Many People still are unaware that all bank deposits are property of the Banks as a “legal” commercial definition…
George was telling the truth


– The Large, Influential Institutions are at war with the Free People of Earth (I do not see them surrendering peacefully) and these institutions are seeking to gain More Control of All Things and All Life, indeed the entire Earth.

Self-Govern: People can relearn how to govern themselves (governments are not your masters), to honor themselves, value themselves and embrace their responsibility and freedom

Food: Healthy People, Clean drinking water, Sustainable farming and food sources are needed (agribusiness have overpopulated livestock into a prison like system and Monocropping/Monoculture is practiced with increasing chemicals and GMOs to increase yields and combat insects whilst increasing toxins and genetic harm)

–  Environment: Pollution, Geoengineering, GMOs, Toxic and Hazardous locations need to be cleaned and the materials need to be transmuted into safe elements.

Invention: New engineering and advanced technologies (such as Free Energy). Abolish the old methodology of pollutants and hazardous production/manufacturing to nurture creativity and nature.

Institutional: End the global financial system (commercial law) of Fractional Reserve Banking and Usury

Force: The threat of violence to coerce others is wrong. End War and embrace Global Peace, Abundance and Prosperity.

Chronicling the litany of institutional Lies:
*Israeli Terrorist Cell Uncovered – In Egypt July, 1954, an Israeli terrorist cell was activated inside Egypt. The ensuing attacks, cleverly designed to look like the work of Arabs, blasted and torched American and British targets. First, the Israeli terrorists firebombed the Alexandria Post Office. Then, they firebombed the US Information Agency libraries: one in Alexandria, and one in Cairo. Then, they firebombed a British-owned Metro-Goldwyn Mayer theatre, a railway terminal, the central post office, and a couple more theatres…

*Operation MongooseOperation NorthwoodsBay of Pigs – President Kennedy executive order 11110 – President Kennedy’s Murder – Criminal Investigations Sealed from public…

*The Gulf of Tonkin incident in August 1964 proved to be America’s key entry point to war in Vietnam.

*2000 Presidential Election Fraud – Stock Market Crash 2000 (“Dot-Com Bubble”) – 2001 “911” Terror events

*2008 Fraudclosures – Mortgage Housing Financial Bubble – MERS – Banking “Bailouts”

*New Rules and New Order with New organizations: NDAA – G-SIFIs – FSB – Cyprus “Bail-Ins”Financial Crisis continues as the current Bonds and Stocks bubble are inflated with unlimited currency (“money”) from central banks…

My wish is for People to be responsible and prepared for emergencies, including the looming man-made financial crisis.
The collapse of the old system clears a way forward to create an Era of abundance and prosperity.
The Global Dialogue amplifies vision and creativity to manifest this. ~Ron

*Click on the hyperlinks in this post and gain more facts about the fraudulent global financial empire with a global commercial law system to legalize it and threat of war and martial law to enforce it.
Can you imagine a system of global harvested farms is hidden as Nation States?

See Human Resources as Corporate Slave-Farms


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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