Drone Wars sponsored by Military Industrial Complex

black-hornet-nano-droneThe Black Hornet nano drone, which can be carried in a soldier’s pocket, has an onboard camera that gives troops video and still images of hard-to-access places. –LiveScience.com

British Troops Deploy The Teeniest Recon Drone

Black Hornet Drone
Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC launches the Black Hornet drone in Afghanistan.
See: Popsci.com


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Research at the University of Cincinnati could soon enable (UAV) – similar to U.S. military drones patrolling the skies of Afghanistan – to track down missing persons on search-and-rescue missions, to penetrate curtains of smoke during wildfire suppression or possibly even to navigate urban landscapes on delivery runs for online retailers like Amazon. And it all could be done autonomously with a human acting only as a supervisor.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-01-dont-dawn-dronessomeday-life-video.html


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Held in the American capital at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre between 21 and 23 October, AUSA 2013 managed to escape the governmental shutdown by only a few days. The authorisation signed in early September by the Army Secretary to allow service personnel to take part in the event increased the presence of Army personnel at the convention. Not much new in terms of programmes, with uncertainty still dominating future budgets, but the presence of two of the Joint Multi Role Technology Demonstrators, which should lead to the Future Vertical Lift programme, probably put flying assets ahead of ground ones at this edition. Paolo Valpolini reports.

GLSDB: an affordable strike weapon from Boeing

Coupling a combat-proven surface-to-surface rocket with an existing air-to-surface weapon might add considerable strike capabilities at low cost and low risk to the current US Army inventory. This is the idea that led Boeing to develop the Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb, a system that will allow the US Army and possibly other foreign ground forces deploying the MLRS artillery rocket launcher to reach targets at long ranges – over 150 km – with the precision provided by a standard SDB. Following the ban on cluster ammunition, the US Army started demilitarising its M26 rockets. Their warheads were armed with 644 M77 anti-personnel/anti-materiel grenades that were dispersed over the target in mid-air, something that is longer tolerated. The rocket itself has a range of 32 km and can thus be used to launch something different. Instead of destroying them Boeing started developing an inter-stage adapter that allows to connect the SDB to the rocket; once the altitude planned by the fire control system is reached, the adapter separates the SDB from the rocket and thanks to its deployable wings the bomb glides towards its target, guided by its INS/GPS system. The SDB penetrating-blast fragmentation warhead weighs 93 kg, features a shaped nose, contains 16 kg of insensitive explosive, and is equipped with an electronic safe/arm fuse with pre-launch selectable air burst, height sensor and delayed modes. It can be used against bunkers, since the warhead penetration in reinforced concrete reaches nearly one meter. The GLSDB is compatible with the M270A1 MLRS and M142 HIMARS launchers, each pod hosting six rockets, that is 12 rockets in the tracked version and six in the wheeled light version of the multiple rocket system. Following the completion of the inter-stage adapter development Boeing should conduct ground and flight testing.

Rada Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar

Rada, the Israeli defence electronic systems house specializing in the design, development, production and sales of advanced airborne and land applications was selected by Boeing to supply its Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR) as part of the American company’s Future Directed Energy Tactical Systems programme. The Rada pulse-doppler MHRs well exceed the role of simple ground surveillance radars since they in fact ensure full hemispheric coverage. As a matter of fact field testing did not start with ground surveillance, but what is probably the most difficult task, which is an application known as C-ram, followed by drone detection and tracking, showing the system’s capacity to pick very small targets. Ground surveillance modes are under development to provide a radar capable of full 3-D protection. According to a Rada official’s own words, the RPS is a family of software-defined radars. While smaller radars working in C-band are mostly used in conjunction with active protection systems and hostile fire management, the RPS 40 series, working in S band, provides full coverage against rockets, artillery missiles, drones and ground targets.
The RPS-40 has an aesa aerial covering 90° in azimuth and from 0° to 70° for indirect and 0° to 40° for direct fire. Each aerial weighs 21 kg, thus a 360° system made of four weighs 95 kg with its electronics. In hemispherical search the maximum range is 5 km, however the RPS-40 can also operate in sector mode, reaching a 10 km range in each sector.
The other new item unveiled by AeroVironment was a 112-gram secure video and data receiver allowing remote access to aerial networks. Known as the Pocket DDL (Digital Data Link) it allows any element on the field to receive drone video and data through a secure link from AeroVironment UAS but also from other systems. The Pocket DDL can be used in conjunction with commercially available items such as smart phones, tablets or USB equipped end-user display devices.


Micro Drones Are Coming

This appears to be the plan to change modern warfare!
Imagine institutions no longer have to train, feed, clothe, care, house large troops but only hire a few technicians and automate warfare at the push of a button or voice command…
Micro drones the size of your thumb can now carry 3 TV cameras with a wireless video link back to your laptop and stay aloft for 20 minutes.


Robocop 2013 Trailer



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