More Reasons To Focus on the Lands Bordering The Seas In The Middle East

Ukraine to the North, Russia and China to the East, Europe and NATO to the West and countless shipping sea lanes and pipelines are not the only reasons and assets for war…
Persian, Caspian, Black, Mediterranean, and Red Seas


Oldest Pyramid On Earth Found Buried In Crimea, Ukraine!

Published on Mar 3, 2014

Tblisi – A Ukrainian scientist discovered the oldest pyramid in the world in Crimea. As the ICTV channel reported, the finding was revealed by accident, when during his test alternative methods of finding water Ukrainian scientist Vitalii Goh discovered underground unknown object, which proved to be a giant pyramid of 45 meters in height and a length of about 72 meters. Goh said that the pyramid was built during the time of the dinosaurs, Crimea news agency or QHA reported.
… The pyramids were built in the era of the dinosaurs,” says the scientist -

This is very unsettling.
Very little information about these ancient artifacts:
These buried pyramids are being called the oldest.
Russian Troops just coincidently are there.



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  1. RonMamita says:

    Largest Oil Refinery In Europe On Fire In Huge Blaze!

    Published on Mar 4, 2014


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    Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors 4th March 2014


    1. Ukraine, Federal Reserve Bankruptcy (00:45)
    2. Cabal’s attempt to Create Conflict in Ukraine (2:25)
    3. Fight for Oil & Jesuits Manipulation of Ukraine Protest (2:50)
    4. Certain Ukranian Bases Don’t Want to Surrender (4:00)
    5. Fulford: “Cabal Crossed the Red Line” (4:45)
    6. Geniune Protesters Inflitrated by the Cabal (6:25)
    7. Fulford: “American Rioters with Baseball Caps and Brown Shoes” (7:20)
    8. Nuclear Attack Impossibility and Light Forces Intervention (8:00)
    9. US Government Bankruptcy on 4th of March (8:20)
    10. Kerry, China and USA (9:00)
    11. Zero Gold and the Collapse of the Cabal (10:00)
    12 Cabal Getting its Gold from Citizens (11:00)
    13. Neil Keenan, Cabal’s Version of the EVENT and the Real Deal EVENT (11:50)
    14. North Korea, Cabal’s Special Experiment & Maximum Entropy (13:00)
    15. Labor Camps in North Korea and 250.000 People Living there (14:00)
    16. The Reunification of Korea (14:30)
    17. Chemtrails & Contrails Not a Big Threat (16:00)
    18. Cabal’s Top 3 Control Methods: Food and Water Poisoning & Financial Tyranny (17:00)
    19. Update on G20 Meeting in Australia (17:45)
    20. JP Morgan, NSA, Bankers “Suicides” & Gold Price Manipulation (19:00)
    21. Bankers Finally Getting some Protection (21:00)
    22. No Bank Independent of the Current Financial System (21:50)
    23. BRICS Development Bank (22:20)
    24. International Court of Justice #101 (22:40)
    25. IRS Tax Receipts, City of London and the Vatican (24:10)
    26. The Gold Belongs to Humanity, Get Over It! (25:20)
    27. No Individual has Signatory Rights for the Gold (25:50)
    28. Global Collateral Account History (26:40)
    29. How will the Gold Return to Humanity (28:00)
    30. The New Financial System & The Transition (28:20)
    31, Disclosure in Mass Media, the ETs Introduction & Cabal’s Removal (29:10)
    32. The Gold & Transparency in the New World (29:40)
    33. States & WDC Corporations Not Disolved Yet (30:50)
    34. World Bank Bonds & Fight for International Law (31:50)
    35. Cabal & Jesuits still Control One part of the Military (32:20)
    36. Theory VS Practice, the Cabal and The Law Enforcement (33:00)
    37. Prosperity Packages, Hollow Earth Trusts, OPPT & NESARA (34:00)
    38. Obama’s Agreement with Pope and the Jesuits (35:40)
    39. No Banking System Drill, No East Coast Tsunami from the Cabal (36:00)
    40. New Mexico Radiation Case (36:30)
    41. Galactic Intervention Behind the Scenes (38:00)
    42. Shutting Down NSA Spy Center Possibility (38:50)
    43. Edward’s Snowden Possible Return to USA (39:30)
    44. Trans-Pacific Partnership aka TPP (40:30)
    45. Bitcoin Dealers Arrests & Cabal’s Need to Destroy Bitcoin (41:20)
    46. Iraq Violence & Alternative Media Exposing Truth (42:20)
    47. Putin Supports Light Forces Agenda – The Removing of the Cabal (43:30)
    48. Obama no Longer Able to Express his Free Will (44:40)
    49. Cobra’s Cryptic Messages Intended for Resistance Movements Agents (44:60)
    50. Congo Portal Not Shut Down Yet (45:30)
    51. Genetic Experimentation, Mixing of Species & Earth’s Struggling (46:00)
    52. Free Will Rules & Full Sovereignty (47:00)
    53. Possibility of “Not So Smooth” Transition During The EVENT (48:50)
    54. Possibiity of Triggering The EVENT Beforehand (49:40)
    55. Repositioning of the Galactic Ships Around the Earth for The EVENT (50:40)
    56. Weather Getting Crazy due to Galactic Central Sun Activity (51:50)
    57. The Invisibles & The Compromise of Thinking Process (52:20)
    58. The Implants and Brain Regions Blockage (53:40)
    59. Meditation for PEACE in Ukraine (54:30)
    60. Thank you Alexandra, thank you Cobra, thanks Everyone for Listening (55:00)

    ~ The END ~

    Transcript: Cobra and Alexandra Meadors for March 4, 2014

    MP3 available at

    Alexandra Meadors: Good afternoon everyone, today is March 4th, 2014, and this is Alexandra Meadors of I feel that I have a very important update today with Cobra and a lot of information to review, this is our regularly scheduled monthly review of the Galactic perspective of events that occurred in the month of February and before. So I want to welcome Cobra, thank you for coming on again, how are you today?

    Cobra: I am very good, thank you.

    AM: Good. So Cobra, I noticed that you put an update up there, regarding the situation in the Ukraine today, and I was wondering, there is some skepticism as to it having something to do as well with the Federal Reserve, and the fact that they have the bankrupty coming forward, is that not involved with this at all?

    Cobra: Okay this speculation about the bankrupty of Federal Reserve being involved with this, this comes from a short post by Benjamin Fulford, who has left […]. It’s a more complex situation and reset of the financial system is indirectly involved but there are many other factors involved.

    AM: Well could you give us a little bit more of an update as to what – it’s very difficult for those that are not in that region of the world to fully understand the complexities of what’s going on in Russia, I notice that there are many players involved. And I was wondering, can you give us an idea of who you feel would be the opportune leader to come forth through the Ukraine at this point? Because I know there’s presidential elections coming up soon.

    Cobra: It’s a matter of people deciding their own destiny. Although the Light Forces will suggest, would be that people involved in every region of that country, how they see their future, and then people can negotiate and make agreement, and this can form the future of that country. This can shape the future of that country. I would like to state that the reason this situation has escalated is because the Cabal wants to trigger a reconflict, like they tried in Syria, like they tried in many other countries. And the Light Forces are working with their full power to prevent the escalation of conflict. And this is the reason why we’re having that meditation. So the situation is that there are many layers to this. One layer I would say, the most obvious layer is the fight for oil and natural reserves between the Western interests, European Union, and the Eastern Europe interests of Putin and Russia.

    This is the top-most layer of the situation. And there are different layers of the situation, and the next one is the Jesuits trying to manipulate, there was, I would say, a legitimate protest going on in Ukraine, and then the Jesuits and the dark Cabal has hijacked that protest and wanted to create a violent situation. They succeed to a certain degree. They tried to involve Russia in the conflict, and in the way Putin had to respond, but at this moment the Eastern Alliance is trying to calm down the situation so there will be no full military confrontation.

    AM: Now you’ve said that there were no shots fired when the Ukrainians surrendered, how is that possible?

    Cobra: It is because there was an agreement on the top levels of government and militaries, there will be a peaceful surrender. But I have received news about an hour ago there are certain – there are still some Ukrainian military bases that don’t want to surrender. And this might be a problem in the next few hours, in the next few days.

    AM: Wow. So the peace in the Crimea, is that actually still intact, has been restored?

    Cobra: It is a fragile […], in fact at this moment, the […] wasn’t happen in the next hours. But most likely it will be preserved. The Light Forces are doing whatever they can do to preserve the peace in that region.

    AM: Okay. So it’s touch and go at this point. I wanted to ask you also about Fulford’s comment, it says the Russians say the latest shenanigans in the Ukraine meant the Cabal had crossed a red line, and that Russia was not ready for the war, this is several days back. What is the red line that they crossed?

    Cobra: It’s a very complex situation. There are many, I would say, ultimatums, negotiations, on various levels, not just concerning Ukraine but the whole situation of the planet taking place. And the Cabal has crossed several of those red lines, and the Light Forces had to respond. So those red lines that were crossed, several of them I need to keep confidential at this moment, but in the Ukraine, one of the red lines that was crossed was the removal of the President of Ukraine, up until now. Of course I need to add that this President was not, […] he have his own human flaws and of course he was subjected to quite much of grief, but he was still elected President of that country a certain moment, and when he was removed from power, this create a certain, very unstable situation, which actually allowed the Cabal for a certain period of time to forward their plans. And then the Eastern Alliance had to respond to the situation.

    AM: Interesting. You’re referring to Yanukovych, right?

    Cobra: Yes.

    AM: Okay. Okay, I just was curious. So that whole thing about the Russian protests being staged through CIA protestors, is that accurate? In getting this whole thing fired up.

    Cobra: Okay, actually there were genuine protestors on both sides, and then the Cabal has infiltrated the protestors, and the snipers of course were not genuine protestors, they were imported through the Middle East into Ukraine.

    AM: Oh – God, it’s so complicated. Well the other question I had for you, Fulford mentions, “The initial rioters had American baseball caps and brown shoes with laces, but there are no brown shoe laces in Kiev and only I wear a baseball cap”. It sounded to me almost as if – these are supposed to be supposed spies, why would they wear something that was obviously not fitting in with that section of the world? Sounds like a stage performance to me.

    Cobra: Okay, this information from my source is not completely correct. There were many different people with many different clothing, different styles of clothing present there, and this is not the only group […] was there. So, I cannot completely confirm this information.

    AM: Okay. Now is it true Cobra, that at the Olympics they actually staved off a nuclear attack?

    Cobra: They were correct about such an attack, but they were not serious.

    AM: Wow. Okay, because there’s a lot of information flying around that-

    Cobra: Now, actually I would need to tell that a nuclear attack at this point is, impossible. Because the Light Forces have technology to block any nuclear detonation of a certain […] size. And this will not be allowed to happen.

    AM: So now, is this a new development? I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say it with that much passion.

    Cobra: Well, it’s not a new development, but now I can say it much more openly.

    AM: [Laughs] Okay. Now, is there also something to do with the US government going bankrupt, there’s been an awful lot of speculation about this last week and even the end of February, that the United States government was close to be going bankrupt and this was predicted by March 4th. Is there any validity to this?

    Cobra: This is a very old prediction, and this prediction was accurate to a certain degree, I would not say accurate to the date but the process itself is unfolding right now in this timeframe.

    AM: Okay. It says here, “The United States of America Corporation has managed to stave off bankruptcy once again, but Kerry supposedly went to China, begging for money, and there were all kinds of strings attached”. What types of strings would you say were attached? As far as with the United States government and China. At this point in time.

    Cobra: Actually, as you probably know, Chinese are buying a lot of real estate in United States.

    AM: Yes.

    Cobra: This actually opens even more room for going to buy land cheaply.

    AM: Mm, so it was a real estate exchange?

    Cobra: This is one aspect of the […], of course there are also the actual resources.

    AM: Okay. Wow. Phew, okay.

    Cobra: And actually, what the Cabal needs to keep their financial system running is not just fiat money, they need solid gold, because, at the deepest level of the financial system, it can only operate if there is gold present. This is a well-kept secret, but if the Cabal has zero gold, absolutely zero gold, the whole structure collapses immediately. Very, very quickly. So they have to grab a little bit of gold here and there, to keep the machine running.

    AM: You and I have talked so many times before about how the gold is actually being kept off-world, so to speak. And I interviewed Karen Hudes last week regarding the locations of the gold. She rattled off quite a few different areas. Is that the difference between registered gold and unregistered gold?

    Cobra: Okay. Most of what people say, when they say there is gold, they have some documentation which proves there was gold at that location in a certain point in history. There was gold in the Bank of Hawaii, years ago. There was gold in […], years ago, but now it’s gone.

    AM: Ahh.

    Cobra: And the Cabal, I would say the most effective way for the Cabal to get gold is through the – you see in every little town there are faults which are mined with gold, gold scraped from citizens.

    AM: Yes.

    Cobra: And this is how they get their gold right now. And then they remelt it, and then they put it back into the banking system.

    AM: Mm, interesting. Now apparently, Niel Keenan as you know has been very active with the Collateral Accounts. And he thinks the Cabal will crash the system just to scare the hell out of people, was I think one of his comments. Is he not referring to the actual Event and putting some fear around that? I mean is the Event, the Re-val, the Financial Reset, the Shift, all these things, are they not all basically the same thing?

    Cobra: Okay. The Jesuits and the Cabal, they have a plan for their own version of the Reset. And he is probably speaking about that plan. And that plan will not be successful. The actual Event, Reset and Revaluation, will actually be the Victory of the Light Forces, and complete defeat of the Cabal. So there is nothing to be afraid in that matter.

    AM: Good, that’s good to hear. That kind of pops a question up in my head, as far as when I was interviewing Karen, one of the comments that I asked her about was, how many countries were within the World Bank membership, and one of the ones that was missing was North Korea. She was not sure who the others were, can you elucidate me on that, and allow me to figure out who is not part of the World Bank.

    Cobra: Well I don’t have that information right at the moment, the only thing I can say is that North Korea was a special experiment, created by the Cabal in the 50s to completely close a country, isolate a country, to create the maximum entropy as possible, and also to isolate that country from the banking system, worldwide banking system as much as possible.

    AM: Mm.

    Cobra: And the only way that Korea has managed to survive somehow, is because they have a little bit of their own gold reserves which they sold through the open market and through the black market, to somehow survive those years.

    AM: Wow. I think there was an article across my desk about how there’s been some media attention on the labor camps there, is that correct? Are they finally getting some attention through the media?

    Cobra: Yes, unfortunately there are many labor camps which are close to what the Nazi concentration camps were, in World War 2, and there are – I think about a quarter of a million people, held up in those camps. And this is one of the worst situations that has to be resolved at the time of the Event, of course the Light Forces will enter the country and will liberate the people and erase those camps from the surface.

    AM: Now what is the advantage of the reunification of Korea, I mean there’s been some talk about that. Who is assisting that, and who benefits from that?

    Cobra: Actually it is the plan of the Light Forces, but most likely this will not be successful before the Event, simply because the Event will happen sooner than this, it’s a slow process. And the slow, political process is not fast enough for the plan of the Light Forces and in all likelihood, the Event will happen far before any such reunification can take place.

    AM: Mm, mkay. And I noticed that you said, the Resistance has had to kind of re-do their plan of bringing things about. One of the questions too, I had for you, that’s constantly coming through my email, is the concern of the climate change, the chemtrails, and the fact that – here’s another quote by Kerry, he says, “in the sense of climate change, can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even the world’s most fearsome weapon.” And he was threatening Indonesia. People are really concerned because the chemtrails have not let up, I mean, like, at all, Cobra. Can you clarify how are the Galactics intervening at all in this aspect, and if they are, how are they doing it?

    Cobra: Okay first of all, most of those are not chemtrails, or just contrails, this is natural exhaust from the plane, high in the atmosphere. And those were chemtrails, they will not be removed completely before the Event, and after the Event of course the Light Forces will be able to introduce technology to remove all this and heal the ecosystem very quickly.

    AM: Okay, because the chemtrails in my opinion, are very clear. You can very clearly see them, and they’ve been very, very heavy. Everyone has been noticing that across the world. Is there a reason for that, is it something planetarily related?

    Cobra: Yes, it’s happening everywhere.

    AM: But I mean, it seems like they’ve really upped it. The extent.

    Cobra: It’s a psychological perception, I think the number is more or less quite stable, sometimes a little bit more, sometimes a little bit less, but I would not be so worried about that. The situations which concern our own life are mostly food poisoning, water poisoning, and financial situation. These are three main key aspects of the Cabal control of the human population.

    AM: Well and I do agree with that, but the chemtrails, they do poison our food. Do they not?

    Cobra: Yes, but they are much more effective in the food poisoning, the whole food production includes adding certain chemicals, on purpose, into food to change the psychological and biological makeup of human beings.

    AM: Well yeah, I agree.

    Cobra: This is far more dangerous.

    AM: Yes. So okay, let me ask you this. Can you give us any updates on what went down in the recent G20 meeting in Australia? Apparently there was talk about confiscating money from private bank accounts. Any comments?

    Cobra: Well, this was just continuation of the old plans, actually they couldn’t come to any drastic conclusions, any drastic new agreement or modifications of their plans, the reason being the Cabal is quite – in the state of panic, it don’t know how to solve the situation, because they know, they are becoming more and more aware that they are being cornered. And they haven’t found any way out. So they are now trying with things like they are trying now in the Ukraine to force an exit for them, of course this will just backfire and they will get even deeper into the trap.

    AM: Yeah. Yeah, definetely. And another comment that he made, Benjamin made, was JP Morgan has been stealing money from countries with financial IT systems that are vulnerable to hacking. And he listed Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, Phillippines, Argentina. I guess my question to you is, at what point would they be able to stop it? Wouldn’t they be able to infiltrate and penetrate anyone who is within the financial banking system, meaning corporations?

    Cobra: Actually JP Morgan has an agreement with NSA, and they have hacking technology to actually hack any bank account they wish, at any moment, for quite some time.

    AM: Okay, so here’s a biggie. Please let me know what you think about this. What is the ultimate reason for all of the so-called banker suicides which apparently have been murders, I mean somebody that decides to shoot himself with a nail gun, doesn’t seem to me to be the ultimate way to off yourself, I might add. And there’s a lot of speculation about the bigger banks taking out huge tax benefits by taking out life insurance policies on these workers, you’ve got that, you’ve got a couple other suggestions where they were getting killed because they were possibly going to blow the whistle. What is your perspective?

    Cobra: They were killed because they were going to blow the whistle about those price manipulation, this was number one, and of course the foreign exchange manipulation also. Forex exchange as well. But the main factor was the gold price manipulation, because when this becomes common knowledge, this creates – this could be a potential fail node of the financial system. And the removal of those bankers was ordered by the banking Cabal, such as JP Morgan and other, and was executed by some other people, I would say. That are also tied to the Cabal.

    AM: Do you think this is just going to keep coming? And there’s no protection for these bankers that want to step forward, is there any resolution for these guys that want to actually provide information about their corrupt institutions-

    Cobra: I would suggest them to wait a little bit, the situation has changed since last Friday, it’s not yet the same, they are getting some protection, the protection is not yet complete, and the Cabal will not be able to remove any of those bankers any more, unpunished. It’s not possible.

    AM: Excellent.

    Cobra: So the rules of the game have changed.

    AM: That’s fantastic news. That’s great.

    Cobra: A few, those bankers who would like to leak some information, who would like to expose whatever they wish to expose need to wait a little bit longer.

    AM: Okay. Well thank you for that. Now Cobra, I’ve asked you this before, a little bit, but I was doing some digging, and I found that the BRICS nations actually have their own development bank. Is that development bank working outside the current financial system?

    Cobra: Unfortunately no bank is working outside the current financial system, because if you want to transfer money, if you want to do any kind of banking you need to be tied to the current financial system. But the good news is that all those institutions can very easily transition to the new system when it will be implemented.

    AM: Excellent. So would you say that the BRICS development bank is already an example of that?

    Cobra: It is being prepared to become an example of that.

    AM: Okay. Now for those that have not been aware of the International Court of Justice, could you explain to the audience what the significance of this institution is, and how long it’s been established, and how its rulings will impact our shift into the Golden Age?

    Cobra: This institution is of course, event of the Light Forces to restore the law on this planet. And it’s purpose is to expose the crimes of the Vatican and other Cabal factions, and try to bring justice to the situation. And this is just the first of many developments in this region, there will be new courts of justice formed, just shortly before the Event or at the Event, or shortly after the Event, which will be the next logical phase in that development.

    AM: So do you feel that the International Court of Justice will be the […] of the land, so to speak?

    Cobra: Pardon?

    AM: Do you feel that it will be the overlying rule of the world, versus the country courts, the International courts versus the individual-

    Cobra: I would say this is a transitional institution, it’s not the final phase yet.

    AM: Mm, okay.

    Cobra: And after the Event this will most likely morph into something else.

    AM: Interesting, okay. When I was interviewing Karen, she mentioned that the proceeds of the IRS tax receipts are all going either to the City of London, or the Vatican. And we talked a little bit about the homo-copensus [?], I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about that, that this species supposedly is behind the Black Pope, could you inform us on who that is, and where they come from?

    Cobra: Who’s supposed to be behind the Black Pope?

    AM: The homo-copensus species. Which is the elongated skulls that have been found in Paracas, and places like that.

    Cobra: I cannot confirm this, I can confirm that most of the IRS proceeds go, first to the City of London, and then to the Vatican, to the Jesuits, I can completely confirm that. But the other information, I cannot support. It’s not actually what my sources say and what I regard as true.

    AM: Okay. And are you familiar with Wilking Struk [?] as being the designated signatory for the gold?

    Cobra: Okay, I would say there are many people who claim to be the signatories for the gold, and the Resistance Movement has communicated there is no signatory for the gold, because the gold belongs to whole of humanity. It’s that simple. It doesn’t belong to the Dragons, it doesn’t belong to China, it doesn’t belong to the Vatican, it doesn’t belong to the Cabal, it doesn’t belong to United States, it belongs to every human being on this planet. Equally.

    AM: That feels really right to me, and one of the question I had asked her was, that’s an awfully large responsibility on the shoulders of one individual. Why wouldn’t he have already been taken out, if he had the signatory rights to all the gold on the planet?

    Cobra: You see, there are many people who have documents, who supposedly prove, have proven that he or somebody else is that signatory, but you see all those documents are recognised by some entities and not by the others, and therefore there is no real signatory of the gold. As I said before, the gold belongs to humanity.

    AM: Interesting.

    Cobra: And there is no individual that has the responsibility to be the signatory. And the whole story about the Collateral Account actually has some, there are some facts which have been hidden and some facts which are not exactly of the Light presented [?].

    AM: Mm, and can you share of that, with us?

    Cobra: A little bit, yes. Actually most of the gold which ended there, actually was extracted from the Earth, during the centuries, but it’s all in labor of single peasants, people who are working day after day, who were selected by landlords, stored there, and then collected by the rogue dynasties of the West and East. And they claimed the ownership of that gold. But in fact, this gold belongs to everybody. So the Resistance Movement does not recognize the claim of any individual group to that gold. And this was the reason that there were some, I would say, not recovery [?], it was a negotiation between the Dragons and the Resistance Movement about two years ago, and this was one of the reasons they are […] to want to let go of that gold, this was one of the reasons why this process was taking longer than expected. And the Resistance Movement has simply removed all the gold from the surface, stored it underground, and will return it to humanity after the Event.

    AM: Interesting. Can you go over a little bit on how it will be returned to humanity?

    Cobra: It will be brought back to the surface, it will be stored in, right now undisclosed locations on the surface, and it will form the backbone of the new financial system.

    AM: Mm, interesting. So Cobra, do you think that the world leaders are scrambling to make transitions into this new financial system?

    Cobra: Actually it’s not so much concerning the world leaders, it’s more of a domain of the bankers and the economists to do the transition, the transition itself will actually be very easy and not stressful. There were many countries that made the transition from one kind of financial system to the other, and usually this is not a complicated thing. For example, most of European countries went from their own national currencies to Euro, and it was an effortless transition because it was prepared for quite a long time. So the transition to the financial system will be quite smooth. And it will not cause stress in human beings. Possibly more drastic will be the realization that people will receive to the mass media, about the real nature of what is happening on this planet.

    AM: Excellent.

    Cobra: And introduction of the extraterrestrial presence, and the removal of the Cabal. This will be the more drastic aspect of the whole transition.

    AM: Now, you mentioned that the gold is ours, the people of the world. But how are we going to be able to keep this transparent, and not just have another new faction of power grabbing and ego involved, people taking control again?

    Cobra: First, this gold will be, the whole transition and the gold will be monitored by the Resistance Movement and the Forces of Light. Second, the gold will be openly seen, so people will be able to go there and see it, it will be stored, it will not be traded on open market, most of that gold will actually be there to anchor the new financial system. And a little bit of the gold will be on the open market for the needs of individuals, for jewellery, for gold coins, for industry, for reasons of that nature. But the vast majority of the gold will not be in the open market, it will be stored in a location that will be public. It will be accessible to every human being.

    AM: Totally different concept, huh. Okay Cobra, tell me a little bit about the rumors that have been flying around, this has been going on since 2001. I would like to hear, is it true that the corporations of each of the states, and Washington DC, have been dissolved?

    Cobra: Again you need to discern between theory and practice. So there are rumors flying around, rumors that the Republic has been restored every few days if you read something abides on the internet, but actually Republic will be restored when the Cabal is removed from power.

    AM: So basically the actual legal aspects of disentangling the state from the United States of America Corporation has not gone down.

    Cobra: You see, any legal decision is only valid when it’s enforced. Until then it’s just a theory, just a piece of paper.

    AM: Okay, that’s what you mean. Okay, got it. Now a comment that Karen made was, if you buy a World Bank bond, you are empowered to fight for International Law as an individual. Can you comment on that?

    Cobra: Yes I would agree with that, and some people – it’s an avenue for some people, for example for her, and from her perspective, it’s a […] for more sovereignty and self-empowerment, and to gain advantage for the Light Forces against the Cabal and the banking, the central bankers.

    AM: Okay, and do you agree that the Jesuits nor the politicians are no longer controlling the military?

    Cobra: I would say that the Cabal and the Jesuits still control one part of the military, but I would also say that the positive military has been a big [?] impact. And when the time comes is fully functional and ready to spring into action in a way that has been described many times over in the last few years.

    AM: Okay, and another comment that was made was, it says, local sheriffs, US marshalls, white hats in the Pentagon, and US allies are calling for “the rule of the law”, these groups will be calling the shots. So my question to you is if the corporations of the states are null and void, lets just say theoretically.

    Cobra: Yes, they are. Theoretically, they are. Yes.

    AM: Okay, does that not mean that the local police forces are actually operating on a law that no longer rules the land? You know for example police, the police force enforces codes and policies, not law.

    Cobra: Yes, that’s true. That’s true. But again theoretically, in practice, those codes and policies are being enforced daily. Because the Cabal supports all those structures.

    AM: Okay, I’m really glad you clarified this, this is really going to answer a lot of questions for a lot of people. So theoretically we’ve done some work. It’s been done. But it’s just not been implemented because of the Cabal ruling the actual law.

    Cobra: Actually the theoretical part has been completed about one and a half years ago, already.

    AM: Okay.

    Cobra: Or I would say for the vast majority of the states, and for the vast majority of the aspects of the system. But the practical part is enforcing that law, making it alive in real life.

    AM: Mm.

    Cobra: When this comes to the whole process of the Event, removal of the Cabal and then of course, the ruling of the common law can be reinstated.

    AM: Okay. Now do you agree too that all of these trusts, the Prosperity Packages, the Hollow Earth Trust, gosh there’s so many of them, the OPPT, Karen just flat out says they’re all a scam. Do you agree with that?

    Cobra: I don’t agree with that, I would say that there are many attempts to reform the situation, to change the situation. Not all of them have any power, some of them are plans, some of them are theory, and most of them are not scams, yes some of them are scams, but for example the NESARA International Law, that will be implemented at the time of the Event.

    AM: Yeah, I was really surprised because she says that was a total scam. And I’ve been following-

    Cobra: I would not always agree with her information sources.

    AM: Yeah, yeah. Well this is why I’m bringing it up, is to compare it with you. Okay, so Cobra what is your opinion on Obama flying out to Pope Francis and signing an agreement that was supposedly something to do with the formation of another world government. Can you elaborate on that.

    Cobra: Yes, actually he is making pacts with the Jesuits.

    AM: Oh, that’s not good.

    Cobra: It’s not the first one.

    AM: Okay. Now was there actually a drill of some sort that went down within the banking system around the middle of February?

    Cobra: No, no.

    AM: Was there some sort of attempt made on the part of the Cabal to cause a tsunami on the east coast of the United States?

    Cobra: Again, no.

    AM: No, okay. Well that’s good. Now what is behind the whole New Mexico leaking of radiation, was that deliberate? Have you heard about that?

    Cobra: A little bit, yes. You see, extraordinary claims require a little bit more of the evidence. So I would like to see a link with radiation measurements, I would like to see something from a more scientific perspective, because most people making those claims without any real backup evidence.

    AM: Now I did have somebody write in to me about this, he asked me to ask you, it says, “My conundrum is this. If the Geiger counter readings say unsafe levels, and young college students ages 19-20 are dying of sudden cardiac arrest from surfing in our waters, how can we still say that we’re safe from the radiation?” And he just wanted to know, if he’s saying that even though the readings are high, that the radiation is not deleterious because it’s being altered somehow to be safe, is that what he’s actually saying.

    Cobra: Again, I would need to see some independent measurements of that radiation, and all the medical symptoms can come from many different causes, not just radiation. And then I will be able to make a more informative comment on this.

    AM: Now do you feel that there’s been Galactic intervention to lower the amount of radiation that’s been released from the Fukushima disaster?

    Cobra: Yes, yes. They are close.

    AM: And the same goes with the chemtrails, right?

    Cobra: The same goes with the chemtrails, the radiation with environmental pollution and on and on and on.

    AM: And how about GMO’s?

    Cobra: The same.

    AM: Okay. So we are-

    Cobra: To a certain degree, to a certain degree. Otherwise this species would not survive.

    AM: I was going to say. So I mean, we are receiving assistance, we just can’t see it with our own two eyes.

    Cobra: There is much assistance, humanity has been saved many times over, […]. Many, many times over.

    AM: Now Cobra, do you feel that there is an opportunity to truly shut down the NSA’s spy center, by denying water and electricity to this facility?

    Cobra: It is a possibility, yes.

    AM: Do you feel like this Michael Boldin person that’s behind it, currently he was a Hall of Honor member of the Freedom Force, do you feel he has what it takes to get this to happen? It just seems like we’re up against a very humungous institution.

    Cobra: Again it’s possible, if he gets enough support, the critical mass of support in key places, yes it can happen.

    AM: Okay. And what are the ramifications of Edward Snowden returning back to the United States?

    Cobra: Well that’s a tricky situation, because if he comes back to United States, he loses a lot of leverage, he will not be able to release intel so freely.

    AM: Hmm. So why would Ron Paul be wanting a petition to have him gain clemency?

    Cobra: Well there are many reasons for this, the first one is that this is simply a net of discharing the whole emotional charge of the situation, because if he is allowed to return, that would give more courage to other whistleblowers to risk more.

    AM: Hmm, so it’s a precedence right, legally?

    Cobra: Yes. If he – yeah, you understand. If he was able to do it without serious consequences, other people would be willing to risk more.

    AM: Very good point, thank you for that, that’s a really good point. So tell us a little bit about TPP, apparently they’ve now determined that the banking positions, the people that are making up the executive decisions came from very high level banking positions. What is your feeling about the impetus of that agreement, do you feel that it is as serious as they talk about, and is there anything we can do to stop it?

    Cobra: Well there are many attempts to stop it, or at least delay it. In a way it is serious but there are many ways to reduce its impact.

    AM: Such as?

    Cobra: Well it’s like, activism of the people, can do much. Petitions, awareness, blogs, networking.

    AM: So it gets back to the power of the people.

    Cobra: Yes.

    AM: [Laughs] So now what about the whole Bitcoin situation, they arrested two of the largest dealers and have charged them with money laundering and operating with an unlicensed money transmitting service, is this true? If so, were they set up? Or is it just because they want to bring Bitcoin to its knees.

    Cobra: They want to destroy Bitcoin. The Cabal wants to destroy Bitcoin because it’s a dangerous alternative of the current financial system. Of course the Bitcoin will not be the backbone of the new financial system, but if there is an alternative, it challenges the monopoly of the current financial system, and the Cabal doesn’t want that.

    AM: Mm, okay.

    Cobra: And they will do whatever they can to destroy Bitcoin.

    AM: That’s unfortunate.

    Cobra: And this is precisely the reason why Bitcoin is not entirely safe as a currency.

    AM: Yeah, exactly. Now to kind of change the direction I’m going in, I wanted to ask you about Iraq. This came across my desk and I thought it was very different. Iraq is now executing 26 people accused of terrorism, and the UN says that the executions are cruel and inhumane, but the spokesman of the Iraqi government says capital punishment is the only way to put an end to violent opposition to the government. What is your perspective on that, I guess my question is, is this something that would normally have not reached us in the old days, and the fact that we have alternative media, we’re even hearing about this in the first place?

    Cobra: Yes, things like this were happening in almost all the countries, all the time, […].

    AM: In your opinion, is this a good sign, because as you know from the Western perspective and all the media programming, we are constantly being told that Iraq is a terrorist country, and so on and so forth. So is this kind of a gleam of seeing that the alternative media is presenting us some truth?

    Cobra: Well the alternative media is definetely bringing more truth than the mass media.

    AM: Yeah, that’s for sure. Now a lot of people, last time I interviewed you, you said Putin is the human being with his flaws, I do not agree with everything that he does, but he is supporting the agenda of the Light Forces right now. I’ve had quite a few people write in and say, look. The guy is just skanky, and he’s got a really bad reputation, how does Cobra really see that he is supporting the Light Forces?

    Cobra: He does not belong to the Light Forces, but at this moment he supports the agenda of the Light Forces, simply because the agenda of the Light Forces is to remove the Cabal, and of course Putin wants to remove the Cabal as well. So this is a simple joint interest. It’s not the same [?], he is not a hero, he is a typical politician, with a typical amount of greed and not very just treatment of human beings, but this is actually happening everywhere on the planet.

    AM: Yeah.

    Cobra: It’s actually […], not for worse, not for better.

    AM: Would you say that Obama falls into that same category?

    Cobra: Not completely, because Obama has been controlled to the point […] he cannot actually express his free will any longer.

    AM: Okay. Wow. So did you want to comment at all on – you gave a flurry of encrypted messages from February 17th through February 28th, can you comment on that? Because people are going crazy trying to figure out what you’re saying, you know trying to decrypt the message.

    Cobra: Those messages are intended for the Resistance Movement agents on the surface. And they are not intended for the surface population. So this is no comment.

    AM: Okay, and this is why I’m not pushing it [laughs], I knew you were going to say that. Okay, so can you also give us an update on what’s going on in the Congo. Has there been any success with the Portal there being shut down, or at least being-

    Cobra: Not yet, not yet.

    AM: Not yet, okay. So we still need to work on that, all you Emissaries of Light out there! Now, this is a question that’s a little bit off of the political scheme of things. A comment was made, the Earth is struggling with the mixing of DNA between species and that this itself has caused the havoc that has wrecked thus on, as a whole. Do you agree with that, and if so, why?

    Cobra: Partially, there was a lot of genetic experimentation in Atlantis, that led to various mutations and degradation of consciousness. And of course this has supported the Dark agenda on the planet. So I would say genetic experimentation and mixing of species is very dangerous. It is not something to be taken lightly.

    AM: Okay, so now when you say mixture of species, a lot of people – when they think of Atlantis, they think of a human being mixed with a horse, or a human being mixed with a bird, or whatever. Are you talking actually about the mixture of the species of say, a Sirian with a Pleidian, or an Arcturian with an Andromedan? Can you comment on that?

    Cobra: There were genetic experimentations that were quite wild, but in most cases was just genetic mixing of various extraterrestrial races, and the most dangerous combination was mixing the Pacituestrial [?] […] can lead to disaster, and it led to disaster in many ways.

    AM: Okay, thank you for that clarification, that will answer some people’s questions. Okay so Cobra, do you feel that since we live in this Matrix, that we actually do have free will?

    Cobra: Yes, everybody has a free will, and of course this free will has been compromised with all the oppression from the Cabal, but there is a spark of free will that never dies. And if you just enhance and grow that spark of free will, it will grow until you finally get liberated in your whole sovereignty. And whole sovereignty is not just a declaration that you sign, it’s not a prose [?], it is a process of enhancing and then empowering that spark of free will, until you become a fully empowered, liberated being.

    AM: Excellent, I couldn’t have said it better. Now Cobra, when you first had your conference in New Port Beach, you had a very specific laid out plan of how the whole Event process and unfolding would occur, and I believe, it was around December – maybe you can refresh my memory, you said things have changed. And it didn’t feel as if it was going to be as smooth of a transition. A lot of people are wondering about that, do you agree with that, and if you do, what is the new plan that you feel is going to take place.

    Cobra: Okay the basic plan remains the same, it just means there are more elements to the plan which we’ll not disclose before. The basic plan is still the same. What it is true that the transition might not be as smooth as we had hoped for. That’s a possibility.

    AM: And when you say not as smooth as we had hoped for, are you talking about we might have riots in the street,-

    Cobra: We might have more of unstability, riots in the streets, people getting crazy, problems in food supply chain, things of that nature, it’s a possibility. The Light Forces are working on removing all those instabilities in the moradal [?] time space for the Event, but at this moment not all the problems have been resolved. Especially if we have to trigger the Event a little bit beforehand, which is also a possibility.

    AM: Okay, and do you still agree that we may be down a week or two without access to funds, or has that been elongated.

    Cobra: I think this part stays the same, this doesn’t change much.

    AM: Okay cool. Well that’s good news. Now getting back to the ships, and the fact that there are so many of them surrounding the planet right now, there were a large group of Lightworkers – I usually don’t use that term, but there were many of us that were doing some work on the inner plane. And around the 19th, the 20th, of February, there are several of us that feel that we had a huge breakthrough. And that quite a number of additional Portals were opened up. I would like to know if you know anything about that, and-

    Cobra: Yes. I don’t remember exactly the date, but it is true there was a certain, quite significant movement, a repositioning of the ships, of the Galactic Confederation around the Earth, which was happening, and the purpose of this was to, next stage of preparation for the Event.

    AM: Perfect. You just confirmed what we knew, but we wanted to hear what you had heard about.

    Cobra: I think that this happened a few days earlier, it was about February 15th or so.

    AM: Yeah, it was somewhere in the middle, I was pulling that date out and I didn’t know the exact date, I wasn’t sure. Now this storm that hit the west coast of California, have you heard about it? It was pretty amazing. We had rain for three days or four days. It came out of nowhere, and I was wondering if you knew anything about that.

    Cobra: Well you see, the weather is getting crazy, and the reason the weather is getting crazy is the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun. If you would live in the 16th or 17th century, the weather was far more crazy than this. So it’s nothing extremely unusual.

    AM: So this is going to become more common than not, is what you’re saying.

    Cobra: Yes, yes.

    AM: Because you know we’ve been in one of the most severe droughts of our time on the west coast.

    Cobra: Yes.

    AM: Okay. And you also made a comment about the Invisibles that have actually infested the thinking process, can you elaborate on who the Invisibles are?

    Cobra: Invisibles are entities which are part of the Anomaly, are part of the – the evolution process that went wrong, at a certain phase after the creation of the Light in this galaxy, and they are actually parasites which infest the etheric and the astral and mental brain, and then compromise the thinking process. Thinking process usually is a creation of a sequence of thoughts, which actually get initialized by firing electromagnetic signals in the neurons in the etheric and astral and the mental brain. And when this parasite gets in the middle of that signal, it blocks the signal. And practically, this means that a certain being has been infested, cannot connect to […] facts in the thinking process. Cannot make logical conclusions. And I would say almost every human being has been infested by this to a certain degree.

    AM: Now is this different than the actual implants?

    Cobra: Yes.

    AM: Okay.

    Cobra: It is additional to the implants. Implants are actually – I would say alien matter inside of the brain which it blocks a certain whole area of the brain.

    AM: Correct, right. We’re seeing that a lot, through the implant removals. But I was curious when you said Invisibles, that was the first time I saw you use that reference. So you’re actually talking about, actual beings.

    Cobra: Parasites. Parasitic beings on higher planes inside the brain. Of the energy bodies.

    AM: Okay. Well thank you for that clarification, and as usual, the whole hour has just flown by, did you want to add anything regarding the meditation for March 4th?

    Cobra: Actually this interview will be released after the meditation, but again, of course we are having this Meditation for Peace in Ukraine on March 4th, this will be at 9 hours, 12 minutes Ukrainian time, which is I believe, 11 hours, 12 minutes AM California time.

    AM: Yes, actually yes, you’re correct, 11:12 in the morning on Pacific Coast time. Okay, so thank you Cobra and thank you everyone for listening today, I appreciate you sending in all your questions, we have such a short period of time to cover so much information, and hopefully we can talk Cobra into doing another intermittent interview to go over a lot of the questions that I’ve collected. Are you up for that Cobra?

    Cobra: We will see, that might or might not be possible depending on the situation in the next few weeks.

    AM: Okay. Well stay tuned everyone, and blessings to everyone, we love you all and remember, it’s the power of the people, keeping positive thoughts, not going into fear, and maintaining your awareness. Right, Cobra?

    Cobra: Yes. That is correct.

    AM: Okay. Okay everyone, thanks for listening, we’ll talk to you soon, take care.


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