BREAKING Global Dialogue: Value Exchange

The discussion (global system of value) goes beyond “MONEY” and “CURRENCIES” to ask you:

What Is Value?

I can tell you that I consider all life has value.
Furthermore, I consider many have been robbed as they live in poverty and debt.
Hierarchies rob people of their value, among other things…
Self Value is inherent in Freedom along with the ability to self govern no longer requiring a master or ruler to govern you.
The story of the past has precious metals being the value, People being the value, and now fiat currencies representing value but what has been common throughout those stories people have been subjugated, harvested, enslaved, and controlled…

REMEMBER, however, that as the People of Earth transitions from this current unjust, financial system there are MORE THAN TWO POSSIBLE PATHS.
at least three (3) different perspectives for transitioning the financial system, such as
1. reset current central fractional reserve banking model (hierarchical & corp. governance)
2. return to past gold backed currencies (hierarchical)
3. create new value exchange (non-hierarchical with transparency)
Perhaps there are more alternatives to be revealed as global awareness increases and the dialogues are opened. ~ Ron

Heather Ann Tucci Revealed inner workings of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC modeled on a universal principle), Contract/Agreement, Bills of Exchange, and Commercial Law to register and regulate the current covert debt-bondage system.
By not including the value and asset on all documents for the public to be AWARE the People themselves are the value, in effect engineered a debt system for the People who were not aware.

The currency of the embodiments of eternal essence, to create/manifest representations of Self for experiencing Self (formerly hidden and stolen by use of primarily monetary representations, but also by use of hierarchies, titles, religions, etc.)…the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of what IS…THE VALUE…is revealing NOW…

it is even being revealed by those who desire that it not be revealed for their continued control and they only realize they have revealed AFTER they have done it…” ~ Heather


Click audio file above to listen in.

Please continue the global dialogue for the transition out of this current fractional reserve banking scheme that was enslaving the People into debt-bondage.
Share freely!
Be free!
Exercise your freedom!

For documents see:

I Declaration Document

In the new energetic climate of the I-UV Exchange (Energy In-change), new energetic tools will be necessary to compliment the intentions of our value exchange. As Eternal Essence Embodiments we no longer rely on lawyers to draw up mind-numbing “legal” agreements of opaque, ego-based language. Nor will we consider enforcement of such contracts through a fraudulent system of authority. Rather the foundation by which the One People will contract with one another is through the “I” Declaration.

The “I” Declaration is a private contract representing an energetic contract between two or more parties. Using transparency, self-responsibility and personal liability, the parties themselves determine the value being exchanged AND the jurisdiction upholding the contract.

By using the basic “I” Declaration and any amendments designed to your choosing, the One People are implementing a heart-based system of collaboration between embodiments that assures not just the well-being of parties involved but for the greater good of all.

Click here for the Word Doc version of the I Declaration Template

Click here for a direct download pdf version of the I Declaration Template

1Energy In-change contract
The above photo is the pdf version and I notice the typing error at the bottom where the left side “Name of first party” and then to the right the correction should be made for a “Name of second party”.
Please address your questions by visiting the website:


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “BREAKING Global Dialogue: Value Exchange
  1. RonMamita says:

    Some key questions and concepts from this global dialogue:

    “How, Heather, can you transfer energy” directly?
    Please share this skill and knowledge.

    Heather is not attempting to destroy but rather to create.
    By sharing knowledge and her true value, transacting transparently, with full disclosure to fund services that benefit the People of Earth.

    The basic tools: your awareness, with ability to self govern, encrypted social media (such as project XIII or other privacy software tools) businesses and banks*

    Harvesting tools: Skype, Verizon, AT&T, Facebook, google, youtube, etc.
    They sell your data for profit!

    Caleb to release project XIII, Heather will create her account and her declaration of value, then choose to make a full transparent declaration and agreement with a business (i.e. bank) for an amount of value (i.e. 100,000 units as capital/currency) as a test case.

    Will the high profile bank reject her offer and thus invalidate the global financial system for all the People of Earth to witness?

    Or will a bold business accept this value and usher in a Era of global freedom, enlightenment and transparency?

    We, the People of Earth, are exercising our freedom, watching and doing.


  2. […] is part of the ongoing Global Dialogue, helpful earlier posts here: BREAKING Global Dialogue: Value Exchange FALSE Logos Governments Manage Human Resources as Corporate Slave-Farms THE ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC […]


  3. RonMamita says:

    From Facebook:

    This group will be used to discuss organization within the one people regarding shifting banking value exchange from the old paradigm to the new paradigm. Also use this group to report how your shifting the banking experience went. Please refer to the event group for details about when the one people will go to banks in mass numbers.

    For The One People who want to meet up in groups and go to the banks. We are shifting the banks back to the peoples real and true value. Date To Be announced based on when the documents are released. Please use this group to connect with people in your area and organize how to respectfully and lovingly spread the word and to utilize the peoples real and true value.


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