Sadness: The Illusionists Casting Spells

I recognize the choice to “go along to get along” and the desire to not “rock the boat”
and wanting “to be accepted”…
Some people keep their beliefs from childhood learned behavior, to senior age mortality, and never re-examined their early childhood training to amend their beliefs and perspectives of reality.
I also recognize that some people are intentionally deceiving themselves and others for a paycheck, for a lifestyle, for prestige, for a job, or out of fear of the consequences to revealing the truth. These people are conscious of the deception, but all of these people may share some common concerns:

  • There are concerns about safety & the well-being of their family
  • There are non-disclosure clause agreements,
  • copyright laws,
  • intellectual property rights,
  • fines and penalties
  • corporate attorneys prepared to sue,
  • there are government officials prepared to use all the authority of their office to bury you if you rock their boat.

Isn’t that a sorrowful state?
A state mired in illusion and deception; devoid of empowerment, devoid of freedom and truth.
Is it any wonder that we are witnessing failures as the institutional system crash under its own greed, criminality and false beliefs with an elite cast of illusionists at the helm putting on their judicial, political and financial acts.


Who are the people infringing on your Freedom?
Are representatives, officials, agents and agencies ignoring your right to privacy, to travel, to heal with herbs, foods and alternative modalities?
Who are the people intentionally obfuscating the introduction of manufactured toxins into your food and living environment?
Isn’t it time for your personal Freedom and empowerment?

I am now aware that there are more people who KNOW that institutions are not serving the interest of the people.
While corporate controlled media drowns these facts with entertainment and massive repetition of officials and authorities to prop up the evaporating illusions by broad-casting more spells that institutions are doing the good things and representing your best interests.
Another illusion is of group unity:

  • the “National Interests” ARE YOUR INTERESTS,
  • we all are “proud patriots“, pledge allegiance and raise the flag
  • “we all honor freedom, justice and our governments”.

When you have no Corporate owned or controlled TV/Radio/Press media in front of you then you are more likely to hear and see convincing research reports and analysis of a currency war, dying dollar, market manipulation, toxic debt, strong arm tactics of coercion, more tactics and schemes to legalize institutional criminal activities, new plans to steal assets from the populous, and re-alignments of nations with increasing strategic interests conflicts, increasing war campaigns, increasing war games, increasing surveillance, increasing arms sales, paid mercenaries, propaganda and lies.
If each person exercised their personal freedom would this unstable and destructive hierarchical structured global system of nation states exist?

Soon: Market Collapse & dollar re-evaluation

Investors, fund managers, economists and bankers have admitted:

– I do not know what will happen with the markets and the dollar, but I am not ignoring these voices sharing data with reasoned warnings about a unstable and unjust global financial system.
Institutional leadership is destructive and infringes upon personal rights, freedom and liberty.

Yes, when one look and question the illusion of the system within the old paradigm of the Governors and the governed, the leaders and the misled, the wealthy and the poor; we see the sadness.
It need not be this way…

However, we need not focus on that system but rather place our focus on what we want to create and co-create.
Each of us can only control the self, and embrace the ability to govern self as the true self governor.
Reclaim your free-will and exercise your freedom.

Then we laugh in joy as you see humor in the silly concept of thinking that a institution can govern and control you.
Simply examine the evidence of how poorly the institutions have governed thus far, and try not to laugh!

A Politician’s Promise is illusory

Listen to this:

Good read:


The Leaderless Evolution


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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