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I am not a new-age man, and when talking to a new-age person he or she may have enjoyed our discussions and may have called me a spiritual or a metaphysical or a philosophical man, and that is fine.
In our talks I have never heard them explain in definitive terms what is multidimensional, 4D, 5D, etc.
The failed attempts I have witnessed to define the concept were all similar to this:

“From that higher perspective, the universe is multidimensional, with life in many dimensions simultaneously. The important dimensions for us right now are called 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Earth is a 3rd dimension planet, 3D. It is a relatively young, duality planet, meaning that there is good and bad from a relative truth perspective. Earth is also quite low, in both spiritual and technological evolution, but the shift we are experiencing now, is giving all inhabitants on Earth a chance to undergo a quantum shift in evolution, shifting into 4th dimension, 4D…”

With a lone exception of a discussion that “time” is a dimension. Time is simply a concept of intervals and again a useful tool within the 3D concept for accuracy in measure…

I do not use this term (multidimensional) because it has contradictions in usage…
Reality exists and reality is the WHOLE.
We may only be aware of a small realm, as in limited location and limited perceptions… However to begin a discussion by assuming that there are many realities (instead of thinking that there are many limited perceptions, and limited viewpoints of reality.) one can make up any false belief and fail to make any useful sense to build upon.
The very basic core is the limitations of symbols. (I often contemplate the possibility to develop richer communication skills such as empathy as in ESP/telepathy; read: )
Language is the use of symbols to communicate and transfer, in a limited way, experiences as information. When we engineer we use symbols to precisely measure and design then assemble to craft a object such as a very comfortable chair instead of suffering a hard rock to sit upon, or to construct a very sound bridge as opposed to a unsound bridge that will fail and cause harm to travelers.
Thus new symbols are defined with specific or precise meanings to lessen the confusion factors and remove errors in replicating the crafted design.
Three dimensional (3D) is such a symbolic representation of reality. It is limited but it is precise for useful and meaningful work.
With it you can measure precisely and locate accurately with the developed tools of measure.
To begin using undefined terms about non-3d without defining it is fruitless and pointless in that it is undefined and rotten with misinterpretations and different meanings for each person.
It becomes nonsensical or at best fantasy.

At the Core:
The concept of 3D is NATURAL and UNIVERSAL as in WHOLE-NESS, ALL-NESS, and holistic.
3D encompasses consciousness, spirituality, clouds, celestials, energy, nano-scales, atomic scales, sub-atomic scales, and galactic scales, intervals of frequencies or any scale you choose to examine.
Yes, we can focus our attention and consciousness inward and to the micro-scale or to the energy and aura of our essence and accept this is another experience of reality.
With this knowledge why would you  attempt to work in an ill-rational concept, non-referential, and non-experiential symbolic realm and call it 4D or 5D?
In reality there is ample ability to research and discover the hidden, the invisible, the far, the near, the great macro, and the great micro without resorting to undefined 5D and multidimensions.
I encourage creativity and at the very minimum if you want to invent new terminology then please do the necessary work to define it, or admit it is “techno-babble” for fantasy and entertainment use only.

Annual Event: Global Love and Peace Day - May 1st

Annual Event: Global Love and Peace Day – May 1st

Final thoughts.
Some things may be difficult to perceive and measure but that is an opportunity to challenge our creativity and innovation; to grow and learn; to develop and evolve new skills and abilities in reality.
I can conceive of LIFE in all locations of reality, which we call The Universe.
Life existing in the stars (suns), life on other planets, microscopic life, nanoscopic life, sub-atomic life, energetic life (lower/higher frequency), vaporous life, liquid life, gaseous life, inorganic life, and even stellar size life (life forms larger than planets or star systems). These are all within the 3D concept of scales of measure. No need to use non-defined terminology to talk about them.
To correctly use the term “dimension” in this regard we can consider scales of measure as in nano-scale, or microscopic, or galactic scale, or intervals of frequency to research and talk about exotic or new discoveries of life outside of common experiences. Indeed the possibilities of these exotic lifeforms are very intriguing when discussed in known and well defined terms to explore the unknown and the possibilities of reality.

Art and engineering are very useful in this regard to perceive, design, and create.
Some people may refer to this as using both hemispheres of the brain, while other people refer to it as heart and reasoning. Perhaps it is all of the above, and certainly we the People of Earth want to remove limitations to advance our consciousness and awareness, as well as increase prosperity globally.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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8 comments on “Art, Engineering, and Research
  1. Cheryll Ann says:

    Fantastic perception. I do use Multi-dimensional but I refer to it as one. When I talk about self there are many intertwining realities happening within us and about us but it is all us. One being. What is on the micro is on the macro. I love the concept that there is no hierarchy, no separation of dimensions. They are different with purpose but they are of the one.


  2. Sex, Ecology, Spirituality is a book of a similar wave, Ken Wilber is his name. Talks a lot about “holons” and parts of holons, that being whole’s. First chapter focuses on hierarchies and those kinds of systems, which reminds me, I should finish that book…


    • RonMamita says:

      Hmm… Ken Wilber is characterized as “greatest philosopher and greatest theoretical psychologist of all time.” For his “Integral Theory”.
      That alone, for me, rings alarm bells…

      “If ordinary people don’t perceive that our grand ideas are working in their lives then they can’t develop the higher level of consciousness, to use a term that American philosopher Ken Wilber wrote a whole book about. He said, you know, the problem is the world needs to be more integrated, but it requires a consciousness that’s way up here, and an ability to see beyond the differences among us.” -President Bill Clinton

      I do not wish to take the time to list all research about all the issues about the Integral Institute, the integral vision, the Integral Life team, and the progress of the integral movement.
      Suffice it to say that I am concerned that it maybe part of a well funded, collectivist agenda to manipulate the populous…

      Of course all things are interconnected, and this is a ancient observation and not a new philosophical observation…
      Holons form the basis of Wilber’s model of “manifest reality”:
      “a letter is a self-existing entity and simultaneously an integral part of a word” (duh…)
      What gives me the greatest pause when viewing any claims of “theory of everything” or “integral vision” is the often left out and missing asymmetrical phenomena of self-organizing phenomena. Also what mainstream research (science) fail to recognize is the falseness of their assumptions (negative and positives are actually relational interactions… example: two people standing side by side (horizontally) turning a shaft clockwise will amplify but if they face each other the same turns will be seen as one rotating the shaft counterclockwise and the other rotating clockwise and will be an opposing force to decrease amplitude in this sense we observe negative and positive forces…).

      Oh my, I feel myself starting to get deeper into the nuances and rather verbose.
      My apologies, and perhaps we can have a discussion about nature in a setting that is convenient for us both.
      My main observation is not for the People on Earth to be more integrated but to be more self-empowered, more awareness, greater perceptive abilities, and in full agreement with nurturing personal sovereignty. Ha! This calls for more transparency, full disclosures, more knowledge sharing, more diversity, more decentralization and more agreement/alignment with nature.
      Some people will erroneously think these are incompatible with each other; it appears to be incompatible with the collectivist/institutional/globalists agenda.


      • “My main observation is not for the People on Earth to be more integrated but to be more self-empowered, more awareness, greater perceptive abilities, and in full agreement with nurturing personal sovereignty.”

        I agree and reside in that space myself. The whole is stronger if the parts of the whole are stronger individually… personal independence/ sovereignty is most important. Don’t tread on me!

        Collectivism is part of the problem we are facing and fighting against.


  3. RonMamita says:

    This morning I awoke with the concept for the 4th dimension!
    In a word it is DENSITY.
    The most often used tool for measuring density is the Specific Gravity hydrometer.
    Specific Gravity hydrometer

    Intuitively I am encouraged to search for other means and methods (perhaps frequency, wave lengths, will be more accurate and useful)…
    I look forward to the people on Earth developing better tools and devices to measure and observe densities. With the 3d modeling replaced with the 4d model our awareness and advancing technology should leap forward.


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