War Mongers Crash The G20 Summit

We have been forecasting a kind of public confrontation, because some of the game plans by the policy makers are predictable in their scripted institutional control meme. See the 5 eyes…
The unfolding collapse, prior to what is certain to be a future international emergency summit, that will be used to justify the full implementation of the latest modification to the international monetary system.
However, at this current G20 summit, I can imagine an attempt to use the Ukraine crisis to bull-rush the media to focus G20 reports on the Ukraine conflict and away from the currency and monetary policies that has international support removing the U.S. Dollar status as the international reserve currency for trade. Thus we should focus on what China, Argentina and other nations share about monetary policy rather than the Ukraine tragedy. ~Ron


Stage Set for Confrontation, Not Cooperation, at G20

In a joint press conference yesterday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his British counterpart David Cameron set a tone of confrontation for the G20 leaders summit due to start today in the Australian city of Brisbane. Both leaders zeroed in on Russia, bluntly accusing Moscow of expansionism, and, in the case of Cameron, threatening to impose further economic sanctions over Ukraine.

In the lead-up to the summit, Abbott had declared that he intended to “shirtfront”—that is, physically confront—Russian President Vladimir Putin over the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine. At this week’s APEC summit in Beijing, Abbott demanded a meeting with Putin at which he insisted—without providing any evidence—that Russia was responsible for the tragedy and called for an apology and compensation.

The Australian Prime Minister kept up the attack yesterday, accusing Putin of “trying to recreate the lost glories of tsarism or the old Soviet Union.” “Whether it’s bullying of Ukraine, whether it’s the increasing Russian military aircraft flying into the airspace of Japan or European countries, whether it’s the naval task force which is now in the South Pacific, Russia is being much more assertive,” he said.

British Prime Minister Cameron joined the attack. In a barely concealed comparison of Russia to Nazi Germany prior to World War II, he declared: “We have to be clear about what we’re dealing with here: it is a large state bullying a smaller state in Europe and we’ve seen the consequences of that in the past and we should learn the lessons of history and make sure we don’t let it happen again.”

Cameron said he intended to let Putin know in a “brush-by” meeting at the G20 summit that Russian actions were unacceptable. He bluntly warned that “if Russia continues to make matters worse [in Ukraine], we could see those sanctions increase. It is as simple as that.”

At the APEC summit this week in Beijing, Obama provocatively hosted a meeting of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) members that pointedly did not include the host nation. Obama is also waging what US economic analyst Fred Bergsten described to the Australian Financial Review as “Washington’s jihad” to undermine China’s plans for a regional infrastructure bank.

For the past five years, Obama has been engaged in a confrontational “pivot to Asia” aimed against China that was formally announced on the floor of the Australian parliament in November 2011. The American president will deliver a keynote speech in Brisbane today on American leadership in the Asia Pacific that will set the stage for a further escalation of tensions in the region.

Read More: globalresearch.ca

Canada’s PM To Putin: “I Guess I’ll Shake Your Hand…” Putin’s Response “It Was Not Positive”

Following last week’s (humiliating for the US) APEC meeting in Beijing, in which the BRIC nations clearly distanced themselves from the “developed world” and the topic of the “Russian invasion of Ukraine” was largely missing as it is clearly not in the interest of the Pacific nations to warmonger when the two key nations, Russia and China are obviously not complying with the western media ‘straight to populism‘ narrative, it was time for another major world summit, this time in the quite “western” Brisbane, Australia.

It was here that the G-7 part of the G-20 nations seized the opportunity to quickly pivot against Moscow and remind Europe that the reason why Europe is in a triple-dip recession (if one removes the GDP “boost” from hookers and blow) is because of Russia’s “take over” of east Ukraine, ignoring the reality that it was the US State Department’s Victoria Nuland that incited the Kiev coup and the west that imposed the “costly” sanctions on Russia which have hurt Germany and Europe just as badly. This was all largely lost on the local, as outside the summit, Ukrainian Australians staged an anti-Putin protest, wearing headbands reading “Putin, Killer”.

It was a full court press from the start: as the NYT reports, “at a speech at a university in Brisbane, Mr. Obama called Russia’s aggression against Ukraine a “threat to the world, as we saw in the appalling shootdown of MH-17, a tragedy that took so many innocent lives, among them your fellow citizens,” a reference to the Australian citizens and residents who were killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down in eastern Ukraine.

“As your ally and friend, America shares the grief of these Australian families, and we share the determination of your nation for justice and accountability,” Mr. Obama said.”

This charade was set to continue Sunday, when leaders from the European Union planned to meet with Mr. Obama to discuss Ukraine, among other issues, said Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council. He said the European Union was committed to finding a political solution to the crisis.

“We will continue to use all the diplomatic tools, including sanctions, at our disposal,” he said.

Indeed, as Reuters adds “Western leaders warned Vladimir Putin at a G20 summit on Saturday that he risked more economic sanctions if he failed to end Russian backing for separatist rebels in Ukraine.”

But perhaps the best confirmation that all the G-20 meeting was nothing but a giant populist photo-op comes from Bloomberg which reports that “Russian President Vladimir Putin got a blunt message when he approached Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a handshake at today’s Group of 20 summit in Brisbane, Australia.

“I guess I’ll shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine,” Harper told Putin, the prime minister’s spokesman Jason MacDonald said in an e-mail.

Putin’s response to the comment wasn’t positive, MacDonald said, without elaborating. Putin and Harper talked briefly, according to Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“Indeed Harper told Putin that Russia should leave Ukraine,” Peskov said by phone today in Brisbane. “Putin told him that this is impossible because they are not there.”

Asked about the tone of the meeting between the two leaders, Peskov said “it was within the bounds of decency.”

Read more: zerohedge.com




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3 comments on “War Mongers Crash The G20 Summit
  1. RonMamita says:

    G20 Targets the Week of the Cycle of War

    G20-Australia-Nov 15-16

    The G20 Leaders’ Summit for 2014 is being held on November 15th and 16th in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The principal meeting venue will be the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. There will be as many as 4,000 delegates and 3,000 media representatives in attendance.


    It is curious that the comes right in line with the turn in the Cycle of War that is ideally targeting November 19th/20th this week. The Leaders’ Summit is the key important event in the G20 year calendar. While the summit is supposed to provide a valuable opportunity for leaders to discuss a wide range of global economic issues and to use their collective power to improve people’s lives as they market, the truth is just about anything but that. The first summit was in 1985 and it was all about trying to coordinate market manipulation by ganging together. For you see, they experienced that nobody could manipulate the dollar not even the Fed. Hence, the first meeting was known as the G5 (Group of 5 aka Gang of 5). Latter other countries wanted to join so it became the G8. Today it is known as the G20.


    Of course, that G5 manipulation created total havoc in the world economy. Its goal was rather stupid. They assumed that is they could lower the value of the dollar, they would create export jobs. I went public about this and warned they would increase volatility that would culminate in a market crash as capital fled the USA. That happened precisely to the day of the ECM on October 19th, 1987.


    I was then called in by the Brady Commission to help in the investigation of the cause of the Crash. There were the typical expectations that a huge short-player caused the event. It was the G5. They look at everything with a one-dimensional view. Although they gather together still every year, they no longer try to manipulate the markets.



    In 1997, the memories grew short. Here we had the Asian Currency Crisis and at that time it was Robert Rubin trying to talk the dollar down once again for trade. I had to write once more to warn them what they were doing was insane.


    Geithner TimThis time, Timothy Geithner had to respond saying of course they would not do that sort of thing. Indeed, they seemed to back off and listened for once. I was then summoned by Beijing. I flew to meet with the central bank of China to assist in the Asian Currency crisis. They stated bluntly that they believe in our analysis and that we were correct in showing that capital was starting to shift away from Asia because the birth of the Euro was coming on board in 1998. China has publicly announced that they are now using the analysis we pioneered – Capital Flow Analysis. The mad rush was trying to get into Europe before they feared it was too late.


    So all the question coming in about the G20, this is the real behind-the-curtain truth of what goes on. It has turned into a club meeting where they might as well be wearing hats with ears. The Summit, leaders will release a communiqué which outlines the G20 policy discussions and commitments. But let’s get real here – they have been coordinating on how to track money and agree to give up everyone everywhere because they are ALL BROKE!

    obama-nobel-Peace Prize

    Putin has already said he will leave the summit early when work is done implying he will not socialize because of the actions of Obama. Well as far as the Biblical saying Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9), guess Obama figures he was given the Nobel Peace Prize and that counts; so why try to earn something you already have? The problem, I think they gave him the Nobel Prize for being the first black President, certainly for nothing he ever did. This man has done far more damage to world peace that any President since Truman.

    So here we are. Strangely the Cycle of War targets this week. I have no idea what to expect. This cycle is both international war and domestic. They have converged for the first time since the 1700s. We are seeing the rise in tensions everywhere both internationally and domestically. Is the G20 the kick-starter?


    More War Talk

    AEGIS Fail in Black SEA, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald “Duck”
    AEGIS Fail in Black SEA, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald “Duck”
    Editorial note: We are told the story is a month old. If any of this is true, then this is a huge issue, not just the lack of follow up but the lack of follow up itself.

    Russian Sukhoi Su -24 with the newest jamming complex paralyzed in the Black Sea the most modern American combat management system “Aegis” installed on the destroyer “USS Donald Cook”. Pavel Zolotarev, Deputy Director, Institute of USA and Canada, shares details about this version which is being actively discussed in the Russian media and by bloggers.

    US destroyer “Donald Cook” with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” entered the neutral waters of the Black Sea on April 10. The purpose was a demonstration of force and intimidation in connection with the position of Russia in Ukraine and Crimea. The appearance of American warships in these waters is in contradiction of the Montreux Convention about the nature and duration of stay in the Black Sea by the military ships of countries not washed by this sea.

    In response, Russia sent an unarmed bomber Su- 24 to fly around the U.S. destroyer. However, experts say that this plane was equipped with the latest Russian electronic warfare complex. According to this version, “Aegis” spotted from afar the approaching aircraft, and sounded alarm. Everything went normally, American radars calculated the speed of the approaching target. And suddenly all the screens went blank. “Aegis” was not working any more, and the rockets could not get target information. Meanwhile, Su-24 flew over the deck of the destroyer, did battle turn and simulated missile attack on the target. Then it turned and repeated the maneuver. And did so 12 times.

    Apparently, all efforts to revive the “Aegis” and provide target information for the defence failed. Russia’s reaction to military pressure from the United States was profoundly calm, feels the Russian political scientist Pavel Zolotarev:

    The demonstration was original enough. A bomber without any weapons, but having onboard equipment for jamming enemy radar, worked against a destroyer equipped with “Aegis”, the most modern system of air and missile defence. But this system of mobile location, in this case the ship, has a significant drawback. That is, the target tracking capabilities. They work well when there is a number of these ships which can coordinate with each other somehow. In this case there was just one destroyer. And, apparently, the algorithm of the radar in the “Aegis” system on the destroyer did not load under the influence of jamming by the Su-24. It was therefore not only a nervous reaction to the fact of flying around by the Russin bomber which was common practice during the Cold War. The reaction of the Americans was due to the fact that most modern system, especially its informative or radar part, did not work adequately. Therefore, there was such a nervous reaction to the whole episode.

    After the incident, the foreign media reported that “Donald Cook” was rushed into a port in Romania. There all the 27 members of the crew filed a letter of resignation. It seems that all 27 people have written that they are not going to risk their lives. This is indirectly confirmed by the Pentagon statement according to which the action demoralized the crew of the American ship.

    What are the possible consequences of the incident provoked by the U.S. in the Black Sea? Pavel Zolotarev forecasts:

    I think that Americans are somehow going to reflect on improving the system “Aegis”. This is a purely military aspect. In political terms, there is hardly any likelihood of demonstrative steps by either side. That is enough. Meanwhile, for Americans it is a very unpleasant moment. In general, the missile defence system which they deploy involves huge expenditures. They have to prove each time that it is necessary to allocate funds from the budget. At the same time, the ground component of the ABM was tested in ideal conditions and showed a low efficiency. This fact is concealed by the Pentagon. The most modern component, the sea-based system “Aegis” also showed its shortcomings in the present case.

    The system with which the Russian Su-24 shocked the American destroyer “Donald Cook” has the code name “Khibiny”. This is the name of the mountain range on the Kola Peninsula in the Arctic Circle. “Khibiny” is the newest complex for radioelectronic jamming of the enemy. They will be installed on all the advanced Russian planes .

    Recently the complex has undergone regular testing exercises on the ground in Buryatia. Apparently, the tests which were conducted under conditions as close to real as possible, were successful.

    Short URL: http://www.veteranstoday.com/?p=330953


  2. RonMamita says:

    G20 to Change Status of Bank Accounts = Investments

    G20-Australia-Nov 15-16

    Governments are in DEEP trouble as socialism continues to implode (their OBLIGATION to take care of the people). At the last G20 they agreed to share info to assist all members collect more taxes. This year, according our sources, they are now going to address the behind-the-curtain banking failure. Tomorrow, there will be at least a secret discussion on how the G20 will implement their solution for the massive bank failures that have arisen from the creation of the Euro in Europe and allowing banks to engage in proprietary trading when Bill Clinton signed the repeal of Glass–Steagall Act.


    The G20 solution that has been discussed under-the-table, behind closed doors, which has been strategically further been kept hidden behind-the-curtain no less, is a new policy that is the brain child of Christine LaGarde of the IMF. This policy proposal changes the “LEGAL” status of bank deposits placing them on par with paper investments. It takes a legal mind to rationalize this. For in truth, it is actually the correct legal position. If you give your money to a bank, it is really your responsibility to know who you give it to.


    Government created the FDIC and insurance programs as part of the New Deal. This is the collapse in socialism where government has taxed the hell out of us under the pretense they are there for us, but when it comes to paying and “protecting society” they have to duck and run. Government and this insane Marxist philosophy that collapsed Communism is undermining socialism as well. Governments will no longer be able to insure bank deposits and therein lies the next Great Depression for the average person is clueless as to what is taking place.


    This whole scheme is the proposal that is a derivative of the IMF’s confiscate 10% of everyone’s accounts in Europe. The IMF is run by Christine LaGarde and I have warned she is the most dangerous woman ever. She looks at the economy as a lawyer – NOT as an economist. She came up with this idea of confiscation of 10% of all accounts before for Europe. Now it is just let the chips fall as they may. I would not expect Obama to publicly admit to this policy. I am not sure they will even announce this legal change. What I can say with reliable sources, that this is indeed the idea being discussed.

    Subjecting bank account holders to the winds of chance is the new solution. Meaning, the declines that one might expect in a stock from a bankrupt corporation is what the average person will be subjected to with respect to their savings. I can say the Federal Reserve made the rounds warning banks they would no longer cover their losses in proprietary trading. I reported that was told to me directly from a NY bank.

    There is no change in regulation insofar as stopping such trading activity 100%, but the pretend regulators seem to be shifting the burden in part to depositors and bankers. Inasmuch as depositors are concerned, in the USA, the $100,000 FDIC insurance applies PER PERSON not PER ACCOUNT. So spreading $1 million among 10 banks does not do the trick.

    The proposal will be that G20 member nations should submit legislation that will fulfill this IMF proposal. I would suspect much will be done very quietly if not by executive order. Clearly, they seem to be aware that things are going to get very bad. I think Obama will use the immigration flake as cover. This is most likely his motive behind regulating the internet right now. The timing is too curious.


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