War: The Trump Card

For slavery to exist obedience is mandatory =

When the global cabal play their trump card, can we expect the house of cards to collapse?
WWIII, the next world war, may be their plan as part of the justification for a global financial reset and a new “Bretton Woods” world monetary system.
However, the consciousness of the people may not accept the false flag operations, the political theatrics, the orders, and the mass media propaganda.
In the past, for slaves to obtain their freedom they had to disobey the government’s Legal system of control.
Disobeying orders is a Freedom Requirement.
Today the People may no longer support the justifications for war, yet never the less you can expect government to issue orders to the contrary…
1 Institutional Crime
Yes, likely a large number of mind controlled employees will follow orders from governments, however, a significant part of the population are aware of the hidden agendas and untrustworthy institutions’ activities.
The Sword of Truth is slaying the legal lies and deceptions to reveal the legal fiction that is written by gangs of politicians as orders, codes, statutes, and legislation.

wtc-7 PULL IT!
Professor William Black is a former financial regulator and an expert in white collar crime. According to Black, the financial system is headed for an even bigger collapse.
As a major warning sign, Professor Black points to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s recent complaint about no money for regulation in the recent budget deal.
Professor Black says, “Jack Lew is the anti-canary in the coal mine because Lew has been gutting regulation for virtually all of his professional life. . . . Lew is saying, my God we’ve gone so far we’re going to cause the collapse of the system. . . . You know when Jack Lew keels over, you know that carbon monoxide has already killed everybody reasonable.” Professor Black goes on to say, “The system is ungovernable . . . It has already largely imploded.”

Why Is A Gigantic War-Blimp About To Fly Above the Skies Of Suburban Baltimore?

One of the most disturbing and relentless trends over the past several years has been the redirection of war technology and equipment from the battlefield abroad toward domestic use in the USA. This has resulted in a militarization of police across the nation and has encouraged small towns to use Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grants to purchase ridiculous items such as tanks.

Sadly, it appears this trend is only accelerating. With billions of dollars already spent, and failed wars abroad, the military-industrial complex needs to continue to generate cash flow. May as well just use it against the American people.

READ MORE: zerohedge.com
Full article here.
In the videos below are some likely scenarios as the currency wars continue to unfold:

Global Crisis: Currency wars – Trade wars – Real wars


Currently regional military wars are ongoing where the military activities can be viewed as preparatory to broader wars:

Indonesia sends warships to patrol southern border

Sukhoi Su-27/30 Flankers are also ready to fly to the border if an Australian ship is detected in Indonesian waters

A Sukhoi Su-27/30 Flanker. Photograph: YouTube

Indonesian warships, including torpedo and missile craft, have been moved to its border with Australia following Australia’s admission last week that some of its vessels had inadvertently entered Indonesian waters.

The Indonesian navy’s chief spokesman, Commodore Untung Suropati, has confirmed a number of warships had moved towards the Australian border including frigates, fast torpedo craft (KCT), fast missile craft (KCR), corvettes and maritime patrol aircraft, the Jakarta Post reported.

READ MORE: theguardian.com

Deadly Bomb Blast Rocks Pakistan Military Compound

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A bomb exploded inside a vehicle at a Pakistani military compound in the country’s northwest on Sunday, killing at least 20 members of a paramilitary unit and wounding 30 more, a security official said.
A unit of the Frontier Corps was moving from the compound in Bannu to Razmak in the volatile North Waziristan tribal region when a bomb planted in their vehicle exploded, said the official, who insisted on anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media.
READ MORE: NYTimes.com

Russia steps up military lifeline to Syria

(Reuters) – In recent weeks Russia has stepped up supplies of military gear to Syria, including armored vehicles, drones and guided bombs, boosting President Bashar al-Assad just as rebel infighting has weakened the insurgency against him, sources with knowledge of the deliveries say.
Moscow, which is trying to raise its diplomatic and economic influence in the Middle East, has been a major provider of conventional weapons to Syria, giving Assad crucial support during the three-year [war].
Read More: Reuters

UAE to introduce compulsory military service

The United Arab Emirates is planning to introduce mandatory military service for young men, which might triple its military potential in case of a regional conflict.

All adult Emirati males under 30 will soon be obliged to serve in the military, the prime minister of UAE Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced.
According to the draft law, those without high school education will have to serve for two years, while those with a diploma will be required to serve 9 months. For women military service will be optional. Officials have not yet announced when exactly the system will be implemented.
the new law will be implemented on all,” Sheikh Mohammed said on his Twitter account.
Read More: rt.com


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One comment on “War: The Trump Card
  1. RonMamita says:

    Can The Military Protect The People From The Criminals within government

    Please talk to your friends and families in the military.
    Military personnel must be able to think for themselves and be aware they are honor bound to disobey unlawful orders and there is an important distinction between Lawful and Legal orders…


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