Spontaneous Evolution and Natural Law

Fractional Reserve Banking system of global control

Fractional Reserve Banking system of global control

As we witness and experience the transition from the Age of Empires, Hegemony, international institutions of control, and centralization of authority, I see the dinosaur institutions (Too Big To Fail and “G-SIFI”) dying out.
That fear based meme of control and exploitation is no longer serving our collective needs nor well-being with their crafted economic cycles of “Booms & Busts”, wars, and master/slave like system of control.
That old script is from History (his-story) and that repetitive drama & tragedy must be abandoned.

We, the aware People on Earth, have gone off script and are writing Ourstories.
We are discussing Heartistic engineering, crafts, arts, and acknowledging what we can do is limited only by our creative imagination and efforts.
People are networking and sharing collaborative efforts with open source information sharing paradigm.

Universal Law, also known as Natural Law, trumps all others.

Personal sovereignty is rejuvenating creativity, innovation, and ingenuity in countless ways.
The D.I.Y., Tinkering, Hobbyist, craftsmanship, inventor, and Maker enthusiasm is finding new recruits!
Please have a relaxing drink and review the videos below.

Free Energy Primer: http://thecrowhouse.com/Documents/free%20energy..pdf

Earthship – Brittany Groundhouse

Daren Howarth and partner Adi Nortje live in Brighton, and are champions of sustainable living.
They want to build an earth-sheltered home from recycled materials, based on ideas pioneered in the 1970s in New Mexico. But land prices and planning laws have forced them out of England, across the Channel to Brittany, in France.
Kevin returns to see how Daren Howarth and Adi Nortje’s project has fared four years after they decided to build an earth-sheltered home in Brittany.
LINK to Brittany Groundhouse – http://www.groundhouse.com/


Duane Elgin Outside The Box Interview Part 1


Humanity has entered a time of profound change. We are pushed by necessity and pulled by opportunity. -Duane Elgin
Great Transition Stories

We talk about the trends that are transforming our world, our situation and our relationship with ourselves and others.
Duane talks about our initiation and transition into a new way of being, with a new regard to the world and life around us, which is very alive and which we are immersed in, and sustained by. We talk about our human story and our task of crafting and manifesting a new story as we realize that collectively we are birthing a new world into being, as midwives of the future.
Duane helps us understand our divisions and how we can draw out our human potential with mind, in this new epoch, and the importance of discovering, and giving our true gifts, finding our voices, for this exciting transformation we are going through.
See Part 2 and Part 3

Ole Dammegard Outside The Box Interview Part 1

…We discuss our great responsibility to change to create a better future for future generations, and the great importance that we all shine light on the darkness in our world.
Ole appeals to people in government and in uniform to come forward and speak the truth, and reminds them that the game of lies and deceit is over, and asks them to change sides and come back to truth.
Ole exposes some of the worse, serial hit men used by the CIA and governments, included in the JFK assassination and Martin Luther King, and we discuss the multiple Bankers suicides.
We talk about how we all feel what is right and wrong and the importance that we stay connected to those feelings, and our ethical, moral alarm bell.
See Part 2 and Part 3



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “Spontaneous Evolution and Natural Law
  1. RonMamita says:

    Free Will and Creativity is Blooming

    The moment is here, during this global transition, when the creative aware People on Earth intentionally exercise their free will to manifest a state of liberation. Where creativity, innovation, freedom and personal sovereignty moves forward, advances and amplifies.
    Global Sovereigns Arise!
    Global Heart Develops a Fifth Chamber
    Asymmetric Balance: Reuniting the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine
    Celebrating the Liberation of Planet Earth and all life she Nurtures
    Save The People On Earth
    Remembering Who We Are and Rediscovering The Lost Ancient Stories
    Form Has Function and Function Has Form: Seeing The Unseen and Invisible
    Speaking With Great Mother Earth
    Empathic Communication: Astounding Sensuality [Locally & Remotely]
    Indigenous Natives Facilitate The Great Global Transition

    The “Shift” requires a certain amount of free will people on Earth, in particular nullifying major institutions’ plans of destruction and authoritative rule (Remember Iceland!).
    After that burden of institutional control is removed it will be like the snowball rolling down the mountain getting bigger, faster, and stronger, People on Earth will exercise their free will and imagination of vast creativity again.
    A growth spurt in advanced technology, engineering, craftsmanship, artistry, and healing.

    Ultrasonic Levitation from Japan – 3D Cymatics

    Posted 23 March 2014 by therealverbs Jason Verbelli


    • RonMamita says:

      Interpol hunt former Icelandic bank chief Sigurdur Einarsson

      12 May 2010
      Sigurdur Einarsson, the ex-chairman and chief executive of collapsed Icelandic bank Kaupthing, is wanted by Interpol on suspicion of forgery and fraud.

      The former banking executive, who lives in West London, publicly blamed Gordon Brown for Kaupthing’s collapse in October 2008. He has now been listed on the website of the international law enforcement agency as “wanted”.

      Iceland’s special prosecutor issued an international arrest warrant for Mr Einarsson yesterday, with a description of him as 1.8m tall, 114kg in weight, bald and with blue eyes.

      According to Icelandic media reports, he has told the prosecutor’s team that he is willing to return to his home country to help with their enquiries on the condition that he is not arrested on arrival.

      His former co-chief executive, Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson, was arrested last week on suspicion of falsifying documents and market manipulation. He is still in police custody.

      Kaupthing’s collapse in October 2008 cost the British Treasury £2.5bn and hundreds of UK savers with its Isle of Man branch are still waiting to be fully compensated. Both he and Mr Einarsson have previously denied any wrongdoing over Kaupthing’s collapse.

      The bank’s actions are under investigation by the UK Serious Fraud Office and a special inquiry team in Iceland over claims of share ramping and big loans to related parties.

      Iceland’s special prosecutor is looking into more than 20 cases of potential criminal activity connected to Kaupthing and the country’s other failed banks.

      A special report by Iceland’s parliament showed Kaupthing secretly owned almost half of its own shares.

      Two-thirds of Kaupthing’s clients were based in London, including high-profile investors such as Robert Tchenguiz, Simon Halabi and the Candy Brothers, who all lost substantial sums in the crash.

      After Kaupthing’s loan book was leaked on to the internet last August, it showed key shareholders and owners were the bank’s main borrowers. Mr Tchenguiz, who was a director of Kaupthing’s largest shareholder, had the biggest debt of €1.74bn.

      Following the disclosure, Mr Sigurdsson defended the bank’s practices but made a public apology. “Mistakes were made,” he said. “I’m obliged to offer my apologies to the bank’s shareholders, lenders and employees. I should have prepared the bank better for the storm that hit it.”


  2. RonMamita says:

    Freedom Story: Tamara Davis Uses the OPPT Fillings Successfully in Court

    By Tamara Davis: http://i-uv.com/freedom-story-tamara-davis-uses-the-oppt-fillings-successfully-in-court/
    UPDATE FROM TAMARA: see end of post

    I have been testing the new system/new paradigm/common law that we live in by manifesting getting pulled over under the best circumstances, which unfolded for me beautifully… the incident: I was pulled over for a headlight out, and got a ticket based on the fact that my license had not been reinstated. I was driving without a valid license, purposefully.

    There is a plethora of reading material I have attached regarding the foreclosure of the government corporations that should help others in their court cases; I have studied this material over the last year and intensely for the last three months. The education I was lacking was court procedure… and I did manifest that into my life quite quickly, and got a great education on how to get the court to listen and take the information on a bases that is not of ‘opinion’ but of ‘Law’. I humbly thank my friend Brino for the introduction to Randy. Had it not been for Randy’s 15 years of experience in the courts, I would not have the confidence to work within the boundaries of the court’s procedure and protocols.

    In this day and age, if you are connected to the internet, you are living in an information age… ignorance can no longer victimize you; ignorance is a choice at this point. Yes, we all do have our responsibilities to ourselves and our families…. which is why I am DOing what I am DOing.. I have a responsibility to my family and friends, of whom I love very much, and hold space to see them thrive absent limits.

    When 911 happened, that was my trigger.. I woke up. I had always had a nagging voice in the back of my head before 911 that “things were not what they seemed on the surface”. It took 911 for me to look closer… and when I did, I was in horror of what was happening to us as a people all over the planet.

    I went into bank trade and finance. I decided I was going to help free myself and others, but no matter how hard I worked and closed deals, no matter how much time I invested with the bankers, I was not in alignment with them (my ideals were different than theirs = no match) and therefore the deals did not manifest into liquidity (they did not want to play my game). I realized I gave them too much power… and did not look to us… all of us, the 99%, who HAVE all the power we need to create whatever we want to create, so long as we can work together.

    I did not waste my time with the banks, I was given an incredible insight to education that most would never get and I realized many things from my time invested:

    1) We have been slaves… all of us, not just black people who were forced into slavery.. WE ALL, (ALL RACES) have been tricked/forced into slavery . Look up the word “Chattel” – that is a slave and within my motion to dismiss and my memorandum, all exhibits to support this claim. I have shown what banks hold our “collateral accounts”.

    2) We have lived in a setting on earth where duality was supported by prime creator, therefore we needed a contrast (light vs. dark) in order to understand more deeply who we are, but now that time is behind us… unity consciousness energetics are here… and the time of duality, or divide and conquer are over-those energetics are DONE, all gratitude to Heather and the other former trustee’s.

    3) It is not the amount of ‘time’ or ‘hard work’ that produces a different environment, it is a stress-free, imaginative, and loving BEingness (and commitment to the vision) that allows for the flow to take you to the next exciting moment and create what you imagine.

    4) It has always- in ALL WAYS been us that have done everything… not the bankers/government officials. The bankers just rally, delegate, and create division; we have always done the “work”.

    5) We are great masters of manifestation… we have mastered our “limits”, now it is time to master our “limitlessness”.

    6) We are all love (including the banksters/government ‘agents’)… unconditional love and we are one.

    In order for us to navigate this world there needs to be a system in which all measurability is the same around the planet… that is true equity under the Law. I no longer look to the old paradigm to make the changes that most of us want; I look to us. If we want equity under the Law, then we need to stand for it, we do not need to ‘fight’ for it as that will trap us in the same cycle of division and war.

    So, I did stand, and here are my results. To most, that is what really matters in the end are the results. However, I will say that there is ‘gold’ in the journey/experience and that is for you to discover 🙂 . In my case, it came out really well. I was aware that it could have turned out very poorly for me but I do have control over what I envision and that is my attitude; the love in my heart and my willful intent manifests what I create every day.

    What I prepared and created for the court is what I am sharing with you in the event you need it:

    1) Notice of a motion, 2) a motion to dismiss, 3) declaration of facts (both 1 and 2 only because I had sent a 1st declaration of facts by mail) supported by a 4) 28 page memorandum that covers law, code, rights, case laws, philosophy, ethics, quotes, legal definitions, valuable consideration and at the end of the memorandum are listed my exhibits (A-O) to be placed into evidence to include 5) 78 page essay, “Truth is the New Black” that describes why our courts are only a business, doing business on behalf of the states and banks.

    I recommend the reading material and the portion of the One People’s Show on March 17, 2014 where I speak my Experience on the player —>

    To hear the whole One People’s Show from that date visit this link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thecollectiveimagination/2014/03/17/the-one-people-1718-march-2014

    I have provided all information and documentation to understand the whole case. However, to put it in a nut-shell: I challenged the court on jurisdiction and on their own codes.

    You see, the California motor vehicle code, states that a police officer may issue a ticket if only there is an accident (a damaged 3rd party), and if there is no damaged third party, then you are allowed to ask for a verified complaint (only a prosecutor can issue a complaint, not a police officer) from a Magistrate, which is different than the Commissioner. If you take a look at the ticket from the point of view of constitution rights, a right to travel freely cannot be converted into a privilege – the motor codes only supports the drivers licensing for those that operate vehicles for commercial use (doing business on the roads like a truck driver). I then discuss the foreclosure of the banks and world government corporations, as they have no jurisdiction to “try” me.

    It is considered unconventional to mix subject-matters (codification and jurisdiction) but I did it for a reason – to uncover the flagrant extortion being exercised by our legal enforcement systems and how bringing attention to that extortion only supports why the old paradigm was shut down, and why a new paradigm of truth, transparency, liability, accountability, and responsibility are put in place of the old system. I support these counter-claims 100 percent by all the exhibits I list.

    I prove that:

    Exhibit “A”

    Government Corporation filings (all governments are corporations) Click Here

    Exhibit “B”

    Executive Order No. 13037, UCC Filings, that humans are capitol (chattel capitol) Click Here

    Exhibit “C”

    Westpac Banking Corporation owning chattel papers (holding chattel papers for Federal system) Click Here

    Exhibit “D”

    Power profiles of government corporations of Dun and Brad street (that all “courts” are divisions of corporations of “state”) Click Here

    Exhibit “E”

    STATE OF CALIFORNIA UCC filing (that the state of California is a corporation) Click Here

    Exhibit “F”

    California Commercial Code (the UCC is codified into the California code) Click Here

    Exhibit “G”

    Birth Certificate, directions on how to find the bank notes associated with the birth certificate’s number, and the legal definition of a certificate/warehouse receipt (where to find our chattels papers being bought and sold on the stock market) Click Here

    Exhibit “H”

    The former One People’s public trust Uniform Commercial Code Filings (Most all the OPPT’s filings out of DC records where all corporations, treaties, charters, banks have been canceled, and all is reconciled back into eternal essence; this is a lot of reading so it is broken up into 5 parts) Click Here pt 1 , pt2 , pt3 , pt 4 , pt 5 [These can all be found individually on the I UV site under the OPPT Absolute top navigation]

    Exhibit “I”

    The notice of I and the Universal Value Exchange (the new law) Click Here

    Exhibit “J”

    First Declaration of Facts by registered mail (my first declaration given to alleged government officials) Click Here

    Exhibit “K”

    First Declaration of I by registered mail (my first declaration of ‘I’ given to alleged government officials) Click Here

    Exhibit “L”

    Affidavit of Truth (paraphrasing the incident and the former OPPT filings) Click Here

    Exhibit “M”

    Declaration of Facts part 2 of 1 (updated declaration of ‘I AM’) Click Here

    Exhibit “N”

    Declaration of I AM, Declaration of Receipt of I AM, Declaration of Original Depository and Deposit of I AM, Declaration of Conversion by I AM (I AM is the new way of being and establishes jurisdiction) Click Here

    Exhibit “O”

    Receipts of registered mail to purported agents (I sent off 2 copies of notices to purported government officials regarding my governing status. I am not attaching this to the email)

    This also includes:

    1) My ticket.. (which shows the STATE OF CALIFORNIA in the left hand corner) This is who is really giving me the citation. Click Here

    2) My contract that will trigger if I am pursued by the state Click Here

    3) cover letter explaining the circumstances of the foreclosures of corporations guising as governments Click Here

    My affidavit stands as Law if gone unrebutted after a given said time. I gave my affidavit to the commissioner at the hearing and considering the amount of material I had in my ‘play/tool-chest’ that I had brought with me, they made the choice to not mess with me. I knew too much and brought too much. I still drive without a license, and they know it and do not have the power to stop me. Of course, this is not about driving without a license, this paperwork should help in any corporate government circumstances that may arise for one while those corporate governments still try to hold on to the last bit of power they muster.

    UPDATE From Tamara refers to this section:

    In addition: while researching I came across some very interesting documentation… I have sent this over as well, as the last of my documents. While searching the Washington DC Gov. documents at the recorders office, I found a Clayton M. Bernard Ex., who filed all property/chattels inclusive of the One People’s Trust of 1776, under his name. GET THIS: This corporate fiction is dead, no really- he is dead, not only as a fiction, but also as a human being; you can find his death certificate…. yet this entity is claiming everything, the earth, the people on it, the trusts and the former OPPT. What I find interesting is how the UCC documentation tries to legitimize contracts at and prior to the US Constitution of 1776, when in fact all contracts to include our constitution have been fraudulent; most people are not a party to those contracts, only agents that sign and their heirs are a party to those contracts. I will leave it to you to think out why this finding is so very significant. pt1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4

    Keep this in mind- the court is only a business- doing business in a commercial arena. The court is De facto- ‘illegitimate law’ or seen by some as a ‘color of the law’ and ‘justice’ has been marketed to the public to make you think you have relief and recourse but it is the ignorant that bears the burden of this deception and the ignorant will pay by way of their labor. How many tickets in your life have you received for speeding or rolling through a stop sign? It is all fraud! – They can’t issue a ticket unless there has been an accident! So, then, why are we paying these fees?

    I had a wise person give me a book a long time ago… “The Game of Life and how to play it”- emphasis on “play”. We have been taught that competition, war, and ownership are the ways that life must be lead as an adult to “secure” the future for our children and our heritages. We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for security, when really the truth of the matter is that security lies within.

    We have exercise and exhausted all of these ideals, only to find…. that really there is no such thing as owning anything on the planet-we are stewards of earth, war is propaganda fed to us by the bankers and/or government agencies to rally most people who want peace, and competition allows corporations to rape the people and the planet of harmony and balance. Most corporations (driven by the boards and major shareholders) are notoriously psychotic, as they will stop at nothing to achieve the bottom line.

    The corporation life is marketed to us that this is the way ‘modern way of living’. When if you think about it, there is no ‘living’ in it… only a very slow death of waking up every morning returning to work you hate in a small cubicle being a “yes man” to a superior who threatens your so-called security when you step ‘out of line’.

    If you wake up and start to have real conversations with people, other than what happened on the game last night, one can see that most want a different, freer, more expressive life, and typically feel “caught” in a trap, so they succumb to the corporation game, as they feel as there is nowhere else to function, let alone “live”, in society.

    This dream that we have been living is not our dream… we have been supporting someone else’s dream… Look within your heart, what do you envision that what will bliss you out- I bet there are many people out there in this great big world will resonate with you.

    To my earth family.and beyond.. may your path be the path that leads you to bliss, may you wake up excited about the new day, and may you create absent limits….. blessings, peace, creativity, and unconditional love shall surround you… and know that whatever choices you make….. are perfect.

    I stand on the shoulders of giants…. a humbly thank and give heart-felt gratitude to those that are known and unknown to me, that have taught me what I know through their offers to share knowledge. I am thankful to the ‘light’ and to the ‘dark’… and all those in-between… as….. all is one and one is love.


    Tamara Marie from the family of the Davis tribe of Eternal Essence Embodied known as a fractal of the whole – Prime Creator/ I AM –

    I need to make a public correction, Please post this below highlighted in purple, and thank you, BZ, in advance:

    Correction: I made a verbal announcement at the end of The One People show on March 17, 2014 whereas, I stated that there was a Clayton M. Bernard Ex., who was claimed to be “owned” by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, when in fact, it was Clayton M. Bernard Ex., who claimed to “own” HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. It was my honest mistake, as I misread who the “secured party” was. Nonetheless: if you review these documents, you will see that there is “some ‘one’ or ‘organization’” out there, who has filed duplicates of what Heather was doing in 2012 with the former OPPT UCC filings but they did it poorly and in the name of a ‘dead man’ (no wet-ink signature can I find, etc…!) In addition, I have found Clayton”s death certificate, and I have also read where he was alive… however dead or alive, no organization under CLAYTON M. BERDARD EX. has actually come forward publicly to claim ownership of the One people or debtors.

    In their UCC claims, they/Clayton M. Bernard EX. are legitimizing the contracts prior to the bank take over in the United States of America (which are fraud) and claiming ownership over the former OPPT and it’s actions and efforts, which would be of course, then claiming ownership over you!

    This mysterious group is still… a mystery…as I have seen no Clayton step forward to claim ‘ownership’ yet, I am sure we will find out who and what is behind it… and all is revealed in perfection.

    mea culpa regarding my misread… and my love to all in our creating of ‘ourstory-past-present-future-now’…. and it is done.

    With respect, trust, and unconditional love…. your sister~of peace~


  3. RonMamita says:

    The 33rd parallel: Science,Technology,Politics and Conspiracy…

    Posted 29 March 2014
    William R Lyne is the author of 3 books and discusses the controversial subjects therein…


    This book (formerly entitled Space Aliens From the Pentagon)in its third edition, is the first to reveal Nikola Tesla as the inventor of the flying saucer, and to expose a BIG LIE mind control hoax copied from the Third Reich, covertly implemented through “national security” means, to perpetuate the coercive monopoly of a corporate-state elite. By stealing, concealing or suppressing advanced technology, our continued dependency on archaic petroleum and nuclear technology is insured. To this end, flying saucer technology of relative simplicity and phenomenal potential was stolen from its inventor, Nikola Tesla, and has been concealed from us for over 50 years.

    In 1953, Lyne and at least seven others saw a flying saucer at a close range. Lyne studied its behavior, discovered its secrets, and presents this book, representing over 45 years of research, complete with a set of simplified plans to build your own saucer. The obvious BIG TRUTH- that flying saucers are real, man-made electrical machines, and that there are no aliens on earth- is being ground to pieces between TWO BIG LIES, both essentially one big lie, covertly disseminated through the media and various “front” groups and publications, by teams of Ph.D.s employed by the O.S.I. ( Office of Scientific Intelligence, CIA). The secret government orchestrates both sides of the sham debate between covert agents, posing as “UFOlogists”, and official government spokesmen. The UFOlogists’ (the O.S.I.’s) “alien” scenario conceals the man-made nature of flying saucers by depicting them as “alien crafts”, involved in visits to earth, abductions, and collaboration with our government, which they allege is concealed by a “government cover-up conspiracy”. Officials conveniently provide false credibility to these lies by their irrational behavior, or silence. Contains much never before published information, including photos of a celestial guidance system from a WWII-vintage Nazi “Kreisel Teller” (“Gyrating Plate”).


    Tesla’s “Ideal Flying Machine” and
    The Conspiracy to Conceal It:

    Is there a “Secret Physics” with a different set of rules that have been hidden away from us earlier in this century by a powerful elite who fear the technology based on it will strip away their power and wealth and liberate us from their grip? Dynamite comes in small packages, and this little stick of scientific dynamite blows apart pseudo-scientific myths and instills the truth. Documents Nikola Tesla’s discovery of electrostatic-propulsion in 1894.


    The Official State Science Religion and
    How to get Excommunicated:

    Reveals an occult scientific thought-control dictatorship, maintained by coercive-monopolist interests, a monolithic mass media, a compliant government, grant-beholden universities and institutions, robotic government know-it-alls, and armies of covert propagandists, all of which form a covert authoritarian science-control system which manufactures opinion, enforces rules, punishes violators, and controls scientific thought in society. This reign of thought-terror makes it difficult for creative individuals to express divergent scientific views without being virtually burned at the stake by thought-control-zombies, who have fallen victim to the pressure to believe the mind-crippling theories Big Brother wants them to.


  4. RonMamita says:

    Police State #2: Ten Secrets the Police don’t want you to know!

    Florida has institutional issues…
    Posted 9 July 2013

    Terry Ingram is a decorated veteran Hollywood Police Officer with twelve years’ experience in Robbery/Homicide, Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics, and Uniformed Patrol. As a decorated combat Vietnam Veteran, having served his country honorably for six years, Terry founded “Law In Simple Terms”, an organization which teaches the art of “Pro Per litigation”. Terry developed an easy to comprehend course for laypersons which teaches the proper application of civil rights in the face of government confrontation, as well as how to negotiate the legal system without the aid or assistance of an attorney, and much more.

    One of the purposes of Terry’s classes is to educate government, and particularly the Law Enforcement community, about the true nature of its relationship with the American people. This is accomplished through acquired knowledge and self-representation in law suits, both civil and criminal. Government and Law Enforcement as well, use a plethora of rules, regulations and statutes to keep the citizenry in their place. For more than 20 years, Terry has simply and successfully been teaching the converse.

    Terry is not an attorney, nor has he been disadvantaged, aligned, or encumbered by membership into any bar association. He has never represented anyone and teaches average people how to represent themselves. Terry has a very unique understanding of jurisprudence, having had more than forty (40) years’ experience dealing with government, from both sides of the fence.

    Many of Terry’s students have rediscovered that “feeling of empowerment” that just one person can make a difference by learning exactly what their constitutional rights are and that government solely exists to protect those rights.

    Website: http://www.lawinsimpleterms.com/index.html
    Twitter: LawInSimpleTerm
    Facebook: Facebook profile
    Blog: http://www.lawinsimpleterms.com/blog.html

    Former Deputy Sheriff Reveals Secrets Police Dont Want You To Know

    Posted 3 July 2013


  5. RonMamita says:


    [audio src="http://astralquest.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-03-16T20_34_59-07_00.mp3" /]
    Interactive Enlightenment as a method of deprogramming
    An archive of spiritual literature pertaining to the Mind, Body, and Soul for your consideration.


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