Ukraine Script Rehearsal for False War

Sword of TRUTH

Sword of TRUTH

Deadly Game of GEOPOLITICS:

Governments and their controlled mainstream media tools have Ukraine center stage(d) as a crisis and justification for war.
Remind all who support military intervention of the deception and scripted activities that were perpetrated to manipulate the people. War is not the answer.
We, the People, are not passive spectators to cheer one team against another team.
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The Enemy of My Enemy

We’ve seen the rollout of the MSM propaganda using over-the-top hyperbole and flat-out lies to try to demonize Russia in the lead up to the “new cold war.” But is this just part of the dialectic, trying to get us to buy into one side or the other in a rigged game? Should we devolve into mere spectators choosing sides in a squabble between #TeamObama and #TeamPutin?
Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore whether the enemy of our enemy is indeed our friend.

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Russia Today anchor Abby Martin speaks out against Russian “invasion” of Crimea
Time Reference: 00:56
NYT hit piece on Abby Martin tries to smear her as 9/11 truther
Time Reference: 02:41
Eric Draitser on Putin and the Future of Russia
Time Reference: 11:52
Corbett on Putin’s Syrian Crisis Op-Ed
Time Reference: 12:10
Paul Craig Roberts on Putin and the Ukraine Crisis
Time Reference: 12:25
William Engdahl on Putin and the Ukraine Crisis
Time Reference: 12:54
John Kerry on Meet The Press
Time Reference: 15:23
NGO Lies, US Government Ties, and Pu**y Riot: Who Are the Real Monsters?
Time Reference: 16:32
Pussy Riot Propaganda Is For Naïve Americans
Time Reference: 17:19
The Truth About Russia’s “Anti-Gay” Law
Time Reference: 18:08
Russian Federation Anti-Gay Laws: An Analysis & Deconstruction
Time Reference: 18:14
Episode 250 – Crashes of Convenience: PLF 101
Time Reference: 20:17
Putin Proposes Using Smart Cameras to Identify Immigrants
Time Reference: 22:29
Truthloader on Putin’s Rule
Time Reference: 22:52
Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on Russia media
Time Reference: 23:45
The Killing of Russian Journalists
Time Reference: 24:45
Two Russian Journalists Killed In One Day
Time Reference: 25:05
Russian Journalist Assaulted
Time Reference: 25:22
The Assassination of Russia – FSB false flag bombings of 1999
Time Reference: 26:39
Russia’s Putin says wants to build “Eurasian Union”
Time Reference: 31:37
Putin Turns Attention to Eurasian Union
Time Reference: 33:05
Ryan Dawson Looks for a Third Way in the Ukraine Crisis
Time Reference: 36:12

Ryan Dawson Looks for a Third Way in the Ukraine Crisis

7 March 2014 Podcast:

Ryan Dawson of The ANC Report joins us once again to discuss the Ukraine crisis and the failures of coverage of the event in both the mainstream and alternative media. We talk about the history of Ukraine and how it provides important context to the current events. We also discuss the tendency of some alternative media to paint Putin as the “good guy” in a simplistic good guy / bad guy narrative and reflect on how we can avoid the either / or trap.




Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “Ukraine Script Rehearsal for False War
  1. RonMamita says:

    Dr. Jim Willie-Russia and China Gold Standard – Dramatic U.S.Dollar Decline in 3 Years

    Ukraine considers debt reprofiling
    8 March 2014

    The International Monetary Fund is under political pressure to back a bailout of Ukraine that would have all the country’s debts honoured rather than insist on an alternative bail-in that would see US$12bn of obligations coming due in the next three years reprofiled.

    Last April, IMF staff published a paper advocating that a country should only receive loans from the Fund if its creditors also agreed to grant it relief by extending their loan agreements for a specified period. That would allow time to see if the recipient needed to undergo deeper debt restructuring.

    Last Tuesday, an IMF mission started a 10-day visit to the country to thrash out the details of a possible plan. The following day Ukraine’s acting finance minister, Oleksander Shlapak, said a debt restructuring was a possibility, sparking a sell-off in the country’s bonds.

    “If Ukraine wasn’t so much in the spotlight, it’s fair to say there would be some pain-sharing”

    The country may be persuaded to attempt such a bail-in since the most recently issued Eurobond offering, a US$3bn instrument entirely bought by Russia last December, gives holders the right to accelerate should Ukraine’s debt-to-GDP breach 60%, as would happen under a softer bailout.

    However, one sovereign restructuring expert said it was still just as likely that a more lenient approach would be taken, influenced by the US, the European Union and others who might also pledge loans. The EU has said it will provide €11bn from a mixture of agencies over the next six years (see Top News: “EU delays bond issue over Ukraine, ratings review”).

    “The IMF faces a dilemma. This is a geopolitical situation. The donors would not want the populace to face the austerity that a traditional IMF programme might bring,” said the expert.

    Such a move, together with a debt restructuring, might unbalance any government that tried to introduce it. “Therefore, a bailout along the lines of most European rescue programmes [ie, without bondholders being bailed in] is more likely. Such a bailout would be bad policy but good politics,” said the expert.

    Polina Kurdyavko, senior portfolio manager at BlueBay Asset Management, agreed. “If Ukraine wasn’t so much in the spotlight, it’s fair to say there would be some pain-sharing,” she said. “The country has zero growth; the insolvency of the banking sector is high. By all economic rationale, the country’s debt should be restructured, but we will see whether politics takes over again and leads to uneconomic decisions.”

    However, blindly chucking money at Ukraine’s funding problem might also be counter-productive. Russia and its state banks are Ukraine’s biggest creditors, so they would benefit most from such a lenient bailout.

    “The fly in the buttermilk is that if a similar package is put together as initially found for Greece to cover lack of market access, the effect would be the US and EU providing lending to pay Russian banks – at the same time as they are opposing Russian actions in the Crimea,” said the expert.

    Stuart Culverhouse and Gabriel Sterne, economists at emerging markets broker Exotix, wrote in a report that it was “very unlikely” that a reprofiling would be done before a US$1bn Eurobond comes due in June, but said there was “a significant probability (say, 33%) of there being a reprofiling within the next 18 months”.
    In the pipeline

    Another complication will come when state gas company Naftogaz comes to redeem a US$1.6bn bond on September 30. The ousted Ukrainian regime signed a deal with Russia to ensure cheap gas was supplied via Gazprom. That has now been suspended as Ukraine has US$1.5bn of outstanding gas bills.

    Any decision on debt restructuring would only come as part of a wider IMF programme to be agreed after May’s envisaged elections.

    “The IMF would be reluctant to sign a large package with an interim government. The Fund has already been burnt twice in Ukraine. That’s what makes them leery about jumping in now,” said the expert. A smaller bridge facility may be provided in the short term.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Ukraine signs $10 billion shale gas deal with Chevron

    (Reuters) – Ukraine signed a $10 billion shale gas production-sharing agreement with U.S. Chevron (CVX.N) on Tuesday, another step in a drive for more energy independence from Russia.
    The deal to develop its western Olesska field followed a similar shale gas agreement with Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) in January and boosts Ukraine’s leadership at a time of fraught relations with Moscow over gas supplies.

    “The agreements with Shell and Chevron … will enable us to have full sufficiency in gas by 2020 and, under an optimistic scenario, even enable us to export energy,” President Viktor Yanukovich told investors shortly before the signing.

    Read more:


  3. RonMamita says:

    Beyond The Staged Geopolitics is The Ukrainian People

    [audio src="" /]
    Ryan Dawson of The ANC Report joins us once again to discuss the Ukraine crisis and the failures of coverage of the event in both the mainstream and alternative media.
    We talk about the history of Ukraine and how it provides important context to the current events.
    We also discuss the tendency of some alternative media to paint Putin as the “good guy” in a simplistic good guy / bad guy narrative and reflect on how we can avoid the either / or trap.


  4. RonMamita says:

    James Turk: Gold I$ money, and Ukraine’s fiscal woes

    Posted Mar 5, 2014
    he Ukrainian government’s financial condition becomes more dire. Ukrainian officials have said that they need $35 billion over the next two years or they are in deep trouble. They’ll end up defaulting on some of the $136 billion in debt they currently hold, an event that could end up sending shock waves through emerging markets. But after Wednesday, it now looks like Ukraine could get up to $30 billion from the IMF, EU, and US collectively, but this money comes with conditions. Erin takes a look at some possibilities.

    Our guest today is James Turk, co-founder and director of, and we talk about gold, gold, gold. Turk explains that gold has been used as money for five thousand years, and he argues that it’s much better than fiat currency. In fact he thinks that people are losing confidence in paper money because the super-rich are moving out of money and buying up tangible assets. He further argues that gold allows you to avoid the risks of political manipulation or economic warfare.


  5. RonMamita says:

    Europeans Enter Final Stage on How to Pay for the European Failed Banking System

    Posted by Martin Armstrong 11 March 2014
    Euro Logo
    Euro Symbol

    There are talks going on in Europe on how to deal with the massive banking failure in Europe. Of course, nobody want to admit that the cause of this failure was not risky banking – but BRAIN-DEAD political design of the Euro. Because there was no consolidation of the national debts, there was no single bond issue and the euro could NEVER get off the ground as a reserve currency.

    By retaining individual national debts, the European design on that score was like the USA with each state issuing its own bonds. However, state bonds are not reserve quality in the USA as they are in Europe and that was the systemic risk. Europe lacked a federal bond issue and as a result, to be politically correct, the bankers had to keep their reserves spread among all the member states bond issues. This presented huge problems for once Greece was in trouble, capital turned and looked at Portugal, Spain, Italy, and it now smells blood in France.
    Christine Lagarde IMF
    Lagarde Christine imf

    There is no hope to cure the European banking system and the French model that now controls the IMF is a total disaster. The IMF proposal to just confiscate 10% of all accounts is a HAIR-BRAIN-DEAD idea proposed by French communists that simply see no end to just confiscating the wealth of anyone who has money.
    IMF Logo
    IMF Logo

    We may begin to see some decision trickle out of the EU by June, but it really appears that the French will destroy the EU through the IMF. The French control of the IMF has placed the entire world at risk. Insofar as Ukraine is concerned, if they follow the IMF, we will see the Ukrainian economy collapse and the civil unrest that will reemerge giving rise to the risk of a major invasion at that time from Russia who will also need an external enemy for its economy will decline sharply as well.


  6. RonMamita says:

    Gerald Celente

    Saturday, March 8, 2014

    [audio src="" /]


  7. RonMamita says:

    Remember, It Is Scripted


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