Collapsing Monetary System and Institutional Trust is Nowhere To Be Found

I read this today, King World News Blog, and was stunned at the bluntness in speech and audacity of blatant and obvious attempts at deception and lies that are so bald that one can only reason the “mobsters” are ready for all out turf war as the protection racket gears up for more shake-downs and increased threats. In the mobster movies this ratcheting up of force leads to larger payouts from the victims and eventually the tortures and shootings begin…
If that is the script they are following, then can we expect BIGGER Guns to show up at the bank? ~Ron
1 Crime Lord_missionaccomplished

“b^llsh*t” economics

Eric King:  “I found it interesting that Greek debt was recently upgraded by Fitch.  They cited improving economic conditions.”

Kaye: “Let’s not forget that these are the same Greeks who were admitted into the European Union because they lied about their finances. I guess Fitch has some confidence in the Greek numbers, but I don’t.
“I know people who have made money off the Greek debt, not because they trusted the numbers but because they believed Draghi when he said, ‘The ECB would do whatever it takes.’ So in European periphery debt, these individuals feel they have the equivalent of a ‘Greenspan put.’

Again, this just illustrates how we live in the fantasy world, where fundamentals don’t matter. Instead, it’s all about reading the agenda of the corrupt Western central planners, and dancing on the lip of the volcano before it explodes. These aggressive investors and traders are picking up the money on the lip of the volcano because it is there for the taking. But at some point the volcano will claim its victims.”

Eric King: “What about the fact that Italy will now include prostitution and illegal drug sales in their GDP numbers? This illustrates that countries on the European periphery are just doing whatever it takes to put out phony economic numbers.”

Kaye: “Yes, and they keep getting better at it. This is why nobody has any confidence in the numbers — because you can’t get honest numbers anymore. The West has become so corrupt and so full of Orwellian propaganda that it’s now OK to put out economic numbers that are complete bullsh*t.

Now for the people who are trying to make investment decisions, the main question they are asking themselves is: How long can the ‘Draghi put’ remain in place before things become too unstable? For the guys who are making the risky decision to trade in these toxic assets, including a lot of peripheral debt that will never be repaid, they are playing in the casino with the belief that they are smart enough and nimble enough before it all hits the fan.”



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4 comments on “Collapsing Monetary System and Institutional Trust is Nowhere To Be Found
  1. RonMamita says:

    WW2 Criminal Bank for International Settlements Criminal Past

    Public discussion of institutional crime within the monetary system has become common and frequent joined by “experts” after years of the common people complaining of fraud, manipulation, and corruption.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Remember the Irish Banking Crisis?

    … nearly all banks are just “fronts” for crime syndicates. Here’s Part I to explain why this analogy holds true to any comparison or careful inspection.


  3. RonMamita says:

    All markets now are rigged by central banks and all prices are artificial

    By Bill King The King Report, Burr Ridge, Illinois
    Thursday, May 29, 2014

    Only the most obstinate academics and permabulls won’t admit that the capital markets are rigged and that prices, particularly bonds, are artificial. Unless you are forced to play, most people will avoid the bond and stock markets because prices are rigged.

    As bonds and stocks inflate, even traders are withdrawing from the markets because, as we keep warning, stocks could blow out to the upside in a euphoric rush or they could crater as intervention wanes and/or reality is introduced.

    The stock market activity over the past two months should alarm any rational trader or investor. Several times over the past two months major stock indices suffered frightening technical damage but were quickly rescued by determined buying.

    Unlike as in past years, the frequency of breakdowns and breakouts increased greatly over the past two months.

    This is a crystal-clear sign that the stock market is in an abnormal state.

    Bonds, of course, are the in the mother of bubbles, a rigged market by desperate sovereigns and central banks that are joined at the hip in the quest to keep the modern welfare state and crony capitalism afloat…


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