Ken O’Keefe: 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers in Tehran 2014

People on Earth are being threatened and oppressed by predatory and parasitic systems within the meme of control as a matrix of collective state of consciousness.
We empathize:
Everyone should be free, creatively expressing themselves and sharing their experiences which is intrinsically valuable.
Nurturing personal sovereignty to find the way to be fully sentient-aware-conscious-living-being, in alignment with nature’s universal creativity.
The hungry will be fed, the naked clothed, water provided for the thirsty, shelter for the homeless, and spiritual exercise for personal growth.
Changes are, indeed, needed.
Ken O’Keefe has been labeled with derogatory and dehumanizing negative rhetoric designed to marginalize him as a undesirable radical outcast. He speaks in the warrior archetype, as a rebel for freedom with emotional disgust and outrage for policy makers that maintain the fractional reserve banking system, thus prepare yourself to listen to Ken O’Keefe rant on the injustice of a predatory and parasitic system that he says requires responsibility. ~Ron
.1financial terrorism
“…and I believe, wholeheartedly, that when we take full responsibility, and I believe that is the period we are in right now.
It is the challenge of all times, it is an amazing time to be alive.
And if we do everything we are capable of, we will wrest away this power,
and we will take hold – we will take responsibility – and we will create a better world.

In conclusion, what I will say that if there is just one thing that we must do, it will not – we will not have a better world unless we do this; and we can do this tomorrow (in a snap – Ken snaps his fingers in the gesture).
If we really want to.
We must take away the private control of the issuance of money.
What we have is a situation in which a tiny, tiny minority, many of whom call themselves Jewish. Although I think they are much more satanic and sadistic than anything else. But we have a tiny group of individuals who have been given the power to print and issue an infinite supply of money!
Think about that for one second.
A infinite supply of money.
Imagine that you yourself had an infinite supply of money!
If I had a infinite supply of money what I would probably do is immediately I want clean drinking water for everyone on this planet.
I want it achievable tomorrow!
I want it, Now!
I want a house for everyone.
Everyone will have a shelter over their head.
I want proper healthy food, for everyone on this planet!
I want everyone to have everything they require to live a dignified life.
We could do that tomorrow!” -Ken O’Keefe

Posted Nov 23, 2014
This was Ken O’Keefe’s short introduction & speech at the 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers held in Tehran, Iran from September 28 – October 1, 2014.
Isn’t it amazing that Iran can host such a meeting while the “freedom loving West” could never muster such a conference. Very predictably the so-called ‘Anti-defamation League’, an organisation set up to defame people, labelled the conference a “hate fest” with Ken O’Keefe and others smeared with the “anti-semite” and “conspiracy theorist” titles. O’Keefe promptly thanked the ADL on Twitter for such esteemed “honour”. –Ken O’Keefe


Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe – False Flags & the American Interest
Posted 28 Sep 2012

Gaza Rooftop with Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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