“Disruption”: What Does It Mean?

I do not think the word “disruption” is common terminology in social settings.
Dinner table talk usually does not include the word “disruption”.
Institutions, however are fearful of it, disruption of services, products, communications, revenue, profits, funds, labor, electricity, or disruption of any of the requirements needed to continue the mission may be perceived as a priority threat.
Intelligence/Data collection (mass surveillance, and intrusions on privacy) is among the top institutions keen to fear disruptions.

  • Content providers want to insure that their every product is not only the only thing you are allowed access to, but that you only access it in ways that insure that you pay for the privilege.
  • Data miners want all of your travels, activities, and communications to be recorded, your every desire at their fingertips, you have no privacy and no secrets, so they can sell you stuff they need to know everything about you. They may know more about you than you know about yourself, and certainly more than your spouse or family! Institutions demand your trust and say if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to hide, but their hypocritical behaviour of hiding massive secrets from you belies all trust.
  • The monetary system want every bit you access metered, measured, and your every transaction subject to scrutiny, regulations, taxation, fees, penalties and control.
  • Various “elites” want to control what you think, what you say, and what you do, all to insure that you will never be a threat to their institution of “power”.


Some obvious disruptions can occur from social unrest, where workers strike and refuse to work.
Another obvious disruption is consumer boycotts, both of these are tied to economic disruptions.
However, there are other possibilities arising from innovative and creative entrepreneurial mindsets.
New technology developed in the garage or basement in the home providing cheap or free ubiquitous encryption that defeats spyware. Imagine smartphones, computers, console games, and all electronics allowing the user to regain personal privacy again easily and cheaply.
A thriving industry would sprout up immediately in today’s environment where the People are being terrorized by both the governments and large corporations that collect and compile massive data on everyone and all organizations.

[People] have raised a ruckus as the government’s secret surveillance programs come to light. But for years, laws have largely failed to stop the spread of surveillance — is it time to turn to technology instead? –Freedom Box

Web Bot predictions Jan 2014 part 1

Some possibilities to think about…



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2 comments on ““Disruption”: What Does It Mean?
  1. RonMamita says:

    State of the Surveillance State in America


  2. RonMamita says:

    Ben Bernanke Launches EMP on Financial Markets


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