Sorting through the Rumors & Disinformation

What I find most disturbing is the threatening and extreme rhetoric attributed to Senator Harry Reid from the commercial media concerning the Cliven Bundy Legal complaint with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Because Reid’s threats escalates the dangerous tensions between the militarized government agencies and the sovereign People. Examples: here and here
Please make a commitment to sharing the facts as best you can, as this may save lives.
Discernment is challenging even without the massive disinformation that exists.
Efforts such as by stormcloudgathering, Corbett Report, and many others are much appreciated. ~Ron

Was Harry Reid involved in the Bundy Ranch Debacle?

Posted 21 April 2014

The purpose of this video is to sort through the tangled web of information and rumors circulating regarding the questions of corruption and Harry Reid’s involvement in the Bundy Ranch showdown. We will also address an error in our previous video on the topic.

Alright so there was this article that claimed that the siege of the Bundy ranch was about was really about fracking leases. It referred to this article on which actually referred to land sold in Eastern Nevada, and Clark county isn’t in Eastern Nevada, so that’s clearly not the same land. At this point the author has to be aware of this mistake. Leaving it up like this without correcting the mistake is really bad. I’m still having people send me this.

We had some unsubstantiated rumors claiming that “There are developers working for military contractors that want that land and water for mining weapons grade minerals for industry… they want to sell the land by the highway for real estate development because it’s close to I-15”. Again this claim isn’t even coherent. Military contractors like blackwater don’t buy land for mining.

Now for the troublesome story. That the showdown in Nevada was really about an underhanded business deal involving Senator Harry Reid, his son, the BLM and a 5 billion dollar solar energy plant.

The first source we referred to was Reuters August 21, 2012, which does indeed go into the details of a shady business deal involving ENN energy that Harry worked to push through. This is a reputable source, and it tells us a lot about how Senator Reid operates. Just one problem: the project fell through in 2013. ENN isn’t in the game anymore.

However there still several issues here that remain. We have the web page that was taken down from the BLM website and which someone quickly deleted from google’s cache. This webpage mentions that the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone’s mitigation strategy as one of the justifications for seizing Cliven Bundy’s cattle. You also have the fact that the current head of the BLM, Neil Kornze, is Harry Reid’s former adviser and as the Senate majority leader directly participated in his confirmation, and to make things even more interesting we have the fact that it was revealed this past week that the FBI had been attempting to investigate Harry Reid on unrelated corruption charges, but they were blocked by the Department of Justice.

We also know from this article from the LA Times that Harry Reid has a long history of finding creative ways to funnel money towards family members, and we have the well documented case of his attempt to push the ENN project through for his son Rory Reid via Reuters. So the question isn’t really whether Harry Reid is corrupt, the question is whether he had a hand in the Bundy ranch debacle.

But that’s where the story starts to get murky.

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5 comments on “Sorting through the Rumors & Disinformation
    • RonMamita says:

      Thank you for sharing 🙂


      • Clarity! I’ve posted one story about it that I can find and it has the Reuters link, or quote’s within it.

        I will say though, maybe the smoking gun isn’t quite there yet, but there’s an awful smell wafting about this story and Harry is hiding lots from the FBI in my opinion.

        The “Clive Bundy and his friends are domestic terrorists” line is reveling to me. “Don’t look over here, look over there”!


  1. n3angus says:

    THIS IS WHAT REID and Cronies are chasing and why all of a sudden Bundy was raided !!!!!!
    FOLLOW the Taxpayer Money !!!!!!!! Read this , On April 2, 2014, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, said: “the department would probably throw open the door for new applications for renewable energy project loan guarantees during the second quarter of this year.”

    Read more:

    Clinton/Obama cronies behind Bundy showdown , this links the Cronies to the bundy area that are chasing the taxpayer Green Energy funds .
    Reids connection to bunkerville land is a great way to create for a fee land that can be used as a staging ground for the development of the dry lake solar project .
    BLM Whistleblower: Reid Bunkerville and the Military Industrial Complex at Bundy Ranch

    BUNDY RANCH | You saw his proof. Now meet BLM Whistleblower Rusty Hill who uncovered the corporations and shady land deals connected to Reid Bunkerville LLC, Zion Bank Corp, and BLM lands surrounding the Bundy properties.
    Bundy Ranch, Land & Resources Revealed,Zions Bank,BLM & More


  2. mouse says:

    hate to break it to you guys but this is a psy-op nothing more. how do you get ‘legitimate’ authorization for martial law? stir the pot, crank the heat and put a lid on it. every aspect of this is theatre intended towards a single purpose.someone wants to spark civil war, right now for a specific group it doesnt matter where the next war begins so long as it does, if it happens in the states so much the better since the masses at large are to ‘corn fed’ these days to mount anty real resistance. either way the response is always the same, do not give the bastards any excuse to open fire.


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