Global Spotlights On Distrct of Corruption (Wash DC)


      • Public Ransom, aka “government shutdown”.
        The so-called “government shutdown” isn’t really a government shutdown at all. It’s a public services shutdown. Food aid to needy families will stop. Over one thousand food safety and inspection workers will not go to work. Veterans looking to apply for benefits will face serious delays…
        “One of the most high-profile effects of the shutdown has been the closure of National Parks, monuments and memorials.
        Much attention has been paid to the shuttering of the World War II Memorial and other landmarks is because groups of veterans have stormed these spots anyway. A group of World War II veterans visited the memorial to that war on Tuesday, bypassing the barriers; the same day, Korean War veterans moved the barricades at the Korean War Veterans Memorial to lay a wreath. The scene repeated itself on Wednesday, with another group of veterans (again accompanied by members of Congress) entering the grounds of the World War II Memorial.” –washingtonpost
      • No more free lunch for furloughed workers.
        Citing “overwhelming crowds,” Z-Burger owner Peter Tabibian said in a news release that the program would end on Thursday — four days into the partial government shutdown which has left some 800,000 employees on unpaid leave. –Huffington Post
      • Many Important government service internet webpages have stopped responding to public access:
      • The U.S. Postal Service on Monday defaulted yet again on a prepayment for the healthcare of its future retirees as its finances remain in the red and legislative reform remains elusive. –Reuters
      • Mother shot and killed by Police.
        Report states she attempted to ram the Capitol Hill barricades with 1 year old baby in backseat.
      • Gensler to Step Down as CFTC Chairman.

        The WSJ is reporting that Goldmanite Gary Gensler has declined an invitation from President Obama to serve a second term as CFTC Chairman, and will leave the CFTC by the end of the year.
        Apparently Goldman no longer needs their man at the CFTC now that the agency’s 5 year “investigation” into silver market manipulation has been put to rest. This follows Tuesday’s news that the CFTC’s head of enforcement David Meister (who has followed Gary Gensler step by step like a baby rat throughout his career) will step down as early as Tuesday…
        We suspect Mr. Gensler won’t have to put forth any effort searching for a new gig, as his successful handling of the silver manipulation incident for his bankster employers has no doubt kept him in line for a much more prominent and rewarding position. –

      • But the police and surveillance state funds are uninterrupted!
        Shamelessly Department of Homeland Security expedited purchases and delivery of 2800 MRAP vehicles at a cost of $1.68 Billion dollars delivery by October 1st.
      • Man sets himself on Fire Near White House.

        A fire official says a man has been flown to the hospital after setting himself on fire on the National Mall.
        Fire crews responded Friday afternoon to a report of a man on fire at 7th and Madison streets. A witness says she saw a man dump a red canister of gasoline on his head and then set himself on fire.
        D.C. Fire Department spokesman Tim Wilson says the man has life-threatening injuries.
        His name and age weren’t immediately known. –



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3 comments on “Global Spotlights On Distrct of Corruption (Wash DC)
  1. RonMamita says:

    Presidential rhetoric


  2. RonMamita says:

    ‘Essential’ but unpaid National Weather Service employees insert secret message into nightly bulletin

    national weather service
    By Scott Kaufman
    Friday, October 4, 2013 20:09 EDT

    Someone at the National Weather Service’s Alaska bureau has a message for those who have shut down the government: “PLEASE PAY US.”

    As is evident from the image above — taken directly from the National Weather Service’s bulletin log — someone in the Anchorage office encoded the nightly weather forecast with their plea.

    Raw Story contacted the Anchorage office, but was told that “no one wanted to comment right now.”
    Although many National Weather Service employees are considered “essential” and are therefore exempted from the furloughs caused by the government shutdown.

    However, as Dan Sobien, present of the NWS Employee Organization told Popular Science, these “essential” employes aren’t being paid.

    “There’s no money to pay them,” he said. “Nobody knows when anyone’s going to get paid.”



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