Iceland Studies Monetary Reform

I am posting this report in response to Bill Still‘s vlog about Iceland’s study for monetary reform.
Bill’s reports are widely circulated  on the internet, however Iceland’s monetary reform discussions are not new, but are news worthy.
The Icelandic government may intentionally be searching for their nation’s attempt to implement a monetary policy that coexists with the global monetary “reset” that has been planned by the globalists and central bankers. The call for gold backed currencies is popular among the wealthy and should be seen as a return to pre-1971 monetary policy.
Abolishing fractional reserve banking and usury is the prerequisite to any meaningful changes in monetary policy.
A study that fails to adopt these prerequisites would be worthless, in my opinion.
Thus we must examine all monetary recommendations carefully and be certain to include abolishing usury and fractional reserve banking.

  • Icelandic Parliament investigating Full Reserve Banking
    Written by Positive Money on December 5, 2012.
    Ben Dyson made a submission on behalf of Positive Money to the Icelandic parliament in favour of the establishment of a committee to assess the need for reform.
    Proposal No. 262 proposes the establishment of a committee to consider how in the current banking system  the function of money creation can be separated from the function of lending.
  • A return to Sovereign Money? By Josh Ryan-Collins 17 December 2012
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently published a working paper arguing for the removal of private bank’s privilege of creating the national money supply.  The so called ‘full’ or ‘100%’ –reserve reform has a long history – but, with the Icelandic parliament actively investigating the proposal and little sign of current reforms rebooting the economy, might its time have come?

Still Report # 224 – Iceland Studies Monetary Reform

Posted 21 March 2014



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4 comments on “Iceland Studies Monetary Reform
  1. RonMamita says:

    Could These 3 Simple Changes to Banking Fix the Economy?

    Posted 16 Jan 2014
    If someone told you that a mountain of personal debt could be cleared via 3 simple changes to the way that money and banking works, would you like to know how?
    Would you like to see a more stable economy, with more jobs, less personal and government debt?
    Would you like to see money created free of debt and going into the real economy and support businesses, instead of getting trapped in financial and property markets?

    This video explains how 3 simple changes to the way that money and banking works would make all this (and much more) possible.

    Can central banks really control money creation?

    Posted 20th March 2014
    Tony Greenham, Head of Finance and Business at New Economics Foundation talks on money creation and monetary policy at Monetary Policy Seminar, 13th Nov 2013

    Key points:
    1) Banks create money
    2) This system has severe inherent problems
    3) Monetary policy isn’t effective in addressing any of these fundamental issues


  2. RonMamita says:

    World Bank Scandal & Gold Backed Dollars – Karen Hudes

    Posted 7 March 2014


  3. RonMamita says:

    James Rickards-Dollar Going to Collapse 80% or 90% or More

    Posted Mar 23, 2014
    James Rickards, author of the new book, “The Death of Money,” foresees big inflation because the U.S. dollar’s buying power will shrink.
    Rickards predicts, “Imagine gas at $20 a gallon and bread at $10. That’s what we’re talking about.” So, if big inflation is coming, what about gold?
    Rickards says, “When I say the price of gold is going to $7,000 or $9,000 per ounce, which I expect it will, what I am really saying is the dollar is going to collapse 80% or 90% or more.” It did in the 1970’s. None of this is unprecedented. It all happened before.”

    Rickards says, “When a collapse happens it will happen quickly. You won’t see it coming. There won’t be time to run out and buy gold, and it probably will not even be available at that stage. You need to prepare now.”

    Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert and Wall Street insider, James Rickards.


  4. RonMamita says:

    Public banks were the secret of Costa Rica’s success


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