We Usher In These Changes

We Usher In These Changes
We Manifest These Changes

with our Intentions, our Conscious Focus, With our Creative Energies…

Do you know the Correct response to meeting an Alien from another planet that says:
“Take Me To Your Leader.”

"Take Me To Your Leader."

“Take Me To Your Leader.”

Actually the World IS DIFFERENT and change IS HERE!
Look around with increased awareness and see it.
We see that most of the world are in an agitated and expectant state, where they are aware of the INFLATION of living expenses. FOOD, TRANSPORTATION and SHELTER has become more of a concern for more people. EVEN THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT STRESSED BY THESE RISING COSTS TO LIVING they are increasingly more aware that others are!

We are aware that some will bury their heads in the sand in a futile attempt to hide from the truth.
But this is no surprise because past sayings had identified this type of mentality long ago with phrases such as “head buried in the sand” and “But you won’t understand the workings of this world with your head buried in the sand.”.
Look around and see this as fact as some deny the reality that the governing entity has formed corporate-governments practicing their “Governance” over the People of the world and divided those People of the world into groups that have splintered and bickered amongst themselves, thus effectively rendered them powerless to oppose the Governance structure.
False paradigms such as “Globalization” = “Free Trade”; Political: “Left vs Right” and “Liberal vs Conservative” parties; “Free Voting”; and “Too Big To Fail” are global contagion that have swept all nations.
It matters not what label is attached to governance, because the important element is that the people had stopped opposing its existence and lost all control over it. One can label “governance” as “Corporate”, “Communist”, “Socialist”, Capitalist”, “Republic” or “Democracy” and there still exist a corporate-government of legal-fiction entity ruling the people.

We are aware that since September 11, 2001 (“9-11”) and the resultant global “war on terror” paradigm shift has focused the People of Earth on the destructive and restrictive acts by the “Governance” entities as they foment war, terror and strip away the People’s liberties and privacy and shifted currency flow to the Biggest Financial Institutions and away from the People.
The People of Earth are aware of “False-Flag” operations and the illusion of governments “Protecting Freedom” has been revealed as a lie.
The “LIGHT” has been shined on the hidden ugly, underworld of “Governance” and revealed Debt-bondage, “Money As Debt” in the meme of fractional reserve lending to perpetuate a covert form of SLAVERY.

What is still largely unrecognized and unknown by the People of Earth
is that the People of Earth can mature into Self-governing Free People!
The institutions Presume they have authority over you the People of Earth.
That is a False Presumption!
When People are born, the new born has no conscious governor.
Parents, family, other people and institutions fill that vacancy and assume a role as “legal-guardian”, “governor” and “authority”.
Thus began the legal presumptions and hidden legal contracts.
Is it time to grow up, to mature and fill that vacancy of “Governor”?
Become the True Governor of Self with all Authority necessary to fulfill that role.

Many people ask: “What is the next step?”

A significant percentage of the People of Earth are now aware of this legal-fiction “Governance”.
This is our moment to share our Vision of a Free, Peaceful, Prosperous and Healthy Earth!
Where Earth is inhabited by Free People who Self-govern and nurture the skills and abilities to Self-govern as Free and Sovereign People of Earth.
This is the Shift.
Shift our focus away from the problem and focus our attention on our shared inner dream and goals.
Freedom, Peace, Prosperity, Health…
By calling our Attention, our Focus, our Intention, our Energy, our Thoughts, our Communications, our Consciousness, and our Creativity to manifest that Inner Vision.

Indeed, WE the People are the solution.

“Where focus goes, energy flows”

This is our time to shine our LIGHT from within.
You are Authorized to Exercise Your Freedom.
And Share it.
This is our time to shift our focus to the inner Vision.
Share your Vision.
Creative expression within, and share.
Peace within, and share.
Confidence within, and share.
Strength within, and share.
Love within, and share.
Creativity within, and share.
Activities of Exercising Freedom and share it with the People of Earth.

This is the next chapter in our-story and it is no longer his-story (“History”).
Be Focused on Doing and Manifesting and Creating and
then Share what you are Doing and Experiencing.
This is Our-Story.

Thank You,
for Being Here!

Here, today, is a “Gift”.
It is known as the “Present” and it is Free.

“Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift –
That is why it is called the present”



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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6 comments on “We Usher In These Changes
  1. ronmamita says:

    The correct response to “Take Me To Your Leader.”

    Is to reply as “Self-governor” to the alien that it is speaking with the “leader”.

    Stop giving away your power and authority and accept your responsibilities for Self.
    You are your Leader; you are your Government, and you have your Full Authority.


  2. […] Self-govern and claim your authority. The authority over your body and possessions belongs to you. The power is in the hands of the people, they have only but to exercise it. […]


  3. […] is not arduous, it is fun and happening as you read this…) … (I do acknowledge the possibility of ET’s involvement; I say “possibility” because I have no evidence of […]


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