and Kyle Cassinerio.

Video shot by James Bauckman
Edited by Kyle Cassinerio


The potential of complementary currencies by Bernard Lietaer

July 26, 2012


Bernard A. Lietaer parla del lato nascosto del sistema monetario (segue dibattito)

Published on Dec 15, 2012
Bernard A. Lietaer on Monetary blind spots and structural solutions (plus Q&A)

Speaker: Bernard A. Lietaer, Research Fellow, University of California
Title: Monetary blind spots and structural solutions

Covering the Crisis generated two days of intense interaction and fruitful debate between leading global players from the world of financial journalism. Fresh insights were offered, new connections were made, experiences were shared and innovative ideas were generated.


Keynote and Conversation with Bernard Lietaer – WNSF Nov 30, 2011

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2011

2011 WNSF Event: New Money For A New World

As we witness the turmoil in Europe around the single currency and the search for solutions, few people are better equipped than economist, systems thinker and currency designer Bernard Lietaer, to shed light on the crisis and to share his vision for New Money For A New World.

Co-designer and implementer of the convergence mechanism to the Euro, Bernard was our keynote speaker at an event hosted by the Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future and the Earth Institute on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, November 30, 2011 at the Altschul Auditorium in Columbia University’s International Affairs Building.

A long time proponent of currency innovations and monetary diversity, Bernard took us on a journey through the history of money. He demonstrated how our obsession with the monopoly of our centuries old monetary system has fostered instability as well as societal and ecological breakdown.

In advocating diversity both in scale and type in our monetary ecology, Bernard showcased several innovative solutions, including examples of rethinking money already in play, that can “stop the juggernaut towards global self-destruction.”

As a monetary expert, Bernard has studied and worked in this field for more than 30 years in an unusually broad range of capacities: as a Central Banker, a currency fund manager, a university professor, and a consultant to governments in numerous countries, multinational corporations, and community organizations. He served as president of the Electronic Payment System at the National Bank of Belgium (the Belgium Central Bank) and today consults with governments and central banks across the world.

He is the author of The Future of Money, co-author of New Money For A New World (forthcoming from Qiterra Press) with Stefan Belgin and co-author of Creating Human Wealth, published last month which talks about creating motivational currencies at local levels to grow local economies and to create jobs.

More information on Bernard Lietaer and his works can be found at






Local Reading

  • New Money for Healthy Communities, by Thomas H. Greco, Jr. (1994)
    COMPLETE BOOK – now includes all the original images

    The pinnacle of power in today’s world is the power to issue money. If that power can be democratized and focused in a direction which gives social and ecological concerns top priority, then there may yet be hope for saving the world.
    This magnifcent book “takes the reader well beyond the rutted road of orthodox thinking, describing in detail the essential features of equitable and dynamic exchange systems, and shows how they can be set up by voluntary local associations. It describes both past and present examples of local currencies and exchange systems, including their strengths, limitations, and errors. It then proposes innovative ways of transforming exchange, using mechanisms which are democratic, humane, ecologically sound, sustainable, and implementable at the grass-roots level.”

  • Money Matters: Clean Slate – an article of consequence
    by Boudewijn Wegerif, May 2001

    In the hereon following article I imply that “there was a call on Judaism to establish a tradition of clean slate debt cancellations and land restitution, and on the followers of Jesus to see his remonstration against the moneychangers and merchants in this light.” . . . I trust that you will be left asking after reading it, as I am after having written it: What does it mean for Judaism that it failed the call and for the followers of Jesus that they did not take it up? What does it mean for our humanity and the earth if we do not all of us now together, out of all belief systems, clean slate the economy?

  • Community Currencies at a Crossroads
    New Ways Forward
    , by Tim Cohen-Mitchell New Village Journal, Issue 2 2000    (ASCII text)

    From time immemorial to the Middle Ages, from the Great Depression to the inflation-riddled 1970’s, communities across the globe have put their ingenuity to work in designing their own monetary systems when existing ones falter or no longer serve their needs or values.
    Today, community currencies are again on the move. With the marked shift toward economic globalization and the decline in community cohesion has come a new generation of monetary systems created not by central bankers but by communities.

Read more at:


Online Database of Complementary Currencies Worldwide

Below is a comprehensive list of alternative currency systems from around the world.

As the economy continues to be propped up by fiat currency and fake data numbers, more and more people are using alternative ways to buy sell and trade for services.

View the complete list here.

Local Exchange System Community Country Registration
commerce local France 2012-04-09
Humboldt Village United States 2012-04-03
Baltimore United States 2012-03-10
Vlaanderen Belgium 2012-03-09
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Powell River, BC Canada 2012-03-03
Portugal Portugal 2012-03-02
Commercial United Kingdom 2012-03-02
Shardana Italy 2012-02-21
Nationwide Senegal 2012-02-18
  • SELtique
    Système d’échange local LETS/SEL
Flémalle (Province de Liège) Belgium 2012-02-12
  • L.E.T.S.
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Western Australia Australia 2011-12-28
North Kitsap County United States 2011-12-18
Global Canada 2011-11-12
  • Mesure
    Monnaie Locale Complémentaire (MLC)
Française France 2011-11-11
World United States 2011-11-07
Worldwide Spain 2011-10-05
  • LETS
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Chicagoland United States 2011-09-30
  • Swap
    Monnaie complémentaire virtuelle géolocalisée
Francophone Switzerland 2011-09-05
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Wallone Belgium 2011-08-19
Brixton United Kingdom 2011-08-18
Berlin Germany 2011-08-05
  • SOL
    Système d’échange commercial + temps
mouvement national France 2011-07-27
Wien Austria 2011-07-11
Los Angeles United States 2011-06-21
Pennsylvania United States 2011-06-14
  • Ven
    Global financial currency
Worldwide Hong Kong 2011-06-08
Worldwide United States 2011-05-11
Global Canada 2011-05-09
Several Canada 2011-05-07
  • Realo
    Community Barter System
ReWiG Tauschgemeinschaft Germany 2011-04-30



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  1. […] Here is more growing evidence that an emerging paradigm shift is underway and exiting the debt-based corporate-government fractional reserve financial model. Alternative currencies (aka complementary or local currencies) are growing in popularity world wide! […]


  2. […] In the USA, People wanting alternatives and local solutions can avoid prison threats with paper coupons as local community currencies (such as found in Ithaca, New York with Ithaca Hours). […]


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