Apparently Some Nations Are Abandoning The U.S. Led Economic Sanctions?

European Union will lift the sanctions it imposed on Russia
The European Union will lift the sanctions it has imposed on Russia over the situation in Ukraine in one to three months

Did you know there is a growing Eurasian Economic Union?
It is called the Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Eurasian Economic Union Treaty (EAU).
Perhaps it was intentional planning by the United Kingdom, United States, European Union, and NATO to assist Russia, BRICS, SCO, and the EAU in speeding up their military, trade partnerships and economic BLOC of monetary policy cohesiveness?
One wonders if the central planners were disappointed at the slowness of the developments with the so-called “emerging economies”?
Hmm, threats of economic sanctions and war certainly lit the fire for those emerging nations to move forward with new alliances and international agreements!

The Rumors are flying across the international borders as economic Sanctions against Russia is faltering among the headwinds of oppositions. ~Ron


SOCHI, August 11 (RIA Novosti) – Russia will allocate $500 million to speed up Kyrgyzstan’s integration into the Eurasian Economic Union, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

“It will be Russia’s contribution into supporting the Kyrgyz economy so that it joined the Eurasian economic integration processes with maximum comfort,” Lavrov told journalists in Sochi following the results of the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Kyrgyz counterpart Almazbek Atambayev.
Lavrov also stressed that the two countries had confirmed their plans in the sphere of military and technical cooperation within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU) Treaty on May 29, which is to enter into force on January 1. The creation of the Union paves the way for a new higher level of integration between the member countries of the Customs Union, which was formed by the three countries in 2010 and serves as the basis for the Eurasian Economic Union.

The EAU would create a single economic market of 170 million people, potentially a new powerful center of economic development.

Following the agreement between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz president said that his country was planning to join the Eurasian Economic Union by the end of the year. Moscow and Bishkek have agreed to create a fund aimed at helping Kyrgyzstan integrate into the Customs Union, according to Atambayev. –

Russia Sanctions Blowback: Finland’s Largest Dairy Lays Off 800, Spain Seeks EU Aid, Poland Complains To WTO

Source: zerohedge

Well that didn’t take long. Mere day after Russia announced its ban on Western nation food imports, European countries are scrambling (as we explained why here). Greece has already expressed dismay, but now Spanish officials will meet with EU leaders to discuss offsetting the country’s estimated up to $800 million in food and agriculture losses due to sanctions. Poland is pissed and has complained to the WTO claiming “Russia has broken international law in both its embargo;” and Finland’s largest dairy producer has announced 800 layoffs due to the sanctions. When does Europe tell Washington – enough!

Spain demands aid… (despite Rajoy’s support for anti-Russia sanctions)


Spanish Agriculture Minister Isabel Garcia Tejerina said the restrictions have prompted her ministry to convene a meeting with the European Commission in Brussels on Thursday.



The Spanish government has estimated that agricultural losses will amount to €337 million, or about 1.8 percent of Spanish exports. Other groups, like Spain’s opposition Socialist Party, have estimated the losses to be higher- €581 million.


Last year, 37,000 tons of tomatoes, 35,000 tons of peaches, and 33,000 tons of mandarin oranges were exported from Spain to Russia, according to Spain’s Small Farmer’s Association (UPA).


“The decision that was adopted involves many political issues that exist between Russia and the European Union, and not just the EU. As a result, it may be necessary to compensate us for these political decisions – the producers who work all year and want to at least be paid enough at least to cover production costs,” Lorenzo Ramos, Secretary General of UPA, told RT.

Finland suffers…


The largest Finnish dairy producer Valio send a forced leave of the staff with factories working for export to Russia. This is stated in the message of concern.


Restructuring will affect Finnish enterprises’ Valio: Plant in Haapavesi ( cheese Oltermanni), Seinäjoki ( oil Valio), Vantaa ( cream cheese Viola) and warehouse in Lappeenranta. Concern revise employment contracts of all the employees of these companies. ” Some of the staff ( according to preliminary estimates, 800 people) can go on forced leave to fully clarify the situation, with a portion of employees will not be renewed temporary employment contracts, “- said in a statement.

Poland complains…


Poland’s agriculture minister went on television to announce the country was taking action against Russia’s new import ban. “We believe Russia has broken international law in both its embargo against Poland and its embargo against the EU,” Marek Sawicki said.


Russia banned the import of Polish fruit and vegetables in early August – a move Sawicki said would cost Poland 0.6 percent of GDP.



“If a WTO member state believes another WTO member state has taken a measure that is not in conformity with WTO rules, the affected WTO member state may request mediation,” attorney and WTO expert Eric Pickett said.

And the Czechs are in for some EU assistance…


*  *  *

S&P 500 nears all-time highs as US companies do not seem to suffer at all… We are sure Merkel is watching carefully.



EU and Russia to cancel sanctions against each other in maximum 3 months

14.08.2014 Source:

EU sanctions and Russia’s countermeasures will be lifted in maximum three months, experts of Denmark’s largest bank Danske said in their report devoted to consequences of the crisis in Ukraine for the European economy.

“The escalation of trade war is unbearable for both the European Union and Russia. Therefore, the EU will refuse from sanctions within one or two months, and Russia will cancel its sanctions too,” the report says, according to ITAR-TASS.

“The European Union and Russia will lose too much if they do not keep the two-way trade in energy outside the conflict. Therefore, the risk of disruption of short-term supplies is limited, and prices on oil and gas will not be subjected to strong pressure,” experts of Danske Bank say.

According to Danish bankers, “the whole Ukrainian crisis will not significantly affect the state of affairs in the European economy. The highest risk is the negative sentiment on the markets.

The most vulnerable of Nordic countries of Europe in this situation is Finland, the report says. Finland is tied to Russia in the field of trade, tourism and direct investment.





Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “Apparently Some Nations Are Abandoning The U.S. Led Economic Sanctions?
  1. Reblogged this on Spartan of Truth and commented:
    Further break down of the Cabal. Countries are just going to start ignoring them altogether soon. Unfortunately, Canada might be the last to do it, or at least as long as Stephen Harper is our Prime Minister, Canada will maintain it’s subservience to Israel and USA Corp.

    Thanks for posting this Ron.


    • I’ll add that Canada and the EU just signed another Trade Deal with the EU, unfortunately, it’s suspected that it will give yet more power to the corporations. Stephen Harper the sell-out.


    • RonMamita says:

      The institutional investment summary:

      Click to access Research_UkrainianCrisis_120814.pdf

      was very telling, revealing a glimpse into the thinking and concerns of their oh-so-precious market trends analysis. Not much concern about the main street economy and people’s suffering.
      Yes indeed, serving the Beast at its finest.


      • I’ve had trouble with trade agreements for a while, they are just bypassing the public oversight and tightening the web around us all.

        “Trade agreements”! It’s all about trade huh?


        • RonMamita says:

          Everyone, with the lone exception of the globalists, have trouble with trade agreements.

          Oh my; secrecy is great for the people; sure why not write agreements in cryptic script?
          We want more doublespeak, cryptic jargon referencing unknown legalese in previous agreements.
          And of course including privacy invasion, the selling of personal private medical data and sexual activity to other institutions and their unknown future clients is a great idea too!
          To spread sweet icing on this freshly baked cake please include permits only for member corporations to patent their ideas, and their catalogs of genes, DNA, seeds, herbs, viruses, vaccines, and all other things they choose to catalog in the future as restricted corporate property, not to be used by citizens, and creative individuals without the paid permission of the corporation

          Beastly Corporate Governance

          Two hundred years ago, the corporation was a rare and a short lived entity by charter. Today, it is a powerful immortal, sociopathic and pervasive governor in all our lives!


  2. RonMamita says:

    Thank you for sharing!

    Harper and Mark Carney are two Canadian puppets, just as Obama, Yellen, and Bernanke are puppets for the global money masters.
    So many trade agreements have been signed in various regions (such as the TPP, NAFTA, RCEP, TTIP, and others we may not be privy to).
    The Global Economy Is Being Scripted by Institutions that have plans changing policies…

    Some time ago I listened to a discussion about Chinese empire methodology…
    One statement I found very interesting was that the Chinese had a method that recognized when the people were ready to revolt and the system would collapse, but, before that crisis or during that crisis, what would be offered would be a new face, a new government until the cycle repeats.
    Moving the monetary center from the WEST to the EAST would fit that model with BRICS development bank HQ in Shanghai.
    At one time I would have thought the Anglo-elitists from Europe would never accept Asian leadership due to ethnic prejudices, but now I think they would accept it if convinced it is time for the next phase of their NWO agenda…
    The Anglo-elitist moved from the Sterling, to the dollar, and may be prepared to move to the BRICS multi-polar currency. There are so much “details” that has not been revealed about the BRICS’ international monetary policy. But the important elements that has been revealed is that the BRICS still protect the current fractional reserve banking model and they self proclaimed themselves “LEADERS” making the international agreements.
    I do not approve and do not accept their “leadership”.


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