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The BRICS Cable Internet

By Darren Clark 09/25/2013

Recent allegations of widespread internet spying by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) vindicate the so-called BRICS Cable, an alternative world internet system independent of the US and Britain that is already being built by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

The documents leaked by US NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden show the NSA and the GCHQ, the NSA’s UK counterpart,  taped into internet cables passing though the the US and the UK..

The proposed BRICS cable would be a fibre-optic link running from the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, through Africa and Asia, to Vladivostok, Russia.

The BRICS Cable would span 34,000 km (21,000 miles) and be ready for use by the end of 2015. It would connect with cables running to Europe and the Middle East.

There would be a link from Fortaleza and Miami, but unlike the current situation where most of Central and South America’s internet data is routed through a location in Miami, there would be no need for data to travel through Florida.

As an alternative to the existing US-centric internet, many see the BRICS Cable model of “cyber sovereignty” as conceivably empowering authoritarian states’ ability to monitor their citizens’ online activities.

American Internet freedom advocates such as Vinton Cerf see alternative internets such as the BRICS Cable as hampering the free exchange of information online and balkanizing the internet.

However, widespread internet spying and cyber attacks such as the Stuxnet attack on the Iranian nuclear program which seem to primarily originate in the United States will force countries to wall-off themselves from the current US-centric internet.

In her speech to UN general assembly on Tuesday, September 24, Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff raised the important security, personal freedom, and economic issues involved in the United States NSA internet spying on Brazil: “Personal data of citizens was intercepted indiscriminately. Corporate information – often of high economic and even strategic value – was at the Centre of espionage activity.”

Widespread spying by the United States’ NSA seems to have reached the level of “an authoritarian state monitoring its citizens online activities” and should be credited for the balkanization of the internet that will follow.




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3 comments on “From Archives: Miami, An Important Geopolitical Hub
  1. I sure hope they let New Zealand sign onto the BRICS internet (we’re the little smudge under Australia). We’re a helluva lot closer to Indonesia than to LA and China is our major trading partner.


  2. RonMamita says:

    American Welfare Rolls Marching Lockstep with Financial Markets as Both Hit New All-Time Highs

    August 26, 2014 Dan Collins

    The S&P 500 benchmark hit a new all-time high today surpassing 2,000
    for the first time. The P/E multiples of the listed companies continue
    to expand as earnings for corporate America stay relatively flat.

    The trillions of printed Dollars must of course go somewhere, why not
    into companies that at least have real assets of some kinds. Of course,
    most U.S. companies no longer have capital assets such as plants and
    equipment, instead they have become warehouse and distribution businesses
    that source from China.

    If there was ever a sure sign that showed us that financial markets and
    the real economy have become totally separated look no further than the
    fact that as the stock indices hit all new time highs, while the welfare
    rolls march lockstep with the markets and continue to break new records.

    In this brave new world of free money for bankers and outsourcing
    for everyone else, you expect to see these type of economic dichotomies
    surface. They are warning signs of an entire system crashing down
    and this type of economic situation can of course only be a temporary

    There are now 109,631,000 Americans living in households that received
    benefits from one or more federally funded “means-tested programs” — also
    known as welfare — as of the fourth quarter of 2012. This number equaled
    35.4 percent of all 309,467,000 people living in the United States at that
    time. The U.S. has over 50 million on food stamps, 11 million on disability,
    and millions more on extended unemployment benefits.

    The total benefit takers on the record as of now are 153.3 million people
    which equals 49.5 percent of the population. There are only 142.4 million
    people in Russia.

    The United States now has more people on welfare than the
    entire population of Russia.

    American economic fundamentals are collapsing before our eyes. The loss
    of 65,000 factories over ten years combine with bleak employment numbers.
    Only 62.8% of Americans participate in the work force today — the lowest level
    since 1978.

    Recent June numbers show that 288,000 jobs were created in June.
    But full-time jobs declined by 523,000 while part time jobs increased by
    about 800,000.

    This rise in part-time jobs is expected to continue because it is driven
    in part by Obamacare, which does not require coverage for part-time workers.

    U.S. companies even large brand name American companies such as Burger King
    are now fleeing the country as fast as they can getting their tax base out
    of the United States. The United States has for a decade practised the
    financial prudence more reminiscent of a Latin American banana republic…
    with companies and business now fleeing the country the comparisons can
    no longer stay hidden.


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