Advanced Technologies in Heaven

How can you know if someone is hiding the truth behind a joke?

The Vatican & Religion

The Vatican has already covered the angles, it seems. In 2008, its chief astronomer, José Gabriel Funes, publicly accepted that there could be life on other planets. “Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’?” he said. “It would still be part of creation.” Aliens might even be closer to God than us, Funes suggested, and humans could be the “lost sheep” of the universe. In other words, alien visitors might well have a more advanced religion than ours. Rather than baptising them, we might want to convert to their faith.

Posted 22 May 2014

The pope has said that he would baptise a Martian – but would they want our religions?

Pope Francis has speculated as to what would happen if an expedition of aliens wanted to convert to Christianity, but they’re probably closer to God than we are anyway –

Independent Research

100’s of UFO’s Now Transit The Moon , Manipulated Eclipse Evidence
Posted 24 May 2014
There has been a huge increase in objects (UFOS’) transiting the moon since the April 2014 eclipse. To this day we are seeing hundreds of objects transit the moon each night. I also present evidence to show that the lunar eclipse of 2014 may have been manipulated. Is the appearance of the moon created by technology?



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8 comments on “Advanced Technologies in Heaven
  1. RonMamita says:

    Message from an Extraterrestrial

    This message was received by the French, Jean Ederman, in Belgium. It took over 10 years to give this message a face and a picture. But still, the content of this text is more relevant than ever. Several religions, cultures and spiritual beings predicted that we have entered a new era: The age of awakening and consciousness, also the time of finding out the truth & disclosure. About us, humanity, our planet and the universe? Who knows.

    This film helps to understand this extraterrestial message better by using hints and pictures or videos of current global & universal problems, on multidimensions. Decide on your own and inside of you what is the truth. This is freedom.

    Jean Ederman about himself:

    I have seen UFOs for several years and I’ve had contacts with some ET beings.

    “I am 42, with both a technical education (military jet pilot and air traffic controller), economic (masters) and management (airport manager). From the age of six, I’ve had various spiritual type experiences that are continually taking on more shape and meaning.

    Among the many types of phenomena that have manifested during the last two years, for example when I received a message on the tri-dimensional nature of time, while a UFO was hanging over my house and had ‘announced’ its presence by a terrific noise, and then when an enormous triangular craft flew over my house when I was in the process of moving, followed by an aerial battle of lights lasting 25 minutes, and also multiple apparitions of celestial lights and ethereal creatures in my house, and finally, after having learned how to mentally project myself to a place in the presence of benevolent extraterrestrials, I received the following message on behalf of their hierarchy.”


  2. Reblogged this on Spartan of Truth and commented:
    Extraterrestrials are most likely to have a better grasp on spirituality in general, one would think. It will none-the-less, be an interesting time during disclosure and first contact (not that this hasn’t happened yet, but public record first contact) and spirituality will be a main topic, meshed with our history. I believe we will see it Ron.


    • RonMamita says:

      I look for personal firsthand stories and experiences rather than official reports.
      Perhaps I will have some personal experiences to share, but “histories” will remain suspect with me, and we have to do our own field work with the evidence or documents to comprehend what actually happened.
      I may be among the minority in not looking for disclosure.
      Having conversations with amateur astronomers and researchers is more rewarding for me, as I continue my star gazing hobby as well.

      The motives and goals for the pope (and officials) to talk about “Martians” and Extraterrestrials is a curiosity as in part of criminal investigations (institutional crime) and mystery solving. Each time an official speaks I consider the probability a crime is being perpetrated and deception is on display.
      You can see what I mean in the video below:

      Mauro Biglino translated 23 books of the ancient Bible for the Vatican


      • Yup, agreed!

        I already know in my heart that life is teaming in the Universe, it was just that I want the people that don’t know to know and I believe that won’t come until there is “official” disclosure.

        Some believe that we shouldn’t try so hard to awaken the sleeping, but I don’t necessarily agree. I mean, there are folks that will never get it, but I feel that if I give up on the bubble beings, that I’m doing a disservice to myself also.


      • On that talk from the Vatican….. Remember what Carol Rosen said about the last card, as told to her by Von Braun; “The last card will be the Alien invasion”

        This talk about baptizing ET is probably no more than them setting up the false attack so that they can be our saviours. I don’t think it will happen anymore, but you never know…


        • RonMamita says:

          Yes indeed, I recall the stories about Wernher von Braun, and the video recording of Ron Reagan’s United Nations speech that a war against extraterrestrials would unite all the Earth is very telling of a motive for staging an alien invasion. The vision of false flags starting galactic-wars from planet to planet was on display at the U.N..
          Hmm, The pope may be hinting that if the off-worlders can’t be converted to religion then a war may be justifiable?

          We the People on Earth are plagued with dangerous institutions and their sociopaths.


          • We certainly are. My new thing is to totally ignore them in my mind and pay no attention. “Nothing to see here” move along… I know it’s just a slow death, but it will be death in the end for their dreams of a NWO Utopia, none-the-less!


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