New Trend? Droves of People have exited the Central Banker’s Rigged Markets

I am not clear on the causes, as all markets are Rigged like a casino but only more so as the state surveillance knows all hands and bets before they are placed, and has the tech. ability to make millions of transactions in nanoseconds! But I am aware of many calls by owners of businesses in the markets have closed their businesses and warned clients and the public. ~ Ron

Aug 28, 2013
US equity trading volume in August of 2013 is the lowest on average in 16 years… and all-time highs, middle-east war, taper, weak macro, housing un-recovery, German elections, Asian FX crisis will do little to improve that risk-appetite for the retiring boomer army.

August US Equity Trading Volume Plunges To Lowest In 16 Years


Catherine Austin Fitts & Max Keiser Aug 22 2013

Max talks to former government official, Catherine Austin Fitts of about extricating yourself from the tapeworm economy.


If last night the year 1993 was notable for India, as the Rupee had its largest plunge since March of that year two decades ago, today 1993 is just as memorable for CNBC. The reason: according to the latest Nielsen data, in July the financial network’s prime (25-54 demographic) viewership just tumbled to a fresh 20 year low of just 37,000, the lowest since, you guessed it, March of 1993. Why is this a problem? Considering CNBC came on air in its current post-FNN incarnation in 1991, the core viewership is now about as low as it has ever been for the struggling broadcaster which as recently as 2007 was ranked as the 19th most valuable cable channel in the US.  Now: not so much.

Total viewership fared a little bit better: it too plunged last month dropping to just 128,000, but that was the lowest in “only” just under a decade, or since September 2004. At the current pace of viewership declines, however, the 2004 low of 118,000 will also likely be taken out quite soon.

Finally, CNBC’s Fast Money (-32% Y/Y), Mad Money (-42% Y/Y) and Kudlow (-52% Y/Y) all had all time low ratings in the “all viewers” category in August 2013.

Is the exodus from CNBC an issue of content credibility, or just retail revulsion to manipulated, centrally-planned markets, or even simpler, just not enough disposable income to daytrade, we will leave the $64,000 answer to CNBC’s proud new owners.

Source: Nielsen Media Research


FED Turning Us Into SERFS: Gregory Mannarino & Jason Burack


Ann Barnhardt

founder of the former Barnhard Capital Management, Barnhardt exposes the blatant fraud in US financial markets, the recent IRS scandal, the financial enslavement of the American people, and more.


From Jim Sinclair via email alert to subscribers:

What does “Get Out of The System (GOTS)” mean to you?
One things is as certain as Death and Taxes, You “GOTS” to go. Inertia and long term mulling over could cost you blockage of up to 83% of your assets.
The first 6 GOTS you must do.
What I strongly wish you do is free your assets from the balance sheets of the entity with which you are dealing in the entire Western world financial system, without exceptions. The official written evidence is overwhelming that in a systemic crisis of size depositors as unsecured creditors of a bank or broker by the simple act of having an account are lenders to that institution. In fact of law, the depositor, you, are very junior lenders as they are unsecured. You need to consider yourself as an informed Cypriot knowing that bail-in was coming a few months before it occurred. What would you do? My feeling is you would have done a lot more than just the thinking about it that you are doing now.”

(Non-paper investments)


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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4 comments on “New Trend? Droves of People have exited the Central Banker’s Rigged Markets
  1. RonMamita says:

    Insiders DUMPING Monsanto stock – Including Own Executives


  2. Reblogged this on Spartan of Truth and commented:
    thanks Ron….


    • RonMamita says:

      I note that you have posted evidence of this trend as more people withdraw their assets from the belly of the beast. I am pleased to read your (as well as so many others) efforts.
      More People are withdrawing their support of the beast:

      Investors pull $2 billion out of emerging market bond funds

      Fri, Aug 30 2013

      By Sam Forgione

      NEW YORK (Reuters) – Investors worldwide pulled $2 billion out of emerging market debt funds in the latest week, the 14th straight week of outflows and the biggest withdrawals since June, a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research report said on Friday.

      Uncertainty about whether the United States will conduct military action against Syria hit emerging market assets in the week, ended August 28. Those assets had already been hit by an expected reduction in the U.S. Federal Reserve’s economic stimulus program.

      Bond funds worldwide had outflows of $7.2 billion in the latest week, the fifth straight week of outflows and little changed from withdrawals of $7.4 billion in the previous week.

      Outflows from bond funds were largely unchanged even as the yield on benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury notes fell from a two-year high of nearly 2.9 percent on August 21.

      Funds that hold government securities, which mainly hold U.S. Treasuries, had outflows of $1.9 billion, the eighth straight week of withdrawals.

      Funds that hold Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, or TIPS, had outflows of $300 million, the 20th straight week of outflows, according to the report, which also cited data from fund-tracker EPFR Global.

      Investors remained wary of riskier high-yield junk bond funds and withdrew $900 million from the funds, following withdrawals in the prior week of $2.7 billion, the biggest outflows since late June.

      U.S. stock funds had $3.1 billion in outflows, compared with withdrawals in the prior week of $14.3 billion, the highest since June 2008. All stock funds worldwide had outflows of $4.8 billion, with $4 billion of that total being pulled out of exchange-traded funds.

      The benchmark S&P 500 index fell 0.5 percent in the latest week as concerns over a possible U.S.-led military strike on Syria hit world stock markets.

      Like their bond counterparts, emerging market stock funds had big outflows of $4 billion in the latest week, the largest withdrawals in nine weeks. The MSCI world equity index fell 0.74 percent over the reporting period.

      Investors put $1.3 billion into funds that hold European stocks in the latest week, the ninth straight week of inflows into the funds, even as the FTSEurofirst index of top European shares fell 0.76 percent.

      Japanese stock funds had small inflows of $200 million, reversing outflows of $300 million in the previous week. Japan’s Nikkei average dropped 0.64 percent in the latest week.

      Investors put $500 million into commodities funds, which mainly invest in physical gold, the biggest inflows in 31 weeks.

      Gold hit a 3-1/2 month peak above $1,430 an ounce on August 28 as investors sought safety amid concerns over Syria.

      (Reporting by Sam Forgione; Editing by John Wallace)


  3. RonMamita says:

    The World’s Biggest Mutual Fund Takes a $41 Billion Hit

    By Nick Summers September 05, 2013

    With investors anticipating the end of the Federal Reserve’s stimulus program, the biggest mutual fund in the world, Pimco’s Total Return Fund, took a $41 billion hit over the past four months after losses and withdrawals, according to Morningstar.

    The $292 billion fund has shrunk to $251 billion, a reduction of 14 percent, since May, the month that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress that the central bank’s $85 billion in monthly asset purchases could begin to wind down toward the end of the year. The Federal Open Market Committee’s next meeting is set for Sept. 17 and 18.

    Launched in 1987 by “Bond King” Bill Gross, Pimco’s Total Return Fund has been a reliable standout—beating an average of 75 percent of its peers in each year of the past decade. So far this year, however, 87 percent of similar funds have better returns.

    Broad bond indexes have declined this year on speculation that the Fed’s easy-money policies, known as quantitative easing, will begin to tighten. Bond prices fall when yields rise, and yields on 10-year U.S. Treasuries have climbed to 2.97 percent from 1.76 percent at the start of the year.

    Gross wrote about what feels like an especially uncertain investing outlook on Pimco’s website today, after a digression on Cracker Jacks and baseball. With many investors considering shifting bond money into stocks in what may or may not be a “Great Rotation,” Gross cast doubt on equities as an asset class. “I don’t know,” he wrote. “When the Fed stops the QE game, it seems that stocks might be at risk. After all, haven’t they more than doubled in price since 2009 in part because of it?” He added: “Grab for the prize at Jack’s bottom if you will, but the safer and perhaps most rewarding treat lies at the top with those front-end yields and inflation-protected securities based on our evolving age of central bank ‘forward guidance.’”



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