$7 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Accuses Central Bank of Embezzling


Lawsuit in (Western District Missouri) U.S. District Court accuses the Federal Reserve (Central Bank) of “embezzling” $7 Trillion from the United States.



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5 comments on “$7 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Accuses Central Bank of Embezzling
  1. RonMamita says:

    Think the U.S. dollar is a Ponzi scheme? Here’s a unique solution

    November 18, 2013
    Hong Kong

    You’ve probably heard by now that there’s a politician in Russia trying to ban the dollar, calling it a Ponzi scheme.

    20 years ago this would have been considered blasphemous. 10 years ago it would have been laughed at. Today, it’s taken seriously. And with good reason.

    If you dive deep into the Federal Reserve’s balance sheets, you can see for yourself.

    Just like any other bank, the Federal Reserve has assets and liabilities. The difference between the two of these is the bank’s capital. And in general, the higher the capital, the stronger the bank.

    One way to measure a bank’s capital is as a percentage of its assets– higher is always better.

    You may recall, for example, that when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in 2008, the firm’s capital (or equity) was about 3% of its total assets.

    A year ago, the Fed was at 1.93%. By August of this year, its capital had fallen to 1.53%. Today it stands at just 1.42%. So the Fed’s balance sheet is clearly deteriorating quite rapidly.

    This is critical to understand… because the dollar is ultimately the Fed’s currency. The Fed has monopolistic control over the US money supply. So as the Fed deteriorates, so does the dollar.

    Take a look at that dollar in your pocket. It says ‘Federal Reserve Note’. ‘Note’ is just an accounting term for a liability. So by printing money, the Fed is really just creating more liabilities and eroding its balance sheet.

    As they do this, the Fed’s capital shrinks. This puts the Fed… and the dollar… in precarious financial condition.

    Now, when the dollar reaches its intrinsic value in British Thermal Units is anyone’s guess. Maybe it happens tomorrow. Or in the next decade. No one knows… And that’s why it’s important to find a solution that is suitable in either scenario.

    Here’s one option to consider: own the Hong Kong dollar.

    Fundamentally, the Hong Kong dollar is MUCH stronger than the US dollar. Hong Kong’s central bank is nearly 20-TIMES more capitalized than the Federal Reserve, and the Hong Kong government has a minimal debt level.

    But more importantly, the Hong Kong dollar is pegged (for now) to the US dollar. It trades at 7.80 Hong Kong dollars per US dollar, a very narrow band.

    This essentially eliminates currency risk. You can freely convert between Hong Kong and US dollars without taking a bath.

    And if the US dollar surges temporarily with respect to other currencies, the Hong Kong dollar will also do well.

    But should the US dollar collapse, then the Hong Kong Monetary Authority would simply de-peg from the US dollar… or at least revalue it.

    In other words, by holding Hong Kong dollars, you can capture the benefits of US dollar exposure while protecting against downside risks.

    There may be options at your local bank for holding Hong Kong dollars. But the best option is to go straight to the source– open a bank account in Asia, preferably Hong Kong or Singapore where you can own Hong Kong dollars directly.

    The banks are much better capitalized in this part of the world, and you would substantially reduce your counterparty risk by holding the funds directly.

    (Sovereign Man Confidential members: please refer to recent premium content for information about how to do this…)

    Source: http://www.sovereignman.com/finance/think-the-dollar-is-a-ponzi-scheme-heres-a-unique-solution-13197/


  2. OLDE REB says:


    I appreciate the posting of my suit in Kansas City.

    Is the pasted article detailing how the embezzlement progresses of interest ??

    It was initiated by a professor teaching a graduate course of Money and Banking. He had been employed by the FRBNY.

    Jim Carter
    A popular concept is that the government will “borrow” from the Federal Reserve for deficit spending. This involves giving a Treasury security (bill, bond, or note) to the Fed as collateral and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will credit an account of the government in the amount of the security. The government will then buy military goods, fund social programs, pay government salaries, etc. , with the book entry money.

    (NOTE: The Fed does not “print” the money as Mr. Bernanke recently informed Congress. The Fed buys the FR notes [those things that are in our billfolds] from the U.S. Treasury for the cost of printing, i,e., four to nine cents each. The Fed only makes book entry money.       Also note, the 12 incorporated FR Banks have been judicially declared to be privately owned. They are franchisees under regulatory and supervisory control of the BOG which is assuredly separately incorporated with unidentified Wall Street owners disguised as a government agency.)
    Voila !!   Additional (fiat) money has been injected into the economy of the Nation which, in the projection of Janet Yellen, may stabilize the economy. (Actually, it continues the exponential inflation of the bubble started in 1913 which is approaching rupture.)
    Observe the Fed holds the collateral. When the collateral matures, government must pay the Fed to redeem the security. The fiat money spent by government must be re-acquired and paid to the Fed. But the government has already spent the money and the bank account is zero.
    So the Fed can/did sell the collateral at the auctions of Treasury securities. If the funds went to the government, the Fed would essentially give up the security. Clearly, this does not happen.
    Also, if the funds went to the government, the money would by law be used to pay off the debt of the security that had been issued. This would negate any increase of the (national) debt. Further, it would eliminate any inflation from increased currency in circulation. Since the national debt consistently increases and inflation is prevenient, the funds from securities sold for deficit spending cannot go to the government.
    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has the exclusive responsibility of handling all accounting and funds for auctions of Treasury securities.  This fact has been confirmed from both government and Federal Reserve websites.  The funds from deficit spending securities sales go into the FRBNY  but they are not recorded as coming out. These accounts are not mentioned in the ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS nor are they dispensed in any public record

    All audits proceed in accord with guidelines established by the BOG. These accounts are identified as private checking accounts of the Primary Dealers and are not subject to audit nor are they reported to Congress.
    Receipts from the 2010 auctions totaled $8.4 trillion. $7 trillion was used to roll-over preexisting securities (without increasing the national debt) and $1.4 trillion was received from deficit spending as detailed above. That $1.4 trillion ($4 billion every day – 7/52) disappeared in the catacombs of the FRBNY. That is $4000 annually for every man, woman, and child in every state.

    The funds from security auctions involve transactions with the Primary Dealers. It is a simple matter to co-mingle funds from the auctions of roll-over security sales with deficit spending sales. The embezzled profit for owners of the BOG is concealed among those transactions. Privately held corporations, such as the BOG, are not required to make their records public. These FRBNY accounts have never been audited; they are considered the private bank records of a client (the BOG/owners). There is NO consideration put up by the BOG to receive this profit.
    Profit of the Fed/BOG legally belongs to the government. Concealment of funds belonging to the government is identified as embezzlement and is subject to one year incarceration per each count.

    And Congress is not empowered to audit these accounts ?? But then again, Congress is the most prosperous group of individuals in the United States. How do they prosper ? Well, they get campaign contributions from Wall Street firms, insider market tips, and other perks. Think they will investigate ?

    This writing is condensed from http://www.scribd.com/doc/101937790/Federal-Reserve-Heist and http://www.scribd.com/doc/48194264/rip-off-by-the-Federal-Reserve-revised.
    What do the owners of the Fed/ BOG do with the embezzled money?  
    http://patriotaction.net/forum/topics/funding-the-new-world-order ; or
    http://therebel.org/en/?option=com_content&view=article&id=667714:funding-the-new-world-order&catid=135:blog&Itemid=1326. ; or


    • RonMamita says:

      Happy greetings Jim,
      Truly a fantastic legal effort.
      Thank you for sharing, and thank you for being here!

      Over the years we have detailed how the banks control the national currency and account for BTUs with debt paper and other financial paper.
      The U.S. gov is not the only captured State, and captured it most certainly is.
      Campaign funds is but only one of many tools of capture and coercion, mass surveillance, pedophilia, cocaine addition, extortion and threats are among the list.

      Mass awakening is our objective as the grassroots problem solving will implement local solutions and creative commons freely shared for the People on Earth to transition to the next Age.

      Stop Feeding The Beast



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