Disturbing Tech trends

Techniques and Technologies: SCI-FI or SCI-FACT?

I am not entertained by the “fear porn” about technology, however the people who use new tools and technologies for destructive purposes are a concern.
How AI is used is as important as how a knife is used.
Cracking encryptions and spyware to invade privacy is one such concern.
Technology appears to usually present both pros and cons to the community upon roll out.
Certainly this report about Quantum computers is keeping inline with that appearance.
The explanation in the report below seems nonsensical to me, however if researchers are getting results then the explanation can be wrong yet the results are significant. Remember that researchers and engineers do not define energy, electricity, nor gravity but rather describe their effects and use that as their basis for application, and decades or centuries pass without a definition ever being developed…
After reading the report from Mike Adams at Natural News please follow up with your own research ~ Ron

Operational quantum computing center established at USC
November 1, 2011

“When the NSA surveillance grid is turned over to AI, humanity is finished”

“Quantum computers are not made of simple transistors and logic gates like the CPU on your PC. They don’t even function in ways that seem rational to a typical computing engineer. Almost magically, quantum computers take logarithmic problems and transform them into “flat” computations whose answers seem to appear from an alternate dimension.

For example, a mathematical problem that might have 2 to the power of n possible solutions — where n is a large number like 1024 — might take a traditional computer longer than the age of the universe to solve. A quantum computer, on the other hand, might solve the same problem in mere minutes because it quite literally operates across multiple dimensions simultaneously.

The ultimate code breakers

If you know anything about encryption, you probably also realize that quantum computers are the secret KEY to unlocking all encrypted files. As I wrote about last year here on Natural News, once quantum computers go into widespread use by the NSA, the CIA, Google, etc., there will be no more secrets kept from the government. All your files — even encrypted files — will be easily opened and read.

Until now, most people believed this day was far away. Quantum computing is an “impractical pipe dream,” we’ve been told”… – Read full report: http://www.naturalnews.com/040859_Skynet_quantum_computing_D-Wave_Systems.html



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4 comments on “Disturbing Tech trends
  1. RonMamita says:

    Encryption Has Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever, Feds Say
    By David Kravets

    For the first time, encryption is thwarting government surveillance efforts through court-approved wiretaps, U.S. officials said today.

    The disclosure, buried in a report by the U.S. agency that oversees federal courts, also showed that authorities armed with wiretap orders are encountering more encryption than before.

    The revelation comes as encryption has come front and center in the wake of the NSA Spygate scandal, and as Americans consider looking for effective ways to scramble their communications from the government’s prying eyes.

    According to today’s report from the U.S. Administrative Office of the Courts:

    Encryption was reported for 15 wiretaps in 2012 and for 7 wiretaps conducted during previous years. In four of these wiretaps, officials were unable to decipher the plain text of the messages. This is the first time that jurisdictions have reported that encryption prevented officials from obtaining the plain text of the communications since the AO began collecting encryption data in 2001.

    Those figures are just a blip on the screen in the office’s 2012 Wiretap Report, which said there were 3,395 authorized wiretaps from federal or state judges. (The figures, a significant increase from 2011′s reported 2,732, do not account for those secretly authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which is at the center of the Spygage firestorm.)

    To be sure, the encryption numbers begin to highlight the government’s stated fear, and its propaganda railing against encryption — which is a standard feature on today’s Apple computers.

    Consider that, when federal law enforcement officials were clamoring for legislation authorizing a backdoor into most all electronic communication methods during the President Bill Clinton administration, FBI Director Louis Freeh told Congress in 1997, “all of law enforcement is also in total agreement on one aspect of encryption. The widespread use of uncrackable encryption will devastate our ability to fight crime and prevent terrorism.”

    Sixteen years later, and judging by the government’s own accounting, we’re not even close to Freeh’s fears becoming reality, despite the government’s continued push for a backdoor into virtually everything.

    The report, meanwhile, said that 97 percent of the wiretaps issued last year were for “portable devices” such as mobile phones and pagers. About 87 percent of the wiretaps were issued in drug-related cases, the report said. Other equipment tapped included computers, phone land lines, fax machines and, among other things, microphones.


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