Bank of America Ordered to Pay $1.2 BILLION for Fraudulent Mortgages

The Legal complaints continue to slowly unravel the global mortgage-banking-investment-monetary fraud.
The entire monetary system is a fraudulent system and lost public trust en mass will collapse the system as governments vainly attempt to protect the fraudulent system and money masters. Thank Neil Garfield for pointing to this court finding. ~Ron

“Given the current environment where robo-signing became institutionalized as a practice even though it is the equivalent of forgery and where fabrication of documents by law offices and “document processors” were prepared according to a published menu of prices, why would anyone, least of all a court of law, apply general principles surrounding presumptions when established fact makes it more likely than not that the presumptions lead to the wrong conclusions? Where is the prejudice to anyone in abandoning these presumptions in light of all the information in the public domain?” — Neil Garfield,


U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan ruled nine months after jurors found Bank of America and former Countrywide executive Rebecca Mairone liable for defrauding government-controlled mortgage companies Fannie Mae (FNMA.OB) and Freddie Mac (FMCC.OB) through the sale of shoddy loans by the former Countrywide Financial Inc in 2007 and 2008.

The case centered on a mortgage lending process known as “High Speed Swim Lane,” “HSSL” or “Hustle,” and which ended before Bank of America bought Countrywide in July 2008.

Investigators said the program emphasized quantity over quality, rewarding employees for producing more loans and eliminating checkpoints designed to ensure the loans’ quality. (see

Now that an actual employee of the Bank has also been ordered to pay $1 Million, maybe others will start coming out of the woodwork seeking immunity for their testimony. There certainly has been a large exodus of employees and officers of Bank of America to other Banks and even other industries. They are all trying to distance themselves from the inevitable down fall of the Bank. Meanwhile the corrupt system is heavily engaged with financial news reporting. For every article pointing out that Bank of America might have hundreds of Billions of dollars in legal liabilities for their fraudulent practices in originating, acquiring, servicing and foreclosing mortgages, there are five articles spread over the internet telling investors that BOA is a good investment and it is advisable to buy the stock. I know how that system works. For favors or money some people will write anything.


The question I continue to raise is that if there was an administrative finding of fraud by an agency of the government, which there was, and if there was a jury finding of fraud involved in the Countrywide mortgages (and other mortgages) why are we presuming in court that that the mortgage is valid?

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3 comments on “Bank of America Ordered to Pay $1.2 BILLION for Fraudulent Mortgages
  1. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving institution


    • RonMamita says:

      Merely the cost of staying in the “racket”, what some erroneously call “Cost of Doing Business”.
      The protection costs is a percentage of the ill-gotten treasure.
      Governments now provide protection, regulate abuses, and legislate barriers to entry in international finance & commerce…

      I still get sick on the stomach with each new report of the in-your-face criminal payouts for protection whereas criminal charges should be filed and jail time real possibilities for the executives of fraud, theft, and murder.
      The people are never appropriately compensated for their loses and injuries, and the corporations are never put out of business, nor are licenses and charters revoked. DuPont and Dow chemical plants have directly killed thousands and indirectly responsible for possibly millions over the generations…

      I see governments and their money masters in the same light as a criminal mafia organization.

      The revolving door in U.S. government regulation has never spun faster

      U.S. Swaps Regulator O’Malia to Head Bank Lobby Group

      The International Swaps and Derivatives Association said on Wednesday that Scott O’Malia, a Republican who often voted against new CFTC policy in the wake of the financial crisis, will become the trade group’s next chief executive.

      O’Malia will start his new job as of Aug. 18, ISDA said. The news came only days after O’Malia said he planned to leave the CFTC as of Aug. 8. …
      Read more:

      Government Gangs’ Protection Racket via “Fines”

      Brother John points to the Allen Stanford Ponzi scheme:
      involves both the SIPC and the SEC agencies…
      Jump to the 6:00 minute que to focus on the ponzi scheme and protection racket and a scape goat patsie.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Ditching The Dollar” – (7/7/14)

    No criminal charges = Protection Racket


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