Gnosticwarrior Reported: Senate to NSA; Yes, you may keep spying on the American people

Moe November 20, 2014New World Order News

Yesterday, U.S. lawmakers had voted to veto a bill meant to stop the spying on Americans by government enterprises such asNSA spying Senate to NSA: Yes, you may keep spying on the American people the National Security Agency (NSA). The bill was called the USA Freedom Act and would have instituted new privacy safeguards for U.S. citizens on the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The Freedom Act would have drastically curbed the existing surveillance powers of the government.

The bill was mainly designed to prohibit their right to freely access the phone records of Americans. The bill would also have ended the government’s power to cast a wide surveillance net and then retain the data, instead leaving it up to the telecommunications companies to hold onto the information.

The Senate voted yesterday 58-42 against the USA Freedom Act.


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