Ourstory: Collections of …


(this is a imaginative collection of possibilities)


His-story was a ancient script that parallels the followers of Mammon
The story of control, empires, wealth, riches, greed, slavery, and wars.
His-story is a drama story, framed as a human tragedy!
Mass-illusions and delusions with dogmas and traditions at the hand of cultural and social engineers as the manipulators…
The secretive, hidden manipulators want total control.
The manipulators destroy all who will not yield to their domination.
Simply summarized as the pyramid of hierarchical control.
At the conclusion of each great volume from the massive competition there would emerge one great house and family of heirs victorious and in control.
We have read volumes about the Divine religious control with the mandate from heaven, the Military rule with great generals and emperors, and now we witness the current volume of the Merchants as sorcerers of great wealth and commercial law.
To usher in the corporate governance structure for planet Earth with a universal commercial code.
The commercialization of space with “Interstellar Commerce”, “Space Tourism” and “Asteroid Mining” being planned today.
1 UFO Over Earth Corp

Airline offering suborbital spaceflights with a new version of SpaceShipOne. Provides description of flights, the vehicle and offers bookings – http://www.virgingalactic.com

How PayPal plans to conquer extraterrestrial commerce

Date : October, 2007 http://www.travelex.co.uk/press/ENG/DOC_QUID_10042007.asp

Earth Inc.

One planetary conglomerate corporation to enter the Galactic Market among the other planets.
Earth Corp. has galactic plans…

Not going to happen!
The script has been rejected by the People of Earth!

The People of Earth are writing alternate scripts at this moment.
And none of the alternative scripts include a story of Human Tragedy.
The People are going OFF SCRIPT and entering the joy of IMPROV.
Freedom, War and Debt Bondage must be addressed.
The Global Dialogue has intensified and the emergence of Ourstory is being shared.
You are invited to imagine the universe of WHAT IF.
The adventure continues with the blazing “Sword of Truth” and the exploration of possibilities…

1000s argentine_protest
BUS ride demonstration
Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina:
Marines have orders to ship out…

2nd Marine Division Orders was read and filed away,
Captain David “DD” Dudley turned around to his wife, but before he could speak she said:
Where you off to this Time!
How long before you deploy!
Wait now Sara. I leave in 2 weeks and the destination is not mentioned…
WHAT! You know DAMN well were it is going! To the war zone! Other wise you would know and it would have not been kept secret!
You are probably right Sara, but lets not fight each other over it, OK?
Sara began to cry and sobbing she hugged, clinging on to David
Sara made up her mind as more tears fell faster and faster.
The wives club had been talking and emailing about this possibility for weeks now and this means talk is over and …

Hunter Army Airfield demonstration
Army Airborne Rangers has orders to ship out…
Company Foxtrot:
Joseph felt uneasy in the Georgia humidity, these new orders for war operations was not popular. What a understatement!
Not popular – more accurately to say had little to no support at all for a war based on documented lies and unlawfulness.
Two weeks ago family members were requesting he object and make a public refusal to obey unlawful orders.
Many friends had taken the early discharge compensation, and his other remaining friends are in court fighting the orders on legal grounds.
Why haven’t I made up my mind, is it because I had foolishly voted for this President? Laughing at himself, he quickly realized the folly of his thoughts, for there are no politicians worthy of a vote. The entire political system is a farce where all political parties are owned by the money cartels for Globalization.
The rumors for military unified dissent had sounded so convincing but nothing has come of it. Well, not yet anyway. He shouldered his Duffel Bag and headed toward the buses…

Joseph, once again, had the returning unease tingle up the base of his scalp as he tossed his duffel bag into the baggage compartment underneath the bus. Memory of the morning news feeds returned, showing hundreds of good people outside the gates to the military base protesting the war. Perhaps it is not accurate to call them protestors, thought Joseph, as the good people stood peacefully and silently – stilled as a statue – in the street with signs that read: “Stay home we need you here“; “The enemy is giving the orders“; “unlawful orders must be disobeyed“, and “you are welcome to stay with us under political asylum“. Now however, Joseph recalled seeing an obscured sign that read: “Any fool can walk in the light, but it takes real courage to face the darkness and…”
hmm, what would have been the final words to that sign?
He thought about it and the answer was immediate. “It takes real courage to face the darkness and shine your own light!
His legs felt heavy as he boarded the bus and the caravan of buses made way to the runway.

Loud sirens of military police jeeps sped past the buses.
The buses all pulled over to the side of the road as more military police jeeps sped past.
The driver and passengers in the front were shouting its “the WIVES!
The wives are blockading the road!”
Joseph could not hold back the tears.
He thought to himself this is the sign for him to act. Whereas, he had been impatiently waiting for his fellow officers to draw ranks and procedures the wives just simply stepped in without delay and procedure and acted promptly and decisively.
He stood up a spoke loudly:
Listen up you grunts.
Our families have spoken since dawn and they are risking their freedom for us and for our families.
This is not the time to remain silent and obedient.
It is our duty to disobey unlawful orders.
Our oath made clear the possibility of threat by forces within the nation.
Will you keep your oath that was sworn with honor?
I am stepping off this bus to honor my oath to protect the people and their Freedom!”

– A beginning.

[REMINDER: this is a imaginative and creative discussion of possibilities based on factual events and policies.
I invite you to exercise your creativity and ask: WHAT IF
People can implement alternatives without waiting for institutions to assist]



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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41 comments on “Ourstory: Collections of …
  1. Chris Thomas says:

    Hey there, you’re an idealist and it gives me hope to see that there are people like you around here. Hope you are doing fine, keep up the great work!
    Have a great day & may the force be with you,
    P.S.: Thank you very much for the soldier story, it inspired me to write the lyrics “Vote for life”. Looking forward to the next band rehearsal when putting them into practice 🙂


  2. RonMamita says:

    Hello Chris,
    thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I would like to hear your song “Vote for Life”, perhaps one of your practice sessions could be uploaded onto the internet?
    Also, I am curios about the word “Vote” in your lyrics. The word “Vote” implies institutions granting permission “for life”.

    Labels put people in a small (mental) box of limitations and allows for narrow conflicts and attacks to be hurled at a targeted side of that box (as a doctrine) which now become the person…
    I do not label myself as an “idealist” nor “realist”.
    I see what most people refuse to look at, namely I see the mechanisms of enslavement on Earth.
    This awareness and perspective is much more than “idealism”.

    idealist –
    1. One whose conduct is influenced by ideals that often conflict with practical considerations.
    2. One who is unrealistic and impractical; a visionary.
    3. An artist or writer whose work is imbued with idealism.
    4. An adherent of any system of philosophical idealism.

    1. a person who cherishes or pursues high or noble principles, purposes, or goals.
    2. a visionary or impractical person.
    3. a person who represents things as they might or should be rather than as they are.
    4. artist who treats subjects imaginatively.
    5. an adherent of the doctrines of idealism.
    6. idealistic.

    My wish is you find this helpful.


    • Chris Thomas says:

      Hey Ron,
      I will tell you when we recorded the song and uploaded it. As a little teaser, I can show you already the lyrics of the chorus:

      “i want you to stay
      your wife cries not hiding her tears
      she knows she could lose you
      that’s all that she fears
      Damn she got a right
      and you got a right
      to reject the honour
      and vote for life!”

      So what do you think about it?

      Thank you very much for your information about idealism. I think one of our problems is that we treat someone like you as an idealist even if you just try not to close your eyes and think about what you see for a better world. Or just a world our children will still be able to live in.
      Thank you for being an observer, thinker and advocate for change!
      Have a great day & may the force be with you,


      • RonMamita says:

        Hi Chris,
        Your English is excellent (is English your 2nd or 3rd language?), and I was concerned that my message would fail to reach you but I am glad that you comprehend the limits of language and in particular the additional limits inherent in the use of labels such as “idealist”.
        Often I observe people clothing themselves in white as mental constructs of “GOODNESS” and “PURITY” while other people wear dark mental clothing portraying “evil” or “badness” and they fail to see the many other colors as alternatives, diversity, creativity, and possibilities…
        There are more than two (2) parts and simultaneously there is always ONE, as in the WHOLE.
        We may not comprehend the whole and thus we see part(s) of the whole, and I strive to see more prior to returning to the whole.
        Each man and woman can embrace the skill to self-govern, respect and honor freedom with the abundant diversity that manifests.

        I feel the emotions from the words, as an emotional roller-coaster ride.
        My question is what is your emotional intent with the song?
        Do you want others to feel anger, fear, sadness, joy, or all those emotions?
        the words I felt strongly were:
        “fears” as fear, “Damn” as anger, “reject” as pain or sorrow, “and vote for life!” as confusion.
        The word “vote” sticks out of place for me because it formally dis-empowers. If you have to vote then you are relying on others and you become weaker and dependent.
        Everyone can “live” their life, “defend” their life, “share” their life, and “sacrifice” their life, but I do not understand why you would choose to “vote for life”.
        Not sure what you want to convey to the listeners thus I can’t make any suggestion.
        Allow me to share my perspective where I can see someone with an emotional decision such as: I stand for life; defend life; sacrifice life; embrace life; or speak for life.
        Is it about the personal “choice” and choosing to live?

        I would like your thoughts and if you can share a audio clip on the internet would be welcomed and appreciated.
        Have FUN and then SHARE some 🙂


        • Chris Thomas says:

          Hey Ron,
          Thank you, English is my third language but I guess my French (2nd language) is hardly equally good. I agree with you that we are all related to each other and that we are part of something bigger. People like to focus on things they believe to understand and things that they already heard about. This is not a bad thing, it only becomes a bad thing if people refuse to believe that there is more than the things they understand. But I always try to ask people when I believe they do so.

          It is a song that would have made the soldier in your blog entry stand up a lot faster if he had listened to it. So I want to create the emotions to understand the consequences of leaving for war and call people to stand up for life. Does “stand up for life” make more sense? I guess I meant “vote” in the sense of “choose” but I don’t like the word “choose” in this place. I guess “stand up” would be great if it makes sense to you? I have a some lyrics after the following verse (amongst others, want to keep a little bit of excitement for listening to the audio version…) “(stand up for change) for your fam’ly for the people for the future the future the future
          our future our love our life for change! (stand up for
          Thank you very much for your feedback and I am already looking forward to share the recordings with you even if that may take still some time.
          Have a great day & may the force be with you,


  3. RonMamita says:

    “Stand up” has a powerful cultural meaning for Americans perhaps other societies as well. I can easily comprehend the meaning without confusion and a call to “stand up for Life” works fine.
    Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to hearing a sample whenever you are ready to share.


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  8. RonMamita says:

    Mark Passio – Scarcity To Abundance

    Why Tesla Matters Memorial Conference, hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation on January 6, 2013.
    Mark spoke about the main reasons why humanity has not manifested Free Energy technology in any way that is open and beneficial to our species.

    Recorded and edited by Tim Smith of Signs Of The Time Media.


  9. RonMamita says:

    Mark Passio – Everything I Neeeded To Know In Life, I Learned By Watching The Wizard Of Oz

    Posted Sep 26, 2012

    Mark examines the Occult symbolism contained in the classic allegorical film The Wizard Of Oz.

    Recorded January 16, 2011 at Germ Books, Philadelphia, PA.


  10. RonMamita says:

    Where there is no VISION the People Perish

    Jordan Maxwell Raw & Uncut 2014 Intellihub News Exclusive
    Know the DECEPTION and His-story (history) is deception…
    WHO is running this planet and what are they doing to the humans?
    A Very BIG Story To Be Told!


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