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  • Professionals claim to know the government Debt ceiling WILL be raised, the only question is WHEN.
    The politicians are using this “shutdown” as leverage for special legislation to be enacted into policy enforcement.
  • Central planners are controlling a unstable economy by propping it up with computer generated virtual currency (see: Intentionally Engineering a Financial Crisis?), but risk financial collapse from:
    rising interest rates, rising oil prices, troubled emerging markets, a broader war (Middle East entanglements and maybe even World War), and social unrest.
  • USA Banks Stuffing ATMs With 20-30% More Cash In Case Of Panicked Withdrawals –ZeroHedge
  • Closer inspection of the Feds’ policy reveals the “main street” markets (the general public) are not getting any new currency!
    Yes, the banks are not circulating new dollars for People as they build their “reserves” and liquidity… This holds down the cause for run-away hyperinflation as the central planners inflate their market bubbles and continue the transfer of wealth into the hands of the bankers.
  • “Look at your cash… you won’t see any paper dollars of any denomination printed after 2009. The money the Fed is printing is strictly numbers in data entry.If everyone goes to get their money out of the bank or stock market, there isn’t enough cash to go around. Get cash into your hands, use some to buy precious metal, and keep cycling that cash, and keep a chunk of it in the house for use in case of a “bank holiday”. – Suzanne, Sept 4, 2013

Where Have All the (New) Dollars Gone?

Since Suzanne’s pointer to the scheme of circulating old FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes, aka dollars) only; many People have tried to disprove it, but no post 2009 FRNs  can be found.
I failed to find any post 2009 FRNs in my search, and I welcome you to the challenge.
Look at thousands of dollars to find a dollar in any denomination issued after the 2009 series.
WHY withhold dollars from the People as policy increases debts and liabilities on government’s balance sheets?
I can think of several reasons but the reason for my question is to reveal the fact that  the officials have not spoken about this to the public. The public must guess in the absence of transparency and trust.

I had a tingling sensation when consciously focusing on these facts that this is IMPORTANT.

The officials and central planners have kept some plans from the public and the devastating impact, when revealed, will be seen as more deception on the People of Earth once again.
The officials may not be capable of stopping their deceptive practices. Their secretive nature, possibly, is now ingrained to the point of no return.
I have heard several government officials use the idiotic phrase “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”.
In political practice this means that they will allow tinkering around the edges (you call this amendments and reforms) but never abolish this fundamentally flawed system. The central planners are willing to start a war to keep this flawed system of control.
As if we, the People of Earth, can not do better without this hierarchical system of control and secrecy.



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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