Sharing Creativity: Artists, Tinkerers, Inventors, Engineers and all of us

Focus is on the SHARING.

Share the Global Dialogue.
Share the vision of a Transformed People of Earth.
A Earth where People Live in Peace and Prosperity.

What is the role of the arts in education and engineering and technology and your life?

How to include rhythm and intuition in education and engineering and technology and your life?

WE (all Earth life) Breath the same breath transformed to ocean to atmosphere from gills to lungs…
The Earth has a Heart,
a “HEARTH” (imagine the oneness of HEART and EARTH=HEARTH, where the “H” is not heard and not seen).
What WE the People of Earth (You and I) DO will change the Earth.
Connect with the HEART
and connect with the HEARTH.
Become Aware of the UNseen and UNheard and Know what is here.
Increase and Expand our Awareness.


*Excerpt from

Frank Chester: The Interview to celebrate a world event at Freeman College

What is a Chestahedron?

A Chestahedron is a seven-sided form, also known as a septahedron, resting between a Hexahedron and Octahedron.
‘Septa’ means seven and ‘hedron’ means faces.
Its significance is that the Chestahedron has not been found before although there is evidence that ancient schools as far back as 2000 years ago were studying such forms.
The seven-sided form was found artistically.
It took three months of failures using scientific approaches before I returned to my artistic training for a solution.
I realized then that the points of the form were not equidistant from the centre, whereas normally they are in platonic forms such as a hexahedron.
I then took a ball of clay and went through a process of carving 7 cavities, removing exactly the same amount of clay from each hole until the curvature of the ball disappeared. It effectively had straight lines, and 42 triangles.
The cavities were filled with plaster of paris and when, extracted and glued
together, formed a crude Chestahedron.
Chester_hedron_Heart_bell_f sharp

How did you discover the Chestahedron had a relationship to the bell form?

I have developed my artistic process based on alchemy, which combines the elements of earth, air, fire and water.
The Chestahedron was found using the element of earth followed by a water process.
The only way I could do this was to make the Chestahedron flow.
When I turned or spun the Chestahedron, the form turned into a bell.
This was a complete surprise as I was not looking for this at all.
If you watch the Chestahedron being spun, you will see a bell form, which reveals the secret geometry of the bell.
Until then, bells had been designed by trial and error.

How did you come to be involved with Ruskin Mill Educational Trust and Freeman College?

A lady who knows my work, Patricia Dickson, brought Aonghus Gordon (Founder and Director of the Trust) to my home in California and within an hour or so of his arrival, Aonghus bought two of my sculptures and asked about a bell for Freeman College.
Aonghus was clearly inspired!
My part of this project was to ensure they followed the geometry properly.
Secondly I wanted to make sure the bell isn’t mounted from the top.
There isn’t a bell in history that hasn’t been hung by its neck!
I wanted the whole bell to vibrate and not have any dead spots, which you can’t
avoid if it is hung by the traditional method.
So I designed a swinging ‘U’ shaped structure with a rod in the middle
going up into the inside of the bell suspending it.
This eliminates any dead portion and enables the bell to be supported by a clapper.
Casting this bell and its design is truly a world event because this is the first time a lawful
geometric etheric form has been cast.
Chesterhedron Heart gens a vortex

What connection does a Chestahedron have to the human heart?

Finding this new lawful geometric etheric form meant that a new process based on expanding a platonic form rather than the usual reductive approach of compressing or truncating can now be used.
In my approach and understanding, this seven-sided form lies between warmth and light, which is the area of the human heart.
When this form was spun on the end of a high-speed drill at an angle of approximately 36 degrees, a type of pocket-shaped vortex developed.
I sculpted a model of this vortex and in cross-section; it resembled the cross section of a human heart.
I found the Chestahedron is balancing between accelerating and decelerating vortexes.
This form is a brake.
I concluded that the heart’s basic form and function is not to pump blood but to regulate blood
For example, the faster the heart beats the less the blood flows, therefore it is not a pump but a regulator.
Also the apex of the heart is paper-thin and would blow out if the heart were just a pump.
This discovery means that we can talk about the heart objectively as it is following lawful geometry.

*         *         *
Frank Chester is an artist, sculptor and geometrician who lives in San Francisco.
He has taught art for forty years.
For the last 13 years he has been exploring the relation between form and spirit by creating healing sculptures.
This has led him to do research on the number seven and in 2000 he discovered a new geometric form.
This geometric form is connected to the shape of the bell that has being cast in Freeman College as well as demonstrating a remarkable correlation to the form and functioning of the human heart.


Aonghus Gordon is the Founder and Director of Ruskin Mill Educational Trust.
Born in Gloucestershire, he spent his formative years in Venice and has a BA in
Ceramics, Art History and Education.
Starting what is now called the Ruskin Mill Arts and Crafts Centre in 1982 he has since established three colleges that work with young people with challenging behaviour, using arts and crafts in a therapeutic context.
Being awarded the Social Entrepreneur for the South of England in 2005
he next set up the Clervaux Trust, another educational initiative, near Darlington.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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9 comments on “Sharing Creativity: Artists, Tinkerers, Inventors, Engineers and all of us
  1. RonMamita says:

    Here is a intuitive thought…
    Cone = Coil
    As Frank drew lines on 2 plastic circular planes, twisted in screwing motion, to simulate spiral tornado electric energy, the energy inventor can perma-glue single-long strand, conductor (copper coil) onto opposite facing circular plane of equal size. Cut a slit through both, then connect a edge of each together and twist to form twin opposing cones that have opposite spiraling coils where they meet at the apex.
    As an alternate experiment keep the circular planes separated and after completing the twisting have one 2x larger than the other and insert the smaller into the larger.
    Record results and discuss the findings and the differences.
    see Franks medical heart lecture:

    Frank Chester – Heart Lecture – July 2011
    NOTE: start approximately at Que 34:05


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