What Is The VIPer Plan?

blood-money_cartel-w1I have no respect for the deceitful, thugs known as central planners  wearing suits and ties.
They have a past of dishonor and continue to act fraudulently this very day.
Behind closed doors they use abusive and foul language, they threaten others, and they snort cocaine.
The 2008 financial crisis is a good example when the U.S. Congress said no to them for a bailout plan only to be swayed later for another vote and the flip-flop that produced TARP.

Later it was revealed that they were threatened with martial law, exchange markets collapse causing panic and bank holidays…

We have recordings of Irish banking threats to get huge sums of money that will never be repaid, again the foul language was on display. John Bowe, Anglo Irish’s executive in charge of “capital markets”, it is his voice that is heard on a particularly egregious tape from September 17, 2008 – two days after the fall of Lehman Brothers – that was made public where he verbally abused and threatened his way to an immediate bail out of 7 billion euros…

At Anglo Irish Bank Senior Executives of banks revealing themselves as simple thugs:
BOWE: “I can walk on land and water…Fun and Games, yeah. We went down to the regulator… basically kinda gave it to them between the eyes… Look what we need is 7 Billion Euros… We gave him a term sheet and we put a pro note facility together and we said that’s what we need. [that sobered ’em up quickly] why do you need that, whats happening? Jesus… Oh… Oh… you have certainly focused our minds.”
FITZGERALD: “Is that 7 billion euros a term?”
BOWE: This is 7 billion ‘BRIDGING… So it is BRIDGED until we can pay you back. WHICH IS NEVER. (Both laugh heartily). So under the terms that say repayment… we say NO… (more laughing)… Jesus that’s a lot of dosh… Jesus fucking hell and god… well do you know the central bank only has 14 Billion of total investments so that would be going up 20… Geez that would be seen. And how would we do that?! .. Jesus you’re kind of asking us to play ducks and drakes with the regulations. And we said: Yeah.”

Thus when I see a suit and tie Jamie Dimon or Jacob Lew or Ben Bernanke, or Janet L. Yellen or some other international financial VIP private club members such as Mark Carney and Mario Draghi talking, my intention is to discern their plot hidden behind their deceptive words.

Currency wars and inflation…


China does not want their currency to become the next reserve currency, but as a member in the VIP private club they surely support the implementation of a none U.S. Dollar reserve currency. An agreement may have been reached between the BIS, IMF, SCO, and BRICS or maybe it is being formalized with military interventions…
This means that the global financial collapse is engineered to occur and the resulting emergency will be used as the excuse to implement the new scheme in a Grandiose Summit (before or after a war).


As the coinage of Gold Bullion rises you notice the rise of slavery and empires…
Also notice that the collapse of one empire did not abolish the bondage of the people on Earth.

Another collapse is planned to merely perpetuate this fraudulent financial system and instead of Britain or the U.S. in the public leadership role it will be another central power touted as the leader for the global hegemony.
Enslaving the people on Earth still is their game.
They kill with impunity and are well armed for conflicts…

Only this time the People on Earth can see this game and their schemes.
Isn’t it time to End The Game?



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “What Is The VIPer Plan?
  1. RonMamita says:

    Most People Are Still Dangerously Unaware of Banking Disaster Ahead

    “Despite all the signs of a massive global banking default/disaster ahead, people in Western nations remain blissfully unaware and inexplicably are not preparing at all for massive shocks to the fiat currency system.”

    Do You Remember This From Mar 2013?

    Central Banks buying Gold at record amounts!


  2. RonMamita says:


    A Canadian Mayor that used crack cocaine and threatened to “kill that F-ing guy”!



  3. RonMamita says:

    Untrustworthy and Lying Politicians

    Here is yet another example, this time a Republican from Florida:

    Florida Republican Congressman Arrested For Cocaine

    Posted Nov 25, 2013
    Trey Radel has been arrested for possession of 3.5 grams of cocaine, and we discuss the legal options that likely await the freshman lawmaker, plus the acute hypocrisy involved in his harsh stance on drug laws.


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