Jon Abel Attempts To Replicate Stan Meyer’s water running engine

Jon Abel Attempts To Replicate Stan Meyer’s water running engine.

Imagine running your car on water instead of gasoline!
Jon Abel invites us all to help and freely shares his schematics and results for us to experiment at home.

Published on Jan 14, 2013

For more info on this presentation see the BLOG entry located at

Jon Abel is the guest tonight to discuss his work on a Stan Meyer replication.
His take on it is a simplified approach that seem to have given hints of an interesting effect …

you can read about Jon’s work at…
You can also see the materials below:

Download This PDF


Here is another free thinker and kindred soul, Russ Gries, that has information to share!

2012 RWGresearch Stanley Meyer Research Update/Overview Questions

Published on Dec 25, 2012

so alot of people are wondering where i’m headed with the stanley meyer research. the answer is simple… there is still alot to do, but your help is needed. if you want to see where we have been and where we are goong. watch this entire video and you will know!

if you did not hear it from me… it probably is not true… you want to know the truth… just ask. fairly simple.

god bless and thank you all so so much. with out your help we would all still be wondering and waiting.

please take the time to understand what im trying to do by watching this: “Live Open Science”

theses men understand what it takes to make a change!



Volunteer Jon Abel banned from NDSU for Stanley Meyers lab research

After spending 15 months as a volunteer doing research at North Dakota State University (NDSU), seeking to replicate the work of the late Stanley Meyer, as well as the MEG, Jon Abel was banned from the campus. He speculates that it has to with the university’s being sponsored by the oil fracking industry.


Volunteer, Jon Abel with NDSU technician, Lew Daily.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On June 16, I received an application from Jon Abel, who was wanting to join the B-Hex discussion list.

His closing comment caught my attention: “I was banned permanently from NDSU for replicating the Stan Meyer Water Fuel Cell.”

For those of you who might not be familiar with Stanley Meyer, he is alleged to have developed a technology that enabled a vehicle to run on nothing but water.

I asked Jon if he wouldn’t mind telling us more about what happened, and letting us publish it at PESN.

In closing, he notes: “NDSU gets tax revenue money from the  from the ND oil (fracking) industry, and this likely started a conflict of interest that they were unwilling to fix.”

I tried contacting David Wells and Ray Boyer of NDSU via phone and email to get NDSU’s position regarding what Jon has described here, but so far, neither of them have responded.

“No comment” is indeed the official stance I received from the General Counsel’s office when I persisted further a day after we ran this story. “This individual’s banning from campus had nothing to do with research they were doing, and that’s all we’re going to comment.” (Conversation recording on file, but not linked here because I neglected to inform him that the call was being recorded.)

If their reason is around his intended use of a Taser as a power source, it seems to me that they are off-the-chart hypocritical and hypersensitive. Jon’s intended use is what I would call resourcefulness and has nothing to do with criminality or reckless danger. With proper mentoring oversight, it could have been a great way to avoid a very expensive alternative. The police in this nation use Taser’s like they are the latest fad, with nary a thought about its dangers to the victims; yet when a civilian seeks to use one for research purposes having nothing to do with its intended use, the establishment gets all worked up. That is hypocrisy and a double standard.

The following is Jon Abel’s story:

Part I

Lead-in to NDSU

I first went to college at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, for Computer Engineering back in 1989.  I didn’t finish, due to illness, but I did learn much over the 4 years that I was there.

I first heard about Stan Meyer when he died back in 1998.I had heard about the coroner’s report which pointed towards an aneurysm, and his brother’s statement about the poisoning, which was disregarded. My first question to myself was, “Why would anyone kill somebody like that?”

At first, I thought Stan Meyer was a quack, but I always had a question in the back of my head about whether his inventions worked. I watched his video biography “It Runs on Water”, but didn’t go much further than that – in terms of research.

Then I found out about JLNaudin’s website in 2001-2002.  I looked at his replication of Stan’s fuel cell, and the Bingo Fuel Reactor, and the MAHG. Again, I thought it was interesting research, but these scientists didn’t have enough credibility (in my mind) for me to follow in their footsteps.

Then, in 2005, I found a 2nd website for JLNaudin. And, there was a news article showing Kofi Annan visiting JLNaudin’s laboratory, and I realized that he was a renowned scientist in France, and displayed many circuits on his website which, apparently, had over-unity measurement results due to high-frequency, high-voltage inputs – and using electromagnetic materials.  He had also built a Stan Meyer Water Fuel Cell.

This increased my curiosity 10-fold, but I fell into the same arguments as many other people: “The economy is good, who needs to study energy devices?  We have plenty of oil, why bother?”

Then, in 2003, I went back to school for IT – and at the same time – I started reading about an event called “Global Peak Oil”.  Over the next few years, evidence started building up for me, and I realized “Peak Oil” was already occurring.  In 2006, I got a job with Microsoft, but I was shunned by co-workers for talking about alternative energy. My job was in North Dakota, where oil fracking is now the #1 industry in the state.  My boss told me to stop talking about it, so I decided to write a book about the United States economy falling apart, running out of petroleum, and living on state-run farms, etc.  I found a large amount of new and different technologies online that weren’t being utilized by our country, so I put them in my book.

I got about 250 pages into the book, and realized that I wasn’t making many friends at work because of it.  I was let go in January 2008, and 9 months later, the economy fell apart.

Volunteer Lab Work at NDSU

I never went to school at NDSU, but I was working on-campus at the IT Helpdesk during the time of the economic breakdown.  I went on to do other jobs since, but always ran into backlash when talking about alternative energy.

I got a McDonald’s Tech Support call center [job] after I worked at NDSU, and worked there for 2 1/2 years.  During that time, I ran into some medical issues and realized that things weren’t getting better in my life – health-wise, or money-wise.  I realized that the economy wasn’t going to get any better, and I decided to reach out and ask NDSU to help me build a hydrogen machine.  I was finally going to do what I wanted to do without people bothering me.  This was in April of 2010.

I didn’t know anybody very well at NDSU, so I just asked where to find the metal shop.  I knew how to put circuits together, but I needed help cutting things out, and to understand how to construct the parts.  I showed up at Dolve Hall 137, the on-campus shop for the IME Department (Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering).  I asked an older technician named Lew Daily if he would help me build a hydrogen machine.

I told him that I wasn’t a student, but would volunteer if Lew would help me.  He was a Nikola Tesla fan, so I advised him that a Tesla coil needed to be built into the machine.  We asked the professor running the shop if it was OK, and he agreed.  His name is Dr. Dave Wells.  Strangely, all the people in the lab (Lew Daily, Dr. Wells, and the rest of the technicians) are in their 60’s.  Dr. Wells went as far as telling me he would help get grant funding if I could get the hydrogen machine to work.

I was surprised they said that they would help.  I read the Stan Meyer Tech Brief and some of the patents, and realized that I needed mostly wire and magnetic material.  I started emailing different companies and received approximately $4000 worth of silicon steel, and other core material from nearly 10 companies over 6 months.  AK Steel, Arnold Magnetics, Hitachi MetGlas, Grainger, Magnetics, and some others.  I couldn’t afford 430 wire at the time, so I was using copper wire for the experiment.

When I first went to NDSU, I had built a rudimentary Dave Lawton Pulse Width Modulator that I found in one of the Patrick Kelly documents. D14.pdf.  A technician named Jeff Erickson in the EE department tested and verified the PWM back in 2010, and also loaned me an oscilloscope and a power supply to use in the IME department.

For a few months, we got sidetracked with building a MEG device – using MetGlas C-Cores, but it didn’t work quite right, and I finally went back to finishing the hydrogen machine.

Lew Daily did some CAD work and helped me wind the transformers.

I also worked with the Communications department to write a small book on Sustainable energy.  I am on page 24, standing with Lew Daily.  Other professors got mad at me for initiating this book, and so many other students also ended up in the book.  Even though it was my idea, my story ended up last.  I didn’t mind, since I was a volunteer.

Finally, in March 2011, Lew Daily started pressuring me to finish the machine, so I bought some 8″ inch ferrite rods from Ebay, and wrapped them the way that JLNaudin had done – bifilar.

I then attached my 4-input PWM to 2 NAND gates, and the rest of the JLNaudin circuit.  I had trouble with using a primary/secondary, so I just hooked up the bifilar with a Bridge Wave Rectifier, and got the rising pulse signal on June 1st, 2011.You can see my video on YouTube of the single pipe-set.  That was June 1st.  Jeff Erickson was the EE technician that was talking behind me on that video.  I applied for a teaching position on campus.

At the same time, I was loosing my job doing tech support for McDonald’s, but continued trying to get as much done at NDSU as possible.  NDSU found out about my employment troubles and technicians started pressuring me with implied threats that I was going to get poisoned, or shot in the head.

One Mechanical Engineering technician named Shannon Viestenz advised me that the leading hydrogen expert on-campus (a mechanical-engineering professor named Dr. Robert Peiri) was attempting to get me banned from campus.  He said it was because they wanted to take credit for it, instead of me.  I had gotten permission from Dr. Dave Wells and Michael Borr from the NDSU Safety Office for 100 hours of outdoor testing, due to the conditioning process, but Shannon advised me that Dr. Robert Pieri went to the Safety Office after I did.  I was not told why, or what was said.

The same week, I lost my job at McDonalds.  They knew that I was volunteering at NDSU.  McDonalds called NDSU and told them I lost my job.  I was standing next to the shop coordinator, Chuck Choate, when he received the call.

I didn’t care what they had to say to NDSU, so I ignored it at the time.  Later, I realized that the HR department gave my medical information to NDSU, which later ended up on a police report.

Obviously, I felt the heat coming down at NDSU, so I borrowed the oscilloscope, and power supply and went out to my parents to test the machine with 7 pipe-sets for 3 days.  I rewrapped the coil, to include a primary/secondary, and got rid of the Bridge Wave Rectifier.  I turned up the frequency further, and that is when my “rising pulse signal” changed, and I hit resonance. I finally understood what Stan’s resonant signal was supposed to look like.  Some of my YouTube videos show this.

When I got back to campus, Dr. Wells changed his tone, and advised he would not be able to help me with grant funding.  He also said I could not cross-collaborate with the chemistry department for a safe place to test it.  He said outdoor testing was the only option.

At that point, I didn’t know how I was going to pay for a better transformer to power the machine.  I decided to purchase a $25 taser to try forcing the high-voltage reaction, and emailed a number of people on campus of my intentions.

Getting  Banned

I returned to campus and setup my machine outside Dolve Hall, and showed the Chair of the EE department, Dr. Jacob Glower, how the signal could resonate.  I hooked up a couple of light bulbs to show free-electron activity, as well.  I didn’t even bother trying to use the taser.

10 minutes later, I was in hand-cuffs, and being told that I needed to end my project by campus police.  The campus police also cardoned off the back parking-lot of Dolve Hall with yellow tape as I was running my experiment.  They gave me a trespassing warning and told me to not come back due to the controversial nature of the machine.

Dr. Wells showed up 20 minutes later, and told the police to let me go, so they did. I wasn’t allowed to return to the lab to get my coat, so the police went through my coat and found the taser.  Strangely, I was not arrested, but instead, they continued to escort me off campus.  They didn’t find the taser on my person, but a week later, they charged me with a concealed weapon.  The charge was dropped in November of 2011.  I requested them to lift the ban, but they continue to refuse.

I didn’t have a flow meter at the time I was testing at NDSU.   I just know that the small amount of current being drawn during resonance was not following Faraday electrolysis behavior.  The measurements were directly from the displays on the power supply.  Lew Daily, Chuck Choate, Dr. Jacob Glower, Dr. Dave Wells, Jeff Erickson, Shannon Viestenz, Dr. Robert Peiri, 2-3 other professors, 2 IME technicians, and 2 NDSU police witnessed this machine working over the course of 10 days – June 20th to June 30th, 2011.

I tried a few days later to get help from the Dean of Science from MSUM in Moorhead MN, but she spoke with NDSU, and banned me for 1 year, without a reason.

3 months ago, I found out that Jeff Erickson was trying to help students with a Senior Project, and he emailed me – requesting transformers.  I asked if they were lifting the ban, but he didn’t think so.  I refused to help him, and reported him to the Dean of the school for stealing my idea.  Nothing was done, and they are probably still working on it.

Again, I asked both the Fargo Forum, and the High Plains Reader to do a story on me and the construction of this machine.   They cannot obtain any comments from any NDSU professors or security on-campus.

I will send you some video links, showing how to go from the “rising pulse”, to the resonate signal in my next email.

[click here
to access the files]

Part II

I got a new job last August, working for a national company that does outsourced IT for banks, insurance companies, and retail stores.  I travel ALOT, and put 80,000 on my car in one year.  I travel the tri-state area of MN, ND, and SD.  Luckily, they pay me mileage and an hourly wage.

The police found a cardboard box, and gave my circuit back to me the day I was escorted off campus.  They didn’t believe I was using tap water to run the machine, so they confiscated the pipes I had soldered together, and apparently tested them over the next 2 weeks.  The pipes were eventually returned, but fell apart after a few months, due to “brittlization” of the silver solder which held them together.

I was allowed to return to campus one time – to collect 365 pounds of silicon steel from AK Steel, since it was too heavy to lift when I was forced off campus the first time.  The NDSU head of police is Ray Boyer.  I have written to him hundreds of times to explain the technology and make the case to return to campus.  The emails have fallen on deaf ears.

The resonance signal is a duplicate of the Stan Meyer signal that you can find on page 137 of the Tech Brief.  I am attaching figure 6-3, so you can see what Stan is talking about.  I will also attach my photos and a video link showing my replicated signal.

The tech named Shannon Viestenz in mechanical engineering gave me the run-down before I left. Dr. Robert Peiri, and Dr. Dave Wells conspired to have me removed from campus, so they could take credit for the work themselves. The MetGlas cores that were donated were meant for the navigation systems in Minuteman Missiles, and I told Dr. Wells to secure them while we were working with them.

Dr. Dave Wells never locked them up, and the cores disappeared when I was told to leave campus.  I emailed the FBI (weapons of mass destruction division) and explained what happened.  I have not heard back.  MetGlas will likely not send me any more cores.

I also received 6.5 percent silicon steel from JFE Steel, the stuff that goes into the regenerative braking systems for Toyota hybrid automobiles.

I am looking for a cheap, variable 100-1000 watt cutting laser, but they are expensive.  I have a lot of material to cut.

Again, look at my pictures on Facebook under “Jon Abel”.

The videos that show resonance:  (June 1st, 2011)  (June 20th, 2011) (June 20th, 2011)   (June 20th, 2011)  (May 3rd, 2012)  (unpublished – 15 minute video showing how to reach rising pulse signal). (unpublished –  3 minute continuation – showing actual resonance).

Part III

I believe the parties responsible for this ban go all the way up to the ND Board of Higher Education.

Dr. Dave Wells signed a paper saying he didn’t give permission to test the machine. [If that were true,] he should be fired due to ethics violations for allowing my volunteer work to go on for 15 months.  Dr. Robert Peiri likely felt jealous, because he was using tanked, pressurized hydrogen to assist running a diesel tractor 3 years ago.

I was not pressurizing my gas, which made it inherently safer. Dr. Peirre’s trip to the safety office likely started the ball rolling towards my ban from NDSU.

I have spoken with Grant Shaft, the head of the BHE in ND, and he will not help lift the ban.
I have spoken with Dean Bresciani, Chancellor of NDSU, but he will not lift the ban.
I have spoken with head of police at NDSU, Ray Boyer, and he will not lift the ban.

NDSU gets tax revenue money from the from the ND oil (fracking) industry, and this likely started a conflict of interest that they were unwilling to fix.


I was not producing enough gas to run an engine.   My concentration at the time was to compare Faraday electrolysis I-V response to this new method.  They are quite different.  I have since built a 13 cavity coil to reach 2000 volts and am attempting further studies on my own.

Electrolysis melted my wires at an input of 5 volts / 5 amps.  With the coil, and at resonant signal, 28 volts / .25 amps.

The local papers won’t write a story about me because NDSU has “no comment” about the work done, and was only a volunteer for 15 months, not a student.  Some of my videos are on YouTube at channel “joabel19711“.  I can send you links to the rest, but some are indoor testing and could get me in trouble.  I was also the anonymous contributor of the designs for the Stan Meyer injectors on the RWGResearch site.  Ask Russ Griess; he will verify it was me.

The High Plains Reader (local alternative paper) interviewed six people I knew at NDSU. All had no comment. The Fargo Forum refused to write a story without comment about my 15 months of volunteer work or my machine. The Head of NDSU police continues the ban, even though I had permission from my teacher and the Safety Office on campus. He has signed a paper saying that he didn’t give permission. I found out three months ago that the EE department at NDSU was still trying to replicate my work as a Senior Project, and emailed me – asking me for transformers. After banning me, they attempted to also press a concealed weapons charge for trying to power the machine with a taser. Charge was dropped due to no evidence. [On] June 29th, 2012, will be 1 year of being banned. I attempted to get help from MSUM in Moorhead, MN, afterwards, and they banned me too, after they spoke with NDSU. No reason given.

Dr. Val Marinov taught the IME Materials class I audited.  Dr. Tim Peterson in Business taught the entrepreneur class.

There was another professor who said she could test for chromium and other chemicals in the water for $10.   Her name is Dr. Victoria Gelling.  She worked in Polymers & Materials Dept.  She was later pressured to not give me the results.

The Communications teacher, who had her students write the book, was Dr. Elizabeth Crawford. I was also allowed to audit two classes while at NDSU, for entrepreneurs and metal cutting.

There are current legal issues, since NDSU is under investigation by the EEOC for coercing my former employer into giving out my medical data to help keep me banned. It’s embarrassing, and it will be over 6 months before EEOC finishes.

The company I worked for that shared my medical was a wholly owned subsidiary of McDonalds called RTS/RADI – restaurant technology services .  HR manager listed as the culprit is Craig Johnson.

This isn’t part of the article, but I am running into issues getting a permit to test hydrogen inside a ventilated garage. City of Moorhead explicitly won’t issue a permit inside city limits. I can build on my father’s land 30 miles south, but Wilkin County also doesn’t have a permit for this. I called the Minnesota State Fire Marshall, who tried to send me back to the county. He finally advised that a professional safety or mechanical engineer could certify a building. Does anybody do this for hydrogen – that you know of? Any assistance in what and who to ask?


Jon Abel

# # #

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