What do you see?

A perspective…

Institutional leaders do not believe in you or me or anything you and I represent.
– Unwilling to adopt any of the People’s alternative resolutions to restore justice and allow the “Too Big To Fail” corporations to fail.
– Protecting SECRECY from the Public (IE Political Murders such as JFK)
– Restricting the Liberty and Freedom of the Public (IE Homeland Security Act)
– Selecting political candidates and rejecting all others (IE not allowing uninvited candidates into the televised Presidential debates)
– Refusing to end Wars as demanded by the citizens
– Militarizing the Police
– Government voting on secret policies and legislation
– September 11, 2001 (911)
– Empty political rhetoric, broken promises, and lies
– Market manipulations and Usury

Representatives are not in your nor my best interests, and the only truly legitimate representation is self, as in a intentional and focused self-awareness and self-governing.

Some people wish for things to return to “normal”; I do not.
All my life I wished for global change, peace and prosperity.
I do not take back my wish and I do not entertain fear even as I see change emerging in an erratic , stressful, and dangerous fashion.
My wish is that I be present to assist those in need of assistance as we all adjust to new and uncomfortable changing environments and challenges.
To acknowledge “Self” as connected to the “Whole” is to realize consciousness is eternal, only this flesh is temporary.
What is there to fear?

I am not expecting the ole rules of the past to apply to this emerging shift.
I expect change, creativity and innovation to birth something new.
Many expect and prepare for the “new normal” to mimic the “old normal” thus they place high value on precious metals and expect a new global gold backed reserve currency to emerge.
Some people wish for this.
I do not see myself placing value on currency and precious metals as a solution to any of our challenges.
In the past, when markets crashed, wars were fought and gold was highly prized and sought after.
This time I expect something different.
Such as abundant global new energy…

As a kid, after several political assassinations (incl. MLK Jr. and  JFK among others) I thought the USA had experienced a coup d’état.
Why others could not see it was baffling.
I thought the ancient mission of the “Freedom Movement” was unfinished as a new form of “slavery” and “Bondage” was institutionalized and accepted.
I, as a kid, said that mankind is like a kid yet to achieve maturity.

Now I awaken in the 21st century, where finally a massive population of people are only now beginning to openly talk about this Earth state of affairs and global community.
Where those “Trust”-ed institutions, with authority and influence, have become terrorists and over-stepped their authority by such a enormous margin that all social classes are worried as many secrets of shocking atrocities are revealed.
Only now are the masses questioning the “Trust”-ed institutions with high suspicion and appropriate distrust.

Now the over-burdened people are beginning to question their beliefs, patriotism, and faiths.
Are you one of the People able to cast off false beliefs and old habits, and able to share your inner peace along with creative  innovations?

Something Beautiful is emerging

Something Beautiful is emerging

A Possible banking scenario:
Bank employee: “What are you afraid of? Your assets are safe with us.”

Customer:” You have it wrong, I deposited my assets in your institution because I “WAS” afraid.
I have grown, and now I am no longer afraid, thus I am reclaiming my assets with confidence.”

Bank employee.: “I don’t understand?”

Customer: “I know, otherwise you would choose to work elsewhere.
Consider this, a new paradigm is emerging and the establishment is resisting the change.
The People are free and the freedom movement has a unfinished mission as long as institutions continue to force people into bondage and rule by force.
Bye now.”


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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