Why is this Geopolitical Video Unlisted?

Isn’t it unusual for a News report to be unlisted on youtube, what would be the reason?
For people who are not given the internet address this video will not be found and thus decrease views.
I actually found Paul Craig Robert’s interview on RT interesting as it raised the question of a hidden geopolitical agenda with the energy policies with a unflattering critical view of Putin’s energy policy response.
In the political deception game, a plan may grease the skids for war, military preparation is also important. Consider if Putin did escalate the energy trade war by cutting off fuel to Ukraine during the winter (as PCR hints):
The possibility that NATO war justifications could gain traction and if armed conflict happened before Russian military preparations are in place…? Russia has not received the French made Mistral carrier ship. If war is certain, then Waiting, delaying and preparing may be a prudent action for the Russian military.
Wearing the “White Hat” with the moral high ground also help win support  for the war effort.

Hopefully public awareness will prevent the war escalation. Also, if Ukraine and its Western financiers fail to pay the energy bills that are in arrears then Russia’s energy shipments could stop going to Ukraine during the Spring with valid justifications and could also justify new expensive massive projects to provide energy to many Asian consumers, including Japan, further fracturing the West alliance… ~Ron

Posted 31 Oct 2014



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4 comments on “Why is this Geopolitical Video Unlisted?
  1. RonMamita says:

    EurAsia New Silk Road

    Can China and Russia Squeeze Washington Out of Eurasia?



    …Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed that part of that “Chinese dream,” would be:

    a future network of Chinese-organized new Silk Roads that would create the equivalent of a Trans-Asian Express for Eurasian commerce. So if Beijing, for instance, feels pressure from Washington and Tokyo on the naval front, part of its response is a two-pronged, trade-based advance across the Eurasian landmass, one prong via Siberia and the other through the Central Asian “stans.”

    In other words: let the US own the oceans, so they can use their king size navy to regulate whale traffic there, while China does business with Russia and Europe… over land. Exit global controller and thalassocratic power USA.

    Meanwhile, both Russia and China have lost interest in the West:

    Once upon a time not so long ago, Beijing’s leadership was flirting with the idea of rewriting the geopolitical/economic game side by side with the United States, while Putin’s Moscow hinted at the possibility of someday joining NATO. No longer. Today, the part of the West that both countries are interested in is a possible future Germany no longer dominated by American power and Washington’s wishes.

    Germany has more than half a century of intense economic cooperation with Russia, beginning with Willy Brandt’s Ostpolitik (1969), followed up with the Röhren-Erdgas-Geschäfte (1970), continued under Helmut Schmidt. In the Global South, Germany is therefore seen as the ‘sixth BRICS member’. German industry resists the current trend to isolate Germany from Russia, dictated by the US. German politics however remains attached to the Atlanticist position. China focuses on domestic development and still no global agenda, or so it seems. There is a military buildup, but not to levels where it could provoke the U.S.

    See Full Report: https://deepresource.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/eurasia-and-the-new-silk-road/


  2. RonMamita says:

    ‘Years of hope are over for EU’ – ex-EU Commission chief

    Published on Oct 31, 2014

    As the crisis in Europe deepens and sanctions are only worsening the instability, days of thriving economy and friendly relations between Russia and the EU seem to be long forgotten. We speak to a person who made a huge effort to make it happen back then – the former head of the European Commission Romano Prodi is on Sophie&Co today to talk about sanctions, immigration and ways to solve the Ukrainian crisis.

    Sophie Shevardnadze is the grand-daughter of Eduard Shevardnadze, one of Gorbachev’s closest confidantes during perestroika, and long-time foreign minister of the USSR. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, he was President of Georgia from 1992 to 2003.


  3. Great PCR interview. Thanks for posting.


    • RonMamita says:

      I get the impression rt does not allow criticism of Putin; yet surely PCR knows it would be wrong to cutoff fuel during the winter.
      Increase vocal pressure with end of winter deadline for payments, and simultaneously pursue new customers to replace Ukraine.


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