10 comments on “Follow The Money: Russia’s Isolation Ends
  1. n3angus says:

    The war against ISIS could be the Trigger for the Currency Reset by it being what the coalition of nations will agree on to come together to fight the terrorist threat


  2. RonMamita says:

    Obey Orders Christine

    Ending the last G20 Summit Christine Lagarde staged public comments were about Ukraine must join the E U. and she would offer Ukraine policy advice and financial assistance.

    *What plan will Christine announce this time…

    Feb 2014 Archive:


    • n3angus says:

      This article has a link to “U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security” , and this site has been scrubbed ,
      I wonder if they were worried it would stir up the zombie societies into a raging uncontrollable group ?



    • RonMamita says:

      Pension Funds Being Taken TO Fund Infrastructure



      The G20 Central Bankers and Finance Ministers met in Cairns, Australia, Sept 21st, 2014. This Summit reflects the attitudes about manipulating the economy where they just do not get it. Christine Largarde, head of the IMF, announced “I congratulate the G20 for significant progress in strategies for medium-term growth.” However, Lagarde is a lawyer – not a trader, economist, money manager or anything that has any experience whatsoever to do with the economy. It amounts to me trying to be a obstetrician, gynecologist, or a divorce lawyer no less a brain surgeon. Yet she would be the first to say anyone without a law degree cannot understand the law. I dare say the same to her – you are not qualified. Such positions should be reserved for ONLY people with experience – not even university professors.

      I warned what Obama was up to with the pension funds in trying to create a Infrastructure Fund. Calpers, California pension fund, is selling off $4 billion of hedge funds to divert that money to be wasted in Obama’s dream project – infrastructure fund. This idea was floated and endorsed at Cairns. “We have agreed to come away from government-financed growth measures to more private investment,” said Australia’s Finance Minister Joe Hockey. These are being called Public Private Partnerships (PPP), and will be extremely critical in the future for here lies the final destruction of the pension funds precisely as Japan bankrupted the Japanese Postal Saving Fund using that private money for political purposes to try to stimulate the economy, which failed. With PPP, private funds will be used as public and this will be justified as being a highly professional long-term investment. However, this will only further shrink economic growth and liquidity. Such schemes cannot possibly work.

      Those in government think that if they simply spend money, this will “stimulate” the economy. Governments will NEVER simply just reduce regulation and taxes to encourage people to start their own business. Small business employs 70% of the civil work force in general yet banks will lend only to big companies and the real economic engine has been slowly turning down for years since 2009. Small business creation is down in Europe significantly where 2 out of 3 jobs are small business (defined as 50 employees or less). Nonetheless, the numbers appear to be far better than they really are. As unemployment rises, many are simply fending for themselves in various manners but this is really the micro business market defined as less than 10 employees. Unemployed are compelled to become self-employed.

      Obama’s idea of a Global Infrastructure Initiative to increase quality investment in infrastructure is merely to displace government spending with using pension money. In this manner, government will not have to do the work and hopefully any tax increases will go to just filling their pockets. How do pension funds make money on repairing infrastructure? Tolls will pop up everywhere. The governments are using pension funds to avoid the image that someone like Goldman Sachs or Berkshire Hathaway will be collecting tolls. Politically, that would be suicide.


  3. Now that US airstrikes have begun in Syria (which Russia opposed as being illegal under international), you have to wonder how cordial US-Russia relations will be in Brisbane.


    • RonMamita says:

      Happy greetings!
      Wishing you joy and community self sufficiency.

      Perhaps you have not seen many of the posts here that details the true relationship between society. To be brief and blunt the criminal elite believe in “breeding”, their blood lines and their place to rule over the great unwashed masses. The public is a stage and the wars are for excuses, justifications, of policies and for depopulation.
      That really is very ugly and difficult to accept as truth, but the wars are not conflict among them, it is a means to an planned objective and reduces populations as well.
      I do not see a rift between Putin and Obama. I see plans being completed in The middle East, Ukraine, and soon to be elsewhere unless the institutional control system is removed.
      Eugenics and human experiments continue, thus these are not fabrications.

      Vladimir Putin or Russian intelligence knew about Ukraine destabilization plan before the conclusion of the presidential election between McCain & Obama (as early as 2008, perhaps before). It is all a game and pawns are being sacrificed in our communities trapped under the ruling nation state.
      This has been hidden and now people willing to search and look will find the evidence.

      I see Putin and the others at the G-20 Summit as co-conspirators tweaking their plans for the monetary reset to be implemented along with collecting additional revenue from taxes and pensions prior to the collapse.

      There is a lot there in that brief paragraph, hope I did not overwhelm nor offend you.

      I simply do not view the policy makers as similar to you and I who have a moral compass with compassion for individual sovereignty.
      They are different and have a different society with different beliefs and goals.
      They are mass murderers, sociopaths, control freaks, deceptive manipulators.
      Totally untrustworthy.
      They have their clubs and their families and chose to Rule and remain separate from the People on Earth.

      Dealing with sociopaths is a ugly affair.


      • RonMamita says:

        Seeing The Mess and Not Ignoring It

        Perhaps the above reply was too brief and blunt for future readers to comprehend the nuances and distinctions that can be missed in generalizations for summaries and brevity.
        Thus I add this:

        Many people are not aware of conspiratorial plans, and most plans are conspiratorial yet not illegal nor diabolical.
        Policy makers and central planners are by definition conspirators. They do not have to be harmful. Looking around the 193 member nations of the United Nations we see a sickness and suffering that is systemic. Looking around the G20 member nations we see the same.

        The sickness permeates the institutional matrix with their international monetary system, fractional reserve banking controlled national currencies as debt.
        “Money as Debt”.
        Policies enforced with the barrel of the Gun, threats of fines and imprisonment.
        And of course, WAR with WAR PROFITEERING.
        The institutional racket continues within the control meme…

        We can not read the press and KNOW the truth behind manipulations and policies…

        “Often the press is not in a position to really know what is happening because they trust the wrong sources. The machinations behind the curtain are far more complex than anyone ever contemplated.” -Martin Armstrong

        Martin Armstrong says he refused to join the “CLUB”, and was dragged into court because of that decision.

        I acknowledge this fact and simultaneously see the sickness, misery and suffering that results from the institutional policies and activities in pursuit of ever greater control with 100% policy compliance.

        In rides Vladimir Putin on the White horse.

        The system of sickness will be kept alive to infect future generations as leadership shifts from the WEST.

        The Plan to RESET the system is being implemented in a methodical way, as the banking collapse looms nearer and the EAST opens their bank vaults and connect their transaction clearing houses to the Beast.

        Wars may falsely appear to be conflict, yet it is possible that war is only used as the tool to justify & enforce new policies, eradicate nuisance opposition, and reduce population.

        The policy makers are never to blame, never held to account for their policies, they are not the ones fighting in the armed military interventions.
        No, the policy makers fund the wars, draft the new agreements, and continue spreading the sickness.


    • RonMamita says:

      U.S. is reportedly the only non-Arabic military force in the assault against Syria.
      Hmm… where are the UK, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia forces?

      Obama Delivers a Statement on Airstrikes in Syria

      Posted 23 Sept 2014


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