Russia Responds To U.S. Sanctions

We see the plan, we see the World War script.
Can We, The People On Earth, Stop The Escalation of World War? ~Ron

One person close to Mr Putin said, “There is a war coming in Europe… Do you really think this ruling matters ?” -Source the FT

In face of sanctions, Russia could ban U.S. chickens, EU fruits
By Brian Wingfield Bloomberg News July 30, 2014

Facing tougher sanctions over Ukraine, Russia said Monday it may ban imports of chicken from the U.S. and fruit from Europe and is investigating McDonald’s cheese for safety.
Russia’s food safety agency said it may ban imports of U.S. poultry and some European fruit due to contamination of the products, according Bloomberg BNA, citing Russian state media. The food safety agency, known as Rosselkhoznadzor, also said it will examine suppliers of McDonald’s cheese for their use of antibiotics.
Russia was the second-largest market, after Mexico, for U.S. chicken last year, according to the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council. The U.S. exported about $309 million worth of broiler chickens to Russia last year, according to the council.
In a separate development, Russia’s lower house of parliament, or Duma, may consider legislation to target companies in nations that impose sanctions against Russian citizens or businesses, Izvestia reported Tuesday, citing a draft copy.
The proposal would bar audit, consulting or legal-service firms from nations defined as “country-aggressor” from working in Russia, Izvestia said. If enacted, the law would cover Deloitte LLP, KPMG LLP, Ernst & Young LLP, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Boston Consulting Group Inc. and McKinsey & Co., the agency said, citing lawmaker Evgeny Fedorov.

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AlertFalse Flag imminent –  Alert
Trade Wars Lead To Military Intervention… ALL Wars Are Bankers’ Wars


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2 comments on “Russia Responds To U.S. Sanctions
  1. RonMamita says:

    An Addendum to the Last VT Article by Preston James, 7-30-14
    Posted on 2014/07/31 by kauilapele

    veterans_today_preston_james_banner_6This is a great synopsis of “THE USA CORP’s” insanity. From this VT article:


    Addendum: (Note: Fair use only for intellectual discussion)

    True News Update: 30 July 2014.

    Folks, I SWEAR…you just can’t make this stuff up! Even if you found one of Hollywood’s worst screen writers, and asked them to concoct a plot that would start World War III…even they wouldn’t try to pass any of this stuff off as being plausible…but then again, this isn’t a movie, it’s real life, and it’s messy, and here are the FACTS as we know them now:

    1.) In 2010: Brazil, Russia, China and India formed a new international trading bloc called BRIC.

    2.) In 2011, South Africa joined this union and it was renamed BRICS.

    3.) As of 2013: the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people which is 40% of the world population, with a combined nominal GDP of $16.039 trillion (20% world GDP) and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves. As of 2014, the BRICS nations represented 18 percent of the world economy.

    4.) In 2013: During the fifth BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa, the member countries agreed to create a global financial institution which they intended to rival the western-dominated IMF and World Bank.

    5.) In 2013: In December, BRICS member Russia and Ukraine agreed to a $15-billion loan and a more than 30% cut in the price of Russian natural gas.

    6.) In 2013: In December, Ukraine turned down an EU loan of $15 billion because it came with too many bad conditions…such as 50% energy hikes to its peoples, and the selling off to both EU and US all state owned companies.

    7.) In 2014: In February, a US-backed coup overthrew Ukraine’s elected government and installed a right-wing government friendly to the US and EU.

    8.) In 2014: In March, Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine and joined the Russian Federation.

    9.) In 2014: In March, a number of Russian speaking regions in eastern Ukraine declared their independence…WAR BEGINS!

    Now to TRULY understand what is going on in Ukraine you have to understand that being there is like being in Chicago during the 1920′s-1930′s when gang warfare ruled everyone’s life.

    But, instead of Al Capone fighting it out with Dutch Shultz, in Ukraine you have the neo-Nazi western gangs battling it out against the Russian eastern gangs.

    That’s right…Ukraine is now, and has been for decades, one of the most corrupt nations in the world ruled by powerful gangs (both east and west) who if their leaders aren’t in prison, they are ruling the country!

    For anyone wanting to believe, REALLY BELIEVE, that Russia wants any part of eastern Ukraine you couldn’t be more mistaken. For example…how many of you would want to own Detroit, Newark, Baltimore…or any other such dilapidated, antiquated and corrupt area?

    On the other hand…how many Americans would fight to defend Detroit, Newark or Baltimore if the Mexicans invaded and started to kill off their citizens?

    More simply put….eastern Ukraine (indeed the whole country) is a proverbial “tar baby” that NO ONE REALLY WANTS…EVER!

    So if no one really wants Ukraine, you ask, why is about to cause World War III?

    Simple…nearly all of the energy supplies that flow from Russia to the EU go through it.

    Even worse (at least for the US), Russia is preparing to start selling its energy supplies to the EU in anything other than the US Dollar!

    But guess what? That’s right! If the US controls Ukraine’s pipelines it can also control what currency the EU nations pay for it!

    Last year, you may remember, the US attempted this same Great Game gambit when they tried to overthrow the Syrian government in order to “clear a path” for Qatar and Saudi Arabia gas pipelines to connect with Turkey’s thus bypassing Russia.

    That still hasn’t worked out so far, has it?

    So with their being blocked in both Syria and Ukraine from achieving their goal of continuing their US Dollar hegemony…what’s the poor US superpower supposed to do?


    Now the US is trying to convince you that Putin is the reincarnation of Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan…you name it!

    Putin, while leading his Russian hordes, Obama wants you to believe, is responsible for EVERYTHING! He bombs babies…he shoots down planes…he (maybe) even killed Santa Claus!


    To even question Obama and his media acolytes is akin to treason….like those members of the United States Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) who sent a letter to the President yesterday basically telling him: “ARE YOU NUTS?”

    Or some of the top financial experts in the US who this week warned that World War III is coming. Such as Billionaire hedge fund manager Kyle Bass who said:

    “Trillions of dollars of debts will be restructured and millions of financially prudent savers will lose large percentages of their real purchasing power at exactly the wrong time in their lives. Again, the world will not end, but the social fabric of the profligate nations will be stretched and in some cases torn. Sadly, looking back through economic history, all too often war is the manifestation of simple economic entropy played to its logical conclusion. We believe that war is an inevitable consequence of the current global economic situation.”

    But not worry too much Folks! After all, Obama and his “friends” are going to sanction Russia until they collapse!


    Russia wrote the BOOK on how a large nation survives sanctions…and over the past quarter century has insulated itself to such a degree that no one can really hurt it.

    And don’t forget….why should Russia care about the US or EU when it’s got as it’s

    customers China, India, all of South America, and just about every other semi-developing nation (i.e. growing) nation on Earth as its customers?

    Remember…Russia has oodles and oodles of things other nations (especially growing ones) need…like really cheap oil and gas, iron, steel, precious metals, wood, you name it, it has it all!

    Now for any Americans who REALLY want to believe that the EU is going to join World War III against Russia…THINK AGAIN!

    Right about now, in fact, the people in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy would most likely join with Russia in fighting against the EU! After all, they’ve nothing better to do since almost all of them are out of work anyway.

    So here’s the bottom line folks….wars get starting (especially really big ones) for the stupidest and smallest of reasons that NO ONE sees coming. And the ONLY protection against them is not starting them in the first place!

    Now I’m here to tell you that this one can be stopped too! You just have to STOP believing the propaganda being heaped on you and listen to the truth!

    And once you know the truth…tell your leaders their game is up and you’re not going to put up with it this time!

    (See below for Links you need to know about)

    Russia, China, India Ready to Launch Rival to World Bank

    US Dollar’s Days Are Numbered as BRICS Meet

    France lashes out against US dollar, calls for ‘rebalancing’ of world currencies

    Currency Wars Intensify As Russia Buys 18.6 Tonnes Of Gold In June

    Top Financial Experts Say World War 3 Is Coming … Unless We Stop It

    American Intelligence Officers Who Battled the Soviet Union for Decades Slam the Flimsy “Intelligence” Against Russia

    Australian govt blindfolds citizens with ‘unprecedented’ media gag order – WikiLeaks

    a move to restrict Russia’s access to EU capital markets, new sanctions ban EU nationals and companies to buy or sell new bonds, equity or similar financial instruments with a maturity exceeding 90 days, issued by state-owned Russian banks, development banks, their subsidiaries and those acting on their behalf.

    Russia’s Top Import Partners

    Russia’s Top 10 Exports

    U.S. Exports to World Total by 5-digit End-Use Code

    2004 – 2013

    Russia bans Polish fruit and vegetable in apparent retaliation for sanctions

    Oil Deals Make Putin Immune to Sanctions

    Rosneft agreed to purchase drilling and oilfield service assets owned by Weatherford International in Venezuela as part of Rosneft’s development of its energy service business.

    Oil and gas companies want Washington to believe that fracking can save Ukraine from Russia. It can’t.

    Ukraine: Stop! Thief! Stop!

    Kiev’s hastily assembled, post-coup coalitions couldn’t hold, and Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk threw in the towel last Thursday. On his way out, news stories said, the PM expressed his “disappointment with Ukrainian parliament’s decision to reject a bill that allows the government to hand over up to 49 percent of the country’s gas transport system to investors from the European Union and the United States.”

    Ukraine’s pipelines will lose 50% of value when South Stream starts

    Huge US Military Buildup In Ukraine

    Ukraine rebel chief Igor Bezler threatens to execute interviewer

    Moscow may walk out of nuclear treaty after US accusations of breach


  2. RonMamita says:

    Why The U.S. will Go to War with Russia

    Posted on July 30, 2014 by Martin Armstrong

    The latest headline to appear in the German Press – “Putin confidant: There will be war in Europe” Indeed, our own back-door channels are red hot. It seems many people are well aware of our model on the Cycle of War and have been lighting up my phone. I knew people always wanted to know what Socrates had to say on the economy. They even wanted to know geopolitical after Socrates correctly forecast the collapse of Russia. But the Cycle of War seems to have added another dimension.
    tarot death card

    Obama is playing a very dangerous card. He seems to be speculating that sanctions could lead to a coup against Putin. However, he can also put Putin in a position where to personally survive, he needs war in Europe. But the West is in the same boat. The entire social network is collapsing. While the gold promoters predict hyperinflation, they fail to understand history. They will NOT print to meet obligations, they will (1) default, and (2) create war as a last resort.

    The London Financial Times reported:

    “A confidant of Putin said that the Yukos judgment is irrelevant in light of the geopolitical struggle for the Ukraine:” It will be a war in Europe. Do you really believe that then play a role? “

    It is noteworthy that the FT brings this quote in direct speech. Because it can be concluded that Putin sets out that an understanding between Russia and the West is no longer possible. From the rumblings I hear, I have to agree with him. The powers that be know that the socialistic-economy is collapsing. There is no way to pay the pensions and survive without revolutions and massive civil unrest. The ONLY way to mitigate that cycle is to find an external enemy. This is in the political handbook handed down over the centuries.

    It is obvious that our model on the Cycle of War has been amazingly spot on. What was said at that conference is relevant right now. Even the number of inquiries from Behind-the-Curtain on this one are off the charts. I will prepare an update the report with more specific forecasts per region since this is everywhere. This seems to be absolutely paramount at this point.


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