Instability Is Systemic For The International Monetary System


Financial Terrorists

For some time we have been discussing banksters and our expectations of behind closed doors arguments to become public in G8 (minus 0ne?) and the G20 summits, perhaps the EU is the leading indicator?
The European Union Commission is demanding Britain pay £1.7 Billion, News media are reporting Prime Minister David Cameron is furiously refusing, and the rift may influence the UK to exit the European Union. ~Ron

New figures reveal the increased bill the UK faces, on top of the £8billion-a-year it already pays, is higher than any other EU country, because its economy has been growing faster than expected. France, Germany and Denmark are among those told they will get money back from Brussels

New figures reveal the increased bill the UK faces, on top of the £8billion-a-year it already pays, is higher than any other EU country, because its economy has been growing faster than expected. France, Germany and Denmark are among those told they will get money back from Brussels


Farage: EU Surcharge ‘Outrageous’

Barroso unaware of EU request for UK’s budget contribution increase

PM demands talks over EU budget

Cameron: “I am not paying that bill”


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5 comments on “Instability Is Systemic For The International Monetary System
  1. More cracks in the citadels of power.


    • RonMamita says:

      I expected to see this from the G20 summits, but the E.U., apparently, is the leading indicator…

      The next G20 meetings should be interesting, esp. China, Russia, and Argentina comments.


    • RonMamita says:

      I was LOL with some speculation:
      I imagine Cameron will pay the E.U. fees as they must remain in the E.U. to influence them in future policies, as the UK is part of the 5 eyes government.

      If for some reason the UK exits the EU (or the EU falls apart because Italy or France or Germany leaves) then the 5 eyes government lose their influence over the Eurozone as Zbigniew Brzezinski: The Grand Chessboard plays geopolitics. Europe is vital…

      David Cameron may have won some “PR” points with his “I am not paying that bill” but he is going to pay the money for fear of being kicked out, LOL
      This may all be a wasted effort in any event when Cameron is replaced with some other politician (like Farage) is likely to stand up to the bullies and leave the E.U. anyway because remaining is not in the people’s best interests.
      I listen to the rumours that one of the member nations will eventually exit whether it is Italy, Spain, France, Germany, or some other is unknown, but if any one exits the E.U. then it is over…
      The 5 eyes nations’ control leash will have been cut and NATO as well.

      The deadly Game is becoming transparent…

      On a similar discussion you have on your blog:
      The French are not likely to continue to be the pet poodle but that will not stop the 5 eyes gang from the bullying activities. As their failures mounts so too will their desperation and destructive, deadly acts, regardless of how ineffective…

      I do not see the 5 eyes nations winning as they have a destructive agenda, never the less I do see them, out of a state of fear, continuing to try. Losing control is their nightmare death by torture, thus they will be pit-bulls till their end…

      That is simply my speculation, who knows perhaps they will surrender and beg for forgiveness.


      • Documentary filmmaker Scott Noble feels the US will have to agree to some kind of Truth and Reconciliation commission for their murderous policies in the 3rd world.


        • RonMamita says:

          I do not see the national security-military industry-international banking cabal seeking forgiveness. I don’t see the hidden elite willing to admit defeat without a bloodbath…
          They may be cowards but until their loyal subjects are defeated and the elite’s personal identities and locations are revealed to the public they feel they are in control and will not volunteer to relinquish it.

          The Elite with their organizations of sycophants and trained security forces have passed the point of no return. They do not intend to surrender, in my opinion.
          Which is why the reign of terror marches on, and why the rampant institutional criminality escalates (in most cases it is simply ignorance or greed), in a brutal attempt to exploit and subjugate the people.
          As more truth is revealed to the mass public, most support for the 5 eyes will dissolve.

          I think it more likely the government will lose the people’s support and a federal government collapse will occur in America. The federal government voiding the U.S. Constitutional Agreement has consequences. How it plays out will largely be based on the government employees and state politicians, here are some likely scenarios:
          1. Military step in with martial law to arrest federal officials, politicians, judges and financial executives, then hold tribunals for high crimes and treason to restore the constitutional limits on government?
          2. States secede from the union ?
          3. Local militia protect communities and gain mass public support with calls for peaceful noncompliance, tax & corporate-shopping boycotts, workers’ strike, student sit-ins or walkouts, common law grand juries…
          4. Federal gov declares war (NATO war against Russia?) and implement the military draft, then civil unrest swells and all the above could still play a role…
          5. Or some other possible scenario not listed (Off-worlders make a public introduction, or natural catastrophe disrupts all systems, you get the idea that some type of phenomena takes place)…


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