OPPT Courtesy Notice and Foreclosure Flyer

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Courtesy Notice response – an opportunity to educate

Courtesy Notice response – an opportunity to educate

From Chris Blackmore (Sth Aust):  (yay!!!)

Attention: I have something to share with everyone that is highly important and in my opinion, the vibe I felt was a VERY positive step in the right direction!

On Tuesday, 16th April 2013, I sent x3 e-mails out containing an OPPT Courtesy Notice, personally addressed to the recipient along with an OPPT Foreclosure Flyer and the PDF – COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA USA Company Registration on SEC.

I sent these e-mails to the ‘former’ :

Police Commissioner of SA – Gary Burns
Sheriff of SA – Mark Stokes
and Attorney General of SA – John Rau

I honestly DID NOT expect to hear anything in response but boy did I get a surprise on Saturday, 20th April 2013 around 2:50 pm when a detective parked out front my house and as I was just about to jump in my car and head off to go camping he called to me and requested if I had a few moments to which I replied “Not really I am about to go out, but how can I help you?”

He then showed me his SAPOL ID around his neck [duly noted by myself] and asked if I was indeed Chris Blackmore and if so would I be able to spare a few moments to discuss the OPPT and the e-mails I had sent?


Well, I am sure some; if not all of you, can imagine my initial response in my nerves, however, I crushed any fear I may have had in the back of my mind and transformed it into intrigue and I happily obliged to discuss any questions he may have.

I found myself having one of the most in-depth, down to earth discussions I have ever had with a member of the police force. Before he left, he shook my hand thanked me for helping him out and I honestly said that initially he had caught me by surprise but that I was actually very grateful that he gave me the opportunity to discuss it as that is exactly what needs to happen and he made a point of saying I had given him a lot to take in and think about and that he was going to look into it more.

Initially, he stated there was no problem, I was not in any trouble and that he was just there on a courtesy visit to hopefully discuss what the OPPT was exactly and what it meant. His superior had sent him on the mission and he admitted he hadn’t looked into it very much but was intrigued but very confused by what he had looked into and wanted to find out more.

Now, I chose my words wisely and responded from a place of truth and love and in-depth honesty on my intentions of sending the e-mails and my understanding on what the OPPT is and the mind boggling possibilities it holds for the future of humanity.

Foreclosing on Corporate Government and the Banking system, freeing humanity from debt slavery and starting the shift towards a true ‘common-wealth system, fair for all’, based on community as opposed to the media [propaganda] driven perception of society [what he called reality] Service to others, as opposed to service to self!

This guy was blown away to say the least, not just with what it was about but how well I discussed and explained my personal understanding of it [which is still limited]

He had a few major concerns:

1. Is there any chance there will be any violence, protesting, aggression or unlawful behaviour as a result of this ‘group’ as he called it?

– NO! I explained the positive intent behind the movement and just how much it affects himself. [and everyone of course]

2. Do ‘WE’ whom ‘believe in the OPPT’, meet up in groups and discuss it to which I mentioned some of my friends are as interested and intrigued as I am by it and sometimes I may catch-up and discuss it with them and other times we don’t.
[take me to your leader – lol]

3. He was concerned people who ‘believe’ in this ‘idea’ may start to abuse the law and stop paying fines and be disrespectful towards ‘authority and even queried if it was a system of believe not unlike a religion [his way of suggesting is it a cult?’

– NO! Once again, no negative intentions as everyone in this group is aware are connected to the OPPT, I mentioned I am a firm believer in karma and then went in to explain the current social structure of debt slavery we are all a part of at the hand of the Corporate world, in particular the banking system. Oh and I made a point, with all due respect, that it is much more intelligent than any religious following! 😀

He was NOT aware the international banking sector is privately owned.
He agreed with me, to whom exactly are we in debt to exactly?
He agreed with me that we are not corporate entities and are in fact real, living people. I then pointed out the court process of a real living person being called into a court room to re-present their ‘legal fiction’ and he did not know what to say and I briefly explained the difference between common law and maritime law.

I mentioned to him the common law comeback that is taking place globally, in particular the fight people are now beginning to make against the banking tycoons in regards to unlawful mortgages based upon bonds which are connected to your birth certificate and valued by the powers that ‘were’.

I asked him if he had ever ‘contracted’ to ‘this system’ and agreed to be in debt his entire life, having to work to survive and pay taxes to only support the corrupt and he naturally said no and that he had honestly never thought about it like that before.

My favourite question was “who do you represent” [out of curiosity]

His answer was, in all honesty he isn’t sure how to answer that question but he personally believes he represents the greater good, to which I agreed I do also.

He wanted to make sure this wasn’t just mass spamming and suggested that I be a bit more careful sending emails to people of importance in high places to which I reminded him of my intentions of doing so and that I had done nothing wrong, legally or ethically and was merely notifying the people who had been emailed so they were aware of what has taken place and the ramifications involved.

He asked me if I was aware that not everyone is going to agree with my set of beliefs, to which I asked in response how is that any different to people not believing in the old system, clearly being an officer of the law he is aware people ‘break/disobey laws all the time’

He wanted to know who the leader was to which I explained there is NO leader as such but was set-up by 3 individuals initially and I encouraged him immensely to research it much deeper for his own personal benefit, particularly as he did mention his mortgage and that the bank would take his house away if he stopped paying it.

He acknowledged before he left that he had a great pleasure in talking to me about it, could see I was not an aggressive person at all and no threat and had good intentions for everyone and that I was not in any trouble and just wanted to clarify that to me but he did suggest I be ‘extra’ careful and told me to take care of myself.

Essentially, I was investigated on a casual basis [without pad and pen] and he wanted to make sure there was no threat to society or his own position within it.

He was looking out for the safety of others, as much as he was looking out for my own personal safety. I was as high as a kite from the experience for the remainder of the day and had an amazing camp as a result despite getting rained on.

THIS is what WE need to happen, he asked if I got a negative response [not threatening but not welcoming] from someone I had sent the emails to, how would I respond and I merely said I wouldn’t. The whole intention was to spread awareness and to notify them of the OPPT. To continually send it to the same people would not serve a positive purpose and would be harassment and a contradiction to what it is all about. Besides, if they reply then it is being acknowledged and that is the whole point.
An answer he was very happy with.

So people, WE have been not only been noticed BUT acknowledged.

He openly admitted that FACEBOOK IS MONITORED by a special branch of the SA Police whom he was a part of and that they were aware of the emails I initially sent but also saw the OPPT groups I am in on FACEBOOK so they are watching us!

Personally to me this means they are getting concerned. They are taking it seriously and are investigating what they are up against and whether it threaten their position in society.

Sorry for the long read, I could add a bit more but for now this will suffice for people to become aware that IT HAS TRULY BEGUN!

Oh and I also took great joy in clearing his concern it may create anarchy by telling him people misunderstand what anarchy is about and that we are currently living in a chaos system corrupt to the core and that anarchy is merely rules without rulers; without a hierarchy of people having a power trip over others and made a stern point that no-one has a right to do that to anyone else unless the person is negatively effecting someone else’s existence. The golden rule should be the ONLY rule to which he agreed many laws are archaic and need to change and agreed we are considered guilty instead of innocent and are left having to fight for our freedom when we have done nothing wrong.

OMG I couldn’t happily cancelled to camping trip and talked to this guy all night and I sensed he realised this too!


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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