21st Century Disaster

The end of the international monetary system may stink and be ugly, yet the global awareness can launch a grassroots alternative value system for a beautiful new beginning sprouting from that richly fertilized field.

The Death of the old legacy system is necessary for it is a carrion of:

  • Fraud and corruption is systemic in the global monetary system. Wealthy elites have co-opted political power to rig the rules
  • Perpetual debt, national debt, money as debt, inflation as hidden tax, usury, and odious debt are elements of fractional reserve banking as a global system of bondage and slavery for most People on Earth
  • wealth of the 1 per cent richest people in the world is 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population
  • the world’s richest 85 people control about $US1.7 trillion in wealth, equivalent to the bottom half of the world’s population
  • policies and actions of central banks and the austerity measures introduced by national governments – has made the rich fabulously richer, instituted regulated abuse, secrecy, barriers to entry, and a militarized protection racket. Remember all wars are bankers’ wars.
This pre-federal reserve cartoon depict what was known about the bankers' money control

This pre-federal reserve cartoon depict what was known about the bankers’ money control

This massive concentration of economic and political control in the hands of fewer people presents a great threat to the People on Earth.
The politics of this economic system are no longer a mystery; it is a result of secrecy, coercion, fraud, corruption and a compliant political system which has long since failed to serve anything but the money masters and the wealthy followers.

GoldenCalf_Wallstreet_Mammon worship
Interesting how similar to the worshipers of Mammon this is…



Click to access bp-working-for-few-political-capture-economic-inequality-200114-summ-en.pdf

Click to access WEF_GAC_GlobalAgendaOutlook_2014.pdf



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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6 comments on “21st Century Disaster
  1. RonMamita says:

    Gerald Celente – RTTV Boom Bust – February 4, 2014

    Published on Feb 4, 2014
    Gerald talks about the Fed, the US Economy and global economic trends. The US Federal Reserve has pared its QE program even before Janet Yellen took the reins. The question for Celente is what this means for the US economy. Yields have gone down, not up. But Celente believes this will not last and that the economy is faltering to boot. Note: Gerald’s segment starts at 4:06 in this video.



  2. RonMamita says:

    A devalued dollar equals inflation. Specifically, when the dollar is worth less, more dollars are required to by the same item

    Video Published on Jan 17, 2013

    The dollar’s purchasing power has plummeted from 1913 – the year the Fed was created – to 2005:
    The dollar’s purchasing power has plummeted from 1913 – the year the Fed was created – to 2005


    The BIS is a closed organization owned by the 55 central banks. The heads of these central banks travel to the Basel headquarters once every two months, and the General Meeting, the BIS’s supreme executive body, takes place once a year. The central bankers — from Alan Greenspan and his successor Ben Bernanke, to German Bundesbank President Axel Weber and Jean-Claude Trichet, the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) — are fond of the Basel meetings. When they arrive, the BIS’s dark office building at Centralbahnhof 2 in Basel suddenly comes alive. Secretaries inhabit the otherwise deserted offices of the governors, stenographers and chauffeurs stand at the ready and dark limousines wait outside.

    The penthouse at the top of the building, with its magnificent view of Basel, is decorated for the annual dinner, the nuclear shelter in the basement is swept out and the wine cellar is restocked with the best wines. At the BIS’s private country club, gardeners prepare the tennis courts as if a Grand Slam tournament were about to be held there. The losers of matches can find comfort in the clubhouse, where the Indonesian guest chef serves up Asian delicacies à la carte.

    “Central bankers can sometimes be prima donnas,” says former BIS Secretary General Gunter Baer. He remembers the commotion that erupted at one of the annual events when it became known that a certain vintage of Mouton Rothschild was unavailable.

    READ MORE: http://www.spiegel.de/international/business/the-man-nobody-wanted-to-hear-global-banking-economist-warned-of-coming-crisis-a-635051-2.html


  3. RonMamita says:

    Rob Kirby: The Economy is Not in Recovery but Financial War

    Published on Feb 2, 2014
    Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com claims what is happening now in the economy is not recovery but “financial war.”
    Kirby explains, “What we’re witnessing and experiencing is a war between the keepers of the fiat system…
    and foreigners who have lost confidence in the U.S. dollar and confidence, for the most part, in fiat money.
    This is why all the emerging countries, China, Russia and the Asian countries, are all buying gold.
    Isn’t it interesting, just as physical gold problems have started to manifest themselves with people having problems not being able to get the gold they want, Germany not being able to get their gold back…
    Isn’t it interesting we have had an emerging market currency crisis rear its head in the last two weeks?
    The most adversely affected countries are either buying gold or facilitating trade in gold.
    If you want to put an umbrella over what we are talking about, it is economic warfare.”


  4. RonMamita says:

    Debt Snowball Explained – Dave Ramsey Baby Step 2

    Published on Feb 5, 2014

    Today, I wanted to go over Dave Ramsey’s Step #2 – the Debt Snowball. Dave stresses the importance of a debt free lifestyle in his online course “Financial Peace University”, this is a concept that really jumped out and grabbed a hold of me. Note: this is the first financial system I have been casually studying, I have not read any books.

    Step 1 – Save $1,000 for an emergency fund. Dont buy silver and gold if you dont have $1,000 to take care of those little emergencies that, by Murphy’s Law, will come up when you least expect it. Dead Battery, flat tire, water heater springs a leak (this happened to my parents recently. You dont want to have to put this stuff on a credit card; we are trying to get out of debt afterall.

    Step 2 – Debt Snowball. Arrange your debts from least to greatest in terms of total amount owed. List everything, credit cards, car payments, hospital bills, student loans. The idea is to attack, yes attack! the smallest debt first. Once that is paid off, you can add that amount you paid to the next payment – picture a snowball (your minimum payment) rolling downhill, gathering more snow as it rolls further downhill. Finally, once you pay 2 or 3 bills off completely, you will have such a big snowball of a payment that no debt can stick around, hang around… it has only one direction to go – OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!

    Like, Comment, Subscribe as I try and pay down our debts! Dave Ramsey is a genius! “Live like no one else, so later, You can live like no one else.”

    2 car payments – 12k and 22k.. goal is end of the year – these things will be ZERO. Credit cards are paid in full every month, used for convenience and credit card rewards. (Love it or hate it).


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