Annual Event: Global Love and Peace Day - May 1st

Annual Event: World Love and Wholeness Day – May 1st


Full Disclosure, Amplify, Grow, Heal, and Multiply.

Grasp the concept that LOVE is Creative Energy and thus we share it.

Speaking of fundamental concepts:

Math-a-magicians have taken symbols to divide and sub-divide into so many fragmented pieces that mentally they and civilization are lost in a worldwide jigsaw puzzle, no longer aware of the Whole. No longer connected to each other and the creator, the great architect of this earth plane we share. In point of fact, they are not capable of sharing it as they seek to dominate it.
They have their religion of scientism to research and devise weapons of mass destruction, and to subjugate the populous.


What is the air?
What does it mean to say one breath?
You know the answer, even though you may never have thought about it:
Where Did The Air You Breathe Into Your Lungs Come From?

Please do not be repulsed with this visual – the people of Earth share the same breath with the dogs, with rats, with other air breathers, and also with the ocean dwellers.
Look around and notice what is EXHALED from the Dogs, Rats and ALL the Other Air Breathers and you realize we share the same One Breath.
Same applies to the water which transmutes into water vapor we call “Air”…

This is true, we are all connected.
We have always been connected and NOW we are consciously aware of our worldwide connection.
Each day the internet communications shares more awareness with each of us as we make connections we were not aware of.
That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed
I have to remind myself that readers may not have read my earlier posts or my “About” page where I explain the purpose here at Ronmamita’s Blog.

Ourstory (the people’s stories) is a contrast to the deceptive His-Story (history) that most people accept as fact.
His-story is programmed deception via institutions and commercialism within a worldwide monetary system of control.
The World Dialogue is part of Ourstory, the people’s story.

Thus far, only we the people are sharing it via the internet with millions of blogs, websites, podcasts, and social sites (I expect this to change eventually and Ourstories will be popular and accessible to everyone in all media, sharing audience’s immediate feedback and comments, displayed for everyone).
We, the people of Earth, do not always agree and may have conflicting perspectives and this is to be expected.
But it does not mean we must fight and go to war over it, because as we share ourstories we find common ground and develop empathy with awareness and shared experiences instead of ignorance, fear and anger.
Our worldwide awareness and connections increase along with our insights and creativity.

I see this with the freedom movements of the 1960’s and today.
The One People’s Public Trust has gained momentum and a following that, THANKFULLY, again has increased worldwide awareness of the control matrix of fraud by the major institutions that no longer deserves the People’s Trust.

They are the ones who "CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

They are the ones who

Yes, this includes the Central Banks, the Governments, the Religions, the Military and other Institutions fraudulently assuming authority.
Repeated and ongoing violations of the People’s Trust means the Institutions are dishonorable and incapable of honoring the people.
The Dark Cabal (Establishment or the powers that were) are afraid of the TRUTH.
They covet secrets, deception, coercion, murder…

This is wrong, it is a unjust and immoral system.

A elite worldwide system based on fraud, with fundamental and systemic flaws that must be addressed by the People because “the politician, clergy, monarch and banker are incapable of convicting themselves and kicking themselves in the backside voluntarily.” 😀

We THANK ALL the FREEDOM MOVEMENTS (“Truth Seekers”, “Tea Party”, “OCCUPY”, “OPPT-IN”, and other movements as well) for increasing the AWARENESS and Amplifying the worldwide Dialogue for Love, Freedom, Healing, Prosperity and Wholeness.

*I shared information and encouragement to and about the “Occupy” Movement.
Not because I believed they had the correct strategy or even a great grasp of the problem.
Not everyone in the movement knew about the institutional fraud and word-spell that contaminates everything (even your birth and later your marriage records) because money as debt and mental programming is a key to everything the institutions do, from war to food-stamps and everything in between!
Institutional Governance have effectively enslaved the people of Earth and harvest them as “Human Resource”; this has been going on for a long time.

sided coin, and 2 political wings of one predatory bird are used against the people.Do not fall for it.

2 sided coin, and 2 political wings of one predatory bird are used against the people.
Do not fall for it.

Yet some people in “Occupy” falsely believed protesting and pleading to the criminal Institutions (church or government) was going to solve the problem. (Note: some people in the “Tea Party” Movement falsely believe violent rebellion and return to the “GOLD STANDARD” currency policy will solve the problem), I and many others “KNEW” deep within that protests and demonstrations were doomed to failure. (Appealing to the problem-makers to solve the problem has failed each time in the past as they legislated minor reforms to appease the people for awhile…)
But, I also saw the benefits.
Publicity of Truth is a benefit from public protests revealing to the blind that a Big problem exist.
Namely, that many in the freedom movements (and some in the institutions) would come to realize the governments are part of the problem (as well as the banks…) and that many in the government, in media, and other “patriotic citizens” (the bystanders) would become aware too.
All LIESThat increased publicity is beneficial to “Unplug” more people from the mind-controlled, entertainment distracted, sector of patriots and consumers.
Increasing awareness is important, indeed very IMPORTANT.

This is true also in the “OPPT-IN” Movement.
I listen to many within the “OPPT-IN” also placing value on currency, institutions (ok, I have not heard anyone placing trust in officials or politicians even if some still are not sure about Obama being totally in cahoots with criminals and puppet masters; could they be cointelpro?…) again some absolutely get it, and some are “kinda”, “sorta” almost get it …
but transitioning into a world of mature self-governing People is a big leap without ETs assisting us. (Maybe ETs exist and will help, but must we count on them as a crutch?)

“Where focus goes, energy flows”

The REAL Wealth is the People and All of the Earth.
It is living energy.
It is all living, and that awareness should guide us to develop empathy, insights, friendship and respect for animate as well as the inanimate.
Rather than attempting to dominate the new norm would be to live with and to care for all things in a nurturing community in a living world.

The real creditors and providers are Earth and her inhabitants (not legal-fictions, institutions with “authority”, and debt based currencies).
Earth’s Diversity and Abundance is true value.

So, why do so many people still do not share the above vision?

Even today, in all the freedom movements (that I am aware of) I hear some people still putting value in currency (St Germain Trust, Prosperity Funds, etc.), value in institutions, value in politicians or value in ETs, when it should be clear that it is going to take a lot of decentralization, leaderless, self-governing, self-motivating, self-education, and self-organizing to transition to that worldwide inner-peace and outer-peace (Wholeness) we want to experience (note: this endeavor is not arduous, it is fun and happening as you read this…), I call it joyful living.
We can dream it, and thus we can create it. As one must first mentally “dream” about having a house, and then one can do what is required to create that house.

(I do acknowledge the possibility of ET’s involvement; I say “possibility” because I have no evidence of Exopolitics; from research I consider that beings live covertly here on or in the Earth apart from public view. Perhaps these living beings are the fallen angels or some other that maintain their distinct community by remaining hidden. I think the truth of it will be revealed to us eventually.)

Can “OPPT-IN” Handle Criticism?

Yes, we truth-seekers can handle criticism, because constructive criticism is good.
Here at Ronmamita’s Blog we are not attacking anyone within the many freedom movements (unless we identify COINTELPRO or provocateurs, then we do so to reveal the truth and for self-defence).
We are critical researchers and recognize the value of different perspectives that can find common ground in Truth, to resolve common challenges and ignorance.
We recognize personal Self-Governance, with the need to nurture and develop that skill for everyone who wish to.
WE the People are the solution.

We can and do agree that fundamentally the institutions claiming authority, wealth, force, and control are a violent menace along with concepts of authority, usury, and fractional reserve lending which are schemes used by the “money changers” for centuries.

OPPT-IN lacks evidence of:
Gold and Silver confiscation (Denying access to foreclosed institutions)…

ETs alliance agreements (Exopolitics)…

Plan for trade and commerce (Where is an outline or a visionary discussion)…


In OPPT-IN’s Favor:
Embraces Universal Liberation, Peace, and Prosperity…

Absence of evidence is not Proof of non-existence.
Meaning: A thing can exist even if you failed to find any evidence!
Thus all the claims OPPT-IN makes may be Factual, only time will reveal this…

Increased popularity increases exposure of the “globalism” challenges and creative solutions which in turn increases popularity and yet more worldwide exposure and more Awareness…

The Establishment (Dark Cabal) receives the overwhelming messages from the People and many of their employees and perhaps some officers and officials will resonate with the People’s message and leave their stations, stop playing their institutionalized roles, thus weakening the Establishment from within…

The very fact that OPPT-IN does not attempt to provide answers for all the problems is a indication they understand that the solution must come from each individual to be in alignment with universal freedom. Keep stating those principles of Truth, “do no harm” and “do not violate other people’s rights”…


The video below (“OPPT Fails”) is not affiliated with us nor does it reflect our perspective.
However, in fairness the math skilled man who recorded the video, I chose to include it because we can handle criticism (Even the passionate kind), right?
WE need to be aware of and share different perspectives within the freedom movement.
We need to unite (or at minimum stop fighting amongst ourselves) to remove the current institutional menace that maintains a globalist system of debt-bondage and forced compliance.
Everyone’s experience and perspective has value and meaning worthy of discussion and consideration.
Thank you for being here.

Title: One Peoples Public Trust ( OPPT ) Fails the TEST

LOVE energy pass it forward


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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8 comments on “FULL-DISCLOSURE, Again
  1. […] Mathematicians have lost sight of the fundamental nature of reality. Many qualities and perspectives and features of wholeness. ~Ron […]


  2. […] Mathematicians have lost sight of the fundamental nature of reality. Many qualities and perspectives and features of wholeness. ~Ron […]


  3. Love thisd concept of one breath. It truly is that way. We all share this air, water, and planet. Yet, people prefer to focus and even hate each other because of their differences. Also, liked the way you started this post discussing love. Excellent post. You really should reblog it one day so more people can read it. Have a great weekend.


    • RonMamita says:

      That is a great suggestion, and I will re-post again.

      The truth of our connections is being shared more often, and I am grateful that you are here and sharing the story, it is Ourstory and it is being revealed.
      Hopefully, with its coming the deception of this Age will yield to Truth and healing worldwide.

      Liked by 1 person

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