UK Parliament: Israel Accused of War Crimes

My wife and family are having emotional discussions on Facebook about the Mass-Murders of Palestinians.
Below are a few reports to share factual experiences about the genocidal activities of the Israeli government. ~Ron

…Israel has flagrantly violated international law.
Perhaps, Israel has forgotten that it owes the UN for its very existence in 1948, when on Nov 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly approved the UN Partition Plan for Palestine Resolution 181 by terminating the British Mandate of Palestine, while creating two states: one Jewish and one Arab.
If it had not been for the UN, the Jews would not have been able to establish a nation of their own that they could call the “promised land” or “home”.
In fact, the UN specifically created the Truce Supervision Organisation in 1948 to monitor truces between Israel and its Arab neighbours. –

Posted 15 July 2014
Highlights from a UK parliamentary debate in which MPs noted Israel’s disproportionate violence, ruining peace negotiations by building illegal settlements, running the worlds largest outdoor prison, collective punishment, and attacking water supplies, hospitals, supply centres and all manner of other civilian targets.

El Estado de Israel

A Few Years Ago…

Posted 16 Jan 2009
“Israel was born out of Jewish Terrorism”
Sir Gerald accused the Israeli government of seeking “conquest” and added:
“They are not simply war criminals, they are fools.”
After the end of World War II the State of Israel was created in 1948.

The UN followed the practice of the Peace Conference of Paris and the League of Nations regarding the creation of states.
Religious and minority rights were placed under the protection of the United Nations and recognition of the new states was conditioned upon acceptance of a constitutional plan of legal protections. Israel acknowledged that obligation, and Israel’s declaration of independence stated that the State of Israel would ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex, and guaranteed freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture.
In the hearings before the Ad Hoc Political Committee that considered Israel’s application for membership in the United Nations, Abba Eban said that the rights stipulated in section C. Declaration, chapters 1 and 2 of UN resolution 181(II) had been constitutionally embodied as the fundamental law of the state of Israel as required by the resolution. The instruments that he cited were the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, and various cables and letters of confirmation addressed to the Secretary General. Eban’s explanations and Israel’s undertakings were noted in the text of General Assembly Resolution 273 (III) Admission of Israel to membership in the United Nations, May 11, 1949., The British Mandate for Palestine expired on May 15, 1948, and the UK recognized Israeli independence eight months later.

The legality of Israel’s existence has been challenged often, however, both in and out of the United Nations. For instance, In testimony to the United States Senate in 1977 about Jewish settlements on the West Bank, W.T. Mallison of George Washington University argued that Israel refused to comply with nondiscriminatory requirements of Palestine partition resolution. James Crawford argued more recently that Israel was created by the use of force, without the consent of any previous sovereign and without complying with any valid act of disposition.

Israel has commenced full-scale warfare on the people of Gaza. The recent tensions began about six weeks ago when Israeli forces abducted 17 Palestinian teenage boys in the occupied West Bank. Then, on June 12, three Israeli teenagers were abducted in the southern West Bank; Israel blamed Hamas. After the three youths were found dead, a group of Israelis tortured and killed a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem. Then, on July 7, Israel launched a large military operation dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” in the Gaza Strip.
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4 comments on “UK Parliament: Israel Accused of War Crimes
  1. Reblogged this on Spartan of Truth and commented:
    It saddens me immensely, what is going on in Gaza. Thanks for posting this Ron.


  2. RonMamita says:

    The Zionist Massacre of Gaza – Cause and Effect -Max Igan

    July 18, 2014
    Max Igan: The Samson Options is Israel’s policy that if their existence is ever threatened they will implement…
    nuclear destruction on every major city in the world. If you want to take Israel down, Israel will take down the world…
    To review that statement by Max go to the 8:46 que of the audio clip.
    * The Samson Option:

    Click to access Sampson_Option_text.pdf

    The Samson Option explodes one of the world’s most closely guarded secrets—the secret of Israel’s atomic arsenal. It relates, for the first time, the political, diplomatic, and military repercussions that have for decades been concealed from the world.

    It is also about America’s ability not to see what it does not want to see. All American presidents since John F. Kennedy have turned a blind eye toward Israel’s growing nuclear capacity while paying lip service to the goal of nuclear nonproliferation.

    In The Samson Option, Seymour M. Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winner who wrote the first account of the My Lai massacre in South Vietnam, reveals one of the classic clandestine operations of our time: Israel’s spectacular underground nuclear facility in the Negev Desert, where its technicians and scientists began manufacturing nuclear warheads in the late 1960s. It describes the bitter infighting within the Israeli government over the bomb and its huge cost. It tells how the money for me nuclear program was raised abroad, and how the early technology was acquired with the aid of France. And it shows how and when Israel threatened to use its nuclear power.

    The Samson Option reveals many startling events that played a secret and significant role in the history of our times from the early 1960s through the Gulf War:
    The Samson Option is ultimately a narrative of how the bomb influenced the diplomatic relations between Israel and America far more than was seen or understood by the press and the public. It shows that, in every sense, Israel was born a nuclear power. Since its founding, some of its leaders, including David Ben-Gurion and Ernst David Bergmann—the little-known scientist who was the father of the Israeli bomb—were determined that no future enemy would be able to carry out another Holocaust. Just as Samson brought down the temple and killed himself along with his enemies, so would Israel destroy those who sought its destruction.

    The message of The Samson Option is stark: The next Middle East war might very well be nuclear.

    7-17-14 False Flag Weekly News

    You may wish to turn eyes away about halfway through when they show picture of injured Palestinian child.
    [Thank for pointing to this.]


  3. RonMamita says:

    Celebrity tweets rip Israel to shreds

    By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor 21 July 2014

    A growing list of celebrities are tweeting their displeasure with the genocidal Israeli assault on Gaza.

    Oddly, some have felt the need to apologize afterward.

    When pop singer Rihanna tweeted “#Free Palestine” and faced a Zionist backlash, she quickly removed the tweet and kissed up to the war criminals. (Ironically, her new album is called “Unapologetic.”)

    NBA star Dwight Howard also tweeted #Free Palestine, then deleted the post, and said “Previous tweet was a mistake. I have never commented on international politics and never will.”
    nba star athlete

    When Jon Stewart expressed sympathy for the people of Gaza, and said “we have to talk about Israel,” he was shouted down by Zionists – and quickly backed down, reassuring the pro-genocide crowd that he was not pro-Hamas.


    Even the late, great Helen Thomas, who famously said the genocidal Jewish invaders should “get the hell out of Palestine,” subsequently felt the need to grovel at the stinking feet of Zionism. She even said she “deeply regretted” speaking the truth.

    But then, to her credit, she retracted her retraction.


    It seems the rules of the game are changing. In the past, the rule was “never criticize Israel or Zionism.” Today, it’s OK to blast the Zios, especially if you quickly tell them you are really, REALLY sorry.

    Since I have hundreds of world-famous celebrities on speed dial, I decided to call and inform them that they can now rip Israel to shreds with impunity – as long as they apologize fifteen minutes later. Many responded by sending me their private “tweets and apologies.” Here is a selection.

    Bill O’Reilly: Tweet: “#Israel sucks loufas.” Apology: “Just kidding, Rupert, please don’t fire me!”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Tweet: “#Terminate Israel.” Apology: “Take it back. Actually I like Nazis. Sig heil, Israel über alles.”

    Bill Maher: Tweet: “#Killing kids is NOT funny.” Apology: “It’s not funny, it’s HILARIOUS. Hahaha.”

    David Cronenberg: Tweet: “#Israel: A monster from your entrails.” Apology: “Sorry, actually love the blood and guts, wish I could watch from a hilltop.”

    Dan Akroyd: Tweet: “#If they’re killing kids in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? JEWBUSTERS!” Apology: “OK, I get it, not funny.”

    Dennis Hopper: Tweet: “#Bibi is clear in his mind, but his soul is mad.” Apology: “Take it back. His mind is mad too.”

    Sacha Baron Cohen: Tweet: “#Throw the Jew down the well so Gaza can be free.” Apology: “Sorry, didn’t realize so many would take this at face value.”

    Ted Nugent: Tweet: “#Israel kills kids, I just screw them.” Apology: “Sorry, shouldn’t have said that, Adelson has my pedo-file.”

    Sylvester Stallone: Tweet: “#It ain’t about how hard a hit you can give, it’s how many you can take and keep moving forward. Go Gaza!” Apology: “Can’t take the punches. Take it all back.”


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