Argentina, Are You Prepared To Fight For Survival?

1financial terrorism
Financial Terrorists – Los Terroristas Financieros

  • The Moody’s rating agency warned that Argentina’s financial situation will worsen this year!
    Moody’s sees drop 2.0% of Argentina’s economy in 2014; the loan officer for the region of Moody’s, Mauro Leos, Argentina predicted the economy will contract 2.0 percent this year and will have zero growth in 2015.
  • Currency Devaluation is expected according to Vice President of Moody’s sovereign risk, Gabriel Torres –
  • Terror Warnings have been issued for Argentina!
    BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — A Jewish group is calling a Palestinian fundraising campaign at the Argentine Congress an endorsement of Hamas…
  • U.S. Embassy issued alerts are of interest –
  • European Gazette reported Monday, 29 Sep 2014, Argentina workers burn U.S. flags after auto parts maker fired 300 workers

Apparently President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has shredded her old script!

Argentina has legislated the changes “Sovereign Payment of Foreign Debt Law, establishing the Nacion-Fideicomisos, affiliated with the state-run Banco de la Nacion, as the trustee for a new debt swap, formalizing BoNY’s removal.
The contract also establishes Buenos Aires and Paris as the venues from which bondholders may collect their interest payments, and states that Argentine, not New York law, will govern all transactions related to the new swap.” according to Larouchepac

How will the international banksters respond?
Are Economic sanctions against Argentina on the horizon?
Argentina, ¿Estás preparado para luchar por la supervivencia?
How can Argentina navigate the Ponzi Economy?
1Beware bankers-what-now
Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our political project must reinvent itself Permanently

Pres Christina admitted that her political project must reinvent itself permanently

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has admitted that her political project “must reinvent itself permanently.” as she unveiled a new housing program in Ezeiza, Buenos Aires province.

The head of state reviewed her government’s achievements in social inclusion, as she inaugurated the “Mothers two” neighbourhood; a housing complex which includes 216 new homes in the district.
“This political project must reinvent itself permanently, because the challenges and necessities are new as well,” Fernández de Kirchner affirmed.

She also referred to the agricultural sector, emphasizing the importance of “producing added value” to its products.
“We want farmers producing jobs and value. That’s the political project we want for all the Argentines,” Mrs. Kirchner assured, while rejecting rumours suggesting her administration seeks to take over the management of agricultural production.
“We do not have the intention to keep people’s money for ourselves,” she added.

President Kirchner was received by hundreds of pro-government activists, including dozens of UOCRA construction unionists. Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido and Buenos Aires Security Minister Alejandro Granados were also present during the event.

“I agree with what the Russian and then the Chinese Foreign Ministers said: there are no good terrorists or bad terrorists; there are just terrorists.” – Pres. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner UN speech



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4 comments on “Argentina, Are You Prepared To Fight For Survival?
  1. Theoretically there’s no reason why Kirchner could turn her banks on the international banking cartels and encourage local communities to finance agriculture and local housing and social service projects with community-based complementary currencies. That way Argentinians could raise food for the domestic market instead of for export. Argentinians would be paid in local currencies for doing useful work for their communities, and use this community-based money to pay for food and other basic necessities.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Indeed; nations breaking away from the BIS international monetary monopoly have to deal with the criminal attacks while simultaneously re-engineering their domestic economy…
    death threats, fines/fees/wars such comes from economic sanctions, legal complaints, etc.
    I expect the dangers to increase for Argentina.

    Is it not curious that Iceland, and Iran have not gone off the international ponzi economy yet?
    Both Nations have prosecuted banksters and defied the IMF, yet they have not left the fractional reserve system…

    Recall Addison Wiggin and Jim Rickards saying:
    “In March 2012, the United States and European Union beefed up their economic sanctions on Iran, shutting Iran out of the global payments network called SWIFT. Also in March 2012, Turkey’s gold exports to Iran doubled from the month before and exploded 37 times over the March 2011 figure.

    “Natural gas is the source of almost all electricity in Turkey. I wrote in Apogee Advisory. “More than 90% of Iran’s gas exports go to Turkey. Iran furnishes 18% of Turkey’s natural gas. Without Iran, Turkey would depend almost entirely on a single gas supplier to keep the lights on–Russia. Under the sanctions, Turkey can’t pay for Iranian gas with dollars or euros. So it pays with gold.”

    India likewise paid with gold for Iranian oil. Iran could then use the gold to buy food or manufactured goods from Russia and China.”

    Will Argentina follow Iran’s example or do as you suggest and truly break free…
    China, Russia, India, Turkey and Iran have the “SWIFT” bypass working and Argentina is targeted (expect Argentina to be kicked off SWIFT) with economic sanctions as retaliation for embarrassing the Western bloc with defiance.


  3. RonMamita says:


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